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Chandarsingh Sisodiya (BJP) wins from Garoth assembly in 2015 assembly by-elections 2015.

Madhya Pradesh Elections 2015 – Updates and Results

Madhya Pradesh Elections Latest News And Live Updates

July 31, 2015 03:37 PM
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, embroiled in a row over the Vyapam scam in his state, on Friday met with Prime Minister Narendr..... Read More
July 31, 2015 10:12 AM
The CBI on Thursday registered its 18th FIR in connection with its ongoing probe in the Vyapam scam in Madhya Pradesh. The first information re..... Read More
July 23, 2015 02:18 PM
The Rajya Sabha was disrupted again on Thursday with the opposition demanding the resignation of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and the chi..... Read More
July 22, 2015 01:59 PM
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the concern expressed by senior BJP leader Shanta Kumar on the opposition's Vyapam..... Read More
July 21, 2015 01:55 PM
The pandemonium over the Vyapam scam continued in the Madhya Pradesh assembly for the second day on Tuesday, as the opposition Congress on Tuesday s..... Read More

Quick facts for Madhya Pradesh Elections

Parliamentary Constituencies29
Assembly Constituencies 230
Ruling PartyBharatiya Janata Party
Opposition PartyIndian NationalCongress
Chief MinisterShri Shivraj Singh Chouhan
GovernorRam Naresh Yadav
Chief Electoral OfficerJaideep Govind
AddressMadhya Pradesh Nirvachan Sadan, 17- Area Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

MP Civic Bodies Election Results 2015

Madhya Pradesh Civic Bodies (Municipal) Election Results 2015

Body Type and NameTotal WardsBJPINCOthers
Bhopal Corporation0Alok Sharma Wins Mayor ElectionN.AN.A
Indore Corporation0Malini Gaud Wins Mayor ElectionN.AN.A
Jabalpur Corporation0Swati Godbole WinsN.AN.A
Chhindwara Corporation0Kanta Sadarang Wins Mayor ElectionN.AN.A
Badonikhurd Nagar Parishad0WinsLostLost
Patera Nagar Parishad0WinsLostLost
Bankhedi Parishad0LostWinsLost
Shamshabad Parishad0LostWinsLost
Chapiheda Nagar Parishad0WinsLostLost

