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About Mizoram Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha)

The state of Mizoram came into existence on February 20, 1987. Though a part of Assam, it became a Union Territory in 1972 when the first assembly elections were held. The highest governing organization of Mizoram is the state government, officially known as the State Government of Mizoram. The government has three branches: the executive, led by its Governor; the judiciary; and the legislative. The Indian President appoints the Governor after consulting with Central Government. All the executive responsibilities are vested in the Chief Minister.

The Mizoram legislative assembly is unicameral, comprising 40 members, who are directly elected from single-seat constituencies every 5 years. The Vidhan Sabha conducts three sessions: budget, monsoon, and winter. The ninth assembly election was held on November 2013. The tenure of the present members of the legislative assembly of Mizoram will come to an end in 2018 and fresh elections will be held then. Know the current members of Mizoram Legislative Assembly ...
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Map showing Mizoram Assembly Constituencies

Mizoram Assembly Constituency

Last Updated on March 7, 2018

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