Kumargram (West Bengal) Assembly Constituency Elections

About Kumargram Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Kumargram is a legislative assembly segment located in the Alipurduars district of West Bengal. It belongs to the Alipurduars (ST) Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituency of the state. Kumargram is represented in the state legislative assembly by RSP's Manoj Kumar Oraon as he won 65,634 votes in the 2011 assembly elections. AITMC's Joachim Baxla was the runner-up with 62,967 votes. There are 1,73,635 people in the constituency who enjoy the right to votes as per the universal adult franchise, out of whom 91,196 are men and 82,435 are women. According to the recommendations of the Delimitation Commission of India - 2008, the Kumargram assembly constituency covers areas of Turturi, Bhatibari, Tatpara-I, Kohinoor, Samuktala and Mahakalguri Parokata gram panchayats of Alipurduar community development block; and Kumargram community development block. Only the candidates belonging to Scheduled Tribes (STs) can contest the Kumargram assembly constituency.

Sitting and previous MLAs from Kumargram Assembly Constituency

Year A C No. Constituency Name Category Winner Gender Party Vote Runner Up Gender Party Vote
2014 10 Kumargram (ST) Manoj Kumar Oraon M RSP 65634 Joachim Baxla M AITMC 62967
2011 10 Kumargram (ST) Dasrath Tirkey M RSP 71545 Joachim Baxla M AITC 58964
2006 10 Kumargram (ST) Dasrath Tirkey M RSP 69540 Swapan Kujur M AITC 32372
2001 10 Kumargram (ST) Dasrath Tirkey M RSP 60966 Paresh Chandra Das M AITC 27782
1996 10 Kumargram (ST) Salib Toppo M RSP 59032 Krishna Chik Baraik F INC 41580
1991 10 Kumargram (ST) Salib Topo M RSP 52282 Dudsai Topp M INC 35021
1988 By Polls Kumargram (ST) S.Toppo M RSP 49595 K.N.Thakur M INC 27297
1987 10 Kumargram (ST) Subodh Barwa M RSP 48081 Khagendra Nath Thakur M INC 34514
1982 10 Kumargram (ST) Subodh Uraon M RSP 40531 Dutsai Toppo M INC 31493
1977 10 Kumargram (ST) John Arther Baxla M RSP 22882 Konda Bhagat M INC 15543
1972 9 Kumargram GEN Debabrata Chatterjee M INC 25515 Nitai Chandra Das M CPM 12061
1971 9 Kumargram GEN Pijush Kanti Mukherjee M INC 16619 Netai Chandra Das M CPM 7984
1969 9 Kumargram GEN Pijish Kanti Mukherjee M INC 19197 Ranjit Das Gupta M CPM 13760
1967 9 Kumargram GEN P.K.Mukherjee M INC 16093 R.Das Gupta M CPM 9007

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