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Elections in Southern Karnataka

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Southern Karnataka Election Results 2018

Pie chart showing party wise 2018 election results for Southern-karnataka. Also shown along are 2013 pie chart showing the number of seats won by BJP, INC, JD(S) and Others.
Southern Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 50)
Southern Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 50)
Constituency Wise Results
Chiknayakanhalli J.C. Madhu Swamy (BJP )WinnerC.B Sureshbabu (JD(S) )Runner-up
Tiptur B.C. Nagesh (BJP )WinnerK. Shadakshari (INC )Runner-up
Turuvekere Jayaram A S (BJP )WinnerM T Krishnappa (JD(S) )Runner-up
Kunigal Dr|| H.D. Ranganath (INC )WinnerD Krishna Kumar (BJP )Runner-up
Tumkur City G.B. Jyothi Ganesh (BJP )WinnerN. Govindaraju (JD(S) )Runner-up
Tumkur Rural D C Gowrishankar (JD(S) )WinnerB Suresh Gowda (BJP )Runner-up
Koratagere Dr. G. Parameshwara (INC )WinnerP.R. Sudhakar Lal (JD(S) )Runner-up
Gubbi S R Srinivas (Vasu) (JD(S) )WinnerG N Bettaswamy (BJP )Runner-up
Sira B Sathyanarayana (JD(S) )WinnerT B Jayachandra (INC )Runner-up
Madhugiri M.V. Veerabhadraiah (JD(S) )WinnerKyathasandra N.Rajanna (INC )Runner-up
Gauribidanur N.H.Shivashankara Reddy (INC )WinnerC.R.Narasimhamurthy (JD(S) )Runner-up
Bagepalli S.N. Subbareddy(Chinnakayalapalli) (INC )WinnerG.V. Sreeramareddy (CPM )Runner-up
Chikkaballapur Dr. K. Sudhakar (INC )WinnerK.P.Bachegowda (JD(S) )Runner-up
Sidlaghatta V. Muniyappa (INC )WinnerB.N. Ravikumar (JD(S) )Runner-up
Chintamani J K Krishna Reddy (JD(S) )WinnerDr.M.C Sudhakar (BPJP )Runner-up
Srinivaspur K R Ramesh Kumar (INC )WinnerG K Venkatashivareddy (JD(S) )Runner-up
Mulbagal H.Nagesh (IND )WinnerSamruddhi Manjunath (JD(S))Runner-up
Kolar gold field Roopakala.M (INC )WinnerAshwini Sampangi (BJP )Runner-up
Bangarapet S.N.Narayanaswamy K.M (INC )WinnerM.Mallesh Babu (JD(S) )Runner-up
Kolar K.Srinivasa Gowda (JD(S) )WinnerSyed Zameer Pasha (INC )Runner-up
Malur K.Y. Nanjegowda (INC )WinnerK.S.Manjunath Gowda (JD(S) )Runner-up
Malavalli Dr.K.Annadani (JD(S) )WinnerP.M.Narendraswamy (INC )Runner-up
Maddur D.C.Thammanna (JD(S) )WinnerMadhu G Madegowda (INC )Runner-up
Melukote C S Puttaraju (JD(S) )WinnerDarshan Puttannaiah (Swaraj India )Runner-up
Mandya M Srinivas (JD(S) )WinnerP Ravikumar (INC )Runner-up
Shrirangapattana Ravindra Srikantaiah (JD(S) )WinnerA.B.Ramesha Bandisiddegowda (INC )Runner-up
Nagamangala Suresh Gowdaa (JD(S) )WinnerN Chaluvarayaswamy (INC )Runner-up
Krishnarajpet Narayanagowda (JD(S) )WinnerK B Chandrashekar (INC )Runner-up
Shravanabelagola C N Balakrishna (JD(S) )WinnerC S Puttegowda (INC )Runner-up
Arsikere K.M Shivalinge Gowda (JD(S) )WinnerG.B.Shashidhara (INC )Runner-up
Belur Lingesha. K.S. (JD(S) )WinnerH.K. Suresh (BJP )Runner-up
Hassan Preetham J Gowda (BJP )WinnerH S Prakash (JD(S) )Runner-up
Holenarasipur H D Revanna (JD(S) )WinnerManjegowda B P (INC )Runner-up
Arkalgud A. T. Ramaswamy (JD(S) )WinnerManju .A (INC )Runner-up
Sakleshpur H K Kumaraswamy (JD(S) )WinnerSomashekar Jayaraj (BJP )Runner-up
Periyapatna K. Mahadeva (JD(S) )WinnerK. Venkatesh (INC )Runner-up
Krishnarajanagara Sa. Ra. Mahesh (JD(S) )WinnerD. Ravishankar (INC )Runner-up
Hunsur Adaguru H Vishwanath (JD(S) )WinnerH P Manjunath (INC )Runner-up
Heggadadevankote Anil Kumar C (INC )WinnerChikkanna (JD(S) )Runner-up
Nanjangud Harshavardhan B (BJP )WinnerKalale N Keshavamurthy (INC )Runner-up
Chamundeshwari G.T.Devegowda (JD(S) )WinnerSiddaramaiah (INC )Runner-up
Krishnaraja S A Ramadas (BJP )WinnerM K Somashekar (INC )Runner-up
Chamaraja L. Nagendra (BJP )WinnerVasu (INC )Runner-up
Narasimharaja Tanveer Sait (INC )WinnerS.Satheesh (Sandesh Swamy) (BJP )Runner-up
Varuna Yathindra S (INC )WinnerT Basavaraju (BJP )Runner-up
T.Narasipur Ashvin Kumar.M (JD(S) )WinnerDr. H.C.Mahadevappa (INC )Runner-up
Hanur R Narendra (INC )WinnerDr. Preethan Nagappa (BJP )Runner-up
Kollegal N. Mahesh (BSP )WinnerA.R. Krishna Murthy (INC )Runner-up
Chamarajanagar C Puttarangashetty (INC )WinnerK R Mallikarjunappa (BJP )Runner-up
Gundlupet C S Niranjan Kumar (BJP )WinnerM C Mohan Kumari Uruf Geetha (INC )Runner-up
Important Candidates of southern-karnataka
S R Gowda (BJP)Sira --
T B Jayachandra (INC )Sira
B Sathyanarayana (JD(S) )Sira
J K Krishna Reddy (JD(S) )Chintamani
K R Ramesh Kumar (INC )Srinivaspur
H.K. Suresh (BJP )Belur
H.B.Chandrakantha (RPI(A))Belur --
S.R.Gopalrao (BJP)Chamundeshwari --
G.T.Devegowda (JD(S) )Chamundeshwari
Siddaramaiah (INC )Chamundeshwari
Southern Karnataka Region Map

