Alipurduars Lok Sabha Election Results and Update

In 2009 Election Results the UPA won around 261 out of 543 seats, and in the second position was NDA with 158 seats, while 23 seats were won by Left parties.

In 2014 Election Results the BJP won 282 seats out of 543 seats. This took the NDA tally to 336 seats out of 543 seats in the Lok Sabha. INC could only manage to win 44 seats and stayed in the second position while AIADMK party from Tamil Nadu came third with 37 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

In 2019, the BJP is set to return to power at the Centre after a sweeping win in the 2019 Lok Sabha election , armed with a bigger mandate than in the 2014 General Election. The party - led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah duo has secured 303 seats in the 17th Lok Sabha. Meanwhile, the Congress, the main Opposition party, managed to increase its vote share from 2014 only by a handful of votes, with a final tally of 52 seats. There will be no Leader of Opposition in the upcoming Lower House for a second consecutive term.

Alipurduars Lok Sabha Election Results 2019

Candidate Party EVM Votes Migrant Votes Postal Votes Total Votes % of Votes Status
John Barla Bharatiya Janata Party 747788 0 3016 750804 54.4 Winner
Dasrath Tirkey All India Trinamool Congress 505885 0 930 506815 36.72 1st Runner-up
Mili Oraon Revolutionary Socialist Party 53859 0 151 54010 3.91 2nd Runner-up
Mohanlal Basumata Indian National Congress 27279 0 148 27427 1.99 3rd Runner-up
NOTA None Of The Above 21147 0 28 21175 1.53 4th Runner-up
Prasen Jayant Kindo Independent 11506 0 12 11518 0.83 5th Runner-up
Gergory Trikey Independent 4289 0 14 4303 0.31 6th Runner-up
Rabichan Rabha Socialist Unity Centre Of India (Communist) 4152 0 13 4165 0.3 7th Runner-up

Alipurduars Lok Sabha Elections and Results 2014

One of the 42 parliamentary constituencies of the state of West Bengal, Alipurduars is a constituency representing the Jalpaiguri district of the State. According to Election Commission of India 2009 data the total electorates in the Alipurduars Parliamentary constituency (constituency number 2) were 1,229,301 of which 588,966 are females and 640,335 are males. It was formed prior to the 1977 elections and it is reserved for ST candidates. This constituency comprises of seven assembly segments and it has 1,230,000. The city of Alipurduars lies on the eastern bank of Kaljani River on the foot of the Himalayas. This city lies in the Dooars region and is well known for its natural scenic beauty. The city stands at an average elevation of 93 m and covers an area of over 3383 sq km. It acts as a gateway to the north eastern states and the country of Bhutan.

The city has a population of over 127,000 with a child population of about 11,000. About 51% of the population is male and the sex ratio is 960 females for every 1000 males. The average literacy rate of Alipurduars is about 90% with males and female literacy rates of 76% and 72%. Alipurduars houses Buxa Tiger Reserve. The name loosely translated to "Queens of Dooars" and it is well renowned for its contribution to music. Being the headquarters of the North-East frontier Railway, Alipurduars is well connected to all of India through railways. National Highways NH-31 and NH-31D is connected to Alipurduars.

List of winner/current and runner up MPs Alipurduars Parliamentary Constituency.

The table below represents the names of all the winning and runner up MPs of Alipurduars parliamentary constituency of all the years from the starting until now . It also shows the number of votes secured by each MP and the name of the political party they belong to. The current sitting member of parliament of the Alipurduars constituency is Dasrath Tirkey of AITC.

Year PC No. PC Name Category Winner/Current MP Gender Party Vote Runner Up MP Gender Party Vote
2019 2 Alipurduars   John Barla   Bharatiya Janata Party 750804 Dasrath Tirkey   All India Trinamool Congress 506815
2014 2 Alipurduars (SC) Dasrath Tirkey M AITC 362453 Manohar Tirkey M RSP 341056
2009 2 Alipurduars (SC) Tirkey,Shri Manohar M RSP 384890 Paban Kumar Lakra M AITC 272068
2004 2 Alipurduars (ST) Joachim Baxla M RSP 384252 Manoj Tigga M BJP 239128
1999 2 Alipurduars (ST) Joachim Baxla M RSP 389919 Dhirendra Narjinarai M BJP 236786
1998 2 Alipurduars (ST) Joachim Baxla M RSP 415006 Dhirendra Narjinarai M BJP 219407
1996 2 Alipurduars (ST) Joachim Baxla M RSP 437371 Pius Tirkey M INC 299561
1991 2 Alipurduars (ST) Pius Tirkey M RSP 365370 Philip Minj M INC 235258
1989 2 Alipurduars (ST) Pius Tirkey M RSP 384119 Denis Lakra M INC 298476
1984 2 Alipurduars (ST) Pijus Tirkey M RSP 278358 Philip Minj M INC 248176
1980 2 Alipurduars (ST) Pius Tirkey M RSP 243485 Tuna Oraon M INC(I) 128028
1977 2 Alipurduars (ST) Pius Tirkey M RSP 167865 Tuna Oraon M INC 127297

*PC = Parliamentary Constituency

List of Assembly Constituencies in Alipurduars Parliamentary Constituency

The table below shows the list of all the Assembly Constituencies that fall in Alipurduars parliamentary constituency.

Names of Assembly Constituencies
Tufanganj Kumargram (ST) Kalchini (ST)
Alipurduars Falakata (SC) Madarihat (ST)
Nagrakata (ST)  

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