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Chhattisgarh Assembly Election in 2018 Party Wise

Chhattisgarh Elections Results 2013

The two-phase Assembly elections of 2013 in Chhattisgarh have come to a successful conclusion with the BJP forming the government three times consecutively, defeating the Congress in a close fight. Raman Singh registered a hat-trick as the Chief Minister of the state, shattering the hopes of former Chief Minister Ajit Jogi of the Congress, who was hopeful of winning the elections this time. Narendra Modi congratulated the people for reposing faith in the BJP in Chhattisgarh. Ajit Jogi said that the Congress has accepted the defeat with all humility, and promised to work hard and strike back to power. The ruling BJP in the Maoist-affected state won the massive support of the people due to the welfare schemes initiated by the Raman Singh government.

Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly Election in 2013 Party Wise

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)15
Indian National Congress (INC)68

List of Winning Candidates in Chhattisgarh 2013 Elections

Constituency no.ConstituencyWinnerPartyVotesRunner-UpPartyVotes
1Bharatpur-sonhat GULAB KAMROIndian National Congress51732CHAMPADEVI PAWLEBharatiya Janata Party35199
2ManendragarhDR. VINAY JAISWALIndian National Congress35819SHYAM BIHARI JAISWALBharatiya Janata Party31745
3BaikunthpurAMBICA SINGH DEOIndian National Congress48885BHAIYALAL RAJWADEBharatiya Janata Party43546
4PremnagarKHEL SAI SINGHIndian National Congress66475VIJAY PRATAP SINGHBharatiya Janata Party51135
5BhatgaonPARAS NATH RAJWADEIndian National Congress74623RAJNI RAVISHANKAR TRIPATHIBharatiya Janata Party58889
6PratappurDR. PREMSAI SINGH TEKAMIndian National Congress90148RAMSEWAK PAIKRABharatiya Janata Party46043
7RamanujganjBRIHASPAT SINGHIndian National Congress64580RAMKISHUN SINGHBharatiya Janata Party31664
8SamriCHINTAMANI MAHRAJIndian National Congress80620SIDHNATH PAIKRABharatiya Janata Party58697
9LundraDR. PRITAM RAMIndian National Congress77773VIJAYNATH SINGHBharatiya Janata Party55594
10AmbikapurT.S. BABAIndian National Congress100439ANURAG SINGH DEOBharatiya Janata Party60815
11SitapurAMARJEET BHAGATIndian National Congress86670PROFESSOR GOPAL RAMBharatiya Janata Party50533
12JashpurVINAY KUMAR BHAGATIndian National Congress71963GOVIND RAM BHAGATBharatiya Janata Party63937
13KunkuriU. D. MINJIndian National Congress69896BHARAT SAIBharatiya Janata Party65603
14PathalgaonRAMPUKAR SINGH THAKURIndian National Congress96599SHIVSHANKAR PAINKARABharatiya Janata Party59913
15LailungaCHAKRADHAR SINGH SIDARIndian National Congress81770SATYANAND RATHIYABharatiya Janata Party57287
16RaigarhPRAKASH SHAKRAJEET NAIKIndian National Congress69062ROSHANLALBharatiya Janata Party54482
17SarangarhUTTARI GANPAT JANGDEIndian National Congress101834KERA BAI MANAHARBharatiya Janata Party49445
18KharsiaUMESH PATELIndian National Congress94201OP CHOUDHARYBharatiya Janata Party77234
19DharamjaigarhLALJEET SINGH RATHIAIndian National Congress95173LEENAV BIRJU RATHIABharatiya Janata Party54838
20RampurNANKI RAM KANWARBharatiya Janata Party65048PHOOL SINGH RATHIYAJanta Congress Chhattisgarh (J)46873
21KorbaJAISINGH AGRAWAL(JAISINGH BHAIYA)Indian National Congress70119VIKAS MAHTOBharatiya Janata Party58313
22KatghoraPURUSHOTTAM KANWARIndian National Congress59227LAKHANLAL DEWANGANBharatiya Janata Party47716
