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Elections in Bombay Karnataka

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Bombay Karnataka Election Results 2018

Pie chart showing party wise 2018 election results for Bombay Karnataka Also shown along are 2013 pie chart showing the number of seats won by BJP, INC, JD(S) and Others.
Bombay Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 50)
Bombay Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 50)
Constituency Wise Results
Nippani Jolle Shashikala Annasaheb (BJP )WinnerKakaso Pandurang Patil (INC )Runner-up
Chikkodi-Sadalga Ganesh Prakash Hukkeri (INC )WinnerAnnasaheb Shankar Jolle (BJP )Runner-up
Athani Mahesh Iranagouda Kumathalli (INC )WinnerLaxman Sangappa Savadi (BJP )Runner-up
Kagwad Shrimant Balasaheb Patil (INC )WinnerBharamagouda Alagouda Kage (BJP )Runner-up
Kudachi P.Rajeev (BJP )WinnerAmit Shama Ghatage (INC )Runner-up
Raybag Aihole Duryodhan Mahalingappa (BJP )WinnerPradeepkumar Ramu Malage (INC )Runner-up
Hukkeri Umesh Vishwanath Katti (BJP )WinnerAppayyagouda Basagouda Patil (INC )Runner-up
Arabhavi Balachandra Lakshmanarao Jarakiholi (BJP )WinnerBhimappa Gundappa Gadad (JD(S) )Runner-up
Gokak Jarkiholi Ramesh Laxmanrao (INC )WinnerAshok Ningayyaswami Pujari (BJP )Runner-up
Yemkanmardi Satish. L. Jarkiholi (INC )WinnerAstagi Maruti Mallappa (BJP )Runner-up
Belgaum Uttar Anil S Benake (BJP )WinnerFairoz Nuruddin Saith (INC )Runner-up
Belgaum Dakshin Abhay Patil (BJP )WinnerM D Lakshminarayan (Annayya) (INC )Runner-up
Belgaum Rural Laxmi R Hebbalkar (INC )WinnerSanjay B Patil (BJP )Runner-up
Khanapur Dr. Anjali Hemant Nimbalkar (INC )WinnerVithal Halagekar (BJP )Runner-up
Kittur Doddagoudar Mahantesh Basavantaray (BJP )WinnerInamdar Danappagouda Basanagouda (INC )Runner-up
Bailhongal Koujalagi. Mahantesh. Shivanand. (INC )WinnerJagdish. Channappa Metgud (IND )Runner-up
Saundatti yellamma Shri Vishwanath Chandrashekhar Mamani (BJP )WinnerShri Anandkumar Santoshchand Chopra (IND )Runner-up
Ramdurg Mahadevappa Shivalingappa Yadawad (BJP )WinnerAshok Mahadevappa Pattan (INC )Runner-up
Mudhol Govind Makthappa Karajol (BJP )WinnerBandiwaddar Satish Chinnappa (INC )Runner-up
Terdal Siddu Savadi (BJP )WinnerUmashree (INC )Runner-up
Jamkhandi Siddu Bhimappa Nyamgoud (INC )WinnerKulkarni Shrikant Subrao (BJP )Runner-up
Bilgi Murugesh Rudrappa Nirani (BJP )WinnerJagadish Timmanagouda Patil (INC )Runner-up
Badami Siddaramaiah (INC )WinnerB Sreeramulu (BJP )Runner-up
Bagalkot Veerabhadrayya (Veeranna) Charantimath (BJP )WinnerMeti Hullappa Yamanappa (INC )Runner-up
Hungund Doddanagouda G Patil (BJP )WinnerKashappanavar Vijayanand Shivashankrappa (INC )Runner-up
Muddebihal Ameenappa Gouda S Patil (Nadahalli) (BJP )WinnerAppaji Urf Channabasavaraj Shankararao Nadagouda (INC )Runner-up
Devar Hippargi Somanagouda B Patil (Sasanur) (BJP )WinnerBhimanagouda (Rajugouda) B Patil (JD(S) )Runner-up
Basavana Bagevadi Shivanand Patil (INC )WinnerSomanagouda(Appugouda) B Patil(Managuli) (JD(S) )Runner-up
Babaleshwar Mallanagoud Basanagoud Patil (INC )WinnerVijayakumar Sidramgouda Patil (BJP )Runner-up
Bijapur City Basanagoud .R. Patil (Yatnal) (BJP )WinnerAbdul Hameed Mushrif (INC )Runner-up
Nagthan Devanand Fulasing Chavan (JD(S) )WinnerKatakadond Vittal Dondiba (INC )Runner-up
Indi Yashvantharaygouda Vittalagouda Patil (INC )WinnerB D Patil (Hanjagi) (JD(S) )Runner-up
Sindgi Managuli Mallappa Channaveerappa (JD(S) )WinnerBhusanur Ramesh Balappa (BJP )Runner-up
Shirahatti Ramappa Sobeppa Lamani (BJP )WinnerDoddamani Ramakrishna Shidlingappa (INC )Runner-up
Gadag Hanamantagouda Krishnagouda Patil (INC )WinnerAnil Mensinakai (BJP )Runner-up
Ron Kalakappa Bandi (BJP )WinnerGurupadagouda Patil (INC )Runner-up
Nargund Chandrakantagouda Channappagouda Patil (BJP )WinnerBasavaraddi Rangaraddi Yavagal (INC )Runner-up
Navalgund Shankar B. Patil Munenakoppa (BJP )WinnerN. H. Konaraddi (JD(S) )Runner-up
Kundgol Channabasappa Sathyappa Shivalli (INC )WinnerChikkanagoudra Siddanagoud Ishwaragod (BJP )Runner-up
Dharwad Amrut Ayyappa Desai (BJP )WinnerVinay Kulkarni (INC )Runner-up
Hubli-dharwad-East Abbayya Prasad (INC )WinnerChandrashekar Gokak (BJP )Runner-up
Hubli-dharwad-Central Jagadish Shettar (BJP )WinnerDr. Mahesh Nalwad (INC)Runner-up
Hubli-dharwad- West Arvind Bellad (BJP )WinnerMohammad Ismail Tamatgar (INC )Runner-up
Kalghatgi C M Nimbannavar (BJP )WinnerSantosh S Lad (INC )Runner-up
Hangal C M Udasi (BJP )WinnerMane Srinivas (INC )Runner-up
Shiggaon Basavaraj Bommai (BJP )WinnerSayed Azeempeer Khadri (INC )Runner-up
Haveri Neharu Olekar (BJP )WinnerRudrappa Lamani (INC )Runner-up
Byadgi Ballary Virupakshappa Rudrappa (BJP )WinnerS.R.Patil (INC )Runner-up
Hirekerur Basavanagouda Patil (INC )WinnerUjaneshwara Banakar (BJP )Runner-up
Ranibennur R Shankar S/O M Ramachandra (Karnataka Pragnyavantha Janatha Party )WinnerKrishnappa Koliwad S/O Bheemappa Koliwad (INC )Runner-up
Important Candidates of mumbai-karnataka
Jolle Shashikala Annasaheb (BJP )Nippani
B Sreeramulu (BJP )Badami
Siddaramaiah (INC )Badami
Hanamant Mavinamarad (JD(S))Badami --
Hanamantagouda Krishnagouda Patil (INC )Gadag
Bombay Karnataka Region Map

