Tapan (West Bengal) Assembly Elections Results

About Tapan Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Tapan is a legislative assembly constituency located in the Dakshin Dinajpur district of West Bengal. It belongs to the Balurghat Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituency of the state. The Delimitation Commission of India recommended in 2008 that the Tapan assembly constituency would comprise Tapan Chandipur, Dwipkhanda, Malancha, Gophanagar and Harsura gram panchayats of Tapan community development block; and Patiram, Boaldar, Najirpur, Chak Vrigu, Gpalbati, Jalghar, Danga and Bolla gram panchayats of Balurghat community development block. Tapan is represented in the West Bengal state legislative assembly by Bachchu Hansda of the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) as he won the seat with 72,643 votes in the assembly elections held in 2011. Hansda beat RSP's Khara Soren who managed 53,986 votes. A total of 1,84,123 people of the Tapan constituency hold the right to vote as per the universal adult franchise. There are 95,426 male and 88,696 female voters in the constituency.

Sitting and previous MLAs from Tapan Assembly Constituency

Below is the list of winners and runners-up in the Tapan assembly elections conducted so far.

Year A C No. Constituency Name Category Winner Gender Party Vote Runner Up Gender Party Vote
2011 40 Tapan (ST) Bachchu Hansda M AITC 72643 Khara Soren M RSP 53986
2006 36 Tapan (ST) Khara Soren M RSP 74414 Columbus Tirki M BJP 29592
2001 36 Tapan (ST) Khara Soren M RSP 58892 Antony Uraw M AITC 49993
1996 36 Tapan (ST) Khara Soren M RSP 65142 Lakshmi Ram Hembram M INC 39745
1991 36 Tapan (ST) Khara Soren M RSP 56161 Lakshmi Ram Hemram M INC 33006
1987 36 Tapan (ST) Khara Soren M RSP 55629 Japan Bhonajala M INC 36066
1982 36 Tapan (ST) Khara Soren M RSP 44826 Japan Hasda M INC 36379
1977 36 Tapan (ST) Natheniel Murmu M RSP 32660 Sebastiam Tudu M INC 13258
1972 35 Tapan (ST) Patrash Hembrem M INC 28166 Nathanial Murmu M RSP 20035
1971 35 Tapan (ST) Patrash Hemram M INC 21981 Oraon Bandhu M RSP 18456
1969 35 Tapan (ST) Nathaniel Murmu M RSP 22502 Kerkata Hindiram M INC 20795
1967 35 Tapan (ST) N.Murmu M IND 23961 K.H.Ram M INC 14926
1962 30 Tapan (ST) Nathaniel Murmu M RSP 14840 Hakai Mardi M INC 11608

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