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Polling Booth in Baruipur Purba Assembly Constituency

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Police Officer Killed, Pentagon Shooting US: Police Officer Killed Outside the Pentagon Police Building

On Tuesday morning the Pentagon Force Protection Agency confirmed that a Pentagon police officer was killed in an incident at the Metro bus platform outside the building. The investigators of the incident believe that there was an argument in which the suspect stabbed the Pentagon police officer.  According to law enforcement sources, it appears that […]

Scott Miller, US Afghanistan News Gen. Scott Miller, Top US General In Afghanistan Hands Over Command

Marking a symbolic end to the 20-year-old war between the United States and Afghanistan, the top US Gen. Scott Miller in Afghanistan stepped down from his position at a ceremony in the capital Kabul. After the United States military withdrawal, the Taliban insurgents continue to gain more territory which will topple the central government in […]

Afghanistan, US troops to withdraw from Afghanistan The U.S Troops to Completely Withdraw From Afghanistan, Said Joe Biden

The United States mission in Afghanistan will come to an end on August 31, President Joe Biden said. The conclusion of the US military in Afghanistan will end the 20-year-old war.  Now that U.S. troops are almost completely out of Afghanistan the Taliban faction is making rapid territorial expansion in the country. President Joe Biden […]

Jharkhand Lockdown Extended till June 10

The Hemant Soren-led government in Jharkhand extended the lockdown restrictions till June 10 though there will be some relaxations in curbs.    The state has been in lockdown since April 22. The first set of lockdown regulations were imposed for a week since then it is the fourth time that the lockdown regulations are extended. […]

Google Doodle Commemorates American Gay Rights Activist Frank Kameny

Google Doodle commemorates prominent American astrologer and gay rights activist Frank Kameny. Frank Kameny was personally invested in the cause of the gay rights movement because of the prejudice he faced in his life.    Growing up during the great depression in the 1930s Frank Kameny realized he wanted to become an astrologer. He graduated […]

Joe Biden Tells Intelligence Community To Report On The Emergence Of Covid 19 Within 90 Days

The President of the United States of America Joe Biden called the US intelligence community to report on the origin of coronavirus. There are various theories circulating about the possible origin of Covid 19. Joe Biden asked the US intelligence to revert back with ‘sufficient information’ on the event within 90 days. The United States […]

Baruipur Purba Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Baruipur Purba

