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Polling Booth in Champdani Assembly Constituency

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Champdani Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Champdani

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Champdani Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Shyamasundar Chiladren Haiskul741Champdani (M)
3Sandhikshan Jnanatirth Primary School632Champdani (M)
5Ramakrishn Spoting Klab1037Champdani (M)
6Bhadreshbar Sadharan Pathagar608Champdani (M)
8Shantipalli Prathamik Vidyalaya566Champdani (M)
10Ipp-8 Health Centre1078Champdani (M)
11Bhadreshbar Bishafri Prathamik Vidyalaya627Champdani (M)
12Dharmatala Uchch Balika Vidyalaya682Champdani (M)
14Chanpadani Miunisipyaliti Ple Graund Rum880Champdani (M)
15Litil Enjel Kindar Garden School753Champdani (M)
16Netaji Pally Unnyan Samity686Champdani (M)
19Bhadreshbar Bangashri Ji.Es.Ef.Pi.School926Champdani (M)
21Seba Niketan913Champdani (M)
22Kabi Sukant MahaVidyalaya1036Champdani (M)
24Rabindr Smriti Sarbaddhatri Bidyaniketan963Champdani (M)
27Eksaperimental Fandamental School Af Edukeshan641Champdani (M)
29Bibekanand Hindi Haiskul728Champdani (M)
31Aadarsh Chhatr Sanggh770Champdani (M)
32Champdani Municipality Led Health Centre467Champdani (M)
33Chanpadani Paurasabha Prathamik School881Champdani (M)
34Engas Krech Sental Hal846Champdani (M)
37Engas Oyelafeyar Klab782Champdani (M)
38Aadabi Sosaiti Hai Madrasa1060Champdani (M)
44Engas Balika Vidyalaya974Champdani (M)
46Khuandigachhi Natunapada Prathamik School913Champdani (M)
48Narthabruk Jut Mil Primary School867Champdani (M)
50Lakshmi Seba Samity614Champdani (M)
51Narth Bruk Aaydalt Edukeshan Sentar563Champdani (M)
52Ke.Bi.Em Hindi Primary School948Champdani (M)
54Aadarsh Shramik Bidyamandir667Champdani (M)
57Sbarasbati Sishu Bidyamandir733Champdani (M)
59Ekra Madel Ekademi1101Champdani (M)
60Ramadulari Hindi Junior Haiskul814Champdani (M)
62Dalahausi Jutamil Prathamik Vidyalaya498Champdani (M)
64Chanpadani Paurabhaban (Nicher Ghar)981Champdani (M)
65E. Ji. Rod Harijan Hindi Primary Vidyalaya873Champdani (M)
66Chanpadani Urddu Junior Garlas Haiskul1000Champdani (M)
68Chanpadani Bish Fri Primary School1067Champdani (M)
71Chanpadani Paur Si.Iu.Di.Pi. 3No Sbasthy Sentar721Champdani (M)
73Chanpadani Paur Shishu Sab Sentar771Champdani (M)
74Shri Harijan Hindi Primary Vidyalaya989Champdani (M)
77BiEmRod Hindi Primary Vidyalaya1037Champdani (M)
78Ji Aai Es Katan Mil(Lebar Afis)891Champdani (M)
79Sangram Sporting Club1098Champdani (M)
82Chanpadani Aaryy Bidyapith608Champdani (M)
86Es.Si.Em Rod Hindi Primary Vidyalaya1106Champdani (M)
87Natunapada Gabhah Fri Primary School593Champdani (M)
91Kumud Smriti Sanggh760Champdani (M)
93Nibaran Mukharji Bidyamandir739Champdani (M)
95Dirghangi G.S.F.P Primary School1036Baidyabati (M)
96Mitrabagan Primary School1040Baidyabati (M)
97Badyabati Bidyaniketan High School929Baidyabati (M)
98Baidyabati Ramakrishn Primary School981Baidyabati (M)
101Madhuchakr Primary School1011Baidyabati (M)
103Kalpana Basu Boys Academy1031Baidyabati (M)
105Shasamolapada Padmabati Kaloni Prathamik Vidyalaya1026Baidyabati (M)
106Lal Mohan Bos Primary Vidyalaya1079Baidyabati (M)
107Fundamental Educational Foundation625Baidyabati (M)
110Nibaran Chandr Ji.Es.Ef.Pi. School (Gobindanagar)713Baidyabati (M)
112Chak Prathamik Vidyalaya1027Baidyabati (M)
116Surendranath Ray Garls High School337Baidyabati (M)
122Baidyanath Aryya Balika Vidyalaya953Baidyabati (M)