23Pali-tanakhar MOHIT RAMIndian National Congress66971HIRA SINGH MARKAMGondvana Gantantra Party57315
24MarwahiAJIT JOGIJanta Congress Chhattisgarh (J)74041ARCHANA PORTEBharatiya Janata Party27579
25KotaRENU AJIT JOGIJanta Congress Chhattisgarh (J)48800KASHI RAM SAHUBharatiya Janata Party45774
26LormiDHARMJEET SINGHJanta Congress Chhattisgarh (J)67742TOKHAN SAHUBharatiya Janata Party42189
27MungeliPUNNULAL MOHALEBharatiya Janata Party60469RAKESH PATREIndian National Congress51982
28TakhatpurRASHMI ASHISH SINGHIndian National Congress52616SANTOSH KAUSHIK (GURUJI)Janta Congress Chhattisgarh (J)49625
29BilhaDHARAM LAL KAUSHIKBharatiya Janata Party84431RAJENDRA SHUKLAIndian National Congress57907
30BilaspurSHAILESH PANDEYIndian National Congress67896AMAR AGRAWALBharatiya Janata Party56675
31BeltaraRAJNISH KUMAR SINGHBharatiya Janata Party49601RAJENDRA SAHU(DABBU)Indian National Congress43342
32MasturiDR. KRISHNA MURTI BANDHIBharatiya Janata Party67950JAYENDRA SINGH PATLEBahujan Samaj Party53843
33AkaltaraSAURABH SINGHBharatiya Janata Party60502RICHA JOGIBahujan Samaj Party58648
34Janjgir-champaNARAYAN CHANDELBharatiya Janata Party54040MOTILAL DEWANGANIndian National Congress49852
35SaktiCHARAN DAS MAHANTIndian National Congress78058MEDHA RAM SAHUBharatiya Janata Party48012
36ChandrapurRAM KUMAR YADAVIndian National Congress51717GITANJALI PATELBahujan Samaj Party47299
37JaijaipurKESHAV PRASAD CHANDRABahujan Samaj Party64774KAILASH SAHUBharatiya Janata Party43087
38PamgarhINDU BANJAREBahujan Samaj Party50129GORELAL BARMANIndian National Congress47068
39SaraipaliKISMAT LAL NANDIndian National Congress100302SHYAM TANDIBharatiya Janata Party48014
40BasnaDEVENDRA BAHADUR SINGHIndian National Congress67535SAMPAT AGRAWALIndependent50027
41KhallariDWARIKADHISH YADAVIndian National Congress96108MONIKA DILIP SAHUBharatiya Janata Party39130
42MahasamundVINOD SEVAN LAL CHANDRAKARIndian National Congress49356POONAM CHANDRAKARBharatiya Janata Party26290
43BilaigarhCHANDRADEV PRASAD RAIIndian National Congress71936SHYAM KUMAR TANDANBahujan Samaj Party62089
44KasdolSHAKUNTALA SAHUIndian National Congress121422GAURISHANKAR AGRAWALBharatiya Janata Party73004
45BalodabazarPRAMOD KUMAR SHARMAJanta Congress Chhattisgarh (J)65251JANAK RAM VERMAIndian National Congress63122
46BhataparaSHIVRATAN SHARMABharatiya Janata Party63399SUNIL MAHESHWARIIndian National Congress51490
47DharsiwaANITA YOGENDRA SHARMAIndian National Congress78989DEVJI BHAI PATELBharatiya Janata Party59589
48Raipur City GraminSATYANARAYAN SHARMAIndian National Congress78468NAND KUMAR SAHU (NANDE BHAIYA)Bharatiya Janata Party68015
49Raipur City WestVIKAS UPADHYAYIndian National Congress76359RAJESH MUNATBharatiya Janata Party64147
50Raipur City NorthKULDEEP JUNEJAIndian National Congress59843SHRI CHAND SUNDRANIBharatiya Janata Party43502
51Raipur City SouthBRIJMOHAN AGRAWALBharatiya Janata Party77589KANHAIYA AGRAWALIndian National Congress60093
52ArangDR. SHIVKUMAR DAHARIYAIndian National Congress69900SANJAY DHIDHIBharatiya Janata Party44823
53AbhanpurDHANENDRA SAHUIndian National Congress76761CHANDRASHEKHAR SAHU - CHAMPU BHAIYYABharatiya Janata Party53290
54RajimAMITESH SHUKLAIndian National Congress99041SANTOSH UPADHYAYBharatiya Janata Party40909
55BindranawagarhDAMARUDHAR PUJARIBharatiya Janata Party79619SANJAY NETAMIndian National Congress69189
56SihawaDR. LAKSHMI DHRUWIndian National Congress88451PINKY SHIVRAJ SHAHBharatiya Janata Party43015
