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Polling Booth in Uluberia Uttar Assembly Constituency

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Uluberia Uttar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Uluberia Uttar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Uluberia Uttar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Danki Primary School963Kumaria
2Kotalapara Primary School1130Kotalpara
3Chakpota Primary School1020Chakpota
5Kumaria Primary School768Kumaria
7Uttar Raspur Prathamik Vidyalaya639Raspur
8Rashpur High School824Raspur
10Rashpur Girls High School569Kalikata
11Kolikata Prathamik Vidyalaya673Kalikata
12Somewar Somnath Boys Prathamik School660Sameshwar
13Someswar Kengo Para Prathamik Vidyalaya708Sameshwar
14Sariyala Pry Vidyalaya471Jotkalyan
15Jyotkalyan Pushparani Vidyamandir719Jotkalyan
16Chhotomohara Primary School901Chhota Mahara
18Tarapada Junior High School710Chhota Mahara
21Awargachi Primary School774Jotkalyan
23Sirajbati Gram Panchat Office597Amta (CT)
24Santoshnagar Primary School537Madaria
25Sirajbati Jagannathpur Primary School873Madaria
27Mandaria Bhabanamayee Primary School787Madaria
29Melaipara Primary School491Amta (CT)
31Jagannathpur Balipota Primary School740Serajbati
33Milkichak Primary Vidyalaya711Serajbati
35Chandrapur Board Prathamik Vidyalaya745Chandrapur (CT)
37New Chatra Pry Vidyalaya1011Chatra
39Chandrapur Hedayet Ali Khan Madhyamik Siskha Center770Chandrapur (CT)
41Chatra Dakhin Harishpur Prathamik Vidyalaya916Dakshin Harishpur
44Mahishgoha Primary Vidyalaya737Chandrapur (CT)
47Bhandargacha Sadaybhusan Balika Prathamik Vidyalaya1046Bhandar Gachha (CT)
48Dakshin Ramachandrapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1073Dakshin Ramchandrapur
50Panapur S.B. High School650Panpur
52Bhandergacha S. B. Primary School917Bhandar Gachha (CT)
53Bhandergacha S. B. Balika Vidyalaya686Bhandar Gachha (CT)
57Ghoshpur Nandalal Junior Basic School852Ghoshpur
59Serpur Tapashili Primary Vidyalaya698Serpur
61Dakshin Serpur Primary Vidyalaya941Serpur
62Amta Pitambar Primary School895Amta (CT)
63Amta Balika Pry. Vidyalaya790Amta (CT)
65Amta Pitambar High School665Guzarpur
66Amta Ramasaday College522Amta (CT)
68Gujarpur Primary School879Guzarpur
69Dhara Para Pry Vidyalaya663Amta (CT)
72Gujarpur Singpara Angawari Center633Guzarpur
74Gagan Pry Vidyalaya440Amta (CT)
75Amta Nityananda High School787Amta (CT)
77Muktirchak Prathamik Vidyalaya711Ghoshpur
78Muktichak Pry Vidyalay (Old Bidl)670Ghoshpur
79Dakshin Deora Prathamik Vidyalaya349Ranapara
81Deora Prathamik Vidyalaya704Deora (CT)
82Deora High Pry Vidyalaya933Deora (CT)
83Sekhpara Prathamik Vidyalaya570Purba Gazipur
85Deora Purbapara Prathamik Vidyalaya1036Deora (CT)
87Rana Para Primary School832Ranapara
89Khan Para Primary School908Purba Gazipur
90J.K.B.R. High School1122Purba Gazipur
91Gajipur Bishuberiya Primary School894Purba Gazipur
92Udang Paschimapara Primary School980Udang (CT)
93Khasnan Prathamik Vidyalaya1104Khasnan
94Udang Uttarpara Primary School895Udang (CT)
95Bishuberiya Pry Vidyalaya787Khasnan
96Rampada Primary School871Udang (CT)
97Udang High School(Pashchimangsh)959Udang (CT)
99Fatepur Primary School1004Fatepur
101Sonamui Fate Sing Nahar High School1045Sonamui
103Madhyakul Prathamik Vidyalaya792Madhyakul
105Janjalichak Pry Vidyalaya670Janjali Chak
106Sonamui Girls High School754Sonamui
108Purba Kumarchak Haitpara Primary School1113Kumar Chak
109Tentuliyapara Primary School789Tentuliapara
