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Polling Booth in Tapan Assembly Constituency

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Police Officer Killed, Pentagon Shooting US: Police Officer Killed Outside the Pentagon Police Building

On Tuesday morning the Pentagon Force Protection Agency confirmed that a Pentagon police officer was killed in an incident at the Metro bus platform outside the building. The investigators of the incident believe that there was an argument in which the suspect stabbed the Pentagon police officer.  According to law enforcement sources, it appears that […]

Scott Miller, US Afghanistan News Gen. Scott Miller, Top US General In Afghanistan Hands Over Command

Marking a symbolic end to the 20-year-old war between the United States and Afghanistan, the top US Gen. Scott Miller in Afghanistan stepped down from his position at a ceremony in the capital Kabul. After the United States military withdrawal, the Taliban insurgents continue to gain more territory which will topple the central government in […]

Afghanistan, US troops to withdraw from Afghanistan The U.S Troops to Completely Withdraw From Afghanistan, Said Joe Biden

The United States mission in Afghanistan will come to an end on August 31, President Joe Biden said. The conclusion of the US military in Afghanistan will end the 20-year-old war.  Now that U.S. troops are almost completely out of Afghanistan the Taliban faction is making rapid territorial expansion in the country. President Joe Biden […]

Jharkhand Lockdown Extended till June 10

The Hemant Soren-led government in Jharkhand extended the lockdown restrictions till June 10 though there will be some relaxations in curbs.    The state has been in lockdown since April 22. The first set of lockdown regulations were imposed for a week since then it is the fourth time that the lockdown regulations are extended. […]

Google Doodle Commemorates American Gay Rights Activist Frank Kameny

Google Doodle commemorates prominent American astrologer and gay rights activist Frank Kameny. Frank Kameny was personally invested in the cause of the gay rights movement because of the prejudice he faced in his life.    Growing up during the great depression in the 1930s Frank Kameny realized he wanted to become an astrologer. He graduated […]

Joe Biden Tells Intelligence Community To Report On The Emergence Of Covid 19 Within 90 Days

The President of the United States of America Joe Biden called the US intelligence community to report on the origin of coronavirus. There are various theories circulating about the possible origin of Covid 19. Joe Biden asked the US intelligence to revert back with ‘sufficient information’ on the event within 90 days. The United States […]

