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Polling Booth in Shrirampur Assembly Constituency

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Shrirampur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Shrirampur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shrirampur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Shrirampur Assembly Constituency falls under the Shrirampur Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
AinatapurAinatapur G P Shala
ValadagavAinatapur Gayakwad Vasti Angannvadi Dakshinauttar Imarat Dakshinekadun Kholi
ValadagavAinatapur Gayakwad Vasti Angannvadi Dakshinauttar Imarat Uttar Kadun Kholi
UkkalagavAkalare G P Shala
SankrapurAmalner Keshav Govind Vidyalay
DavanagavAmbi G P Shala
DattanagarAnil Digambar Mule Primary School
NarsariBadhegav G P Shala
Belapur Bu.Belapur Bk. J.T.S. high School
Belapur Bu.Belapur Bk. J.T.S.Arts and Commerce Collage, South side building, from North side
AinatapurBelapur Bk. S.R.K. english medium School
AinatapurBelapur Bu. G. P. Shala
Belapur Bu.Belapur Bu. J T S High School
ChandegavBelapur Kd. Shri. Keshav Govind Vidyalay
ChandegavBelapur Khurd Shri Keshav Govind Vidayalay
Bramhanagav VetalBhairavnath G. P. Shala
Bhairavanathanagar (shriramapur )Bhairavnath Nagar N. Pa. Shala
KamalapurBhamathan G P Shala
BherdapurBherdapur G P Shala
VanjulapoiBherdapur Z.P. School
BhokarBhokar G P Shala
BhokarBhokar Z.P. School
ShriramapurBoys Government Hostel East West building, from West side
ShriramapurBoys Government Hostel East-West building, from West side
KesapurBramhanagav Bhand G P Shala
HaregavBramhanagav Vetal G P Shala
PadhegavChadegav G P Shala
ChincholiChincholi G P Shala
ShriramapurD.D. Kachole madhyamik Vidyalay
TrimbakapurDaradagav Tarfai Balapur G P Shala
DattanagarDattanagar D . Paul Shala
KhandalaDattanagar Dahanukar Vidayalay
KhandalaDattanagar G. P. Shala
Pimpalagav FungiDawangaon Z.P. School
Devalali PravaraDeolali Pravara Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Madhyamik Vidyalay
Devalali PravaraDeolali Pravara Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Madyamik Vidyalay
Devalali PravaraDeolali Pravara Z.P. School
Devalali PravaraDevalali Pravara Chhatrapati Shivaji Madhyamik Vidayalay
Devalali PravaraDevalali Pravara G P Shala
Devalali PravaraDevalali Pravara N Pa Shala
Devalali PravaraDevalali Pravara Shri Shivaji Pra. Vidayalay
Bhairavanathanagar (shriramapur )Dighi G P Shala
UkkalagavEklahare Z.P. Urdu School
MandaveFatyabad G P Shala
MalevadiG. P. Pra Shala
FatyabadGalanimb G P Anganavadi Jate Shinde Vaditake Wadi
KuranapurGalanimb G P Shala
ChincholiGangapur G P Shala
MuthevadagavGhumanadev G P Shala
GondegavGondegaon Z. P. School
NayagavGondegav G P Shala
KhirdiGujaravadi G P Shala
MalavadagavHaregaon Satwadi State Farming Office, East-West building, from East side
HaregavHaregaon Z.P. School
HaregavHaregav Belapur Factory Marathi Shala
MalavadagavHaregav State Farming Karporeshan G. P. Shala
HaregavHarragav Belapur Sakhar Karakhana Pra . Shala
NaurJafarabadaji P Shala
BodhegavJatap G P Shala
Belapur KhurdKadit Bu G P Shala
Belapur KhurdKadit Khu G P Shala
GondegavKakadi (malharavadi ) G. P. Shala
MuthevadagavKamalapur G P Shala
Malunja BuKanhegav G P Shala
Bramhanagav BhandKarajagav G P Shala
KaregavKaregaon Z.P. School
KaregavKaregav G P Shala
AabiKesapur G P Shala
UndiragavKhanapur Z. P. School
KhandalaKhandala G P Shala
Vangi Bu.Khirdi G P Shala
KhokarKhokar G P Shala
BhokarKhokar Z.P. School
Malunja KhuKhudasaragav G P Shala
RampurKolhar Kd. Pravara Education Societys Sanskrutik Bhavan
Kolhar KhuKolhar kd. Z.P. School
Kolhar KhuKolhar Khu G P Shala
ManjariKopre G P Shala
