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Polling Booth in Sonarpur Dakshin Assembly Constituency

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Sonarpur Dakshin Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sonarpur Dakshin

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sonarpur Dakshin Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Elachi Bibekanand Bidyabithi999Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
6Jagaddal Umacharan High School697Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
9Harakali Vidyapith546Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
13Kamarabad Uchchamadhyamik Vidyalaya949Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
18Li Memoriyal Mishan Ef.Pi.School624Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
22Kamarabad Garlas High School575Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
30Godakhada Ef.Pi.School700Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
34Godakhada Junior High School703Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
37Noyapada Balika Vidyalaya483Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
42Gorkhara High School439Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
44Sonarapur F.P.School1103Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
46Ghasiyada Ef Pi School1089Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
48Ghasiyada Bidyapith High School976Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
52Bakunthapur Bibekanand Bidyaniketan717Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
58Sonarpur Bidyapith High School716Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
61Surja Sen Abitanik Vidyapith568Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
63Suryasen Vidyapith565Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
67Bakunthapur Junior Ef.Pi School925Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
72Rajapur Padmamani Balika Vidyalaya821Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
79Aacharyy Prafullanagar Atulakrishnaray Bidyayatan727Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
89Ratna Prathamik Vidyalaya999Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
93Natun Palli Ef.Pi.School882Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
97Shrimati Kanak Basu Balika Vidyapith649Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
102Jagaddal Kaloni Junior High School789Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
106Jagaddal JiEsEf Pi School831Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
109Dashumati Kamanitu Hal731Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
111Raj Pur Sadharan Pathagar939Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
114Sarada Vidyapith1013Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
116Bidyabhushan Vidyapith992Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
117Nabatara Prathamik Vidyalaya869Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
121Nabatara Madhyamick Vidyalaya772Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
123Ramakrishn Vidyapith831Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
128Kodaliya Garlas School763Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
129Kodaliya Prasann Bang Vidyalaya Junior High School776Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
131Nabatara Madhyamik Vidyalaya651Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
133Kodaliya Prasann Bang Prathamik Vidyalaya968Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
136Harinabhi Di. Bhi. E. Es. School748Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
141Bidyabhushan Pathagar849Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
148Subhashini Balika Vidyalaya795Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
152Manikapur EfPi School843Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
157Chauhati Ji.Es.Ef.Pi.School (1 No Ghar)733Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
159Lions Kolkata Creator Vidyamandir715Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
163Harikumar Nimm Buniyadi Vidyalaya762Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
165Chauhati High School781Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
168Kodaliya Bidhan Vidyapith1048Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
174Satakadi Bang Vidyalaya1091Rajpur Sonarpur (M)
180Gadal Karunamayi Ef Pi School824Garal
182Pratapanagar Giridhari High School799Pratapnagar
184Aaddirabad Prathamik Vidyalaya1085Samukpota
185Metiyari Karunamayi Ef.Pi.School832Pratapnagar
187Sangur Ef Pi School943Sangur
189Kustiya Junior Basic School602Metiari
191Dakshin Sangur Karunamayi Garlas School625Sangur
193Nabhasan Primary School372Nabhasan
195Makaramapur Ef.Pi.School771Makrampur
197Hasanapur Bidyadharapur Ef.Pi.School1064Hasanpur
201Rampur Nayapattan F.P.School790Rampur
203Shitala Ef.Pi.School784Mali Pukuria
207Aadapanch Ef.Pi.School923Arapanch
209Mathurapur Ef.Pi.School867Mathurapur
212Bhabanipur Prathamik Vidyalaya617Bhabanipur
216Ramakamal Vidyapith1122Muragachha
220Natagachhi Prathamik Vidyalaya778Natagachhi
222Kalikapur Ef.Pi.School986Kalikapur (CT)
223Chakabediya Ef.Pi.School1034Chak Baria (CT)
225Chakberiya Icds Centre537Chak Baria (CT)
227Basantidebi Balika Vidyalaya786Kalikapur (CT)
229Kalikapur Basanti Debi Ef.Pi.School795Sahebpur (CT)
231Benebau Ef.Pi.School822Benebou
233Jafarapur Kashinath High School949Jafarpur
234Hasanapur Ef.Pi.School895Raypur
236Sahebapur Ef.Pi.School924Sahebpur (CT)
238Kalikapur 2No Gramapanchayet Afis674Sahebpur (CT)
240Kharigoda F.P. School682Kharigoda
241Rayapur Ef.Pi.School777Raypur
243Rayapur Jitendr Bidyamandir Junior High School767Raypur
244Raghunathapur Ef.Pi.School901Raghunathpur
245Chak Jagaddal Ef.Pi.School (Natun)1110Raghunathpur
246Polaghat Ef.Pi.School (1 No Ghar)836Palghat
248Saramastapur Ef.Pi.School652Raghabpur
250Chandapur Ef.Pi.School726Badehugli
253Bibirachak Ef.Pi.School658Baruli
255Baruli Ef.Pi.School829Baruli
257Shriramapur Ef.Pi.School630Gobindapur
259Badagachhiya Ef.Pi.School726Bara Gachhia
262Kamini Debi Ef.Pi.School1118Gobindapur
264Langalabediya Hai School (1 No Ghar)848Langalber
266Radhaballabhapur Ef.Pi.School723Radhaballavpur
268Bamanagachhi Ef.Pi.School(1 No Ghar)1056Bamangachhi

Last Updated on December 26, 2014