57KurudAJAY CHANDRAKARBharatiya Janata Party72922NEELAM CHANDRAKARIndependent60605
58DhamtariRANJANA DIPENDRA SAHUBharatiya Janata Party63198GURUMUKH SINGH HORAIndian National Congress62734
59Sanjari balod SANGEETA SINHAIndian National Congress90428PAWAN SAHUBharatiya Janata Party62940
60Dondi loharaANILA BHENDIAIndian National Congress67448LAL MAHENDRA SINGH TEKAMBharatiya Janata Party34345
61GunderdehiKUNWER SINGH NISHADIndian National Congress110369DEEPAK TARACHAND SAHUBharatiya Janata Party54975
62PatanBHUPESH BAGHELIndian National Congress84352MOTILAL SAHUBharatiya Janata Party56875
63Durg GraminTAMRADHWAJ SAHUIndian National Congress76208JAGESHWAR SAHUBharatiya Janata Party49096
64Durg CityARUN VORAIndian National Congress64981CHANDRIKA CHANDRAKARBharatiya Janata Party43900
65Bhilai NagarDEVENDRA YADAVIndian National Congress51044PREM PRAKASH PANDEYBharatiya Janata Party48195
66Vaishali Nagar VIDYA RATAN BHASINBharatiya Janata Party72920BADRUDDIN QURESHIIndian National Congress54840
67AhiwaraGURU RUDRA KUMARIndian National Congress88735RAJMAHANT SANWLA RAM DAHREBharatiya Janata Party57048
68SajaRAVINDRA CHAUBEIndian National Congress95658LABHCHAND BAFNABharatiya Janata Party64123
69BemetaraASHISH KUMAR CHHABRAIndian National Congress74914AWADHESH SINGH CHANDELBharatiya Janata Party49783
70NavagarhGURUDAYAL SINGH BANJAREIndian National Congress86779DAYALDAS BAGHELBharatiya Janata Party53579
71PandariyaMAMTA CHANDRAKARIndian National Congress100907MOTIRAM CHANDRAVANSHIBharatiya Janata Party64420
72KawardhaAKBAR BHAIIndian National Congress136320ASHOK SAHUBharatiya Janata Party77036
73KhairagarhDEVWRAT SINGHJanta Congress Chhattisgarh (J)61516KOMAL JANGHELBharatiya Janata Party60646
74DongargarhBHUNESHWAR SHOBHARAM BAGHELIndian National Congress86949SAROJANI BANJAREBharatiya Janata Party51531
75RajnandgaonDR. RAMAN SINGHBharatiya Janata Party80589KARUNA SHUKLAIndian National Congress63656
76DongargaonDALESHWAR SAHUIndian National Congress84581MADHUSUDAN YADAVBharatiya Janata Party65498
77KhujjiCHHANNI CHANDU SAHUIndian National Congress71733HIRENDRA KUMAR SAHUBharatiya Janata Party44236
78Mohala-manpurINDRASHAH MANDAVIIndian National Congress50576KANCHAN MALA BHUARYABharatiya Janata Party29528
79AntagarhANOOP NAGIndian National Congress57061VIKRAM USENDIBharatiya Janata Party43647
80BhanupratappurMANOJ SINGH MANDAVIIndian National Congress72520DEO LAL DUGGABharatiya Janata Party45827
81KankerSHISHUPAL SHORIIndian National Congress69053HIRA MARKAMBharatiya Janata Party49249
82KeshkalSANT RAM NETAMIndian National Congress73470HARISHANKAR NETAMBharatiya Janata Party56498
83KondagaonMOHAN MARKAMIndian National Congress61582LATA USENDIBharatiya Janata Party59786
84NarayanpurCHANDAN KASHYAPIndian National Congress58652KEDAR KASHYAPBharatiya Janata Party56005
85BastarBAGHEL LAKHESHWARIndian National Congress74378DR. SUBHAU KASHYAPBharatiya Janata Party40907
86JagdalpurREKHCHAND JAINIndian National Congress76556SANTOSH BAFNABharatiya Janata Party49116
87ChitrakotDEEPAK BAIJIndian National Congress62616LACHHURAM KASHYAPBharatiya Janata Party44846
88DantewaraBHIMA MANDAVIBharatiya Janata Party37990DEVATI KARMAIndian National Congress35818
89BijapurVIKRAM MANDAVIIndian National Congress44011MAHESH GAGDABharatiya Janata Party22427
90KontaKAWASI LAKHMAIndian National Congress31933DHANIRAM BARSEBharatiya Janata Party25224