Madhya Pradesh Civic Bodies (Municipal) Election Results 2014
District NameBody TypeBody NameTotalBJPINCIND/Others
East NimarMunicipal CorporationKhandwa5033143
East NimarCity CouncilPandhana151500
East NimarCity CouncilMundi 141220
KhargoneMunicipal CouncilBarwaha171232
KhargoneMunicipal CouncilSanawad 188100
GunaCity CouncilKumbhraj15573
GunaCity CouncilChachaura-Binaganj15744
Chhatarpur Municipal CouncilChhatarpur 403064
Chhatarpur City CouncilBarigarh 154011
Chhatarpur City CouncilRajnagar15762
Chhatarpur City CouncilSatai 154101
Chhatarpur City CouncilHarpalpur15627
Chhindwara Municipal CouncilAmarwara 15915
Chhindwara Municipal CouncilChaurai 15861
Chhindwara City CouncilNewton Chikhali 151050
Chhindwara City CouncilPipla Narayan War 151230
Chhindwara City CouncilBarkuhi151050
Chhindwara City CouncilLodhikheda 15870
JabalpurMunicipal CouncilPanna Nagar151050
JabalpurCity CouncilPatan 13652
JabalpurCity CouncilBarela 151005
JabalpurCity CouncilMajholi 151032
Jhabua City CouncilMeghnagar 15582
Tikamgarh City CouncilNiwari 15555
Tikamgarh City CouncilPalera 151221
Tikamgarh City CouncilBadagaon Dhasan 15564
Tikamgarh City CouncilLidhora 15375
Datia Municipal CouncilDatia 361987
Datia City CouncilSevda 15825
Damoh Municipal CouncilHatta 15591
Damoh City CouncilTendu Kheda 15761
Dewas Municipal CorporationDewas 4525911
Dewas City CouncilBagli 15465
Dewas City CouncilSonkatch 15447
Narsinghpur Municipal CouncilGadarwara241770
Narsinghpur City CouncilTendukheda 153  
Narsinghpur City CouncilSaikheda 15690
Narsinghpur City CouncilSalichoka154110
Neemuch City CouncilAthana 15852
Neemuch City CouncilKukdeshwar 15861
Neemuch City CouncilJawad 154110
Neemuch City CouncilDiken 15932
Neemuch City CouncilManasa 151104
Neemuch City CouncilRatangarh 141040
Neemuch City CouncilRampura 151140
Neemuch City CouncilSingoli 15933
Panna City CouncilAmanganj 15258
Panna City CouncilKanker Hati152113
Panna City CouncilPawai 15555
Balaghat Municipal CouncilBalaghat 331868
Balaghat Municipal CouncilMalanjkhand2312101
Burhanpur Municipal CorporationBurhanpur 4816257
Burhanpur City CouncilShahpur 15690
Betul Municipal CouncilAmla 181261
Betul Municipal CouncilBetul 322183
Betul City CouncilBetul Bazar151011
Bhind Municipal CouncilGohad 18828
Bhind City CouncilDaboh 15742
Bhind City CouncilPhoop 153210
Bhind Municipal CouncilBhind 392594
Bhind City CouncilMihona 15355
Bhind City CouncilLahar15483
Bhopal Municipal CouncilBerasia 18954
Mandsaur City CouncilNagri 15762
Mandsaur City CouncilNarayangarh 15555
Mandsaur City CouncilBhanpura 151032
Mandsaur City CouncilShamgarh 151050
Mandsaur City CouncilSitamau 15933
Morena Municipal CouncilAmbah 17755
Morena City CouncilJoura 18846
Ratlam City CouncilNamli 15772
Ratlam City CouncilPiploda 15942
Ratlam Municipal CorporationRatlam 4930136
Rajgarh City CouncilKurawar 15843
Rajgarh City Councilkhilchipur15654
Rajgarh City Councilzirapur15861
Rajgarh City CouncilPachore 15753
Rajgarh City CouncilBoda15852
Rajgarh City CouncilMachalpu 15472
Raisen City CouncilUdaipura15942
Raisen City CouncilGairatganj 15834
Raisen City CouncilBadi 15933
Raisen City CouncilSilwani 15844
Raisen City CouncilSultanpur151032
Rewa City CouncilGarh15456
Rewa City CouncilGovindgarh15834
Rewa Municipal CorporationRewa 45191412
Vidisha City CouncilLateri 15861
Vidisha Municipal CouncilSironj 211551
Shahdol City CouncilKhand 151032
Shahdol City CouncilBeohari 15816
Shajapur City CouncilAkodia 15870
Shajapur City CouncilPoliakala 15861
Shajapur City CouncilMaksi 15780
Shivpuri City CouncilKarera 15807
Shivpuri City CouncilKolaras 15627
Shivpuri City CouncilKhaniadna 151141
Shivpuri City CouncilBairad 152215
Sheopur City CouncilBaroda 15663
Sheopur City CouncilVijaypur15545
Sheopur Municipal CouncilSheopur 2310121
SatnaCity CouncilUchehra 15445
SatnaMunicipal CorporationSatna4524912
SagarMunicipal CorporationSagar48271110
Singrauli Municipal CorporationSingrauli 4426610
Seoni City CouncilBarghat15492
Seoni Municipal CouncilSeoni 241284
Sidhi City CouncilRampur Naikin 15364
Sehore Municipal CouncilAshta 18783
Sehore City CouncilKothri 15744
Sehore City CouncilRehti 151131
Harda City CouncilKhirkiya 15780
Harda City CouncilTimarni 15933
Hoshangabad Municipal CouncilPipariya211191
Hoshangabad City CouncilBabai 141022
Hoshangabad City CouncilSohagpur 15870
Agar Malwa Municipal CouncilAgar231274
Agar Malwa City CouncilBadod 15672
Agar Malwa City CouncilKanad 15096
Ashok NagarMunicipal CouncilAshok Nagar221075
Ashok NagarCity CouncilMungaoli153111
Ashok NagarCity CouncilShadura 15762
GwaliorMunicipal CorporationGwalior66441011
Katni City CouncilBarhi 151023
Katni City CouncilKymore 15816
Katni City CouncilVijayraghogarh 151103
UjjainMunicipal CouncilBarnagar18783
UjjainMunicipal CouncilKhachrod211271
UjjainCity CouncilMakdon 15681
UjjainCity CouncilTarana 15933
UmariaCity CouncilChandia15834
UmariaCity CouncilNaurojabad 15960

