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Polling Booth in Bhatpara Assembly Constituency

Bhatpara Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bhatpara

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhatpara Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1J.N. Vidyalaya767Bhatpara (M + OG)
2Amarkrishna Pathshala (High School)1021Bhatpara (M + OG)
3Satadal Primary School1063Bhatpara (M + OG)
4Model Girls High School546Bhatpara (M + OG)
6Bhatpara High School1057Bhatpara (M + OG)
8Neheru Hindi Primary School1137Bhatpara (M + OG)
9Rabindra Pally Prathamik Vidyalaya1031Bhatpara (M + OG)
11Vivekananda Primary School1052Bhatpara (M + OG)
13Kantadanga North Janata Arya Vidyalaya901Bhatpara (M + OG)
15Adarsha English Academy773Bhatpara (M + OG)
17Office Of The Sub-Inspector Of School Bhatpara Circle693Bhatpara (M + OG)
18Nari Shikshamandir Prathamik Vidyalaya744Bhatpara (M + OG)
19B Y M A Hall930Bhatpara (M + OG)
20Bhatpara Sahitya Mandir (Library)827Bhatpara (M + OG)
21Central Hindu Girls School787Bhatpara (M + OG)
24Salpasha Bayam Samiti1065Bhatpara (M + OG)
25Chandrashekhar Prathamik Vidyalaya907Bhatpara (M + OG)
26Reliance Jute Mill Lebour Waiting Room968Bhatpara (M + OG)
28Katadanga Kalitala Prathamik Vidyalaya(Natun Bari)908Bhatpara (M + OG)
30Janata Arya Vidyalaya855Bhatpara (M + OG)
33Rabindranagar Prathamik Vidyalaya1111Bhatpara (M + OG)
34Purba Kantadanga Primary Vidyalaya1055Bhatpara (M + OG)
35Kankinara High School619Bhatpara (M + OG)
38Tailik Baishya U P School556Bhatpara (M + OG)
40Kankinara Hindi Primary School861Bhatpara (M + OG)
41Shri Gandhi Vidyapith526Bhatpara (M + OG)
42Health Administrative Unit (Hau)604Bhatpara (M + OG)
43Gyandata Primary School672Bhatpara (M + OG)
44Janakalyan Samity442Bhatpara (M + OG)
45Subhash Bal Vidyalaya947Bhatpara (M + OG)
46Binapani Prathamik Vidyalaya824Bhatpara (M + OG)
47Sadar Anjuman Prathamik Vidyalaya1045Bhatpara (M + OG)
48Lakshmibalika Vidyalaya766Bhatpara (M + OG)
50Kankinara Urdu Girls High School729Bhatpara (M + OG)
53Himayatul Gurba High School896Bhatpara (M + OG)
58Kankinara Jute Mills Free Primary School807Bhatpara (M + OG)
59Urdu Uppar Primary School868Bhatpara (M + OG)
61Bhatpara Municipal Office684Bhatpara (M + OG)
65Shishu Bikash Vidyalaya686Bhatpara (M + OG)
67Adarsha Hindi Bal Vidyalaya1072Bhatpara (M + OG)
69Aroti Balika Vidyalaya731Bhatpara (M + OG)
71Arya Samaj Vidyalaya748Bhatpara (M + OG)
74Sarboday Balika Vidyalaya634Bhatpara (M + OG)
75Sarboday Pathsala563Bhatpara (M + OG)
76Saraswati Vidyapith839Bhatpara (M + OG)
77Jaynab Urdu Prathamik School1045Bhatpara (M + OG)
79S K Hindi Vidyalaya776Bhatpara (M + OG)
80Kankinara Public School980Bhatpara (M + OG)
81Benarasi Vidyalaya788Bhatpara (M + OG)
83Kush Vidyalaya708Bhatpara (M + OG)
84Bhatpara Municipal Conservency Boys School596Bhatpara (M + OG)
87Ganesh U P Vidyalaya739Bhatpara (M + OG)
89Bipin Ganguly Vidyapith796Bhatpara (M + OG)
92Sundiya Bandhab Primary School854Bhatpara (M + OG)
96Nibedita Bastuhara Vidyamandir1061Bhatpara (M + OG)
97Sundiya Uchcha Vidyalaya (Boys)932Bhatpara (M + OG)
99Labour Welfare Primary School741Bhatpara (M + OG)
101Jafar Urdu Primary School894Bhatpara (M + OG)
103Ward Office No. 13 Netaji Park1044Bhatpara (M + OG)
105Uday Sangha957Bhatpara (M + OG)
106Adarsha Jogesh Pathsala618Bhatpara (M + OG)
107Sunari Balika Vidyalaya (Natun Bari)1039Bhatpara (M + OG)
109Anglo Indian Jutemills Dispensari Building792Bhatpara (M + OG)
112Jj I Dispensari Ghar (Miler Bhitar)654Bhatpara (M + OG)
113Hanuman Parishad Balika Vidyalaya503Bhatpara (M + OG)
115Shams Urdu Primary School441Bhatpara (M + OG)
117Shrikrishna Pathshala786Bhatpara (M + OG)
119Hindi Balika Vidyalaya407Bhatpara (M + OG)
120Ul Combars Of India Ltd.Canteen Hall461Bhatpara (M + OG)
122Kamala Primary School645Bhatpara (M + OG)
124Lalita Debi Balika Vidyalaya518Bhatpara (M + OG)
127Shrikrishna U.P. Hindi Pathshala679Bhatpara (M + OG)
129Kamala High School577Bhatpara (M + OG)
130Alliance Jute Mill Canteen673Bhatpara (M + OG)
133Alliance Jute Mills Library628Bhatpara (M + OG)
135Jagatdal Sreehari Uchcha Vidyalaya871Bhatpara (M + OG)
136Anglo India Jute Mills High School396Bhatpara (M + OG)
137Rabindra Vidyamandir988Bhatpara (M + OG)
138Guptar Bagan G. S. Free Primary School1036Bhatpara (M + OG)
140Saraswati Balika Vidyalaya966Bhatpara (M + OG)
142Doman Paswan Prathamik Balika Vidyalaya651Bhatpara (M + OG)
145Hindi U P Arya Vidyalaya538Bhatpara (M + OG)
146Sarboday Shiksha Niketan1076Bhatpara (M + OG)
147Shri Ganga Singh Memorial Prathamik Vidyalaya552Bhatpara (M + OG)
151Shramik Kalyan Kendra1044Bhatpara (M + OG)
155Vivekananda Vidyapith1027Bhatpara (M + OG)
156Health Administrative Unitipp-(Viii)How-3696Bhatpara (M + OG)
158Gol Ghar Prathamik Vidyalaya1062Bhatpara (M + OG)
160Chashme Rahamat High School1015Bhatpara (M + OG)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014