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Police Officer Killed, Pentagon Shooting US: Police Officer Killed Outside the Pentagon Police Building

On Tuesday morning the Pentagon Force Protection Agency confirmed that a Pentagon police officer was killed in an incident at the Metro bus platform outside the building. The investigators of the incident believe that there was an argument in which the suspect stabbed the Pentagon police officer.  According to law enforcement sources, it appears that […]

Scott Miller, US Afghanistan News Gen. Scott Miller, Top US General In Afghanistan Hands Over Command

Marking a symbolic end to the 20-year-old war between the United States and Afghanistan, the top US Gen. Scott Miller in Afghanistan stepped down from his position at a ceremony in the capital Kabul. After the United States military withdrawal, the Taliban insurgents continue to gain more territory which will topple the central government in […]

Afghanistan, US troops to withdraw from Afghanistan The U.S Troops to Completely Withdraw From Afghanistan, Said Joe Biden

The United States mission in Afghanistan will come to an end on August 31, President Joe Biden said. The conclusion of the US military in Afghanistan will end the 20-year-old war.  Now that U.S. troops are almost completely out of Afghanistan the Taliban faction is making rapid territorial expansion in the country. President Joe Biden […]

Jharkhand Lockdown Extended till June 10

The Hemant Soren-led government in Jharkhand extended the lockdown restrictions till June 10 though there will be some relaxations in curbs.    The state has been in lockdown since April 22. The first set of lockdown regulations were imposed for a week since then it is the fourth time that the lockdown regulations are extended. […]

Google Doodle Commemorates American Gay Rights Activist Frank Kameny

Google Doodle commemorates prominent American astrologer and gay rights activist Frank Kameny. Frank Kameny was personally invested in the cause of the gay rights movement because of the prejudice he faced in his life.    Growing up during the great depression in the 1930s Frank Kameny realized he wanted to become an astrologer. He graduated […]

Joe Biden Tells Intelligence Community To Report On The Emergence Of Covid 19 Within 90 Days

The President of the United States of America Joe Biden called the US intelligence community to report on the origin of coronavirus. There are various theories circulating about the possible origin of Covid 19. Joe Biden asked the US intelligence to revert back with ‘sufficient information’ on the event within 90 days. The United States […]