Tapan Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Tapan

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tapan Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Uttar Mahadebpur F.P. School563Uttar Mahadebpur
2Saranjabadi F. P. School652Saranjabari
3Bandighi F.P. School657Bandihar
4Harasura F.P. School581Harsura
6Minapara F.P. School653Minapara
7Nishchinta F.P. School1048Hosen Pur
8Shirahal F.P. School982Suhari
9Mahadebbati F.P. School991Mahadebbati
10Rampur High School466Mahadebbati
12Rampur F.P. School933Krishnabati
13Srirampur F.P.School455Srirampur
14Parbatipur F.P. School817Parbatipur
15Mahanaj F.P. School706Jaydharhati
16Malahar F.P. School786Malahar
18Shantirhati F.P. School658Santirhati
19Durgapur S.S.K995Durgapur
20Majhikhanda F.P. School605Karanjabari
21Daralhat F.P. School1168Jaminishchinta
22Jajiyar F.P.School541Zaziar
23Daralhat Highschool964Darpail
24Dwipkhandaf.P. School909Dwip Khanda
25Nodhan High Madrasa1074Khorda Malsa
26Bhaginagar F.P. School1119Bhaginagar
27Sakair F.P. School709Sakair
28Mahadebpur F.P.School569Sakair
29Jidhara F.P. School1153Chhiraikuri
30Kishtapur F.P. School708Kishtapur
31Sarifabad F.P. School925Sarifabad
32Tapan Highschool631Tapan
34Tapan Girls Highschool781Kasba
35Kasba Vivekananda F.P.School854Kasba
36Kajibhag F.P. School939Kazi Bhagi
37Gouripur F.P.School796Dinagar
38Shihur F.P. School708Sihur
39Bajitpur F.P.School737Bataskhanda
40Muraripur F.P. School970Muraripur
41Rajapurf.P. School906Rajapur
42Dhainagar Highschool843Mamudpur
43Mamudpur F.P.School666Mamudpur
44Rangamati F.P. School677Sehas
45Jamlabad F.P. School1088Jamlabad
46Fatepur Ef.Pi.School758Fatepur
47Halidana Highschool701Halidana
48Jamalpur F.P. School870Moha
49Bhabanipur F.P. School516Telighata Bhabanipur
50Madnahar F.P. School841Madnahar
51Jadubati F.P. School560Naighati
52Patakola F.P. School730Patkola
54Shibapur F.P. School871Madanpur
55Mahukuri F.P. School695Dakshin Kesrail
56Balapur Highschool1055Hazipur
57Chamtakuri F.P. School804Dudhiakuri
58Malancha F.P. School821Daing Malancha
59Balapur F.P. School1033Balapur
60Chakshib F.P. School632Daing
61Sandhyapukur F.P. School687Maildanga
62Tarajpur F.P. School684Abhirampur
63Dakshin Jajiyarf.P. School952Dakshin Zaziar
64Bharila F.P. School754Bharila
65Bhabanipur Ef.Pi.School771Parbbatpur
66Manipur F.P. School919Hasaipur
67Gobindapur Ef.Pi.School765Gobindapur
68Gofanagar F.P. School657Gofanagar
69Chakbalaram F.P. School1038Chak Balaram
70Baniyal Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya673Banial
71Nedair F.P. School959Nedair
72Hasnagar F.P. School1150Alinagar
73Sankair F.P. School551Sankair
74Sathihara F.P. School921Bad Sankair
75Basudebpur F.P. School618Chak Satihar
76Sarangram F.P.School985Sarangoan
78Pashchim Maheshpur F.P.School1122Chiknaikuri
79Baul Parameshwar High School1102Baul
80Mallikpur F.P.School762Mallikpur
81Mallickpur Icds634Mallikpur
82Jagannathbati F.P.School751Jagannathbati
83Bora F.P.School678Narayanbati
84Badalpur F.P. School1143Uttar Sibrampur
85Badalpur High School643Anantapur
86Hariharpur F.P.School1082Hariharpur
87Banahat F.P.School1126Banhat
88Bolla E.P.School662Bolla
89Kashilabati F.P.School653Chakpara
90Bolla R K High School1087Bolla
91Bahicha G.S.F.P.School983Dhulatair
92Bahicha L. K. Juniar High School578Bahicha
93Par Patiram S.S.K.1120Par Patiram (CT)
94Parpatiram F.P.School1055Par Patiram (CT)
95Patiram Girls High School1083Patiram
96Uttar Raipur Sahapara F.P.School771Uttar Roypur
98Manoil F.P.School535Manail
99Jhapurshi F.P.School649Jhapursi
100Patiram No 2 F.P.School694Patiram
102Patiram High School (Uttar)584Patiram
103Patiram Manorama Palli Pathagar580Patiram
104Patiram High School1007Patiram
105Nichabandar F.P.School990Patiram
