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Polling Booth in Bishnupur Sc Assembly Constituency

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Bishnupur Sc Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bishnupur-SC

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bishnupur-SC Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Chakkrishnanagar Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya1063Chata Kalikapur (CT)
3Chatta Subid Ali Institute (Pratham Bhaban)906Chata Kalikapur (CT)
6Roypur Abitanik Prathamik School938Chata Kalikapur (CT)
9Chatta Kalikapur M.A. Khalek Girls High Madrasha1181Chata Kalikapur (CT)
10Chatta Subid Ali Girls High School1032Chata Kalikapur (CT)
14Chatta Subid Ali Institute (Ditiya Bhaban)1046Chata Kalikapur (CT)
16Dakshin Chatta Kalikapur A P V645Chata Kalikapur (CT)
18Sanpukuria Abitanik Primary Vidyalaya598Saupukuria-Sanpukuria
20Chandigar Abitanik Prayhamik Vidyalaya452Chata Kalikapur (CT)
22Chatta Rameswarpur Uchha Madrasha606Chata Kalikapur (CT)
24Shibhoogly Abitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya903Rameswarpur (CT)
26Chatta Kalikapur Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya897Chata Kalikapur (CT)
28Rameswarpur Uttar Abitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya1077Rameswarpur (CT)
29Dakshin Rameshwarpur A P V705Rameswarpur (CT)
30Ashuti Netaji High School696Asuti (CT)
32Chak Chatta Shashibhushan Abaitanik Vidyalaya1003Chak Chhata
34Ganney Gangadharpur Tapashili A.P. Vidyalaya1112Ganye Gangadharpur (CT)
36Ashuti Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya1050Ganye Gangadharpur (CT)
38Dakshin Ashuti Rathtala Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya574Asuti (CT)
40Dakshin Ashuti F P School758Asuti (CT)
41Ashuti Mollapara S S K756Asuti (CT)
42Khanberia Abitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya721Khanberia
44Tentulberia Khanberia K.C.A.P. Vidyalaya1019Khanberia
45Khanberia Tentulberia A P V824Asuti (CT)
46Jote Shibrampur Shikshaniketan779Shibrampur
48Kalagachia Kailashkamini F.P. School1448Paschim Barisha
50Sonamukhi Daspara Junior High School1175Sonamukhi
52Sonamukhi Daspara Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya721Sonamukhi
54Jagannathpur Abitanik Primary Vidyalaya637Jagannathpur
56Jagannathpur Sonamukhi Bibekananda High School715Sonamukhi
57Ashuti-2 Sadar Health Centre1103Sonamukhi
58Jagannathpur Sonamukhi Abaitanik Primary Vidyalaya847Sonamukhi
59Dari Bagpota Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya580Bagpota
60Bagpota Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya921Bagpota
61Sonamukhi Krishnanagar Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya761Sonamukhi Krishnanagar
62Nawabad Shashibhusan Smriti Abitanik Primary Vidyalaya1065Krishnarampur
63Shankharipota Abaitanik Primary Vidyalaya832Sankharipota
64Kalagachia Kailash Kamini Uchha Vidyalaya789Kalagachhia
67Banagram F.P. School947Banagram
69Banagram Shishu Shiksha Kendra892Banagram
70Rasapunja P.K. H.S. School932Rasapunja
75Rasapunja Junior Basic School Unit 1792Naoabad
78Rasapunja Junior Basic School Unit 2677Rasapunja
80Min Bhaban527Chak Rajumolla
83Chakrajumolla F.P. School757Chak Rajumolla
85Poalia Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya937Samali (CT)
86Bainchberia Abaitanik Primary Vidyalaya1040Samali (CT)
87Manobitan Cini676Rasapunja
89Samali Molla Ghosh Para F.P. School829Samali (CT)
91Daulatpur Jr. High School787Daulatpur (CT)
93Sarmastak Chak F P School1124Daulatpur (CT)
94Daulatpur F.P.School1057Daulatpur (CT)
96Rajarampur Aided School939Rajarampur
97Raghudebpur F.P.School620Raghudebpur
99Raghudebpur Karimpur F.P.School798Karimpur
100Krishnarampur Malanga F.P. School335Debipur
101Kuleradandi F.P.School1024Rammakhaler Chak
103Kulerdanri F.P.School (Staipendari)850Kulerdari
105Chiyari F.P.School1051Harir Chak
107Magurkhali F.P.School416Magurkhali
108Raghavpur St. Pauls School771Magurkhali
109Chak Balaibag Nanilal F.P.School397Jhanjhra
110Bakaeswar F.P.School835Bakeswar
112Gobrar Chak St. Marry School770Bakeswar
115Jhanjra F.P.School780Chak Balaibag
118Nepalganj Snehamayi F.P.School654Raghabpur
120Nurshikdar Chak F.P.School768Chak Nursikdar