Basanti Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Basanti

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Basanti Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Keuti Purkait Para F.P School856Athara Beki
2Kumirmari Free Primary School903Athara Beki
3Holapara Free Primary School1026Daharani
5Atharobanki Satghoriyapara Free Primary School867Athara Beki
6Atharobanki Free Primary School709Athara Beki
8Daharani Free Primary School579Daharani
10Daharani Agnibina M.S.K.860Daharani
11Purba Daharani Ananta Kumar Free Primary School1037Daharani
12Keuti Free Primary School1085Athara Beki
13Hedia Free Primary School878Hediar Abad
15Atharobanki East Free Primary School1063Athara Beki
17Gabbuni Free Primary School1058Gabbuni
19Ghatoyal Para Adibasi Free Primary School982Gabbuni
207 No. Kumrokhali Fp School699Kumarkhali
217No. Kumrakhali S.S.K1171Kumarkhali
228 No Kumrakhali Prathamik Vidyalayaa724Kumarkhali
239No. Kumrakhali Kachhari Para Free Primary School906Kumarkhali
24Kumarakhali Mama Bhagne Pry. School972Kumarkhali
25Bani Boalia Primary Vidyalayaa893Kumarkhali
267No Kumarakhali Pry. School889Kumarkhali
28Pakhirala Para Free Primary School961Char Bidyarabad
296 No Kumrakhali Adibasi Primary School1134Char Bidyarabad
30Charabidya G.P.Office542Char Bidyarabad
31Charabidya Primary School967Char Bidyarabad
32Moslem Sekh Para Free Primary School551Char Bidyarabad
33Halder Para Free Primary School972Char Bidyarabad
34Luthar Compani Free Primary School1003Char Bidyarabad
35Anil Sardar Para Primary School859Char Bidyarabad
36Hetalkhali Primary School786Char Bidyarabad
373 No. Purba Charabidya I.C.D.S. Center458Char Bidyarabad
38Amjhara Free Primary School717Amjhara
39Taldaha Uttar Para F. Pry. School710Dhuri
41Dhunri Free Primary School811Dhuri
437-No Karamdinibati Free Primary School843Dhuri
45Seikhpara S.S.K971Dhuri
46Dighirpar Primary School1170Tilkumar
48Chhatui Para S.S.K605Tilkumar
49Titkumar M.S.K354Tilkumar
50Titakumar Kharimachan Free Primary School452Khari Machan
51Sekh Para Primary School1035Khari Machan
52Dhuri S.S.K644Dhuri
53Baragada Free Primary School830Amjhara
541No. Amjhara Free Primary School821Amjhara
55Amjhara Naskar Para S.S.K427Amjhara
56Amjhra Taldaha Shikaripara Free Primary School1135Amjhara
61Nitai Para S. S. K. (Anumati Gharami Bari Sannikat)824Tilkumar
62Canning Dock Junior Basic School581Kathalberia
65Shimultala Junior Basic School766Kathalberia
71Kheriya Siddikiya Senior Madrasa984Kathalberia
72Kheria F. Primary School1119Bhangonkhali
74Nebukhali Sardar Para Free Primary School928Bhangonkhali
75Purba Bhangankhali F. Pry. School1227Bhangonkhali
77Niyamat Aali Laskar Para Free Primary School792Bhangonkhali
78Paschim Bhangankhali Free Primary School960Bhangonkhali
81Gagramari Free Primary School924Bhangonkhali
82Fulamalancha F. Primary School485Phul Malancha
83Nirdeshkhali Primary School951Phul Malancha
8414No. Baptisht Mishanari School883Phul Malancha
8610No. Amjhara Stateplan Pry. School821Phul Malancha
8710No Majhipara Junior High School979Phul Malancha
88Panikhali Mahammadia Siddikiya Madrasha Siksha Kendra1069Phul Malancha
89Panikhali Primary School833Lebukhali
92Fulmalancha Hritubhakat High School423Chatrakhali
93Chatrakhali Charpara Free Primary School933Chatrakhali
942No. Sonakhali Free Primary School1118Narayantala
95Chora Dakatia Free Primary School776Narayantala
97Narayantala Ramkrishna Bidyamandir575Narayantala
99Chatrakhali Pry. School944Chatrakhali
100Nebukhali Mollapara Free Primary School502Lebukhali
102Nengtakhali Adibasi Para S.S.K.478Lebukhali
103Manasakhali Free Primary School759Manasakhali
104Mansakhali Charpara S.S.K902Manasakhali
105Chatrakhali New Free Primary Schoolchgool776Chatrakhali
106Sarkar Para Free Primary School811Lebukhali
108Chhoto Kalahazra Primary School757Manasakhali
110Khirishkhali Junior Basic School1036Khirishkhali
111Kalahajra Free Primary School705Kala Hazra
112Chhota Kalahajra High School445Kala Hazra
113Kalahazra Peshkar Para Adibasi Pry. School932Kala Hazra
114Rabanpara Aadibasi Primary School923Kala Hazra
115Khiriskhali Natun Free Primary School521Khirishkhali
116Khirishkhali Natun Pry. School617Khirishkhali
118Sonakhali Free Primary School850Sonakhali
120Sonakhali Uchcha Vidyalayaa1020Sonakhali
1226No. Sonakhali Free Primary School624Sonakhali
124Sonkhali Upper Primary School1064Sonakhali
125Sonakhali Natun Pry: School650Sonakhali
127Ramchandrakhali Narendranath Shiksha Nikatan750Ramchandrakhali
128Ramchandrakhali Free Primary School812Ramchandrakhali
131Hogolduri Rasmoni Free Primary School1177Hogalduri
