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Polling Booth in Bhabanipur Assembly Constituency

Bhabanipur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bhabanipur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhabanipur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1782 No. Karebari L.P. School284Karebari
21533 No. Bhuyapara L.P. School669Bhuyapara
3314 No. Kumguri L.P. School626Kumguri
4314 No. Kumguri L.P. School683Kumguri
5Rupahi High School588Rupahi
6Rupahi High School463Rupahi
7113Goshaibhitha L.P. School286Goshaibhitha
81809 No. Ghoramara Gudi Topoban L.P. School356GhoramaraGudiTopoban
9Bar Majr.Abari High School586Bar Majr.Abari
10Bar Majr.Abari High School696Bar Majr.Abari
11228 No.Bar Majr.Abari L.P. School564Bar Majr.Abari
1263 No Hachara L.P. School565Hachara
1363 No Hachara L.P. School506Hachara
14603 No. Palchiguri L.P. School894Palchiguri
15Kamalabari L.P. School850Kamalabari
16920 No Udyaguri L.P. School742Udyaguri
171134 No. Aohata L.P. School359Aohata
18556 No Salbari L.P. School797Salbari
191027 No. Panpara L.P. School328Panpara
201027 No. Panpara L.P. School299Panpara
212 No Madhapur L.P. School568Madhapur
222 No Madhapur L.P. School564Madhapur
2393/Pakgriguri L.P. School713Pakgriguri
2493/Pakgriguri L.P. School641Pakgriguri
25Dhumarpathar L.P. School612Dhumarpathar
26153Dakshin Dhumarpathar L.P. School600Dakshin Dhumarpathar
27903 No Silapatni L.P. School386Silapatni
28478 No Baghmara Girls L.P. School666Baghmara
2997Pakalagi L.P. School545Pakalagi
30Baitamari L.P. School785Baitamari
31Changlimari L.P. School672Changlimari
321047 No Saru Gati L.P. School662Saru Gati
331047 No Saru Gati L.P. School502Saru Gati
34678 No. Maslabari L.P. School478Maslabari
35919 No. Saraniya L.P. School639Saraniya
361458 No Tangabari L.P. School744Tangabari
3730Karnachara L.P. School885Karnachara
38Katalmurighat High School724Katalmurighat
39828 No Halangabari L.P. School899Halangabari
401538 No. Madhya Halangabari L.P. School541Madhya Halangabari
4173 No Gati L.P. School1022Gati
4273 No Gati L.P. School583Gati
431330 No Sanpairabari L.P. School662Sanpairabari
44689 No. Amratari L.P. School1138Amratari
45Kalmatipathar L.P. School549Kalmatipathar
46689 No.Amratari L.P. School929Amratari
471693 No Janata L.P. School1064Janata
4875 No Patla L.P. School685Patla
49Dolajani Jr.Basic School763Dolajani
50Dolajani Jr.Basic School749Dolajani
5120 Saudarvitha L.P. School645Saudarvitha
5220 Saudarvitha L.P. School667Saudarvitha
5349 No.Hudukhatal.P. School524Hudukhata
5449 No.Hudukhata L.P. School565Hudukhata
55283 No Dumuriguri L.P. School787Dumuriguri
56Bhalaguri L.P. School505Bhalaguri
57Uttar Bartari L.P. School492Uttar Bartari
58Lesra Sarkari L.P. School390Lesra Sarkari
59360 No.Ujan Barbari L.P. School980Ujan Barbari
60Janata M.E. School1060Janata M.E. School
61295 No Bartari L.P. School529Bartari
62295 No Bartari L.P. School515Bartari
63Kardaiguri Hs School575Kardaiguri
64Kardoiguri Senior Mv School505Kardoiguri
65Kardaiguri Hs School645Kardaiguri
66Dhemchapathar L.P. School591Dhemchapathar
67Laogaon M.E School485Laogaon
68228 No. Hakartup L.P. School550Hakartup
69Bagulapara L.P. School533Bagulapara
70234 No. Sialmari L.P. School925Sialmari
71121 Dalimorbhitha L.P. School599Dalimorbhitha
72Singimari L.P. School423Singimari
73849 No. Odalguri L.P. School810Odalguri
74Puthimari M.E. School972Puthimari
75Puthimari M.E. School932Puthimari
76Gomura Bhabananda Bairagi Mv School928Gomura Bhabananda Bairagi
77Gomura Bhabananda Bairagi Mv School798Gomura Bhabananda Bairagi
78245 No.Chamta Boghpur L.P. School651Chamta Boghpur
79472 No. Ulubari L.P. School902Ulubari
8015Chauliabari L.P. School556Chauliabari