Southern Karnataka


Southern Karnataka formed the territory of the Kingdom of Mysore under the Hindu Wodeyars, and remained a part of erstwhile British India under the Princely State of Mysore. Vokkaligas is one of the major community in the region,who since 1980s, have favored Former Karnataka Chief Minister Deve Gowda's JD(S). Southern Karnataka comprises of Bengaluru Urban&Rural, Mysuru, Mandya, Kodagu, Shivamogga, Chikkamagaluru, Chikkaballapur, Tumkur, Ramnagara, Kolar, Hassan, Chamarajanagar, Davanagar, and Chitradurga districts of present-day Karnataka.

Historical Background

In 1799, when Tipu Sultan was defeated by the Imperial forces, Southern Karnataka came under the control of Hindu Wodeyar, who ruled the Princely State of Mysore. They ruled the Princely state up until India gained Independence in 1947, post-independence Maharaja became the first governor of the state of Mysore. Southern Karnataka was, along with other regions, part of different territories under British India, these Kannada dominated regions constituted the state of Mysore in 1956, after State Reorganisation Committee's recommendation. Vokkaligas community is the dominant community in the region, while Lingayats along with Muslims, and other backward communities constitute the remaining population of the region. The Southern Karnataka is one of the fastest developing region in Karnataka, with agriculture and IT sector forming the backbone of the region. Southern Karnataka's geographical location at the centre of Cauvery river basin, makes water accessible in abundance to the region, thus, prospering the growth of agricultural sector of the region.