The by-polls to the three assembly constituencies of Madhya Pradesh were held on August 21. The three constituencies that went for polling were Vijayraghavgarh, Bahoriband and Agar (SC). The BJP again managed to take the majority of the seats in the by-polls winning two out of the three. In Agar assembly constituency, BJP's Gopal Parmar won with 78,178 votes beating Rajkumar Gore of INC who got 50,476 votes. The Bahoriband assembly seat went to Congress whose Kunwar Saurabh Singh accounted for 76,712 votes against 68,735 votes bagged by BJP's Pranay Prabhat Pandey. While the Vijayraghavgarh constituency saw BJP's Sanjay Pathak winning with a huge margin who won 90,084 votes in contrast to 36,687 votes won by Congress' Vijay Prakash Mishra. The seats had been left vacant after the election of the sitting MLAs from Vijayraghavgarh, Bahoriband and Agar (SC) to Lok Sabha.

Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election Summary 2014

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won the Madhya Pradesh state with majority. The party bagged 27 of the 29 parliamentary seats of the state. The remaining two seats were won by Indian National Congress (INC). The Chief Minister (CM) is the head of the state of Madhya Pradesh and Shivraj Singh Chauhan is the present CM of the state. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) are the leading parties in the state with BJP as the leading party at present. The political parties tried their best and made all possible efforts with their campaign strategies during the 16th Lok Sabha polls. Madhya Pradesh has 29 parliamentary seats which participated in the 16th Lok Sabha polls which took place in three different phases. The exit polls had predicted the victory of BJP in the state in the 2014 elections.

Madhya Pradesh is a state in Central India, and is called "Heart of India" due to its geographical location. It was established in the year 1956. The capital city of this state is Bhopal and is also the largest city of Madhya Pradesh. There are 50 districts in this state. The population of this state is more than 72,000,000. The literacy level of Madhya Pradesh is 76.5% which is the 8th in India. The official language of the state is Hindi.

About Madhya Pradesh Elections

The current Governor of this state is Ram Naresh Yadav and the Chief Minister is Shivraj Singh Chouhan who is a member of Bharatiya Janata Party. This state is considered as one of the major states regarding the politics and culture of India. Madhya Pradesh sends 40 members to the Indian Parliament. 29 members are elected to the Lok Sabha and 11 members are elected to the Rajya Sabha. The 2 political parties that are dominant in this state are the BJP and the INC. This state has a two-party system. The regional parties of this state have not seen much success in the recent elections. In the state elections of 2008 in November, the BJP had won a majority with 143 seats. It defeated INC which had grabbed on to only 71 seats. The Bahujan Samaj Party had won only 7 seats. See Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2013 Results

Results for the 2013 Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections were announced on 8 December 2013. BJP defeated the Congress thrice in a row. The Congress faced a major defeat in the state, winning merely 58 out of the 230 Assembly seats in the Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha. The BJP bagged 165 out of the 230 Assembly constituencies, while the rest 7 were won by other political parties. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan of the BJP registered a hat-trick by having been elected the CM of state for the third consecutive time, thus entering the Narendra Modi league who had registered a similar record in Gujarat.

The hopes of Congress leaders in the state including Digvjay Singh and Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Chief Ministerial candidate of the Congress in Madhya Pradesh. The election results indicated that the BJP had not been hit by an anti-incumbency wave in Madhya Pradesh (MP). Besides Chouhan’s success in MP was attributed to the then BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s campaigning in the state.

Administrative structure

The state of Madhya Pradesh has a unicameral legislature. Like all other states, MP has a parliamentary system of governance. The executive authority lies with the council of ministers headed by the Chief Minister. The Governor, who is the titular head of the state, is elected by the President of India. The state has High Court benches at Indore, Gwalior, and Jabalpur. Then there are the district courts and family courts. At the local level, the state is divided into many divisions which are further divided into districts. Each division is headed by a commissioner and each district by a collector.

Issues of the state

Though the state does not face any big problems like Naxalism, caste conflict, terrorism etc., but it has its own share of issues related to social development like education, women and child health, poverty, gender based discrimination etc.

The advent of multinational companies has destroyed the state's natural resources. The untreated effluents of the factories are discharged into the rivers thus leading to pollution of rivers and ground water.

The parties while campaigning had targeted each other on the issues of corruption, governance, economic growth and employment.