8115Chauliabari L.P. School590Chauliabari
82Chauliabori High School817Chauliabori
83469 No. Pub Kardaiguri L.P. School409Pub Kardaiguri
8495Pachim Kardaiguri L.P. School721Pachim Kardaiguri
85Cheki L.P. School926Cheki
86Bangti L.P. School686Bangti
87Hathinapur High School611Hathinapur
88Hathinapur High School716Hathinapur
8942M.E.Dhikuchi L.P. School810M.E.Dhikuchi
90439 No. Barvitha L.P. School702Barvitha
91439 No. Barvitha L.P. School692Barvitha
92Dolarpathar L.P. School678Dolarpathar
93Dolarpathar L.P. School661Dolarpathar
95889 No. Denatari L.P. School893Denatari
961522 No. Karekhowa L.P. School756Karekhowa
97829 No. Batua L.P. School709Batua
98829 No. Batua L.P. School750Batua
9930 No.Bhalaguri L.P. School720Bhalaguri
10030 No.Bhalaguri L.P. School596Bhalaguri
101309 No Puranbhabanipur L.P. School432Puranbhabanipur
102309 No Puranbhabanipur L.P. School807Puranbhabanipur
103Sarupeta Town Girls High School639Sarupeta Town
104Sarupeta Town Girls High School600Sarupeta Town
105Sarupeta High School884Sarupeta
106Sarupeta High School587Sarupeta
107454 No.Barbari L.P. School632Barbari
108876 No Barbari L.P. School592Barbari
109454 No.Barbari L.P. School622Barbari
110Bagemari Girls L.P. School615Bagemari
111386 No. Gerupara L.P. School1040Gerupara
112Pata Anchalaik High Madrassa809Pata Anchalaik
113Pata Anchalik High MadrassaN.APata Anchalik
115484 No.Rowmari L.P. School975Rowmari
116Dhupal.P.Ara L.P. School646Dhupal.P.Ara
117Dhupal.P.Ara L.P. School601Dhupal.P.Ara
118109 No. Mazgaon L.P. School569Mazgaon
119109 No. Mazgaon L.P. School581Mazgaon
1201298 No Mazgaon Girls L.P.School1176Mazgaon
1211196 No.Anandapur L.P. School943Anandapur
122Anandapur M.E. Madrassa929Anandapur
123Purbalowasur L.P. School643Purbalowasur
124Adp Girls L.P. School610Adp
125Haripur L.P. School992Haripur
126Haripur L.P. School783Haripur
127202 No. Kalbari L.P. School605Kalbari
128202 No. Kalbari L.P. School687Kalbari
129263 No Banglipara L.P. School839Banglipara
13072 No. Kahara L.P. School783Kahara
13172 No Kahara L.P. School711Kahara
13290Kaharapathar L.P. School502Kaharapathar
133Kurobaha L.P. School886Kurobaha
1341253 No. Tangla Joawaharlal Nehru L.P. School367Tangla Joawaharlal Nehru
135331 Natun Tangla L.P. School825Natun Tangla
136331 Natun Tangla L.P. School861Natun Tangla
1371226 No. Tangla L.P. School771Tangla
1381226 No. Tangla L.P. School743Tangla
139666 No. Katla L.P. School1221Katla
140666 No. Katla L.P. School1128Katla
1411277 No.Pub Madhapur L.P. School549Pub Madhapur
1421277 No.Pub Madhapur L.P. School590Pub Madhapur
143Bhabanipur Hs School894Bhabanipur
144Bhabanipur Girls High School644Bhabanipur
145198 No.Nakuchi L.P. School619Nakuchi
146198 No.Nakuchi L.P. School669Nakuchi
147Hatipota L.P. School531Hatipota
148Karagari Datirbori Hs School737Karagari Datirbori
149Karagari Datirbori Hs School712Karagari Datirbori
150375 No.Burigaon L.P. School582Burigaon
1511197 No. Karagari Tunguriapara L.P. School960Karagari Tunguriapara
152Karagaripathar L.P. School579Karagaripathar
153339 No.Dakshinhati L.P. School456Dakshinhati
15464Dangarpar L.P. School467Dangarpar
155339 No.Dakshinhati L.P. School1103Dakshinhati
156Namati L.P. School486Namati
157Tapa M.E. School513Tapa
158Tapa M.E. School468Tapa
159Dairabari L.P. School339Dairabari
160292No. Golia L.P. School794Golia
161Gathiapara L.P. School322Gathiapara
16222Sukmanah L.P. School701Sukmanah
16322Sukmanah L.P. School710Sukmanah
164725 No.Pubsukmanah L.P. School805Pubsukmanah
1651873 No. Sukmanah Munchipara L.P. School689Sukmanah Munchipara
166Porabharal L.P. School789Porabharal
167Porabharal L.P. School812Porabharal

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