Political Scenario

Congress has been an influential political party in the region amongst the backward and Muslim community as they launched programmes and schemes to benefit these communities. Congress' appeasement politics left Vokkaligas and Lingayats in search of alternative political affiliation in order to make their concerns reach the government. In the 1980s, the ascendance of Hindutva politics in the region, saw large number of Hindu sects and traditions to come under a collective society. While on the other, Vokkaligas saw Deve Gowda's JD(S) as an alternative to assert their political influence in the region. BJP has a formidable vote base amongst the hardcore Hindu groups including the Lingayats, while Congress won 24 seats out of the 50 seats in the region, during the last state assembly elections in 2013, the rest of the seats were shared between JD(S), BJP, and IND. During the upcoming elections, BJP and JD(S) would be looking to improve on their previous performance, as both the parties would be delighted to reduce Congress' vote share and assembly seats in the upcoming state assembly elections.

Issues pertaining to the region

The extensive rapid development in the region has severely affected the environment in the region, while mismanagement of water resources have created water crisis in the region in last few years. Southern Karnataka's prosperity has seen huge number of people migrating to seize the employment opportunities, but it has put stress on the resources of the region, while creating a huge population of urban poor.

Assembly Constituencies and MLAs from Southern Karnataka Region

AC. No. Constituency Current MLAParty
128ChikkanayakanahalliC. B. Suresh BabuJD(S)
129TipturK. ShadakshariINC
130TuruvekereM. T. KrishnappaJD(S)
131KunigalD. NagarajaiahJD(S)
132Tumkur CityDr. Rafeeq Ahmed SINC
133Tumkur RuralB. Suresh GowdaBJP
134KoratagereP. R. Sudhakara Lal JD(S)
135GubbiS. R. Srinivas (Vasu)JD(S)
136SiraT. B. JayachandraINC
138MadhugiriKyatsandra N. RajannaINC
139GauribidanurN. H. Shivashankara ReddyINC
140BagepalliS. N. SubbareddyIND
141ChikkaballapurDr. K. SudhakarINC
142SidlaghattaM. RajannaJD(S)
143ChintamaniJ. K. KrishnareddyJD(S)
144SrinivaspurK. R. Ramesh KumarINC
145MulbagalG. ManjunathIND
146Kolar Gold FieldY. RamakkaBJP
147BangarapetS. N. K. M. Narayana SwamyINC
148KolarR. Varthur PrakashIND
149MalurK. S. Manjunath GowdaJD(S)
186MalavalliP. M. NarendraswamyINC
187MaddurD. C. ThammannaJD(S)
189MandyaM. H. AmbareeshINC
192KrishnarajpetNarayana GowdaJD(S)
193ShravanabelagolaC. N. BalakrishnaJD(S)
194ArsikereK. M. Shivalinge GowdaJD(S)
196HassanH. S. PrakashJD(S)
197HolenarasipurH. D. RevannaJD(S)
198ArkalgudA. ManjuINC
199SakleshpurH. K. KumaraswamyJD(S)
211KrishnarajanagaraS. R. MaheshJD(S)
212HunsurH. P. ManjunathaINC
214NanjangudKalale N KeshavamurthyINC
215ChamundeshwariG. T. DevegowdaJD(S)
216KrishnarajaM. K. SomashekarINC
218NarasimharajaTanveer SaitINC
220T NarasipurDr. H. C. MahadevappaINC
221HanurR. NarendraINC
222KollegalS. JayannaINC
223ChamarajanagarC. PuttarangashettyINC
224GundlupetM. C. Mohan Kumari Uruf GeethaINC

Last Updated on April 18, 2018