106Barshapara F.P.School1025Patiram
107Lakshmipur F.P.School(Uttar)776Lakshmipur
108Uttarabang Krishi Bishwa Vidyalaya1132Chakhay
109Manipur Health Center782Majhian
110Atoir F.P.SchoolPagliganj555Bidaypur
111Pollapara S.S.K592Bidaypur
112Bidaypur F.P.School751Faridpur
114Baidul F.P.School991Baidul
115Khorana F.P.School566Badkhorna
117Ramapur Kisamat F.P.School648Rampur Kismat
118Idrakpur F.P. School760Idrakpur
119Dashul High School985Dasul
120Mahala F.P.SchoolMahala936Malakarpara
121Nazirpur High School1027Nazirpur
122Jantigram F.P.School1113Jantigram
123Kaigram F.P. School600Kaigram
125Uttar Khanpur High School (Purba)902Uttar Khanpur
126Khanpur F.P. School1089Uttar Khanpur
127Sewai F.P.School739Chak Basanta
129Baniakuri S. S. K.455Baniakuri
130Dangbiral F.P. School1043Akhira
131Kamalpur F.P.School643Harirampur
132Indra F.P. School642Harirampur
133Paschim Thakurpura S.S.K.1073Gopalbati
134Kumargram F.P. School1113Kumargram
135Bar Kail High School756Barakali
137Barkail F.P.School541Bamnahar
138Taherchak F.P. School605Taher Chak
139Karimgutin F.P.School773Gopinathpur
140Harigram F.P.School834Chak Basanta
141Gunajarapur Junior Basic School921Gunjarpur
142Munail F.P.School887Manail
143Kuchila F.P.School771Mobarakpur
144Manipur Ef.Pi.School796Chhoto Raghunathpur
145Margram F.P.School952Margram
146Shirohi F.P.School830Gopisahar
147Chourapara S.S.K664Uchhakapur
148Istara Prathamik Vidyalaya397Ristara
149Hatishala F.P.School839Kamalpukur
150Belagharia F.P.School947Belgharia
151Satihar F.P.School577Satihar
152Bijayshree F.P.School580Bijoyshri
153Danga Bijayashri Junior Basic School(Uttar)819Hatiapara
154Malancha Z.M.R.M. High School.540Chak Sridhar
157Paschim Rayanagar F.P. School595Paschim Raynagar
158Danga F.P.SchoolDanga909Chak Bakhar
159Hosenpur F.P.School1082Chak Bakhar
160Pranabananda Vidyapith1105Hossenpur (P)
161Raghunathpur B.M.High School1057Bara Raghunathpur (P)
163Mahinagar Agri Culture Training Center692Hazipur
165Mahinagar G.S.F.P.School978Mahinagar
166Badalapur F.P.School1030Chak Bijoyshri
167Paranpur F.P.School621Paranpur
169Dakshin Atoir F.P. School1076Atair
170Parbatipur F.P.School731Nihi Nagar
171Pulghara F.P.School579Phulghara
172Kashpur Baruna Balika Vidyalaya724Uttar Chakbhabani
173Saidpur F.P.School766Saidpur
174Saidpur Community Hall610Begunbari
175Durlabhpur F.P.School928Durllabhpur
176Khaspur H.K.High School731Khashpur
178Rajua S.S. High School844Rajuha
179Rajua S.S.Higj School523Rahatail
180Asoir F.P.School851Asair
181Bramhapur F.P.School721Bhatra
182Osail F.P.School755Osail
183Kanjialsi F.P. School992Kajialsi
184Boaldar F.P.School575Boaldar
186Kashipur F.P.School1202Bharendra
187Dogachhi F.P.School847Dogachhi
188Kalikapur F.P.School798Paschim Kalikapur
189Dhaul F.P.School781Dakra (P) (CT)
190Chakvrigu N.C. High School615Chakvrigu
191Nadipar Girls High School589Chakvrigu
192Belain F.P.School667Belain
194Mamana F.P. School891Mamna
196Ankhirapara Vivekananda F.P.School613Dakra (P) (CT)
198Chakvrigu G.S.F.P.School No-1706Chakvrigu
200Chakvrigu G.S.F.P. School No-2476Chakvrigu
202Mayamari Darardhar S.S.K741Chakvrigu
203Gobindapur F.P. School1036Gobindpur
204Mayamari F.P.School849Mayamari
205Kuyaran Mission F.P. School774Kuaran
206Radhanagar FPSchool948Radhanagar
207Chakkashi S.S.High School662Chakkasi
208Dharail F.P.School765Palashdanga
209Kashiadanga High School901Jiapur
210Jalaghar Junior Basic School914Jalghar
211Jalaghar Aadibasi F.P.School863Jalghar
212Trikul F.P.School888Talmandira
213Gopinagar F.P.School614Gopinagar
214Gangasagar Junior Basic School889Gongasagar
215Chakaharina F.P. School476Chak Harina
216Bhatshala F.P.School494Chak Bhatshala
217Fatepur F.P. School503Fatepur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014