Political Parties of Madhya Pradesh

BJP - Bhartiya Janta PartyBPI - Bolshevik Party of IndiaCPI - Communist party of India
FBL (MG) - F.B. (Marxist group)FBL (RG) - Forward Bloc (Ruikar Group)HMS - Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha
INC - Indian National CongressKMPP - Kisan Mazdoor Praja PartyRRP - Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad
SCF - All India Scheduled Caste FederationSP - Socialist PartyBLC - Bharatiya Lok Congress
SKP - S.K. Paksha  

These 51 districts in turn form 51 Jila Panchayats. The municipalities of Madhya Pradesh are branched into 3 divisions - Nagar Nigams, Nagar Palikas and Nagar Panchayats.

State Legislative Assembly of Madhya Pradesh

This state was formed on 1 November 1956. This was done by merging the territories of the States of Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Pradesh, Bhopal, Mahakoshal and Madhya Pradesh (MP). The first Legislative Assembly was started from 1st November 1956 to 5th March 1957. After the reorganisation, the first elections were held in the year 1957. The Legislative Assembly of this state is also known as Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha.

The electoral system of this state consists of the National level representation. Elections are held regularly for the purpose of forming the Government that can run the state. This state has a legislative assembly comprising 230 seats. The term of the Vidhan Sabha is five years, but will not be applicable if dissolved prior to that. The current speaker of this house is Sitaram Sharma, a BJP MLA. The elections were held in the State and the present House and the 12th Legislative Assembly were constituted on 5 December, 2013.

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election Results:

List of Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh

S. No.Chief MinisterFromToParty Name
1Shivraj Singh ChauhanDec 12, 2008IncumbentBJP
2Shivraj Singh ChauhanNov 29, 2005Dec 12, 2008BJP
3Babulal GaurAug 23, 2004Nov 29, 2005BJP
4Uma BhartiDec 8, 2003Aug 23, 2004BJP
5Digvijay SinghDec 1, 1998Dec 8, 2003INC
6Digvijay SinghDec 7, 1993Dec 1, 1998INC
 President's ruleDec 16, 1992Dec 6, 1993 
7Sunderlal PatwaMar 5, 1990Dec 15, 1992BJP
8Shyama Charan ShuklaDec 9, 1989Mar 4, 1990INC
9Motilal VoraJan 25, 1989Dec 8, 1989INC
10Arjun SinghFeb 14, 1988Jan 24, 1989INC
11Motilal VoraMar 13, 1985Feb 13, 1988INC
12Arjun SinghMar 11, 1985Mar 12, 1985INC
13Arjun SinghJun 8, 1980Mar 10, 1985INC
 President's ruleFeb 18, 1980Jun 8, 1980 
14Sunderlal PatwaJan 20, 1980Feb 17, 1980Janata Party
15Virendra Kumar SaklechaJan 18, 1978Jan 19, 1980Janata Party
16Kailash Chandra JoshiJun 26, 1977Jan 17, 1978Janata Party
 President's ruleApr 29, 1977Jun 25, 1977 
17Shyama Charan ShuklaDec 23, 1975Apr 29, 1977INC
18Prakash Chandra SethiMar 23, 1972Dec 22, 1975INC
19Prakash Chandra SethiJan 29, 1972Mar 22, 1972INC
20Shyama Charan ShuklaMar 26, 1969Jan 28, 1972INC
21Raja Nareshchandra SinghMar 13, 1969Mar 25, 1969INC
22Govind Narayan SinghJul 30, 1967Mar 12, 1969INC
23Dwarka Prasad MishraMar 9, 1967Jul 29, 1967INC
24Dwarka Prasad MishraSep 30, 1963Mar 8, 1967INC
25Bhagwantrao MandloiMar 12, 1962Sep 29, 1963INC
26Kailash Nath KatjuMar 14, 1957Mar 11, 1962INC
27Kailash Nath KatjuJan 31, 1957Mar 14, 1957INC
28Bhagwantrao MandloiJan 1, 1957Jan 30, 1957INC
29Pt. Ravishankar ShuklaNov 1, 1956Dec 31, 1956INC