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baruipur Purba Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Meliya Raicharan Bidyapith606Jamalhati
3Sauth Gariya Pashchim Prra J.Bschool614Bhanta
4Bhanta Bahirampur J.B School1121Bhanta
5Amiyabala Balika Vidyalaya1075Kharupatalia
6Sauth Garia Jadunath Bidyamandir790Garia (CT)
11Ghoshapur Sushilkar Bidyaniketan916Ghoshpur Baora
13Ghoshpur J.B School531Ghoshpur Baora
15Dharmatala Jagrata Sanggh692Naridana (CT)
16Usharani Ray Smriti Sangha I.C.D.S833Naridana (CT)
17Naridana J.B School645Naridana (CT)
19Malanga Free Primary School834Begampur
20Begampur Janada Prasad Intitution1084Begampur
21Baje Haral Vivakanand Free Primary School965Champahati (CT)
22Champahati Nilamanikar High School1102Champahati (CT)
24Champahati Uccha Balika Vidyalaya705Champahati (CT)
29Champahati J.B.School745Champahati (CT)
31Solgoyaliya J.B.School917Solgohalia (CT)
35Kholaghata Free Primary School758Solgohalia (CT)
37Kholaghata Adarsha S.S.K932Solgohalia (CT)
38Brait Fiuchar School And Eyakademi853Solgohalia (CT)
39Kholaghata S.S.K (Itbhanta)621Solgohalia (CT)
40Chinerapar I.C.D.S..Senter969Haral
41Haral J.Bschool647Haral
43Kamara Teantuliya J.B.School984Kamra
44Begampur Raghunandanpur Free Primary School753Begampur
45Kamra Begampur J.B.School618Begampur
46Dadangi S.S.K (Natun)1086Begampur
48Madhabpur Shishu Shiksha Kendra805Madhabpur
49Punri Free Primary School873Begampur
50Uttar Punri Aabad Free Primary School922Begampur
51Begampur Colony F.P School814Begampur
52Uttar Bhag Coloni Nimna Buniyadi School1031Begampur
53Chitrashali J.B.School491Phuldubi
54Kajira Abad F.P School898Phuldubi
57Sitakundu Bidyayatan925Sitakundu
60Sitakundu Krishi Khamar639Sitakundu
61Sitakundu J.Bschool751Sitakundu
63Mondal Para F.P School651Sitakundu
64Madhya Sita Kundu F.P School800Sitakundu
65Hariraj Chatar Par J.B.School667Sitakundu
68Ramnagar High School775Uttar Bhag
70Sasari Rakshit Chandru.P.Free Primary School810Uttar Bhag
72Joyakrishna Nagar Free Primary School574Joykrishna Nagar
74Bajemakhal Tala Free Primary School1039Joykrishna Nagar
75Kalabaru Free Primary School685Tengar Baria
77Hardaha Free Primary School923Hardaha
79Sahapur Free Primary School954Kuruli
82Kulari Chhayani Janapriya Bidyamandir694Kuruli
84Majerhat R.S.G.P. School842Chhani
85Chhayani Free Primary School1095Chhani
86Chakrabarty Abad F.Pschool1008Kalabaru
87Dakshin Kalabaru S.S K758Kalabaru
88Purba Mallikpurfree Primary School449Purba Mallikpur
90At Niramish Harendra Palli Free Primary School693Atniramish
92Bidyadhari Palli I.C.D.S Kendra848Atniramish
94Rail Colony I.C.D.S Centre463Betberia
95Ramkrishna Palli Aadarsha Shikshaniketan1353Betberia
96Ramdhari Betberia Free Primary School879Ramdhari
98Uttar Belegachi Stateplan Free Primary School1214Belgachhi
99Uttar Belegachhi 108 No. I.C.D.S Center844Belgachhi
101Ghola High School502Belgachhi
102Nabapally I.C.D.S Centre660Belgachhi
106Ghola Free Primary School532Jelerhat
108Dakshin Belegachhi Free Primary School1166Dakshin Ghola
110Jelerahat Free Primary School724Jelerhat
112Harimul Free Primary School628Harimul
113Dakshin Harimul Free Primary School1024Harimul
114Dumduma Vidyalaya879Brinda Khali
115Dumduma F.P School338Brinda Khali
116Khuntiberiya Free Primary School656Brinda Khali
117Brindakhali Free Primary School740Brinda Khali
119Mach Pukur Free Primary School1076Brinda Khali
121Ghatkanda Free Primary School983Brinda Khali
122Paruldah Free Primary School733Paruldaha
124Jayatala Free Primary School (Natun)973Joyatala
126Jayatala (Mautala) Free Primary School642Mautala
127Uttar Bhag Ghat C.S.Free Primary School731Uttar Bhag
129Chhawalfeli F.P School584Uttar Bhag
131Ramnagar Junior Basic School860Ramnagar
135Chango Gram J.B.School793Ramnagar
137Nibedita Bidyapith (F.P.)961Sankharipur
