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Polling Booth in Bhabanipur Assembly Constituency

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Bhabanipur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bhabanipur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhabanipur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Geological Survey Of India799Kolkata (M Corp.)
4Armenian College619Kolkata (M Corp.)
8Jewish Girls School796Kolkata (M Corp.)
10St. Xaviers College775Kolkata (M Corp.)
13Seventh Day Adventist Day School913Kolkata (M Corp.)
17La Martiniers For Boys744Kolkata (M Corp.)
20La Martiniers For Girls600Kolkata (M Corp.)
25Sakhwat Memorial Girls School882Kolkata (M Corp.)
26Shri Shikshayatan937Kolkata (M Corp.)
28K M C P School678Kolkata (M Corp.)
31Lajpat Hindi High School719Kolkata (M Corp.)
33St.Teresa Secondary School.729Kolkata (M Corp.)
35Corporation Ward Office818Kolkata (M Corp.)
37St. Judas School (New Primary )841Kolkata (M Corp.)
38Al-Hamd Great Wsa School750Kolkata (M Corp.)
39Moulana Md. Ali High Madrasa572Kolkata (M Corp.)
41North Point School719Kolkata (M Corp.)
44Modern Day School627Kolkata (M Corp.)
45Paschim Banga Sramik Kalyan Parshad353Kolkata (M Corp.)
46St. Barnabas High School1039Kolkata (M Corp.)
48May Flower Mission School823Kolkata (M Corp.)
50Azad Prathamik Vidyaniketan.734Kolkata (M Corp.)
51Khidderpore Urdu School.858Kolkata (M Corp.)
55Shaheed Asfaqullah Khan Community Hall(Kmc)1002Kolkata (M Corp.)
57Islamia Library(J.A.S.M.Hall)1000Kolkata (M Corp.)
59K M C Primary School940Kolkata (M Corp.)
63St. Pauls Boarding & Day School975Kolkata (M Corp.)
64Haji Mohsin Girls High Madrasa852Kolkata (M Corp.)
68Mirza Ghalib Urdu Primary School.901Kolkata (M Corp.)
72Little Heart Divine School(Pre-Primary)1056Kolkata (M Corp.)
75St. Judes High School657Kolkata (M Corp.)
77St.Thomas School For Girls.633Kolkata (M Corp.)
78St.Thomas School For Boys406Kolkata (M Corp.)
82Audio Visual Auditorium858Kolkata (M Corp.)
83Multipurpose Govt.Girls School.871Kolkata (M Corp.)
85K.M.C. Dist. Iv Off.563Kolkata (M Corp.)
87Mayors Chest Clinic737Kolkata (M Corp.)
88Cal- Women Govt.Pry.Teachers Training Ins.943Kolkata (M Corp.)
91National Test House982Kolkata (M Corp.)
96Urban Health Centre926Kolkata (M Corp.)
100Shri Shri Academy1007Kolkata (M Corp.)
103Allahabad Bank Staff Training College803Kolkata (M Corp.)
106Minerals Exploration Corp.Ltd.503Kolkata (M Corp.)
109United Bank Staff Training College371Kolkata (M Corp.)
115Gokhale Memorial Girls School & College960Kolkata (M Corp.)
116Institute Of Engineers520Kolkata (M Corp.)
117Sishu Mahal734Kolkata (M Corp.)
118Sarala Memorial Community Hall976Kolkata (M Corp.)
122K.M.C. Primary School911Kolkata (M Corp.)
123Gopobandhu Vidyalaya1015Kolkata (M Corp.)
124West Begal Police Association Hall1030Kolkata (M Corp.)
125Manmathanath Nandan Boys & Girls Institution753Kolkata (M Corp.)
126Kmc Ward Office Ward No-71924Kolkata (M Corp.)
127Gokhel Memorial Girls College920Kolkata (M Corp.)
128Gokhale Memorial Girls College813Kolkata (M Corp.)
132Bhowanipur Girls High School440Kolkata (M Corp.)
139Orissa Youth Hostel555Kolkata (M Corp.)
141Bhowanipore Shikshayatayan913Kolkata (M Corp.)
143South Subarban School (Primary Section)535Kolkata (M Corp.)
147South Subarban School (H.S. Section)576Kolkata (M Corp.)
148Cathedral Mission High School1051Kolkata (M Corp.)
151St. John Diocesan Girls High School356Kolkata (M Corp.)
153Bhowanipur Gujrati Education Society School(Formerly J.J. Ajmira High School)985Kolkata (M Corp.)
161Sir Ramesh Mitter Girls School900Kolkata (M Corp.)
163Khalsha High School747Kolkata (M Corp.)
164Khalsa English High School-2731Kolkata (M Corp.)
173Chakraberia School (Primary Section) New Bldg.755Kolkata (M Corp.)
176New Horizon High School807Kolkata (M Corp.)
177Chakraberia H.S. School739Kolkata (M Corp.)
178Adarsha Hindi High School362Kolkata (M Corp.)
180Adarsha Vidya Bhawan873Kolkata (M Corp.)
182Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Uddyan (Ladies Park)1050Kolkata (M Corp.)
183Solid Waste Management Office886Kolkata (M Corp.)
191Model High School797Kolkata (M Corp.)
193South Calcutta National School922Kolkata (M Corp.)
196Bakulbagan U.P.School638Kolkata (M Corp.)
198Beltala Girls High School803Kolkata (M Corp.)
201Lakshmi Vidya Bhavan568Kolkata (M Corp.)
208Mitra Institution (Main)536Kolkata (M Corp.)
212South Calcutta Girls High School589Kolkata (M Corp.)
216Mitra Institution (New Bldg.)819Kolkata (M Corp.)
220St. Helen School880Kolkata (M Corp.)
222St.Halen School905Kolkata (M Corp.)
224Childrens Academy835Kolkata (M Corp.)
225Ashutosh College857Kolkata (M Corp.)
228W B G Press980Kolkata (M Corp.)
230Chetla Boys H.S.School704Kolkata (M Corp.)
231K.M.C.Primary. School640Kolkata (M Corp.)
234Chetla Boys H.S. School (Annexe Bldg.)826Kolkata (M Corp.)
237Kailash Vidyamandir909Kolkata (M Corp.)
240Alipore Abaitanik Vidyalaya555Kolkata (M Corp.)
249Chetla Girls H.S.School695Kolkata (M Corp.)
250Chetla Girls H S School( Anex. Bldg.)941Kolkata (M Corp.)
261Sishu Tirtha Primary School868Kolkata (M Corp.)
265Sishu Vidyaniketan G.S.Free Primary School1047Kolkata (M Corp.)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014