Chhattisgarh Election 2018 Party Wise - Result vs Exit Poll

PartyAssembly Seats 2018Opinion Poll 2018 (
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)1549
Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)21
Indian National Congress (INC)6839

Rajasthan Assembly Elections Result - Comparision Between 2018, 2013 and 2008

PartyAssembly Seats 2018Assembly Seats 2013Assembly Seats 2008Changes (+/-)
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)154950-1
Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)212-1
Indian National Congress (INC)6839381

Chhattisgarh Elections Results 2013

The two-phase Assembly elections of 2013 in Chhattisgarh have come to a successful conclusion with the BJP forming the government three times consecutively, defeating the Congress in a close fight. Raman Singh registered a hat-trick as the Chief Minister of the state, shattering the hopes of former Chief Minister Ajit Jogi of the Congress, who was hopeful of winning the elections this time. Narendra Modi congratulated the people for reposing faith in the BJP in Chhattisgarh. Ajit Jogi said that the Congress has accepted the defeat with all humility, and promised to work hard and strike back to power. The ruling BJP in the Maoist-affected state won the massive support of the people due to the welfare schemes initiated by the Raman Singh government.

List of Winning Candidates in Chhattisgarh 2013 Elections

A. C. No.Assembly Constituency NameType of A.C.Winner Candidates NameGenderPartyVotesRunner-up Candidates NameGenderPartyVotes
1Bharatpur-Sonhat(ST)Champa Devi Pawle FBJP42968Gulab KamroMINC38360
2ManendragarhGENShyam Bihari Jaiswal MBJP32613Gulab SinghMINC28435
3BaikunthpurGENBhaiyalal Rawade MBJP45471Bedanti TivariMINC44402
4PremnagarGENKhelsai Singh MINC77318Renuka SinghFBJP58991
5BhatgaonGENParas Nath Rajwade MINC67339Rajni Ravishankar TripathiFBJP59971
6Pratappur(ST)Ramsevak Paikra MBJP66550Dr. Premsai Singh TekamMINC58407
7Ramanujganj(ST)Brihaspat Singh MINC73174Ram Vichar NetamMBJP61582
8Samri(ST)Dr Preetam Ram MINC82585Siddhnath PaikraMBJP50762
9Lundra(ST)Chintamani Maharaj MINC64771Vijay BabaMBJP54825
10AmbikapurGENTs Baba MINC84668Anurag Singh DeoMBJP65110
11Sitapur(ST)Amarjeet Bhagat MINC70217Raja Ram BhagatMBJP52362
12Jashpur(ST)Rajsharan Bhagat MBJP79419Sarhul Ram BhagatMINC45070
13Kunkuri(ST)Rohit Kumar Sahu MBJP76593Abraham TirkeyMINC47727
14Pathalgaon(ST)Shivshankar Painkra MBJP71485Rampukar SinghMINC67576
15Lailunga(ST)Suniti Satyanand Rathia FBJP75093Hridaya Ram RathiyaMINC60892
