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Goa Lok Sabha Exit Poll 2019

Goa Exit Poll 2019

GoaIndia TV-CNX000
GoaToday's Chanakya000
GoaRepublicTV - C Voter000
GoaRepublic Bharat - Jan Ki Baat000
GoaNews Nation000
GoaIndia Today-Axis2-00-00-0
GoaChintamani - 5 Dots200

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Remember the Date - 19th May 2019 – 6 P.M.

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The two parliamentary seats in Goa will go to polls during the third phase of 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Six candidates each from both the seats are in the electoral fray this time.

While the real competition in the state is expected to be between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Indian National Congress (INC), several other contenders have also thrown their hats in the ring. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has fielded candidates from both seats in the state. On the other hand, a Shiv Sena candidate is joining the electoral battle from the South Goa constituency.

From the South Goa seat, BJP has once again fielded Narendra Sawaikar, who will go against Congress' Cosme Francisco Caitano Sardinha. Shiv Sena, BJP's ally in the neighbouring state of Maharashtra, has fielded Rakhi Amit Naik from the seat, whereas AAP has given the ticket to Elvis Gomes.

A state with just two Lok Sabha constituencies - North Goa and South Goa, the coastal state goes to polls on April 23, the third phase of Lok Sabha election 2019

Goa Opinion Poll for Lok Sabha Elections 2019 by Various Pollster

Polling Agency NDA UPA Lead
India TV - CNX 2 - 2
Republic Tv - Cvoter 1 1 -

Polling Agency NDA UPA Others Lead
Republic Tv - Cvoter 43.70% 38.50% 17.80% 5.20%

Goa Exit Poll 2017

Pollsters BJP INC AAP Others
India TV-C Voter 15-21 12 - 18 0-4 2 - 8
India Today-Axis 18-22 9 - 13 0 - 2 4 - 9
India News-MRC 15 10 7 8

The exit polls for Goa show a definite surge in the Saffron wave as the two polls conducted there unanimously predict that BJP would emerge as the single largest party though it may or may not touch the half way mark in the assembly of 40 members.

The C-Voter-India TV exit poll prediction for Goa is that it would be marginal win by BJP+ as it would secure 15-21 seats with Congress coming close second with 12-18 seats in the 40-member house.

The India Today-Axis survey gives 20 seats to the BJP and 1 to the congress. The AAP according to its finding would get seven seats. Both the surveys give marginal place to the new entrant AAP but it's importance cannot be ruled out in case of a hung assembly. The actual results would be out on March 11.

Following is a detailed break-up of the results of different opinion polls conducted by independent media agencies:

Latest HuffPost-CVoter Pre-Poll Survey on Goa Assembly Election 2017

In Goa, the poll was conducted by CVoter using its Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing method in the fourth week of January, on a representative sample of 1,069 respondents covering all 40 seats.
Party Name Projected Seat Share (40) Vote Share %
BJP+ 15 31
INC+ 14 26
AAP 2 13.2
Others 9 29.8

Latest India Today-Axis Opinion Poll on Goa Assembly Election 2017

Party Name Projected Seat Share (40)
BJP 22-25
Congress 12 - 14
AAP 1-2
Others 0-2

THE WEEK Hansa Opinion Poll on Goa

An opinion poll conducted by THE WEEK-Hansa Research has predicted a hung house in Goa. The poll predicts a hung house in Goa with the BJP likely to secure 17 to 19 seats. The congress would get 11 to 13 seats as per the predictions of the poll conducted a week ago. The new entrant AAP would merely get two to four seats while an alliance led by Maharashtra Gomantak Party is likely to get 3 to 5 seats. The poll gives two seats to independents and others one to three.

India Today-Axis Opinion Poll on Goa

On the basis of a survey conducted in Goa at the end of December 2016, the India Today-Axis opinion poll has predicted that the BJP is going to get 20 to 24 seats in the 40-member state legislative assembly while the Congress may bag 13 to 15 seats. The Aam Aadmi Party, which has been running a long and hectic campaign in the coastal state, may register its presence by winning 2-4 seats. Other regional parties such as the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) might win 1-4 seats. For the chief minister's post, 35 per cent of the respondents in the survey preferred incumbent Laxmikant Parsekar while former CM Digambar Kamat of the Congress was the choice of 20 per cent respondents. Notably, 41 per cent of the respondents said BJP lost support in Goa after Manohar Parrikar went to Delhi to join the Union Cabinet as Defence Minister.

Party Seat Share
BJP 20-24
Congress 13-15
AAP 2-4
Others 1-4

India Today-Axis Opinion Poll on Goa Assembly Election 2017

Results of the India Today-Axis Opinion Poll, published on 13 October 2016, have indicated that if elections were to be held in Goa today.
Party Seat Share Vote Share %
BJP+ 17 - 21 38
Congress 13 - 16 34
AAP 1 - 3 16
Others 3 - 5 12

Goa Opinion Poll 2016 by Kautilya

According to a survey conducted by Kautilya voter intelligence survey 2016, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) would emerge as the single largest largest party in Goa if elections were held to the state legislative assembly today. The survey indicates that ruling party BJP is going increasingly out of favour though it can win back voters' confidence if Manohar Parrikar returns as the state's chief ministerial candidate.It was conducted between April to July 2016 in all 40 constituencies and 1640 polling booths of the state among 80,000 respondents. According to this survey, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) would get 14 seats out of the total 40 and emerge as the single largest largest party in Goa if elections to the state legislative assembly were to be held today.

Party / Alliance Seat Projection
AAP 14
BJP 11

Goa Opinion Poll 2016 by Prudent Media

Party Predicted Seats
BJP 17-18
MGP 3-4
CONG 12-13
AAP 4-5
OTH 1-2

Goa Opinion Poll 2016 by VDPAssociates

Forecast vote % and seats
as per Opinion Poll July 2016
Actual vote % and Seats in
the 2012 election
Party Seats Vote % Seats Vote %
BJP+ 22 41.4 26 44.9
AAP 9 24.0 0 0
Cong+ 6 23.5 9 34.8
GF 2 5.0 0 0

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