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Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election Results in 1978

Elections to the first Legislative Assembly in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in independent India were held in February 1978. All in all, 86 candidates from various political parties were in fray, contesting in a total of 30 Assembly constituencies, out of which 2 assembly seats were reserved for Scheduled Tribes candidates. The Janata Party won with a majority, bagging 17 out of the 30 Assembly constituencies, and formed the government. The People’s Party of Arunachal, in comparison, won only eight Assembly seats while the independents won five seats. K. A. A. Raja, who was nominated as the Lieutenant Governor of Arunachal Pradesh in 1975, continued in the prestigious post, before he was replaced by R. N. Haldipur, who remained the Lieutenant Governor till the end of the term. Prem Khandu Thungan of the Janata Party was elected the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh during this term. Other ministers in the Janata Party-led Arunachal Pradesh government were Gegong Apang, Soben Tyang, Tadar Tang and Nokme, including Sibo Kai, who was the only woman minister in this Assembly.

A number of significant economic and social developments were brought about in this period under the rule of Thungan. Some of the most important legislations passed in the Arunachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha during this period were:

  • Contingency Union Territory Arunachal Pradesh Determination Act
  • Arunachal Pradesh Anchal Forest Reserve Act
  • Water Pollution Control Cess Act

List of Successful Candidates in Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election in 1978

A.C No.Assembly Constituency NameType of A.C.Winner Candidates NameGenderPartyVotesRunner-UPGenderPartyVotes
1Tawang IGENKarma Wangchu MIND2313Tashi LamaMJNP1236
2Tawang IIGENTashi Khandu MIND1874Tsering TashiMJNP1636
3Dirang KalaktangGENPrem Khandu ThungonMJNP UncontestedM  
4BomdilaGENRinchin Kharu MJNP2734Dorjee TseringMIND986
5SeppaGENDonglo Sonam MJNP4232Nyari WelliFPPA1649
6ChayangtajoGENKameng Dolo MJNP3396Tame YangfoMPPA2509
7KoloriangGENChera Talo MJNP2221Lokam TadoMPPA1895
8Nyapin PalimGENTadar Tang MJNP3961Tadar TaniangMPPA999
9Doimukh SagaleeGENTara Sinda MJNP2149Khoda TanaMIND1520
10ZiroGENPadi Yubbe MJNP4529Grati TakkaMIND2014
11Raga TaliGENNido Techi MJNP3539BaotamoMPPA2896
12DaporijoGENTadak Dulom MJNP4981Tabom NgubaMPPA3480
13Toksing TalihaGENTara Payeng MPPA1908Pakda MayengMIND1776
14MechukaGENTadik Chije MIND1903Tapik RinyaMPPA1119
15Along NorthGENLijum RonyaMPPA3394Talong TagguMIND1868
16Along SouthGENBoken Ette MIND1972Tumpak EteMJNP1504
17BasarGENTomo Riba MPPA4109Tadak BasarMJNP2747
18Palin(ST)Sutem Tasung MPPA4857Tarung PabiaMJNP1906
19Yingkiong PanginGENGegong Apang MJNP4435Tagang TakiMIND2825
20Mariyang MeboGENOnyok Rome MPPA3717Kabang BorangMIND1587
21Koloriang(ST)Tade Tachc MIND1048Mukut MithiMJNP330
22RoingGENAken LegoMPPA2102Gora PartinMJNP930
23Nomsai ChowkhamGENChow Tewa Mien MJNP4542Chau Khouk ManpoongMPPA3036
24Tezu HayuliangGENSobeng Tayeng MJNP4761Yiasing MininMPPA1853
25Noadehing NampongGENJungpum Jugli MPPA1209Samchom NgemuMIND962
26ChanglangGENTengam MJNP2194NongchoMPPA1643
27Khonsa SouthGENSijen Kongkang MPPA2035Wangpha LowangMJNP1826
28Khonsa NorthGENNokmey Namati MJNP1866Wanglat LowangchaMPPA1401
29Niausa KanubariGENNoksong Boham MJNP UncontestedM  
30Pongchao WakkaGENWnagnam Wangshu MJNP1344AchingMIND910

List of Participating Political Parties in Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election in 1978

S.NoParty Abbreviation Party
National Parties
1INC Indian National Congress
2JNPJanata Party
State Parties
3PPAPeople's Party of Arunachal

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