Fatyabad (chandevadi )Kuranapur G P Shala
Malunja BuLadagav G P Shala
JatapLakh G P Shala
UndiragavMahakal Vadagav G P Shala
LakhMahalagav G P Shala
KhanapurMahankalavadagav G P Shala
MahalagavMahegav G P Shala
MalavadagavMalavadagav G P Shala
Mahannkal VadagannnvMalevadi G P Shala
Malunja BuMalunja Bu G P Shala
MusalavadiMalunja Khu G P Shala
BherdapurMalunje Bk. Z.P. School
Kadit KhurdMandave G P Shala
MatulathanManegav G P Shala
Pathre KhuManjari G P Shala
UmbaragavMatapur Z.P. School
UmbaragavMatapur Z.P.School
GondegavMatulthan Z P School
TakaliminyaMoravadi G P Shala
ShriramapurMullana Abddul Kalam Azad N.P. Urdu School
ShriramapurMullana Abddul Kalam Azzad N.P. Urdu School
Wadala MahadevMuthevadagav G P Shala
KesapurNarsari G P Shala
RamapurNaur G P Shala
JafrabadNayagav G P Shala
NaurNaygaon Z. P. School
Nimagav KhairiNimagav Khairi G P Shala
Nimagav KhairiNimagavakhairi G P Shala
Bhairavanathanagar (shriramapur )Nimgaon Z. P. School
Nimagav KhairiNimgaon(Khairi) Z.P. School
Nipani VadagavNipani Vadagav Bhaskar Rao Galande Pa Vidayalay
Nipani VadagavNipani Vadagav G P Shala
Nipani VadagavNipaniwadgaon Z.P. School
PadhegavPadhegaon Z.P. School
PadhegavPadhegav G P Shala
ShriramapurParamveer Shahid A.Hamid N.P. School
KhudasaragavPathre Khu G P Shala
GangapurPimpalagav Fungi G P Shala
ChincholiPimpalgaon phunagi Z.P. School
SaralaRamapur G P Shala
Pimpalagav FungiSankrapur A G P Shala
ManjariShenavadagav G P Shala
Belapur Bu.Sheti Mahamandal Karyalay
ShirasagavShirasagav New Inglis School
ShirasagavShirasgaon Z.P. School
ShriramapurShriramapur Ajyukeshan So . Imarat Dakshinottar Imarat Dakshinekadun Kholi
ShriramapurShriramapur Ajyukeshan So . Imarat Dakshinottar Imarat Uttarekaun Kholi
ShriramapurShriramapur G P Vishramagruh Dakshinottar Imarat Uttarekadil Kholi
ShriramapurShriramapur G P Vishramagruh Dakshinottar Imaratadakshinekadil Kholi
ShriramapurShriramapur K J Somayya High School
ShriramapurShriramapur Kha . Govind Rao Adiq Urdu High School
ShriramapurShriramapur Lokmanya Vachanalay Agashe Hall Shriramapur
ShriramapurShriramapur Lokmanya Vachanalay Agashe Hall Shriramapur Pathimagil Kholi
ShriramapurShriramapur N Pa Shala
ShriramapurShriramapur Navin Marathi Shala
ShriramapurShriramapur P . S. Gatasadhan Kendrachi Kholi
ShriramapurShriramapur Premji Ratanji Patel Vidayalay
ShriramapurShriramapur Sa Ba Karyalay
ShriramapurShriramapur Sahkar Mandeer Shriramapur East West Imarat Purvekadun Kholi
ShriramapurShriramapur Taluka Nirikshak Bhumi Abhilekh Uttaradakshin Imarat Mukhy Shakha
ShriramapurShriramapur Wadala Patabandhare Upavibhag Karyalay
ShriramapurShrirampur B.R. Khatod Kannya Vidyalay
ShriramapurShrirampur N. P. School
ShriramapurShrirampur N.P. School
ShriramapurShrirampur N.P.School
ShriramapurShrirampur Panchyat Samiti Office, South North building, from South side
ShriramapurShrirampur Shantilalji Patani Vidyalay
TakalibhanTakali Bhan G P Shala
TakalibhanTakalibhan Pji P Shala
TakaliminyaTakaliminya G P Shala
TakaliminyaTakalimiya Z.P. School
TakalibhanTaklibhan Z.P. School
TakalibhanTaklibhan Z.P.School
KopreTilapur G P Shala
KarajagavTribakapur G P Shala
GalanimbUkkalagav G P Shala
UkkalagavUkkalagav New Inglis School
UkkalagavUkkalagav New Inglish Ul East West Imarat Purvai Kadil Kholi
AklahareUmbaragav G P Shala
Nimagav KhairiUndiragav Bhaskar Rao Galande Vidayalay
UndiragavUndiragav G P Shala
Wadala MahadevVadalamahadev G P Shala
Nipani Vadagav (ashok Nagar )Valadagav G P Shala
KaregavVangi Bu G P Shala
KaregavVangi Khurd G P Shala
ShenavadagavVanjulapoi G P Shala
Wadala MahadevWadalamahadev Z.P. School
LadagavYashwant Vidyalay

Last Updated on October 19, 2014