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Polling Booth in Uluberia Purba Assembly Constituency

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Uluberia Purba Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Uluberia Purba

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Uluberia Purba Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Khalisani Panchananatala Garlas Primary School748Khalisani (CT)
3Khalishani Satyamayi Prathamik Vidyalaya439Khalisani (CT)
5Khalishani Tulasi Menaka Primary School1007Khalisani (CT)
6Jagannath Pur Pry. School967Jagannathpur
7Khalishani No2 Primary School (Oyest)550Khalisani (CT)
9Khalishani Shantimayi Primary School1050Khalisani (CT)
10Dashabaga Basu Kanchhari Primaryvidyalaya571Dasbhanga
12Dashbaga Bord Priy School667Dasbhanga
14Khalishani 2No Primary School (Purbangsh)1031Khalisani (CT)
15Khalisani Isht Primary School805Khalisani (CT)
17Shri Shri Yogamaya Prathamik School847Raghudebpur (CT)
19Basudebapur KeEnPiSiHigh School547Gharbhanga Basudebpur
21Raghudebapur Pry. School891Raghudebpur (CT)
23Raghudebapur Isht Primary School705Raghudebpur (CT)
26Gharabhanga Basudebapur Primary School717Gharbhanga Basudebpur
27Balaramapota Bord Primary School799Raghudebpur (CT)
29Balaramapota Sauth Primary School670Balarampota (CT)
32Santoshapur Pashchim Primary School604Santoshpur (CT)
34Ghoshalachak Primary School878Ghosal Chak (CT)
36Shibaramachak PiAarJiPrimary School971Ghosal Chak (CT)
39Paramanandachak Primary School1050Santoshpur (CT)
40Santoshapur Bord Primary School905Santoshpur (CT)
41Budikhali IuPiSchool Keem.Inashtitiushan1022Santoshpur (CT)
42Fort Glastar Prathamik School878Uluberia (M + OG)
44Radhanagar Primary School959Uluberia (M + OG)
46Fort Glastar Vidyalaya (High)813Uluberia (M + OG)
48Burikhali K.M. Institution629Uluberia (M + OG)
51Kajirchara Dakshin Primary School773Uluberia (M + OG)
53Shyamasundarachak Govt. Colony Girls Sch. (Jr)951Uluberia (M + OG)
55Shyamsundarchak Govt. Colony Primary School861Uluberia (M + OG)
57Bowria Girls High School (Burikhali)672Uluberia (M + OG)
59Bowria Govt. Spons. Pry. School849Uluberia (M + OG)
60Burikhali Purba Prathamik School (Kadamtala)829Uluberia (M + OG)
63Chakabanekhan Dakshinpara Primary School1027Uluberia (M + OG)
64Khajuri Apar Primary School658Uluberia (M + OG)
69Uttar Khajuri Primary Vidyalaya1139Uluberia (M + OG)
71Rameshwarbati Girls Prathamik School1116Uluberia (M + OG)
72Baulakhali Primary School (Shibatala )951Uluberia (M + OG)
74Kajirchara High School965Uluberia (M + OG)
77Burikhali Pashchim Primary School1008Uluberia (M + OG)
78Khaskhamar High Madrasa1079Uluberia (M + OG)
80Chakmadhu Primary School808Uluberia (M + OG)
82Khaskhamar Bord Primary School903Uluberia (M + OG)
86Chengail Girls Primary School564Uluberia (M + OG)
88Chengail High Madrasa632Uluberia (M + OG)
90Chengail Daibakhali Primary School1073Uluberia (M + OG)
93Kotalaghata Musalimapada Primary School774Uluberia (M + OG)
95Kalashapa Bijay Krishn Primary School770Uluberia (M + OG)
96Jamberiya Primary School775Uluberia (M + OG)
98Jagatpur Adarsh Vidyalaya688Uluberia (M + OG)
100Kotalghat Samajkalyan Balika Vidyalaya639Uluberia (M + OG)
102Tantiberiya Primary School1068Uluberia (M + OG)
103Barbangalpur Pry Vidyalaya452Uluberia (M + OG)
104Jagatapur Kanabharted Juhbesik School714Uluberia (M + OG)
105Jagatpur Ista Pry. School862Uluberia (M + OG)
106Chengail Karanpara Primary School912Uluberia (M + OG)
108Shrividyaniketan High School(Samui Para)792Uluberia (M + OG)
110Chengail Kiranshashi Shiksha Mandir1095Uluberia (M + OG)
111Sijaberiya Primary School421Uluberia (M + OG)
