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Polling Booth in Tufanganj Assembly Constituency

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Tufanganj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Tufanganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tufanganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Chikliguri No-2 Primary School938Chikliguri Dwitia Khanda
3Bhurkush High School727Chikliguri Pratham Khanda
4Chhat Chikliguri Pry. School549Chikliguri Pratham Khanda
5Uttar Dhalpal Forth Plan Primary School1012Chikliguri Dwitia Khanda
6Shikdarerkhata Special Kadre Primary School570Sikdarerkhata
7Dakshin Shikdarerkhata 5Th Plan Pry. School682Sikdarerkhata
8Shikdarerkhata Dhallar Pry. School917Sikdarerkhata
9Community Hall Dhalpal Bazar740Dhalpal
10Thakur Panchanan Madhyamik Shikha Kendraa979Dhalpal
11Dhalpal Higher Secondary School698Dhalpal
13Dhalpal 2 Pry. School596Dhalpal
14Dhalpal Special Cadre Primary School608Dhalpal
15Dorko Govt. Primary School1023Dorko
16Chengtimari 4Th Plan Primary School516Chengtimari
17Nagurur Hat High School525Salbari
19Shalbari Junior Basic School1067Salbari
21Nagururhat Karjee Para Junior Basic School668Salbari
23Banshraja 2Nd Part Special Cadre Primary School467Bashraja Dwitia Khanda
24Layek Para Sukanta Shishu Shiksha Kendraa911Salbari
25Shalbari High School932Salbari
26Bansharaja Part-1 New Tribal Primary School671Basraja Pratham Khanda
27Banshraja Govt. Primary School736Basraja Pratham Khanda
29Banshraja No1 Aided Primary School1129Basraja Pratham Khanda
30Bhandijelas Govt. Primary School811Basraja Pratham Khanda
31Takoyamari Govt. Primary School803Takoamari
33Rasikbil No-2 Junior Basic School845Atia Mochar
34Takoamari High School1125Paglirkuthi
35Rasikbil Govt. Primary School952Rasikbil
37Rasikbil No.2 Junior Basic School712Rasikbil
38Uttar Bakla Primary School819Bakla
39Purba Bakla Shishu Shiksha Kendraa775Bakla
40Bakla Ramkrishna High School926Taterkuthi
42Khagribari Govt. Primary School705Khagribari
44Madhur Bhasha Haribari Shishu Shiksha Kendraa801Madhurbhasa
45Dakshin Rampur 4Th Plan Primary School707Rampur
47Dakshin Rampur No2 Fifth Plan Pry. School906Rampur
48Dakshin Rampur Central R.R. Pry. School570Rampur
50Garbhanga State Plan Primary School907Gorbhanga
51Singimari Purba Para Primary School799Singimari
53Singimari Higher Secondary School706Singimari
55Dhorarkuthi Junior Basic School758Rampur
57Jaldhoa No2 Special Cadre Primary School822Jaldhoa
59Pashchim Rampur Vidyasagar Shishu Shiksha Kendraa637Rampur
61Pashchim Rampur No7 Kaloni Primary School852Rampur
62Uttar Rampur 4Th Plan Primary School662Rampur
63Naziran Deutikhata Deshbandhu Pry. School693Najiran Deutikhanda
64Naziran Deutikhata New Pry. School794Najiran Deutikhanda
65Najiran Deutikhata Junior Basic School834Najiran Deutikhanda
67Chhatbhalka 4Th Plan Primary School887Chhat Bhalka
68Chhatbhalka No. 1 Primary School650Rampur
70Naothoa Special Cadre Primary School758Rampur
71Jorai High School742Rampur
73Uttar Rampur Sahid Khudiram Shishushikha Kendraa862Rampur
74Uttar Rampur Kharimala Pry. School872Rampur
