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Elections in Coastal Karnataka

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Coastal Karnataka Election Results 2018

Pie chart showing party wise 2018 election results for Coastal-karnataka. Also shown along are 2013 pie chart showing the number of seats won by BJP, INC, JD(S) and Others.
Coastal Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 21)
Coastal Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 21)
Constituency Wise Results
Haliyal Deshpande R.V (INC )WinnerSunil Hegade (BJP )Runner-up
Karwar Roopali Santosh Naik (BJP )WinnerAnand Vasant Asnotikar (JD(S) )Runner-up
Kumta Dinakar Keshav Shetty (BJP )WinnerSharada Mohan Shetty (INC)Runner-up
Bhatkal Sunil Biliya Naik (BJP )WinnerMankal Vaidya (INC )Runner-up
Sirsi Kageri Vishweshwar Hegde (BJP )WinnerBhimanna Naik (INC )Runner-up
Yellapur Arabail Hebbar Shivaram (INC )WinnerAndalagi Veerabhadragouda Shivanagouda Patil (BJP )Runner-up
Byndoor B. M. Sukumar Shetty (BJP )WinnerK. Gopala Poojary (INC )Runner-up
Kundapura Halady Srinivas Shetty (BJP )WinnerRakesh Malli (INC )Runner-up
Udupi K Raghupathi Bhat (BJP )WinnerPramod Madhwaraj (INC )Runner-up
Kapu Lalaji .R. Mendon (BJP )WinnerVinay Kumar Sorake (INC )Runner-up
Karkal V. Sunil Kumar (BJP )WinnerGopala Bhandary (INC )Runner-up
Belthangady Harish Poonja (BJP )WinnerK.Vasantha Bangera (INC )Runner-up
Moodabidri Umanatha. A. Kotian (BJP )WinnerK. Abhayachandra (INC )Runner-up
Mangalore City North Dr.Bharath Shetty. Y (BJP )WinnerB.A.Mohiuddin Bava (INC )Runner-up
Mangalore City South D. Vedavyasa Kamath (BJP )WinnerJ. R. Lobo (INC )Runner-up
Mangalore U.T.Abdul Khader (INC )WinnerSanthosh Kumar Rai Boliyaru (BJP )Runner-up
Bantval Rajesh Naik U. (BJP )WinnerB Ramanatha Rai (INC )Runner-up
Puttur Sanjeeva Matandoor (BJP )WinnerShakunthala.T. Shetty (INC )Runner-up
Sullia Angara.S (BJP )WinnerDr.B.Raghu (INC )Runner-up
Madikeri Appachu Ranjan M P (BJP )WinnerB A Jivijaya (JD(S) )Runner-up
Virajpet K G Bopaiah (BJP )WinnerArun Machaiah C S (INC )Runner-up
Important Candidates of coastal-karnataka
Deshpande R.V (INC )Haliyal
Sunil Hegade (BJP )Haliyal
Rajesh Naik (IND)Bhatkal --
B Ramanatha Rai (INC )Bantval
Coastal Karnataka Region Map

Coastal Karnataka


Coastal Karnataka comprises of present day Dakshina Kannada, Udupi Kannada, and Uttara Kannada regions of Karnataka. The hardline right-wing politics has been the norm for the region since 1990s. BJP made significant inroads in the Coastal Karnataka with the help of Sangh Parivar and other right-wing fringe groups. The region was part of the Mysore Kingdom before ceding to the British India.

Historical Background

After Peshwa Territories annexation, the Uttara Kannada was part of Kanara region, which became a part of the Madras Presidency till 1862, before being transferred to Bombay Presidency, while South Kanara (Dakshina Kannada region) remained a part Madras Presidency. In 1956, the region along with four other regions of the erstwhile British India formed the state of Mysore, that was renamed to Karnataka in 1973. Coastal Karnataka has been an epicenter for trade and market even before India's independence. The coastal region of present-day Karnataka state has seen various merchants and traders travel across from the globe to get hold of some of the best spices during the medieval period. The accessibility to the coastal region made it a cultural hub for centuries, the region reflects the multiculturalism that formed the basis of prosperity in the region. Till date, agriculture and fishing remains to be the economic lifeline of the region for the population of Coastal Karnataka. Mogaveera, Billawa, Kharvi, Kotesherigara, Bunta, Siddi, Halakkigouda, Vakkaliga, and Devadiga, are some of the major backward communities in the region that constitute the majority in the region. While minority Christians, Muslims, upper caste, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes form the remaining social strata of the Coastal Karnataka region. Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank, Corporation Bank and Vijaya Bank are four public sector commercial banks that have originated as a part of development of co-operative finance system in Coastal Karnataka. While one of the popular and growing scheduled bank, Karnataka Bank also originated from the region.

Political Scenario

Coastal Karnataka's social strata is a mix of different cultures and religions that have ceased the opportunity at the right time to influence the people in the region. Time and again different religions have had the opportunity to dominate political scenario of Coastal Karnataka, with a large Catholic vote base joining forces with the Hindu communities in the region to stand against one common enemy in Muslims. Politicians have used the complex social structure to reap the benefits during the election season, appeasement politics plays a major role in swinging tide for and against the political parties. Hindutva politics came to dominate the political scenes in the region since 1990s, while the Sangh existed in Coastal Karnataka since the 1940s, opening up Shakas and mobilising fringe groups to appease the public. Coastal Karnataka is one of the BJPs stronghold regions in the state of Karnataka, where Hindutva politics remains an influential political issue. Last state assembly elections saw Congress turn the tide against BJP in Coastal Karnataka by claiming 14 seats out of the 19 seats available in the region. BJP this time has called in hardcore Hindutva politicians such as Anant Kumar Hegde, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, and Shobha Karndlaje to appease the voters on strong Hindutva lines. On the hand, Congress party is trying to influence the 2 lakh NRIs from the region, while trying to maintain their grip in Coastal Karnataka from the previous state assembly elections.

Issues pertaining to the region

Communal violence that formed the basis for political parties to take advantage of the divided population in the region, till date remains one of the pertinent issues in the region. While unemployment amongst youth is another issue, both Congress and BJP would be looking to as an issue to appease the youth.

Assembly Constituencies and MLAs from Coastal Karnataka Region

AC. No. Constituency Current MLAParty
76HaliyalDeshpande Raghunath Vishwanathrao INC
77KarwarSateesh Sail KrishnaIND
78KumtaSharada Mohana ShettyINC
79BhatkalMankala Subba VaidyaIND
80SirsiVisweswara Heggade Kageri BJP
81YellapurArbail Shivaram Hebbar INC
118ByndoorK. Gopal PoojaryINC
120UdupiPramod MadhwarajINC
121KapuVinayakumar SorakeINC
122KarkalV. Sunil KumarBJP
200BelthangadyK. Vasantha BangeraINC
201MoodabidriK. AbhayachandraINC
202Mangalore City NorthB. A. Mohiuddin BavaINC
203Mangalore City SouthJ. R. LoboINC
204MangaloreU. T. KhadarINC
205BantvalB. Ramanath RaiINC
206PutturShakuntala T. ShettyINC
207SulliaS. AngaraBJP
208MadikeriM. P. Appachu RanjanBJP
209VirajpetK. G. BopaiahBJP

Last Updated on April 18, 2018