115Sijaberiya Primary School(Puratan Narikelatala)891Uluberia (M + OG)
117Chengail 1No Govt. Primary School497Uluberia (M + OG)
121Chengail Premachand Jut Mil Kyantin1078Uluberia (M + OG)
122Larens Mil Hindi School (Aaytachard Larens Bajar)1068Uluberia (M + OG)
125Pashchim Bauriya Boyes Primary School (Molla Para)518Uluberia (M + OG)
126Fatema Bibi Smtri Pry. School799Uluberia (M + OG)
127Pashchim Bauriya Pakhira Para Primary School1045Uluberia (M + OG)
129Chengail 2No G.S.F.P School883Uluberia (M + OG)
130Sarbaday Gram Prathamik School638Uluberia (M + OG)
133Bauriya West No2 Prathamik Vidyalaya704Uluberia (M + OG)
135Sinduriyamal 2No Primary School744Uluberia (M + OG)
137Sipaipara Prathamik School699Uluberia (M + OG)
139Dakshin Bauriya Junior Basic School968Uluberia (M + OG)
140Sinduriyamal 1No Primary School626Uluberia (M + OG)
142Hut Bauriya Primary School391Uluberia (M + OG)
145Fort Glastar Primary School695Uluberia (M + OG)
151Shrihangs Sarbajanin Hindi Vidyalaya795Uluberia (M + OG)
152Fortgloster 2 No Pry. School Bhasapara1021Uluberia (M + OG)
153Katila Primary School899Uluberia (M + OG)
154Baniban Yadurabediya Bidyapitha477Uluberia (M + OG)
156Kaji Najrul Islam Prathamik Vidyalaya835Uluberia (M + OG)
158Banitala Bord Primary School (Gopalchandra)1056Uluberia (M + OG)
159Nimadighi Frih Primary School761Uluberia (M + OG)
160Nimdighi High Madrasha585Uluberia (M + OG)
161Yadurabediya Beshik Pri. School690Uluberia (M + OG)
163Yadurabediya Haiskula(Garlas)947Uluberia (M + OG)
164Natibapur Primary School922Uluberia (M + OG)
168Kushabediya Board Primary School917Uluberia (M + OG)
170Fuleshbar Rajabangshi Pada Fri Primary Vidyalaya682Uluberia (M + OG)
172Kushberiya High School677Uluberia (M + OG)
174Bakunthapur Primary School760Uluberia (M + OG)
176Kotalghata Netaji Pry. Vidyalaya589Uluberia (M + OG)
178Fuleswar Mahamaya Prathamik Vidyalaya346Uluberia (M + OG)
179Fuleshbar Aanand Mayi Prathamik School756Uluberia (M + OG)
180Jagannathapur 2No Primary Vidyalaya611Uluberia (M + OG)
182Fuleswar Helth Center787Uluberia (M + OG)
183Jagannathapur Satamahal Primary School771Uluberia (M + OG)
184Lyadlo School943Uluberia (M + OG)
185Chengail Purba Primary School1030Uluberia (M + OG)
187Chengail Telegu School1087Uluberia (M + OG)
192Mahamaya Primary Vidyalaya (Banitala)849Uluberia (M + OG)
193Hajitofel Pry. Vidyalaya1002Uluberia (M + OG)
195Gangaramapur Primary School737Uluberia (M + OG)
196Eyasihinjihpihdablu.Di.Afis Uluh Sab Dibhisan658Uluberia (M + OG)
198Uluberia Munisipaliti Helth Center803Uluberia (M + OG)
200Ulubediya 1No Blak Unnayan Afis248Uluberia (M + OG)
203Nona Hai School442Uluberia (M + OG)
206Bajarapada Prathamik Vidyalaya477Uluberia (M + OG)
208Nona Primary School591Uluberia (M + OG)
210Nona 2No Prathamik Vidyalaya840Uluberia (M + OG)
211Ulubediya Kalej925Uluberia (M + OG)
213Ulubediya Hai School957Uluberia (M + OG)
214Mayrapara Prathamik Vidyalaya745Uluberia (M + OG)
216Bahir Gangaramapur Primary School803Uluberia (M + OG)
220Fatepur Fri Primary School1163Uluberia (M + OG)
222Fatepur Netaji Primary School1012Uluberia (M + OG)
223Ulubediya Hahihdi.Iu.Es.Siniyar Madrasa649Uluberia (M + OG)
224Hatkaliganga Prathamik Vidyalaya667Uluberia (M + OG)
225Ulubediya Hai School(Puratan BiTiKalej)868Uluberia (M + OG)
227Uttarapada Jagadishapur Primary School1405Uluberia (M + OG)
229Jagadishapur 2 No Primary School845Uluberia (M + OG)
231Jagadishpur Board Pry. School819Uluberia (M + OG)
232Jagadishpur New Setup Upper Prathamik Vidyalaya811Uluberia (M + OG)
233Jagadishpur New Setup Upper Primary School688Uluberia (M + OG)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014