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Polling Booth in Shrigonda Assembly Constituency

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Shrigonda Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Shrigonda

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shrigonda Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Shrigonda Assembly Constituency falls under the Shrigonda Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
MandaveAathawad Z P School
BhavadiAdhalaganv G . P . Shala
AjanujAdhorevadi G . P . Shala
RatadaganvAgadaganv G. P Shala
Nimagav KhaluAjanuj G . P . Shala
MandavaganAmbilavadi G. P Shala
ShipalakaravadiAnandavadi G . P . Shala
Visapur JelAranaganv Du. G. P Shala
GharaganvArandoli G. P Shala
Takali LonarBaburdi G . P Shala
Parevadi (paraganvabhatodi )Balevadi G. P Shala
GhogaragavBanapimpri G. P Shala
SurodiBangarde G. P Shala
BalevadiBaradari G. P Shala
Belavandi BuBelavandi Bu. Ch. Shivaji Vidayalay
Belavandi BuBelavandi Station G. P Shala
YelapaneBelwandi Bk Chhatrapati Shivaji Vidyalay
KosegavhanBelwandi Kothar Z.P .School
MahandulavadiBhanaganv G. P Shala
Haralamala (gundeganv )Bhapakaravadi G. P Shala
ChichondipatilBhatodi Pargaon Z.P. School
ChandaganvBhavadi G. P . Shala
ChimbhaleBori Anganavadi Shala
YevatiChambhurdi G. P Shala
ShedagavChandaganv G. P . Shala
RuikhelChavarasangavi G. P Shala
AthavadChichondi Patil Z.P. School
ChichondipatilChichondipatil G. P Shala
AjanujChikhalathanavadi G . P . Shala
UkhalagaavChikhali G. P Shala
Takali LonarChimbhale (dharakaravadi ) G. P Shala
Belavandi KotharChimbhale G. P Shala
DokevadiChorachiwadi Z.P. School
DhavalaganvDanevadi G. P Shala
ChichondipatilDashamigavhan G. P Shala
Tandali DumalaDeulgaon Z.P .School
Hingani Du.Devadaithan .Z.P Shala
Hingani Du. SavantavadiDevadaithan G. P Shala
GavhanevadiDevadaithan Vidyadham PraShala
MathaniDevaganv G. P Shala
ArviDevulaganv G . P Shala
GunavadiDhangarwadi (Ralegan) Z P School
VisapurDhavalaganv G. P Shala
VadaghulDhorje G. P Shala
HiradaganvDokevadi G. P . Shala
GharaganvErandoli Z.P. School
TakalikaziG P Pra Shala
AjanujG P Shala
KanasevadiG. P Shala
DevulaganvG. P. Prath. Shala
AgadaganvG. P. Shala
Sarola BadhdiGangoni (mehakari ) G. P Shala
ChandaganvGavhanevadi G. P . Shala
RajapurGavhanevadi G. P Shala
DhorjeGharaganv G. P Shala
GavhanevadiGhodegav G. P . Shala
KhaadaganvGhogargaon Chatrapati shivaji madhymik &high secndry vidaylaya Ghogargaon East- weast Building East side
BangardeGhogargaon Chatrapati shivaji madhymik &high secndry vidaylaya Ghogargaon South side
KhaadaganvGhogargaon Chatrapati shivaji madhymik &high secndry vidaylaya Ghogargaon South-North side
BhanaganvGhotavi G. P Shala
ShrigondaGhugalavadaganv G . P Shala
ChambhurdiGhutevadi G. P Shala
RaleganGundeganv New Inglish School
Chaudharivadi (gundeganv )Gundeganv Nyu. Inglish School
