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Polling Booth in Teosa Assembly Constituency

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Teosa Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Teosa

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Teosa Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Teosa Assembly Constituency falls under the Teosa Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
BhamboraAsmita Vidhya Mandeer Kholi
NayavathodaBhartiya Vidyalay
Ku HaG. P Prath Marathi Shala
SaurG. P Pray. Marathi Shala
TivasaG. P. East Madhy Kanya Shala
NerapingalaiG. P. East Madhy Marathi Kanya Shala
KholapurG. P. East Madhy Marathi Mulanchi Shala
Naya VathodaG. P. East Madhy Marathi Shala
AdaganvG. P. East Madhy Mulanchi Marathi Shala
SavarakhedG. P. East Madhy Mulanchi Shala
NerapingalaiG. P. East Madhy Shala
NimbharaniG. P. East Madhy Urdu Shala
ShirakhedG. P. East Madhy. Marathi Shala
VakiG. P. East Madhy. Shala
Suravadi BuG. P. East Madhyamarathi Shala
VarakhedG. P. East Madhyamulinchi Shala
RevasaG. P. Madhy Marathi Mulanchi Shala
LihidaG. P. Madhy Marathi Shala
Salora Bu.G. P. Madhy Urdu Shala
SaurG. P. Marathi Pray . Shala
NerapingalaiG. P. Marathi Pray. Shala
AshtiG. P. Marathi Shala
TivasaG. P. Pay Marathi Shala
KarajagavG. P. Prath. Marathi Shala
Kathora GandhiG. P. Pray Marathi Kanya Shala
BharavadiG. P. Pray Marathi Mulachi Shala
ValagavG. P. Pray Marathi Mulanchi Shala
ShiralaG. P. Pray Marathi Mulinchi Shala
NerapingalaiG. P. Pray Marathi Shala
SonarakhedaG. P. Pray MarathiShala
PimpalavihirG. P. Pray Mulinchi Shala
Talegav ThakurG. P. Pray Shala
ValagavG. P. Pray Umarathi Shala
Taleganv ThakurG. P. Pray Urdu Shala
ShirajagavG. P. Pray. Marathi Mulachi Shala
Takarakheda ShambhuG. P. Pray. Marathi Mulanchi Shala
AbitapurG. P. Pray. Marathi Mulinchi Shala
RohanakhedaG. P. Pray. Marathi Shala
PurnanagarG. P. Pray. Mulanchi Marathi Shala
Purna NagarG. P. Pray. Urdu Shala
PusadaG. P. Prayamari Marathi. Shala
Jalaka HirapurG. P. Prayamari Mathi Shala
VirshiG. P. Prayamari Urdu Shala
Gurudev NagarG. P. Purv Madhy Marathi Shala
ShirakhedG. P. Purvamadhy. Marathi Shala
KholapurG. P. Purve Madhy Marathi Shala
HimmmatapurG. P. Purve Madhy. Marathi Shala
DhamanaganvG. P. Uchch Prath. Marathi Shala
ChikhaliG. P. Urdu East Madhy Shala
PurnanagarG. P. Urdu Pray. Shala
Mahuli JahanGurudev VidyaMandir
DevaraKanishth MahaVidyalay
VishnoraMahatma Phule Vidyalay
ValagavSeth Laxmi Narayan Shivnath RathimadhyaShala
ChenushtaTansukhdas Rathi Kanishth MahaVidyalay
VishnoraVidarbh Kshetriy Mali Shikshan Sanstha Kholi

Last Updated on October 19, 2014