75Pashchim Rampur No5 Kaloni Primary School652Rampur
77Barnikata 5Th Plan Primary School771Falimari
79Falimari Chikantala Primary School772Falimari
81Falimari Aided Primary School718Falimari
82Purba Falimari 5Th Plan Pry School757Falimari
83Chhat Falimari Jayguru Special Cadre Primary School907Falimari
84Dakshin Falimari Madhyachar Fifth Plan Primary School829Falimari
86Shaldanga Vidyasagar Vidyapith991Mahishkuchi
88Ghokso Special Cadre Primary School633Mahishkuchi
90Palika Neheru Vidyapith1102Palika
92Mahishkhuchi High School695Mahishkuchi
94Mahishkuchi Nimnabuniadi Pry. School997Mahishkuchi
95Fersabari Netaji Vidyapith Junior Basic School460Phersabari
96Pashchim Fersabari 4Th Plan Primary School751Phersabari
97Dakshin Bhanukumari Vidyasagar Pry. School963Bhanukumari
98Baksir Hat Junior Basic School815Bhanukumari
100Bhanukumari Govt. Primary School1122Bhanukumari
101Char Bhanukumari Primary School943Bhanukumari
103Chhit Barolowkuthi Junior High School869Chhit Bara Laukuthi
105Madhya Bhanukumari 5Th Plan Primary School713Bhanukumari
107Thetarpat Aided Pry. School978Bhanukumari
108Baksirhat Higher Secondary School698Bhanukumari
110Bhanu Kumari No-3 Purba Para Primary School794Bhanukumari
112Gharghariya No-2 Kalachand Nanigopal Primary School1126Chhota Laukuthi (CT)
114Bidhan Pathagar Vidyapith911Chhota Laukuthi (CT)
116Dhaldabari State Plan Primary School651Dhaldabri
117Dhaldabari No 2 Primary School1031Dhaldabri
118Dhaldabri Junior High School691Dhaldabri
119Uttaran Primary School805Dhaldabri
120Nakarkhana Junior Basic School542Nakarkhana
121Nakarkhana State Plan Pry. School324Chhat Balakuthi
123Nakarkhana R.R. Pry. School637Nakarkhana
125Mantani Govt Primary School827Mantani
126Chhat Bhareya Aided Primary School419Chhat Balakuthi
127Jhaukuthi Central Sponsored Primary School843Purba Jhaukuthi
128Shilghagri Govt. Primary School537Shilghagri
130Balakuthi High School694Bala Kuthi
132Balakuthi Aided Primary School570Bala Kuthi
134Dakshin Balakuthi Nazrul Shishu Niketan Pry. School962Bala Kuthi
135Talliguri High School764Bara Salbari
137Talliguri Pry. School1018Bara Salbari
139Barashalbari Aided Primary School688Bara Salbari
141Bochamari High School671Bara Salbari
143Jirati Shalbari Aided Primary School701Jiratisalbari
144Sukdhan Primary School985Bajrapur
145Bajrapur Special Cadre Primary School655Bajrapur
146Turkanir Kuthi New Primary School832Turkanirkuthi
147Trisima Special Cadre Primary School864Bhandijalas
148Harirhat High School811Bhandijalas
150Bhandijelas Madhy Para 5Th Plan Primary School750Bhandijalas
151Taraganj Special Cadre Primary School649Jhingapuni
153Taraganj I.C.D.S. Centre1037Jhingapuni
154Barokodali Higher Secondary School1096Bara Kodali
155Haripur Aided 1St Phase Primary School1074Haripur
157Langalgram R.R. .Primary School671Langalgram
159Mechkoka Govt Primary School621Mechkoka
161Barokodali Govt. Pry. School659Bara Kodali
163Andaran Fulbari Harirdham High School660Tufanganj (M)
165Tufanaganj Mahavidyalaya609Tufanganj (M)
166Municipality Pry. School No-1683Tufanganj (M)
167Andaran Fulabari No1 Gram Panchayet Primary School901Tufanganj (M)