Bombay Karnataka


Bombay Karnataka, formerly part of the Bombay Presidency under the British rule, has played a significant role in the formation of the state government in the last 4 elections including two Lok Sabha elections. Bombay Karnataka comprises the present day districts of Belgaum, Dharwar, Bijapur, Haveri, Gadag, Bagalkot, and Karwar(North Kanara).

Historical Background

After the annexation of Peshwa Territories under the British rule in 1818, the Krishna-Tungabhadra doab became a part of the erstwhile British India. The northern region in the present-day Karnataka, fell under the administrative and judicial jurisdiction of Bombay Presidency. The 326-km-long region, had a predominance of the Kannada culture, but after becoming a part of the Bombay Presidency Marathi became the official language for the Kannada community of the Bombay Karnataka region. India gained Independence from the British imperial forces in the year 1947, and in the year 1953, the Central government constituted a State Reorganisation Commission. The commission was formed to take into consideration the cultural and linguistic values before reorganising and forming new states. In 1956, after State Reorganisation Commission submitted its recommendation, the central government approved the formation of new states including the state of Mysore. The Bombay Karnataka and four other regions, which were part of different Princely states or British Presidencies, became the state of Mysore. The dominance of Kannada identity in these regions was taken into consideration for the formation of the new state. The state of Mysore was later renamed Karnataka in 1973.