110Bhagabatipur Primary School797Tentuliapara
112Gobindachak C. S. Primary School1048Gobinda Chak
114Khardah High School863Khardaha
115Khardha Final Pry Vidyalaya877Khardaha
118Kumarchak Converted Jr. Basic School1004Kumar Chak
120Katarapada Primary School543Kantaberia (CT)
122Rajakhola Pada Sauth Primary School743Kantaberia (CT)
124Tehatt Layek Pada Primary School974Tehatta (CT)
127Tehatt Junior Basic School767Tehatta (CT)
128Tehatta Balika Vidyalaya553Tehatta (CT)
129Tehatta Helth Center1029Tehatta (CT)
131Tehatt High School529Tehatta (CT)
135Basudebapur Bord Primary School536Basudebpur (CT)
137Basudebapur Tapashili Primary School810Basudebpur (CT)
139Magurakhali Primary School533Basudebpur (CT)
141Bahir Chandanpur Pry School606Basudebpur (CT)
143Bar Ramanagar Aadarsh Juhbesik School809Barramnagar
145Basudebapur Ramakrishn Vidyamandir797Basudebpur (CT)
147Aandharamanik Primary School750Basudebpur (CT)
149Khalisani Ramanagar Jatiy Vidyapith571Barramnagar
151Shudikhali Primary School689Surikhali
155Kamala Chak Kalitala Primary School879Kamala Chak
156Kantabediya Saty Piratala Primary Vidyalaya1095Kantaberia (CT)
157Kamalachak(Siberahana) Primary School Rum691Kamala Chak
159Kamalachak Panchananatala Primary School692Kamala Chak
161Kantaberia New Setup Upper Pry School888Baniban Jagadishpur (CT)
162Tehattakantaberia Junior Basic School529Kantaberia (CT)
164Baniban Jagadishapur Junior Basic School1091Baniban Jagadishpur (CT)
167Srinibas Kayal Pry School934Kantaberia (CT)
168Kantabediya Tarun Sanggh High School903Kantaberia (CT)
169Deshapran Pathagar989Tulsiberia
170Tulasibediya Pashchim Para Primary School661Tulsiberia
172Tulasibediya Balika Madhyamik Vidyalaya798Tulsiberia
175Chakabhagabatipur Makhalapada Primary School811Chak.Bhagabatipur
177Kamina High School1072Kamina
181Sumada Board Primary School854Sumda
182Sumda East Pry School816Sumda
183Chakabhagabatipur Primary School922Chak.Bhagabatipur
184Mahisharekha Primary School711Mahishrekha (CT)
186Abhiramapur Primary School1048Abhirampur
187Srimpur Bagpara S.S.K752Srirampur
188Shriramapur Nutan Primary School983Srirampur
190Jagaramapur Primary School857Jagarampur
192Bansberia Pry School688Jagarampur
193Badagram Primary School732Baragram
195Karatabediya Kajirachak Primary School1024Joargor
196Joyaragodi Iuniyan High School931Joargor
198Joyaragodi 1No Primary Vidyalaya759Joargor
200Bad Bangalapur Najarul Smriti Primary Vidyalaya754Barbangalpur
201Bamunahati Primary School878Bamunhati
204Madhubati Nayachak Sukant Smriti Primary Vidyalaya816Madhubati
206Nayachak Shibatala Primary School768Joargor
209Brindabanapur Madhy Pada Primary School704Brindabanpur (CT)
211Nurullya Pada Es. Es. Ke1015Brindabanpur (CT)
212Sabitabhakta Pry School1041Karatber
213Baniban Dharmmatola Prathamik Vidyalaya1115Baniban (CT)
214Prashann AashramBrindabanapur Juhbeh School671Brindabanpur (CT)
216Baniban Adarsha Pry School957Baniban (CT)
217Baniban Goyalabediya Juhbeh School703Baniban (CT)
218Karatabediya Bord Primary School488Karatber
220Kalyanabrat Sanggh High School830Brindabanpur (CT)
223Baniban Jangalabilas Primary School853Baniban (CT)
225Baniban Dakshinapada Primary School585Baniban (CT)
227Karatabediya Isht Primary School Uttarangsh711Karatber
229Brindabanapur 1No Bord Primary School1044Brindabanpur (CT)
231Rajapur Primary School825Rajapur
234Baniban Uchch Madhyamik Balika Vidyalaya750Uttar Pirpur (CT)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014