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Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election Results in 1980

Elections to the second term of the Legislative Assembly in Arunachal Pradesh were held in January 1980, after President’s rule was imposed in the state for a brief period in between, from November 1979 to January 1980. This was the only time in the history of the state that President’s rule was imposed. Owing to severe defections in the fluid political environment of the Janata Party rule in the Centre, the Thungan-led Janata Party regime in the state of Arunachal Pradesh lost the majority support, and hence the government fell leading to President’s rule in the state till 1980. Fresh elections were held in January of the same year, with a total of 95 candidates from various political parties contesting for a total of 30 Assembly constituencies. The Indian National Congress (I) as well as the People’s Party of Arunachal both won 13 Assembly seats each, while the independents won the remaining 4 seats. A coalition government of the Indian National Congress and independents was formed. R. N. Haldipur continued in the prestigious post of the Lieutenant Governor of Arunachal Pradesh for the first year of the second Assembly term, before he was replaced by H. S. Dubey and finally by former Intelligence Bureau Chief Thanjavelu Rajeswar, who remained the Lieutenant Governor till the end of this tenure. T. L. Rajkumar was the Speaker of the Arunachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha during this period, while P. W. Sona remained the Deputy Speaker. Gegong Apang of the Congress became the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh in 1980 and remained in power for more than a decade.

Some of the most important legislations passed in the Arunachal Pradesh Assembly during this period were:
  • Arunachal Pradesh Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981
  • Arunachal Pradesh Anchal Forest Reserve (Constitution and Maintenance) Amendment Act, 1981

List of Successful Candidates in Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election in 1980

A.C No.Assembly Constituency NameType of A.C.Winner Candidates NameGenderPartyVotesRunner-UPGenderPartyVotes
1Tawang IGENKarma WangohuMPPA2555Pem GombuMINC(I)1114
2Tawang IIGENTsering TashiMPPA1900Tashi KhanduMINC(I)1886
3Dirang KalaktangGENNima Tsering RupaMINC(I)3169Dorjee Tsering Samphung MINC(U)1501
4BomdilaGENSinam Dususow BomdiMPPA2133Rinchin Kharu NafraMINC(I)1915
5SeppaGENNyari WelliFPPA2817Modi Sengi MINC(I)2339
6ChayangtajoGENKameng DoloMIND1894Tame YangfoMPPA1859
7KoloriangGENLokam TadoMINC(I)2377Chera TaloMIND1749
8Nyapin PalimGENTadar TangMINC(I)2362Tadar TaniangMPPA2086
9Doimukh SagaleeGENTechi TakarMINC(I)4225Khoda TanaMPPA3904
10ZiroGENPadi YubbeMIND2231Gyati TakkaMPPA2179
11Raga TaliGENBoa TameMPPA2983Kabak MemMINC(I)1015
12DaporijoGENTadak DulomMINC(I)5077Kebom NgubaMPPA3646
13Toksing TalihaGENPunji MaraMINC(I)3292Tara PayengMPPA2601
14MechukaGENPasang Wangchuk SonMIND1541Tadik ChijeMINC(I)1159
15Along NorthGENTalong TagguMINC(I)3311Lijum RonyaMPPA3157
16Along SouthGENTumpaketeMPPA3602Boken Ette MINC(I)2077
17BasarGENTomo RibaMPPA3913Todak BasarMINC(I)3511
18Palin(ST)Talo KaduMPPA5603Talom RukboMINC(I)3233
19Yingkiong PanginGENGegong ApangMINC(I)4799Bani DanggenMPPA2184
20Mariyang MeboGENOnyok RomeMPPA4191Kabang Borang MINC(I)2511
21Koloriang(ST)Tade TachoMIND1177Ita PuluMIND709
22RoingGENAken LegoMPPA2260Mukut MithiMIND1285
23Nomsai ChowkhamGENChau Khouk ManpoonMPPA6089Chow Tewa MienMINC(I)5402
24Tezu HayuliangGENKhaprise KrongMINC(I)5497Yiasang MihimMPPA1533
25Noadehing NampongGENSamchom NgemuMINC(I)2538Nongtu Lungphi MPPA1419
26ChanglangGENTengam NgemuMINC(I)2018KhongmanMPPA1708
27Khonsa SouthGENT. L. RajkumarMINC(I)2806Sijen Kong KangMPPA1737
28Khonsa NorthGENWanglatMPPA2685Nokmey NamatiMINC(U)1996
29Niausa KanubariGENWanghlu WangshuMPPA UncontestedM  
30Pongchao WakkaGENHaijen PonglahamMINC(I)1136Atem BihamMPPA297

List of Participating Political Parties in Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election in 1980

S.NoParty Abbreviation Party
National Parties
1INC(I) Indian National Congress (I)
2INC(U) Indian National Congress (U)
State Parties
3PPA People's Party of Arunachal

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