16RaigarhGENRoshan Lal MBJP91045Shakrajit NaikMINC70453
17Sarangarh(SC)Kerabai Manhar FBJP81971Padma Ghanshyam ManharFINC66127
18KharsiaGENUmesh Patel MINC95470Dr. Jawahar Lal NaikMBJP56582
19Dharamjaigarh(ST)Lalijeet Singh Rathia MINC79276Om Prakash RathiaMBJP59288
20Rampur(ST)Shyam Lal Kanwar MINC67868Nanki Ram KanwarMBJP57953
21KorbaGENJai Singh Agrawal MINC72386Jogesh LambaMBJP57937
22KatghoraGENLakhan Dewangan MBJP61646Bodhram KanwarMINC48516
23Pali-Tanakhar(ST)Uike Ramdayal MINC69450Hirasingh MarkamMIND40637
24Marwahi(ST)Amit Jogi MINC82909Samira PaikraMBJP36659
25KotaGENRenu Jogi FINC58390Kashi Ram SahuMBJP53301
26LormiGENTokhan Sahu MBJP52302Dharmjeet SinghMINC46061
27Mungeli(SC)Punnulal Mohle MBJP61026Chandrabhan BarmateMINC58281
28TakhatpurGENRaju Singh Kshatri MBJP44735Ashish Singh ThakurMINC44127
29BilhaGENSiyaram Kaushik MINC83598Dharam Lal KaoushikMBJP72630
30BilaspurGENAmar Agrawal MBJP72255Vani RaoFINC56656
31BeltaraGENBadridhar Diwan MBJP50890Bhuwaneshwar YadavMINC45162
32Masturi(SC)Dilip Lahariya MINC86509Dr. Krishanmurti BandhiMBJP62363
33AkaltaraGENChunnilal Sahu MINC69355Dinesh SinghMBJP47662
34Janjgir-ChampaGENMoti Lal Devangan MINC54291Narayan Prasad ChandelMBJP44080
35SaktiGENDr. Khilawan Sahu MBJP51577Saroja Manharan RathoreMINC42544
36ChandrapurGENYudhvir Singh Judev MBJP51295Ram Kumar YadavMBJP45078
37JaijaipurGENKeshav Chandra MBSP47188Dr. Kailash SahuMBJP44609
38Pamgarh(SC)Ambesh Jangre MBJP45342Dujram BouddhMBSP37217
39Saraipali(SC)Ram Lal Chouhan MBJP82064Dr. Haridas BhardwajMINC53232
40BasnaGENRupkumari Choudhary FBJP77137Devendra Bahadur SinghMINC70898
41KhallariGENChunni Lal Sahu MBJP58652Paresh BagbahraMINC52653
42MahasamundGENDr Vimal Chopra MIND47416Agni ChandrakarMINC42694
43Bilaigarh(SC)Dr Sanam Jangde MBJP71364Dr. Shiv Kumar DahariyaMINC58669
44KasdolGENGaurishankar Agrawal MBJP93629Rajkamal SinghaniyaMINC70701
45Baloda BazarGENJanak Ram Verma MINC76549Laxmi BaghelFBJP66572
46BhataparaGENShivratan Sharma MBJP76137Chaitram SahuMINC63797
47DharsiwaGENDevji Bhai Patel MBJP69419Anita Yogendra SharmaFINC67029
48Raipur RuralGENSatyanarayan Sharma MINC70774Nande SahuMBJP68913
49Raipur City WestGENRajesh Munat MBJP64611Vikas UpadhyayMINC58451
50Raipur City NorthGENShrichand Sundrani MBJP52164Kuldeep Singh JunejaMINC48688
51Raipur City SouthGENBrijmohan Agrawal MBJP81429Dr. Kiranmayee NayakMINC46630
52Arang(SC)Naveen Markandey MBJP59067Rudra Kumar GuruMINC45293
53AbhanpurGENDhanendra Sahu MINC67926Chandrashekhar SahuMBJP59572