RaleganGundegaon (Haral Mala) Z P School
Dhanagaravadi (ralegan )Gundegaon New English School
RuidvatishiGunwadi Z P School
ChimbhaleHangevadi G. P Shala
Chimbhale ( Dharakaravadi )Hangewadi Z.P.School
RaleganHaralamala (gundeganv )ji. P Shala
MandavaganHatwalan Z P School
RajapurHingani Du. G. P Shala
Motevadi (gavhanevadi )Hingani Du. Savantavadi G. P. Shala
ShedaganvHiradaganv G. P . Shala
MadadaganvJamb G. P Shala
LimpanaganvJangalevadi G . P . Shala
Kashti PurnavasanJantakyany VidhyalyaKashti South- NorthBuilding
KolaganvKamthi G. P Shala
AjanujKanasevadi G . P . Shala
Kashti PurnavasanKashti Janta Kanya Vidayalay
KashtiKashti Janta Kanya Vidhyalay Uttar Dakshin Imarat No. 2 Kholi
RahinjavadiKashti Janta Madhyamik Vidayalay
JangalevadiKashti Purnavasan G. P . Shala
JangalevadiKashti(Resettlement)G. P . Shala
Paraganv BhatodiKaudaganv G. P Shala
VadaliKhaadaganv G. P Shala
Belavandi BuKhamkar wadi Z P School
MehakariKhandke G. P Shala
GhotaviKharatavadi G. P Shala
Loni VyankanathKhetamalisavadi G. P Shala
Loni VyankanathKhetamalisavadi G. P. Shala
Takali Kade.Kokanaganv G. P . Shala
KolaganvKolaganv G. P Shala
MungusagavKolaganv G. P. Shala
Pimpalagav PisaKolaganv Kolai Devi Vidayalay
KolagavKolgaon Kolaidevi Vidyalay
KaudaganvKolhevadi G. P Shala
MhaseKondegavhan G. P Shala
GhutevadiKoregav G. P Shala
SuregavKoregavhan G. P Shala
ShrigondaKosegavhan G . P Shala
KolaganvKothul Z P School
NimbaviLagadavadi G. P Shala
JambLamanatanda (baradari ) G. P Shala
VeluLimpanaganv G. P . Shala
Belavandi StationLoni Vyankanath G. P Shala
NarayanadohMadadaganv G. P Shala
VangadariMadhevadaganv G . P . Shala
ArandoliMaegalavadi G. P Shala
Belavandi StationMahadevavadi G. P Shala
ThitesangaviMahandulavadi G. P Shala
KothulMandavagan Z.p Boys School
MandavaganMandavagan Z.P Girl School
MandavaganMandavagan Z.p Girls Scholl East west Building Rooom No 1 form East Side (Building No 1
KamthiMandavagan Z.P. Boys School
ValakiMandave G. P Shala
ValakiMandave ZP School
KothulMandavgan Z.p Boys School
KolaganvMandavgan Z.P. Boys School
ArandoliMath G. P Shala
ShahpurMathani G. P Shala
MandavaganMathapimpri G. P Shala
NimbodiMehakari G. P Shala
KharatavadiMhase G. P Shala
VangadariMhatarapimpri G. P . Shala
KolhevadiMotevadi (gavhanevadi )ji. P Shala
AdhalaganvMundhekaravadi G. P . Shala
NimbaviMungusavadi G. P Shala
KashtiNagavadevadi G . P . Shala
Paraganv MaulaNarayanadoh G. P Shala
KauthaNimagav Khalu G . P . Shala
MaegalavadiNimbavi G. P Shala
Pimpalaganv LandagaNimbodi G. P Shala
GundeganvPandharevadi G. P Shala
DashamigavhanParaganv Maula G. P Shala
Loni VyankanathParaganv Su. G. P Shala
NarayanadohParevadi (paraganvabhatodi ) G. P Shala
AnandavadiPedaganv ( Navin ) G . P . Shala
KaudaganvPimpalaganv Landaga G. P Shala
KondegavhanPimpalagav Pisa G. P Shala
MhasePimpri Kolandar G. P Shala
BaburdiPisora Bu. G. P Shala
