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Elections in Hyderabad Karnataka

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Hyderabad Karnataka Region Map

Hyderabad Karnataka


Hyderabad Karnataka, formerly part of the Hyderabad State under the British rule, has been a Congress bastion since Independence but after the illegal mining scam came to light, the people of the region switched their allegiance. Hyderabad Karnataka comprises the present day districts of Gulbarga, Bellary, Yadagiri, Raichur, Bidar, and Koppal.

Historical Background

Peshwa territories that covered the majority of the present-day Karnataka region were annexed by the British Imperial forces, and became a part of the erstwhile British India territory in 1818. The Hyderabad Karnataka region covers 23% of the total state area and lies in the North Eastern region of Karnataka. The Hyderabad Karnataka region was under the political and administrative jurisdiction of Hyderabad State under the rule of Nizam of Hyderabad till 1948. Even though other regions of present-day Karnataka gained Independence with the rest of the country on 15th August, 1947, the Nizam of Hyderabad refused to accede to India. In September 1948, Hyderabad State became independent and joined India. Indian armed forces were sent to overthrow Nizam and protect the people from the atrocities being inflicted by the Nizam and his Razakars. The State Reorganisation Committee recommended the central government to form separate states based on their regional and linguistic identity in 1956. Hyderabad Karnataka became a part of the united Karnataka in the same year, after joining the state of Mysore, which was later renamed "Karnataka" in 1973.

Political Scenario

The urban population in Hyderabad Karnataka comprises of mixed caste cluster, whereas Vokkaligas community dominates the caste agglomeration in many of the rural pockets in the region. Hyderabad Karnataka has been a Congress pocket borough traditionally, with Congress able to have a stronghold in the rural regions since Independence. Ever since illegal mining scam in the region, Congress has lost a significant amount of vote base, with voters switching their allegiance. The Hyderabad Karnataka region has 31 seats in the state legislative assembly, while the region includes some of the most economically backward areas of the state. The growth of the region was hindered severely, even before the region became part of the Karnataka state. The Nizam of Hyderabad neglected the region stagnating the economy, adversely affecting the rural regions. In 2013, Congress led-UPA government gave a special package to the region of Hyderabad Karnataka, to improve the growth of the region by offering special treatment in education, jobs, and health sector. 'Ahinda', a social composition consisting of backward castes, dalits and Muslims of the state, was introduced by Siddaramaiah to unite the often neglected communities of the state. Ahinda community has a significant presence in the Hyderabad Karnataka region, thus putting the Congress party in the lead for the upcoming state assembly elections.

Issue pertaining to the region

Hyderabad Karnataka region has often been neglected by the state governments and central governments, with the region being home to some of the least developed areas of the state. Congress party, which dominates the political scenario in Hyderabad Karnataka, had failed to uplift the masses, even though the region is blessed with abundance of natural resources. Until 2013, Karnataka Hyderabad demanded for special economic packages to improve the economy of the region. In the run-in before 2013 Karnataka Assembly elections and 2014 General Assembly elections, the Congress led-UPA government at the Centre approved Special Economic Package for the region in an attempt to lure the voters. In the last four and half years, Siddaramaiah government has made efforts to improve the condition of Hyderabad Karnataka, while in a recent poll campaign Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi blamed the Narendra Modi led-NDA government of not channelising the funds granted to the region by the central government in 2013.

Assembly Constituencies and MLAs from Hyderabad Karnataka Region

AC. No. Constituency Current MLAParty
34AfzalpurMalikayya Venkayya GuttedarINC
35JewargiDr. Ajay Dharam SinghINC
36ShorapurRaja Venkatappa NaikINC
37ShahapurGuru Patil ShirvalKJP
38YadgirDr. A. B. Malaka Reddy INC
39GurmitkalBaburao Basavanneppa ChinchansoorINC
40ChittapurPriyanka M. KhargeINC
41SedamDr. Sharan Prakash Rudrappa PatilINC
42ChincholiDr. Umesh G JadhavINC
43Gulbarga RuralG. RamakrishnaINC
44Gulbarga DakshinDattatraya Chandrasekar Patil Revoor (AppuGouda)BJP
45Gulbarga UttarVacant
46AlandB.R. PatilKJP
47BasavakalyanMallikarjun Sidramappa KhubaJD(S)
48HomnabadRajashekar Basavaraj PatilINC
49Bidar SouthAshok KhenyKMP
50BidarRaheem KhanINC
51BhalkiEshwara Bhimanna KhandreINC
52AuradPrabhu B ChavhanBJP
53Raichur RuralThipparajuBJP
55ManviG. Hampayya Nayak BallatagiINC
56DevadurgaK. Shivanagouda NaikBJP
58SindhanurBadarli HampangoudaBJP
59MaskiPratapagouda PatilINC
60KushtagiDoddanagouda Hanumanagouda PatilBJP
61KanakagiriShivaraj Sangappa TangadagiINC
63YelburgaBasavaraj RayaraddiINC
64KoppalK. Raghavendra Basavaraj HitnalINC

Last Updated on April 18, 2018