Political Scenario

The region of Bombay Karnataka is dominated by the Lingayats community, former leaders like J H Patel, Ramakrishna Hegde, and former Chief Minister of the state S R Bommai, have dominated the political scene in the region. Bombay Karnataka was once considered a Janata Dal(S) bastion, but with the collapse of JD(S) in the state, Bombay Karnataka region has become a BJP bastion with many JD(S) leaders switching their alliance to join BJP, especially in the last 4 elections including the General Assembly elections in 2009 and 2014. In the 2008 state assembly elections, the BJP managed a comprehensive victory on the 16 seats out of the 18 seats in the region. The party achieved a similar feat in the 2009 General Assembly elections by adding one more seat to their 2008 assembly elections tally. The Congress party under the leadership of Siddaramaiah and division of fraction within party, saw BJP win only 4 seats, but reunited BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections won 16 out 18 seats. Karnataka BJP State President B S Yeddyurappa, along with other regional leaders, has played an important role in gaining electoral ground in the region.

Issues pertaining to the region

Mahadayi river issue and frequent droughts in the region have affected and agitated the farmers in the Bombay Karnataka region. Mahadayi river issue is a problem of water sharing among the states of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, the river originates from the hills of Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary. Mahadayi river travels downward for 22 km within the state of Karnataka before entering Goa, where the river is considered as lifeline. The Karnataka government wants to divert the upstream water to the drought-prone region of Bombay Karnataka, the farmers have protested on several occasions, but no conclusive actions has been meted out by the state government.

Assembly Constituencies and MLAs from Bombay Karnataka Region

AC. No. Constituency Current MLAParty
1NippaniJolle Shashikala AnnasahebBJP
2Chikkodi-SadalgaGanesh Prakash HukkeriINC
3AthaniLaxman Sangappa SavadiBJP
4KagwadBharamagouda (Raju) Alagouda KageBJP
5KudachiP. RajeevBSRCP
6RaibagAihole Duryodhan MahalingappaBJP
7HukkeriKatti Umesh Vishwanath BJP
8ArabhaviBalachandra Lakshmanrao JarakiholiBJP
9GokakRamesh Lakshmanrao JarakiholiINC
10YemkanmardiSatish Lakshmanrao JarakiholiINC
11Belgaum UttarFeroz Nuruddin SaitINC
12Belgaum DakshinSambhaji Lakshman PatilIND
13Belgaum RuralSanjay B. PatilBJP
14KhanapurAravind Chandrakant PatilIND
15KitturInamdar Danappagouda BasanagoudaINC
16BailhongalDr. Vishwanath Iranagouda Patil BJP
17Saundatti YellammaVishwanath Chandrashekar MamaniBJP
18RamdurgAshok Mahadevappa PattanINC
19MudholKarajola Govinda MaktappaBJP
21JamkhandiSiddu B. NyamagoudaINC
22BilgiJagadish Thimmanagouda Patil INC
23BadamiChimmanakatti Balappa BhimappaINC
24BagalkotHullappa Yamanappa MetiINC
25HungundKashappanavar Vijayanand ShivashankarappaINC
26MuddebihalAppaji Channabasavaraj Shankarrao Nadagouda INC
27Devar HippargiA S Patil (Nadahalli) INC
28Basavana BagevadiPatil Shivananda SiddaramappaINC
29BabaleshwarPatil Mallanagouda BasavanagoudaINC
30Bijapur CityMakbul S. BagawanINC
31NagthanH. R. Alagur (Raju)BJP
32IndiYashvantarayagouda Vittalagouda PatilINC
33SindgiRamesh Balappa BhusanurBJP
65ShirahattiDoddamani Ramakrishna ShidlingappaINC
66GadagH. K. PatilINC
67RonGurupadagouda Sanganagouda PatilINC
68NargundYavagal Basavaraddi RangaraddiINC
69NavalgundN.H. KonaraddiJD(S)
70KundgolShivalli Channabasappa Satyappa INC
71DharwadVinay KulkarniINC
72Hubli-Dharwad-EastAbbayya PrasadINC
73Hubli-Dharwad-CentralJagadish ShettarBJP
74Hubli-Dharwad-WestAravind Chandrakant BelladBJP
75KalghatgiSantosh S LadINC
82HangalManohar H. TahasildarINC
83ShiggaonBasavaraj BommaiBJP
84HaveriLamani Rudrappa ManappaINC
85ByadgiShivannanavar Basavaraj Neelappa INC
86HirekerurUjaneshwar Basavanneppa Banakar KJP
87RanibennurK. B. KoliwadINC

Last Updated on April 18, 2018