54RajimGENSantosh Upadhyay MBJP69625Amitesh ShuklaMINC67184
55Bindranawagarh(ST)Govardhan Singh Manjhi MBJP85843Janak DhruwMINC55307
56Sihawa(ST)Shrawan Markam MBJP53894Ambika MarkamFINC46407
57KurudGENAjay Chandrakar MBJP83190Lekhram SahuMINC56013
58DhamtariGENGurumukh Singh Hora MINC70960Inder ChopraMBJP60460
59Sanjari BalodGENBhaiyaram Sinha MINC88874Pritam SahuMBJP58441
60Dondi Lohara(ST)Anila Bhendia MINC66026Horilal RawateMBJP46291
61GunderdehiGENRajendra Kumar Rai MINC72770Virendra Kumar SahuMBJP51490
62PatanGENBhupesh Baghel MINC68185Vijay BaghelMBJP58842
63Durg-RuralGENRamshila Sahu MBJP50327Pratima ChandrakarFINC47348
64Durg CityGENArun Vora MINC58645Hemchand YadavMBJP53024
65Bhilai NagarGENPrem Prakash Pandey MBJP55654Badruddin QureshiMINC38548
66Vaishali NagarGENVidyaratan Bhasin FBJP72594Bhajan Singh NirankariMINC48146
67Ahiwara(SC)Rajmahnt Sanwla Ram Dahre MBJP75337Ashok DongreMINC43661
68SajaGENLabh Chand Bafna MBJP81707Ravindra ChoubeyMINC72087
69BemetaraGENAwadhesh Singh Chandel MBJP74162Tamradhwaj SahuMINC59048
70Nawagarh(SC)Dayaldas Baghel MBJP69447Derhu Prashad GhritlahareMIND42254
71PandariyaGENMoti Ram Chandravanshi MBJP81685Lalji ChandravanshiMINC74412
72KawardhaGENAshok Sahu MBJP93645Akbar BhaiMINC91087
73KhairagarhGENGirwar Janghel MINC70133Komal JanghelMBJP67943
74Dongargarh(SC)Sarojini Banjare FBJP67158Dr.Thaneshwar PatilaMINC62474
75RajnandgaonGENRaman Singh MBJP86797Alka Uday MudliyarFINC50931
76DongargaonGENDaleshwar Sahu MINC67755Dinesh GandhiMBJP66057
77KhujjiGENBhola Ram Sahu MINC51873Rajindar BhatiyaMIND43179
78Mohla-Manpur(ST)Tej Kunwar Gowardhan Netam MINC42648Bhojesh Shah MandaviMBJP41692
79Antagarh(ST)Vikram Usendi MBJP53477Manturam PawarMINC48306
80Bhanupratappur(ST)Manoj Singh Mandavi MINC64837Satish LatiyaMBJP49941
81Kanker(ST)Shanker Dhruwa MINC50586Sanjay KodopiMBJP45961
82Keshkal(ST)Santram Netam MINC53867Sevakram NetamMBJP45178
83Kondagaon(ST)Mohan Markam MINC54290Lata UsendiFBJP49155
84Narayanpur(ST)Kedar Kashyap MBJP54874Chandan Singh KashyapMINC42074
85Bastar(ST)Baghel Lakeshwar MINC57942Dr.Subhaoo KashyapMBJP38774
86JagdalpurGENSantosh Bafna FBJP64803Shamu KashyapMINC48145
87Chitrakot(ST)Deepak Baij MINC50303Baiduram KashyapMBJP37974
88Dantewada(ST)Devti Karma FINC41417Bhimaram MandaviMBJP35430
89Bijapur(ST)Mahesh Gagda MBJP29578Vikram MandaviMINC20091
90Konta(ST)Kawasi Lakhma MINC27610Dhani Ram BarseMBJP21824

Last Updated on April 04, 2020

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