169Tufanaganj Madan Mohan Para Fifth Plan Primary School453Tufanganj (M)
171Tufanganj N.N.M. Higher Secondary School618Tufanganj (M)
173Tufanganj Newtown Netaji Higher Secondary School627Tufanganj (M)
174Tufanganj Municipality No 3 Pry. School538Tufanganj (M)
175Tufanganj Newtown R.R. Primary School1005Tufanganj (M)
178Tufanaganj Irrigation Office699Tufanganj (M)
179Tufanganj Municipality No. 4 Pry. School760Tufanganj (M)
180Tufanaganj Town Vidyasagar Primary School990Tufanganj (M)
181Tufanaganj Ila Debi Girls Higher Secondary School767Tufanganj (M)
183Bapuji Bidyapith Spl. Cadre Pry. School1016Tufanganj (M)
185Andaranfulbari Forth Plan Pry. School1104Andaran Phulbari (P)
186Khorar Par Shishushiksha Kendraa445Khorarpar
189Andaranfulbari High School847Andaran Phulbari (P)
191Subhashpalli Netaji Forth Plan Primary School687Andaran Phulbari (P)
193Nayaneshwari Special Cadre Primary School631Andaran Phulbari (P)
195Chamta No2 Aided Primary School569Andaran Phulbari (P)
197Shikarpur Vivekananda Vidyapith Primary School744Shikarpur
199Chamta Deshbandhu Vidyalayaa (H.S)627Chamta
201Kamatfulbari Kuthibari Pry School797Kamat Phulbari (P) (CT)
202Tufanganj Vivekananda Vidyalaya( H.S)896Kamat Phulbari (P) (CT)
204Kamatfulbari Angadevi Girls High School524Kamat Phulbari (P) (CT)
205Tufanganj Netaji R.R. Pry. School646Kamat Phulbari (P) (CT)
206Chamta No 1 Aided Primary School966Chamta
207Chamta No. 132 Anganwari Kendraa888Chamta
208Chamta Kuthibari Newly Setup Pry. School1040Chamta
209Chamta Guneshwaridham Primary School678Chamta
211Chhato Mahadeberdham Jr. Basic School919Nakkati Gachhi
213Nakkatigachh Madhyamik Shikha Kendraa979Nakkati Gachhi
214Dwiparpar Govt. Primary School666Dwiparpar
216Dakshin Nakkatigachh Primary School784Dhadial
217Nakkati High School788Dhadial
218Dhadial Phacharu Bajar Anganwari Kendraa (No.- 127)1107Dhadial
219Dwiparpar No-2 Primary School718Dwiparpar
220Dakshin Dwiparpar Shishu Shikha Kendraa908Dwiparpar
221Debagram No-1 Aided Primary School505Dwiparpar
222Madhya Rajarkuthi S.S.K.630Rajarkuthi
224Madhya Begarkhata Fifth Plan Primary School935Begarkhata
225Begarkhata Aided Primary School593Begarkhata
226Sauer Khata 5Th Plan Primary School394Sauerkhata
227Dhanmatia Harirdham Primary School776Dhanmatia
228Dhanmatia Junior Basic School490Dhanmatia
229Vivekananda Primary School459Debgram
230Bhareya Aided 1St Plan Primary School907Bhareya
232Mansai No1 Aided Primary School586Mansai
234Mansai Bhabaniganj Amiruddin Pry. School1131Mansai
235Mansai No-2 Primary School737Mansai
237Debagram No 2 Special Cadre Primary School612Debgram
239Debagram 1St Phase No-3 Aided Primary School1023Debgram
240Balabhut Vidyasagar Vidyapith High School972Balabhut
241Rajarkuthi A.P. School965Balabhut
242Balabhut High School1104Balabhut
244Gopalerkuthi Aided Primary School634Gopalerkuthi
246Dakshin Balabhut Fourth Plan Primary School1078Balabhut
247Charbalabhut Burir Jhar Primary School831Balabhut
248Char Balabhut 4Th Plan Pry. School838Balabhut
249Charjhaukuthi Fifth Plan Primary School606Jhaukuthi
251Jhaukuthi Govt. Primary School915Jhaukuthi

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