132Mahakur Para S.S.K447Ramchandrakhali
133Purba Ramchandrakhali Free Primary School590Ramchandrakhali
137Naliakhali Pry: School722Dakshin Narayantala
139Uttar Mokamberia Pry: School512Uttar Mokamberia
140Uttar Mokamberia Free Primary School961Uttar Mokamberia
141Pichekhali Pry: School693Uttar Mokamberia
142Uttar Sonakhali Stateplan Pry: School936Uttar Sonakhali
143Samantapara Pry. School791Uttar Sonakhali
144Pirikhali Free Primary School1030Uttar Sonakhali
148Tentultala Free Primary School1042Amratala
150Chharanekhali Prathamik School1128Uttar Battala
151Harbhangi Byaptisht Mishanari Pry. School634Harbhangi
154Purandar Basudeb Colony Pry. School407Parandar
156Chhoto Genokhali Adibasi S.S.K358Basanti (CT)
157Basanti Basic School832Basanti (CT)
158Basanti G. P. Office609Basanti (CT)
159Saint Tereja Girls School999Basanti (CT)
160Basanti Uchcha Vidyalaya324Basanti (CT)
161Murokhali Teorpara S.S.K944Parandar
162Krishnanagar Free Primary School686Krishnagar
163Makhalpara Balaram Free Primary School (1No Ghar)1213Basanti (CT)
165Saint Xaviers High School1024Radhaballavpur
166Radhaballavpur I.C.D.S Center1098Radhaballavpur
167Chandracona Primary School696Chandrakona
168Sajinatala Free Primary School902Sajinatala
169Krishnanagar I.C.D.S.Center456Krishnagar
170Krishnanagar Arabia Essa Atul Uloom Sr. Madrasa659Krishnagar
171Krishnanagar Purba Para S. S. K.544Krishnagar
172Kalidanga Primary School764Kalidanga
173Kalidanga Juniyar High School840Kalidanga
174Kalidanga Bidyasagar S. S. K.966Kalidanga
175Ballartop Primary School1074Ballartop
176Ballartop Netaji S.S.K.971Ballartop
177Mathgaran Dakshin Battala F. Primary School728Matgaran
179Aanandabad Kishalay S. S. K.810Ananda Abad
180Maheshpur Jashoda Bidyapith1087Ananda Abad
181Anandabad Bsic School600Kumirmari
183Maheshapur Battala M. S. K.688Mahespur
184Maheshpur Prafulla Balika Bidyamandir775Mahespur
185Shibaganj Pry: School615Kumirmari
186Shibganj Junior High School813Sibganj
188Datta Babur Aabad Primary School651Chak Pitambar Dutta
1895No. Bharatgarh Aadibasi Primary School1048Bharatgar
190Bharatgarh Pry: School877Bharatgar
1917No.Garanbose S.S.K1071Goran Bose
192Nafarganj Free Primary School926Goran Bose
1942No. Garanbose S.S.K844Goran Bose
195Paschim Bharatghar Saradamoni S.S.K755Bharatgar
197Bhatarghar 7 No Free Primary School992Bharatgar
198Garanabos 3No Gheri Free Primary School765Goran Bose
2004No. Nafaraganj Free Primary School765Goran Bose
202Gopinath Free Primary School1165Goran Bose
203Nafaraganj Bazar Primary School1179Goran Bose
204Ranigarh C. S. Free Primary School968Ranigar
2052No Ranigarh S.S.K618Ranigar
206Dhasbhanga Adibasi Free Primary School1159Harekrishnapur
207Harekrishnapur C. S. Free Primary School949Harekrishnapur
208Ranigarh Jyotishpur Prathamik School736Ranigar
210Joygopalpur Shibdashi Free Primary School959Joygopalpur
211Joygopalpur Free Primary School898Joygopalpur
212Ranigarh Jyotishapur Uchcha Vidyalayaa1019Jyotishpur
213Maheshpur Joydebpur Majherpara Free Primary School806Jyotishpur
214Ranigarh Radharanipur Primary School834Radharanipur
21520No Radharanipur Free Primary School806Radharanipur
217Radharanipur High School(Junior)545Radharanipur
21819No Radharanipur Free Primary School825Radharanipur
219Hiranmaypur I. C. D. S Centre643Hiranmoypur
221Kalibari S.Sk992Hiranmoypur
222Hiranmaypur Jaygopalpur Netaji Bidyapith1244Hiranmoypur
223Paschim Hiranmaypur Primary School636Hiranmoypur
225Boro Dindargheri S.S.K.595Nafarganj
226Nafarganj 5No. Primary School950Nafarganj
227366 Icds Centre1215Nafarganj
228Menakasundari Primary School785Birinchi Bari
229Nafarganj Baidyanath Bidyapith649Birinchi Bari
231Birinchibari Free Primary School728Birinchi Bari
232Nafarganj Birinchibari Pry. School973Birinchi Bari
233Nabaday S.S.K575Birinchi Bari
234Parbatipur Ssk778Parbattipur
236Khagendranath Smriti M. S. K.898Parbattipur
237Binapani S.S.K604Parbattipur
238Herobhanga Black No3 Free Primary School1147Jharkhali
239Laskarpur Sangyukta Shatadal Bamani Primary School870Laskarpur
2401No Laskarpur Shatadal Free Primary School1033Laskarpur
241Herobhanga Black No1. O 2 Pry: School810Laskarpur
242Herobhanga Block 4No G. S. Free Primary School1214Lot No 126
243Netaji Shishu Shikshaniketan578Jharkhali
245Herobhanga Bidyasagar Bidyamandir Free Primary School848Parbattipur
246Ramkrishna Kishor Vidyalayaa655Jharkhali
247Bagherghari S.S.K1044Parbattipur
248Tridibnagar Janaklyan Jr. High School1136Jharkhali
250379 No.I.C.D.S.Center638Tridibnagar
251Tridibnagar S.S.K947Tridibnagar

Last Updated on December 26, 2014