139Nibedita High School814Sankharipur
141Sankharipukur Free Primary School713Sankharipur
142Dudhnai Free Primary School942Dudhnai
143Himchi Free Primary School580Nabagram
147Nabagram Free Primary School1059Nabagram
150Teurhat Free Primary School1034Teurhat
151Ramchandrapur Free Primary School799Ramchandrapur
152Keyatala Free Primary School836Keatala
153Keyatala High School1078Keatala
154Purba Panchgachiya Free Primary School830Panch Gachhia
155Molla Para F.P School618Panch Gachhia
156Paschim Panchgachia Free Primary School1116Panch Gachhia
157Kashthagada Free Primary School870Panch Gachhia
Salepur-Kadampur Free Primary School683Teurhat
161Dumnan Free Primary School773Kharam Para
162Gordah Free Primary School799Gordaha
163Narayanitala Ef Pi School783Narayani Tala
165Gocharan Girls High School811Narayani Tala
166Kantapukuriya Free Primary School874Kanta Pukuria
168Beliachandi I.C.D.S Centre983Belechandi
169Belia Chandi Free Primary School949Belechandi
170Sarberia Shatadal Balika Vidyalaya1068Sarberia
171Sarberia T.S. Sanatan High School533Sarberia
173Bazra Malighati Free Primary School740Bejra
174Hogala Free Primary School1042Hogla
176Shantipur Free Primary School1072Santipur
177Neutala E.P. School446Neutala
179Khakurdha G.P1110Neutala
180Uttar Raghunathpur Free Primary School1162Uttar Raghunathpur
182Kismat Goyal Beriyafree Primary School581Kismat Goalberia
184Khakurdah Jongalia Free Primary School813Khakurdaha
186Muktakeshi Gourmohan Das High School533Khakurdaha
188Dewan Ganj A.K.High School928Dewanganj
190Srikrishnanagar S.S.K479Srikrishnanagar
191Sr Ikrishna Nagar Sadharan Pathagar776Srikrishnanagar
193Punpua Free Primary School996Punpo
195Jangalia I.C.D.S.Centre873Jangalia
197Ramrudhrapur S.S.K885Paschim Chakpanchghora
198Jangalia Free Primary School(Pahchim)1097Paschim Chakpanchghora
200Sri Krishna Nagar High School578Purba Chak Panchghara
202Srikrishnanagar F.P School667Srikrishnanagar
203Chak Panchghara Sitanath High School620Ramrudrapur
205Chak Panchghara Free Primary School603Punpo
207Maldanri Arunnagar Free Primary School764Arunnagar Dakshin
209Chatra Free Primary School885Chatra
210Maldanri Free Primary School907Chatra
211Kripatala Free Primary School981Arunnagar Dakshin
212Chaltabedia High School777Purba Gabberia
213Daluyakhaki Bamangachi Free Primary School708Purba Gabberia
215Marishwar Matilal High School631Kamaria
217Moriswar Motilal F.P School995Kamaria
218Bamangachi Free Primary School1103Kamaria
219Biswaschak Free Primary School875Kamaria
220Dakshin Kashipur Free Primary School937Kamaria
222Halidiya Free Primary School552Kamaria
224Kamaria Free Primary School954Kamaria
226Chara Dakatiya Free Primary School1138Purba Gabberia
227Gabbedia Free Primary School1034Purba Gabberia
230Ulurdanri Free Primary School848Purba Gabberia
232Banerjee Aabad Free Primary School977Kamaria
234Kashipur Free Primary School734Kamaria
237Singher Danri Kedarnath High School1024Kamaria
238Sekh Molla Para Free Primary School746Kamaria
240Pakhirala Free Primary School783Kamaria
241Fulbagicha F.P School671Kamaria
242Dhosha Chandaneshwar Nabinachand High School1014Chandaneshwar
243Hatchara Sonamani Free Primary School594Charaghata
244Maniknagar Free Primary School933Manik Nagar
245Dhosa Junior Basic School760Dhosa
247Bakchi Free Primary School838Charaghata
248Dhosa Chandaneshwar Free Primary School815Chandaneshwar
250Godabar Banstala Free Primary School580Tilpi
252Tilpi Kamaliya High Madrasa764Tilpi
254Tilpi Sultaniya Free Primary School1022Tilpi
255Charaghata Free Primary School536Charaghata
258Tilpi Jhaubaria I.C.D.S Centre776Tilpi
260Pashchim Shyamnagar Free Primary School637Tilpi
262Purb Gobindapur Free Primary School1152Paschim Shyamnagar
264Gobindapur Free Primary School887Gobindapur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014