124Uttarpara Primary Garls School1004Baidyabati (M)
126G.S.F.P. School Malir Bagan708Baidyabati (M)
130Hausing Shtet Shishukalyan Primary School751Baidyabati (M)
134Kishalay Primary School591Baidyabati (M)
136Charushila Bos Balika Vidyalaya778Baidyabati (M)
140Banamali Mukharji Inashtitiushan662Baidyabati (M)
143Badyabati Miunisipyaliti Gyarej Rum841Baidyabati (M)
144S.I.Of Schools (Office) Kalahata1054Baidyabati (M)
145Bibhasachandr Dan Uchch Balika Vidyalaya717Baidyabati (M)
147Adarsha Vidyamandir Municipal Primary School648Baidyabati (M)
148Nagar Granthagar676Baidyabati (M)
149Satyajit Roy Bhavan709Baidyabati (M)
150Gharabharam School704Baidyabati (M)
152Aambedakar Primary School537Baidyabati (M)
154Sheoraphuli Vivekananda High School1063Baidyabati (M)
155Krishna Prasad Paul Vidyaniketan691Baidyabati (M)
15721No Ward Committee OfficeAngangar838Baidyabati (M)
158Jagadhatripara Sadharan Pathagar408Baidyabati (M)
161Anjangar Sosal Wealfare Association Ward No-211040Baidyabati (M)
162Sheodafuli Netaji Bidyamandir Haiskul554Baidyabati (M)
168Pragati Sanggh1127Baidyabati (M)
169Girindra Bish Fri Primary School915Baidyabati (M)
170Sheoraphuli Post Office1006Baidyabati (M)
171Priyasil Club359Baidyabati (M)
173Shitalatala Harimati Bidyamandir Junior High School888Baidyabati (M)
175Chhott Mandir Byayam Samiti729Baidyabati (M)
176Shibatala Primary School547Baidyabati (M)
178Chatara Baubajar Primary School700Baidyabati (M)
181Pearl Rosary School Chatra988Baidyabati (M)
183Sheoraphuli Netaji Balika Vidyamandir680Baidyabati (M)
185G.S.F.P.SchoolBisalakshmitala705Baidyabati (M)
188Netaji Primary School680Baidyabati (M)
190K.D.Pal High School864Baidyabati (M)
192Bani Balika Vidyalaya789Baidyabati (M)
194Sarasbat School825Baidyabati (M)
198Surendranath Bidya Niketan (Nichatala)816Baidyabati (M)
206Krishnadas Pal Primary School949Baidyabati (M)
210Chanpasara Rajyadharapur Primary Vidyalaya548Chapsara
214Piyarapur Prathamik Bidyalay (Purbangsh)669Piarapur (P)
216Piyarapur Mazipada Sukant Prathamik Vidyalaya808Piarapur (P)
217Piyarapur Pashchimapada Prathamik Vidyalaya1095Piarapur (P)
218Badabelu Najarul Prathamik Vidyalaya622Belumilki (CT)
220Ganamangal Sadhanshram Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya1066Belumilki (CT)
221Belu Bibekanand Prathamik Vidyalaya1046Belumilki (CT)
224Milki Badamatala Prathamik Vidyalaya1023Belumilki (CT)
225Bayatule Ulumajulafikariya Sihkohmah(Milki)707Belumilki (CT)
227Anjuman Kanaidewantala Madrasha763Serampore (M)
228Chhatuganj Ji Es Ef Pi School794Serampore (M)
229Gopinath Saha Memorial Primary School600Serampore (M)
231Sushila Balika Bidyalay Chatara792Serampore (M)
232Nandalal Inasatitiusan749Serampore (M)
236Paurasabha Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya642Serampore (M)
237Nandalal Girls High School641Serampore (M)
239Daktar Bagan Prathamik Vidyalaya784Serampore (M)
242Bani Sahity Mandir1057Serampore (M)
243Sab Dibhisanal Egri Kalachar Afis1095Serampore (M)
246Shriramapur Highway Sub-Division P.W.D Office655Serampore (M)
248Rajyadharapur Ji.Es.Ef.Pi School496Serampore (M)
250Rajyadharpur Deshabandhu High School916Serampore (M)
251Setelament AfisShriramapur1151Serampore (M)
253Mallik Pada Prathamik Vidyalaya462Serampore (M)
257Aadarsh Shramikamangal Kendra606Serampore (M)
261Satyabharati Ji.Es.Ef.Pi School858Serampore (M)
265Municipal Health Centre941Serampore (M)
267Aadarsh Bidyamandir Ji.Es.Ef.Pi. School674Serampore (M)
270Siu Uchch Primary Vidyalaya932Serampore (M)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014