List of Governors of Madhya Pradesh

S.No.Name of GovernorFromTo
1Shri Ram Naresh YadavAug 9, 11Present
2Shri Rameshwar ThakurJun 30, 09Aug 9, 11
3Dr. Bal Ram JakharJun 30, 04Jun 29, 09
4Shri Krishna Mohan Seth (Acting)Feb 5, 04Jun 29, 04
5Shri Ram Prakash GuptaJul 5, 03Jan 5, 04
6Dr. Bhai MahavirApr 22, 98Jun 5, 03
7Dr. Mohd. Shafi QureshiJun 24, 93Apr 21, 98
8Shri Kunwar Mahmud Ali KhanJun 2, 90Jun 23, 93
9Smt. Sarla GrewalMar 31, 89May 2, 90
10Shri K. M. ChandyDec 30, 87Mar 30, 89
11Justice N. D. Ojha (Acting)Jan 12, 87Dec 29, 87
12Shri K. M. ChandyMay 15, 84Nov 30, 87
13Shri Bhagwat Dayal SharmaAug 10, 83May 14, 84
14Justice G. P. Singh (Acting)Sep 21, 83Jul 10, 83
15Shri Bhagwat Dayal SharmaOct 7, 81Sep 20, 83
16Justice G. P. SIngh (Acting)May 26, 81Sep 7, 81
17Shri Bhagwat Dayal SharmaApr 30, 80May 25, 81
18Shri Cheppudira Muthana PunachaAug 17, 78Apr 29, 80
19Shri Niranjan Nath WanchuOct 14, 77Aug 16, 78
20Shri Satyanarayan SinhaAug 3, 71Oct 13, 77
21Shri Kyasamballi Chengalrao ReddyOct 2, 66Jul 3, 71
22Justice P. V. Dixit (Acting)Mar 2, 66Sep 2, 66
23Shri Kyasamballi Chengalrao ReddyNov 2, 65Feb 2, 66
24Padma Vibhushan Shri Hari Vinayak PataskarJun 14, 57Oct 2, 65
25Shri Bhograju Pattabhi SitaramaiyaJan 11, 56Jun 13, 57

Cabinet Ministers of Madhya Pradesh

MinistriesName of Minsiter
Chief Minister, General Administration, Narmada Valley Development, Culture, Tourism, Aviation Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan
Home and JailShri Babulal Gaur
Water Resources, Finance & Commercial Taxes, Planning, Economics and StatisticsShri Jayant Mallayya
Panchayats, Rural Development & Social Justice and CooperativesShri Gopal Bhargawa
Forests, Bio-Diversity and Bio-technology Shri Gaurishankar Shejwar
Urban Administration & Housing-EnvrionmentShri Kailash Vijayvargiya
Public WorksShri Sartaj Singh
Health & Family Welfare, Medical Education, AYUSH, Bhopal Gas Tragedy and Parliamentary AffairsShri Narottam Mishra
Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer ProtectionShri Kunwar Vijay Shah
Farmers Welfare and Agriculture DevelopmentShri Gourishankar Chaturbhuj Bisen
Technical Education, Skill Development, Higher EducationShri Umashankar Gupta
Animal Husbandry, Horticulture and Food Processing, Fishermen’s Welfare and Fisheries Development, Cottage & Village Industries, Law & Legislative Affairs, Public Health EngineerSushri Kusum Mehdele
Commerce, Industries and Employment, Public Sector Undertakings, Sports & Youth Welfare, Religious Trusts & EndowmentSmt.Yashodhra Raje Scindia
School EducationShri Paras Chandra Jain
Energy, New & Renewable Energy, Mineral Resources and Public RelationsShri Rajendra Shukla
Labour, Bacward Classes & Minorities Welfare, Denotified, Nomadic & Semi-nomadic Tribes WelfareShri Antar Singh Arya
Revenue, RehabilitationShri Rampal Singh
Tribal Welfare, Scheduled Castes WelfareShri Gyan Singh
Women & Child DevelopmentSmt Maya Singh
Transport, Information Technology, Public Service Management, Public Grievances RedressalShri Bhoopendra Singh
State Minister, School Education, Higher EducationShri Deepka Joshi
State Minister, Narmada Valley Development, General Adminsitration, AviationShri Lal Singh Arya
State Minister, Health & Family Welfare, Medical Education, AYUSH, Gas Relief, Parliamentary AffairsShri Sharad Jain
State Minister, Culture and TourismShri Surendra Patwa