122Panakua F.P.School508Panakua
125Shalpukur F.P.School1004Salpukuria
127Ramkantapur F.P.School789Ramkantapur
128Kalicharanpur F.P.School587Kalicharanpur
131Kalinagar F.P.School726Kasthamahal
132Aamgachhiya F.P.School724Amgachhi
135Aamgachhiya Lal Bahadur Shastri F.P.School648Amgachhi
136Amgachia Lalbahadur Shastri Upper Primary School611Amgachhi
137Aamgachhia Ashbatthatala F.P.School548Amgachhi
139Bidhan Chandra F.P.School (R-12)489Amgachhi
140Dakshin Amgachia S.S.K924Amgachhi
141Kashtamahal F.P.School596Kasthamahal
144Dakshin Kashtamahal F.P.School847Kasthamahal
146Chakarsun Mamud Choto Ramnagar F.P.School551Chhota Ramnagar
147Bagi Kalipada Ray Bidyamandir1032Bagi
149Ganesh Khadibediya F.P.School795Ganeskuribaria
150Dakshin Bagi F.P.School1032Khariberia
152Century Shiksha Niketan766Bhasa (CT)
154Bagi F.P.School688Bagi
156Uttarbagi (Chhit) F.P. School596Bagi
157Sapkhali F.P.School915Chakbagi
159Tarini F.P.School639Saphkhali
161Gandhabaduli Aabjakhali F.P. School1045Uttar Gauripur
164Gandhabaduli Aghor Kamini F.P.School617Gandhabaduli
166Darus Salam F.P.School658Gandhabaduli
168Uttar Kajirahat F.P.School647Uttar Kazirhat
170Bhasa F.P. School759Bhasa (CT)
171Majher Bhasa Icds Centre756Bhasa (CT)
173Parbatipur F.P.School1174Dakshin Kazirhat
175Khariberia F.P.School1025Khariberia
177Kanyanagar Govt. Colony F.P. School1112Kanyanagar (CT)
179Shibtala F.P. School930Kanyanagar (CT)
181Kannyanagar Vidyapith High School716Kanyanagar (CT)
183Dakshin Kanyanagar Bidyapith(Prathamik Bibhag)876Kanyanagar (CT)
185Gotaberia F.P.School835Goth Beria
186Uttar Kanyanagar F.P.School670Kanyanagar (CT)
188Bishnupur Junior Basic School942Bishnupur (CT)
190Bishnupur Grihashri Shikshayatan791Bishnupur (CT)
191Bishnupur Kayal Para F.P.School1083Bishnupur (CT)
193Tapna F.P.School569Tapna
195Balakhali F.P.School935Umarpota
196Betbediya F.P.School1063Betberia
197Chakarasun Mamud F.P.School888Chak Rosanmamud
198Rajakgohaliya F.P.School1026Rajakgohalia
200Annadaprasad High School887Darikeoradanga
201Lakshikantapur F.P.School688Lakshmikantapur
202Keodadanga F.P.School594Keoradanga
206Khirishatala F.P.School676Khiristala
208Kaikhali F.P.School764Kaikhali
209Durgabati F.P.School724Gangarai
211Gangrai F.P.School503Gangarai
214Alataberia F.P. School773Kalmikhali
216Kalamikhali F.P.School1141Kalmikhali
218Chaknitai F.P. School863Chak Nitai
220Keyapukur F.P. School1077Keoapukuria
221Julpia Aandharmanik High School661Andharmanik
223Aandharmanik Junior Basic School767Andharmanik
225Prasadpur F.P.School689Andharmanik
229Julpia Surabala Bidyapith780Julpia
232Pirakhali F.P. School1020Pirkhali
234Netatana F.P.School752Nettana
236Matasyakhali F.P.School1136Matsyakhali
237Panarala F.P.School726Panarala
238Hanta Ef.Pi.School840Hata
239Mestakhali F.P.School1133Matsyakhali
240Manikajore F.P.School640Manikjor
241Uchchhekhali F.P.School676Uchhakhali
242Ucchekhali Upper Primary School582Uchhakhali
243Damadama F.P.School1026Damdamakismat
245Bhanru Ramkrishnapur F.P.School925Bharu Ramkrishnapur
246Purba Raskhali F.P.School787Bharu Ramkrishnapur
248Rasakhali Shit No-1 F.P.School699Rashkhali
250Fingardauri Icds Centre537Rashkhali
251Dudhabeshali Jr. Basic School1175Rashkhali
252Raskhali F.P.School Special Kyadar581Rashkhali
254Bhanru Maheshpur F.P.School802Bharu Ramkrishnapur
256Gabbediya F.P.School560Gabbaria
258Dosotina F.P.School1027Dosatina
260Jalilpur F.P.School1085Jalilpur
261Dakshin Gauripur F.P.School (Zautala)836Iarpur
263Chamni F.P. School1078Kastikumari
264Kastekumari F.P.School465Dosatina
266Kastekumari High School942Kastikumari
268Bhandariya F.P.School769Bhandaria
269Purb Bhandariya F.P.School906Bhandaria
270Bahadurapur F.P.School1005Bahadurpur
271Bijayaramapur Pyarimohan High School896Bijoyrampur
272Bijay Rampur F.P.School972Dakshin Gouripur
273Mirpur F.P. School874Doultabad
275Maudi Jr. Basic School1131Doultabad
276Daulatabad F.P.School1047Doultabad
277Chakdhir F.P.School991Chakdhir
278Dakshin Gauripur F.P.School863Deuli
279Uttar Alipur F.P.School971Alipore
280Dakshin Alipur F.P. School816Alipore
282Bar Deuli F P School854Bardeuli
283Deuli F.P.School905Deuli
284Balarampur F.P.School924Dakshin Gouripur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014