KhetamalisavadiPisorekhaad G. P Shala
HangevadiPoliswadi Z.P.School
Shrigonda FactoryRahinjavadi G. P . Shala
Aranaganv Du.Rajapur G. P Shala
Tandali VadaganvRalegan G. P Shala
GunavadiRalegan Z P School
Gangoni (mehakari )Ranjani G. P Shala
MehakariRatadaganv G. P Shala
UkkadaganvRayagavhan G. P Shala
HatavalanRuichhattisi G. P Shala
PisorekhaadRuikhel G. P Shala
KoregavSakat Khurd G. P Shala
ValakiSandave G. P Shala
ArviSangavi Du. G . P . Shala
Lamanatanda (baradari )Sarola Badhdi G. P Shala
DevadaithanSarola Somvanshi G. P Shala
KolhevadiShahpur G. P Shala
AdhorevadiShedaganv G. P . Shala
KauthaShipalakaravadi G . P . Shala
BhatodiparaganvShiradhon G. P Shala
Takali LonarShirasgaon Bodkha Anganwadi .School
ShrigondaShrigonda Chh . Shivaji College
ShrigondaShrigonda Chhatrapati Shivaji College
MundhekaravadiShrigonda Factori Z.P. School
MundhekaravadiShrigonda FactoriZ.P.School
MundhekaravadiShrigonda Factory G . P . Shala
ShrigondaShrigonda G . P Mulachi Purve West Imarat No. 1 Kholi
ShrigondaShrigonda G . P Mulichi Purve West Imarat No. 1 Kholi
ShrigondaShrigonda G . P Mulichi Shala
ShrigondaShrigonda Kukadi Shala
MhatarapimpriShrigonda Mahadji Shinde Vidyalay
MadhevadaganvShrigonda Z P Girl's School
ShrigondaShrigonda Z.P. Boys School
ShrigondaShrigonda Z.P. Girls School
MadhevadaganvShrigondaMahadji Shinde Vidyalay
ShrigondaShrimanta Vijayaraje Shinde Kanya Vidyalay
Vadaganv TandaliShriram H.S East West Building
TakalikaziSonevadi G. P Shala
GundeganvSuregaon Z.P School
Paraganv Su.Surodi G. P Shala
PedaganvTakali Kade. G. P . Shala
GhugalavadaganvTakali Lonar G . P Shala
ValunjTakalikazi G. P Shala
ShrigondaTandali Dumala G . P Shala
RuichhattisiTandali Wadgaon Z P School
RuikhelTaradagavhan G. P Shala
BangardeThitesangavi G. P Shala
RanjaniTokevadi (agadaganv )ji. P Shala
YevatiUkhalagaav G. P Shala
Sarola SomvanshiUkhalagaav Z. P Shala
ChichondipatilUkkadaganv G. P Shala
Bhatodi ParaganvUkkadgaon Z P School
Pisora Bu.Vadaganv Shindodi G. P Shala
ChikhaliVadaganv Tandali G. P Shala
ChavarasangaviVadaghul G. P Shala
Paraganv Su.Vadali Madhymik Vidyalay
Sakat KhurdValaki G. P Shala
ValakiValaki New Iglish Shala
UkkadaganvValunj Gyandip Vidyalay
KashtiVangadari G . P . Shala
KashtiVangadari Navin G . P . Shala
KashtiVangdar Z.P. School
KoregavVatefal G. P Shala
AdhalaganvVelu G. P . Shala
GundeganvVisapur Jel G. P Shala
PandharevadiVisapur Saraswati Vidayalay
ChikhaliWadgaon Tandali Z.P. School
Vadaganv TandaliWalki New English. School
DevadaithanYavati Z.p .School
HangevadiYelapane G. P Shala
DevadaithanYevatiji. P Shala
DanevadiZ. P. Prathamik SalaSouth North Building
UkhalagaavZ. P. Shala
KokanaganvZ.P. Pra. Shala
HangevadiZ.P. Prath. Shala
ShrigondaZ.P. Prath.Shala
GhogaragavZ.P. Prathmik Shala
DevaganvZ.P. School
ChorachivadiZ.P.Pra. Shala

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