Rajya Sabha Members from Madhya Pradesh

Shri Satyavrat Chaturvedi Indian National Congress 03/04/2012 to 02/04/2018Shri Anil Madhav Dave Bharatiya Janata Party 30/06/2010 to 29/06/2016
Shri Thaawar Chand Gehlot Bharatiya Janata Party 03/04/2012 to 02/04/2018Dr. Najma A. Heptulla Bharatiya Janata Party 03/04/2012 to 02/04/2018
Shri Satyanarayan Jatiya Bharatiya Janata Party 10/04/2014 to 09/04/2020Shri Prabhat JhaBharatiya Janata Party 10/04/2014 to 09/04/2020
Dr. Chandan Mitra Bharatiya Janata Party 30/06/2010 to 29/06/2016Dr. Vijaylaxmi SadhoIndian National Congress 30/06/2010 to 29/06/2016
Shri Digvijaya SinghIndian National Congress 10/04/2014 to 09/04/2020Sh. Prakash JavadekarBharatiya Janata Party03/04/2012 to 02/04/2018

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Madhya Pradesh

The Chief Electoral Officer is responsible for the elections and has to ensure that they remain "free and fair". Shri Jaideep Govind is the Chief Electoral Officer of the state of Madhya Pradesh, and was appointed before the 2009 General Elections. Born in 1960, he was brought up in Madhya Pradesh and has a postgraduate degree in Botany as well as Developmental Administration. In October 2013, Govind remarked that democracy has failed in India due to poor voter participation. He further implored that people should understand the power given to them by the Indian Constitution, utilise it while voting and not have a nonchalant attitude that is so prevalent amongst the voters of today.

Madhya pradesh Lok Sabha Election Results 2014 - Party wise

Shown below are the number of seats won by BJP, INC, AAP and others in Madhya pradesh Lok Sabha Elections 2014.

Madhya pradesh 2014 Party Wise Results

Shown below is the list of winner/runnerup candidates of all parliamentary constituencies ofMadhya pradesh with their party name and symbol along with the votes secured by each candidate.

Ujjain WinnerProf. Chintamani Malviya
Runner upPremchand Guddu
Sagar WinnerLaxmi Narayan Yadav
Runner upGovind Singh Rajput
Rajgarh WinnerRodmal Nagar
Runner upNarayan Singh Amlabe
Gwalior WinnerNarendra Singh Tomar
Runner upAshok Singh
Vidisha WinnerSushma Swaraj
Runner upLakshman Singh
Morena WinnerAnoop Mishra
Runner upBrindawan Singh Sikarwar
Mandla WinnerFaggan Singh Kulaste
Runner upOmkar Markam
Betul Winner Jyoti Dhurve
Runner upAjay Shah Makrai
Shahdol WinnerDalpat Singh Paraste
Runner up Rajesh Nandini Singh
Khargone WinnerSubhash Patel
Runner upRamesh Patel
Rewa WinnerJanardan Mishra
Runner upSunderlal Tiwari
Chhindwara WinnerKamal Nath
Runner upChoudhary Chandrabhan Kuber Singh
Dhar Winner Savitri Thakur
Runner upUmang Singhar
Khajuraho WinnerNagendra Singh
Runner Up-----------
Mandsaur WinnerSudhir Gupta
Runner upMeenakshi Natarajan
Tikamgarh WinnerDr. Virendra Kumar
Runner upAhirwar Dr Kamlesh Verma
Dewas WinnerManohar Untwal
Runner upSajjan Kumar Verma
Bhopal WinnerAlok Sanjar
Runner upP C Sharma
Bhind WinnerDr. Bhagirath Prasad
Runner up Imarti Devi
Hoshangabad WinnerRao Uday Pratap Singh
Runner upDevendra Patel
Guna WinnerJyotiraditya Scindia
Runner upJaibhan Singh Pawaiya
Balaghat WinnerBodh Singh Bhagat
Runner upMs Heena Kaware
Jabalpur WinnerRakesh Singh
Runner upVivek Tankha
Khandwa WinnerNandkumar Singh Chouhan (Nandu Bhaiya)
Runner upArun Subhash Chandra Yadav
Sidhi Winner Riti Pathak
Runner upIndrajeet Kumar
Indore Winner Sumitra Mahajan
Runner upSatyanarayan Patel
Satna WinnerGanesh Singh
Runner Up-----------
Ratlam WinnerDileepsingh Bhuriya
Runner upKantilal Bhuriya
Damoh WinnerPrahalad Singh Patel
Runner upChoudhary Mahendra Pratap Singh

Last Updated on July 16, 2015

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