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Polling Booth in Suti Assembly Constituency

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Suti Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Suti

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Suti Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ullapara Primary Skul677Bauripuni
3Chanditala Primary School475Umrapur
4Bauripuni Primary School548Bauripuni
6Umrapur I.C.D.S Centre (Centre No-5)598Umrapur
7Umarapur Primary School743Umrapur
10Umrapur Gram Panchayat Office758Umrapur
12Sahajadapur Primary School992Umrapur
14Sahajadapur Umarapur Primary School685Umrapur
16Bahagalapur Uttarapada Primary School978Bahagalpur
17Bhagalpur Madhyamik Siksha Kendraa926Bahagalpur
18Bhagalpur Shishu Siksha Centre618Bahagalpur
20Bahagalapur Dakshinapada Primary School1090Bahagalpur
22Bhagalpur I.C.D.S Centre (Centre No-11)431Bahagalpur
23Aamuha Kadamatala High School1057Amuha
25Amuha Primary School749Amuha
26Kadamatala Primary School801Kadamtala
28Baliyaghati Dakshinapara Primary School923Baliaghati
29Baliyaghati Primary School551Baliaghati
32Nejamapur Primary School626Nezampur
34Shankarpur Primary School962Sankarpur
36Sankarpur Shishu Shiksh Center456Sankarpur
37Bholanathpur Lakshinarayan M. S. K972Bazegazipur
38Kashimanagar High School1007Bazegazipur
41Gajipur Primary School674Gazipur
44Faridapur Prathamik Vidyalaya712Faridpur
45Kumrapur Shishu Siksha Centre843Faridpur
46Chanpahans Primary School834Mahesail
47Inglish Sahapada Prathamik School700Mahesail
49Sahapara Shishu Siksha Centre865Mahesail
50Maheshail Primary School732Mahesail
52Laxmitala Primary School706Mahesail
54Maheshail 1 No Gram Panchayat Office1036Mahesail
55Muraripukur High School1006Mahesail
56Shriramapur Primary School551Bhabki (CT)
57Dhalaram Chandrapur Primary School860Bhabki (CT)
58Bhabaki Primary School658Bhabki (CT)
59Aajadanagar Primary School751Bhabki (CT)
61Natun Araghababad Shishu Shikha Cendra1068Bhabki (CT)
62Sarbeshwarpur Kayadanga Siddimuni Junior753Kayadanga
64Mahendrapur Junior Basic Primary School972Mahendrapur (CT)
66Indronagar Natun Chandra Shishu Shiksha Kendrao501Mahendrapur (CT)
67Indronagar O Natun Chandra Shishu Shiksha Kendrao749Mahendrapur (CT)
68Natun Mahendrapur S.B. Primary School530Mahendrapur (CT)
69Hapaniya Primary School394Hafania (CT)
71Lakshinarayanapur Primary School688Hafania (CT)
72Indranagar Primary School657Hafania (CT)
76Manikpur Shishu Shisha Kendraa754Hafania (CT)
77Dihigram Dafahat Primary School660Dafahat(CT)
80Madhupur Primary School676Madupur
82Dihigram Primary School1037Dafahat(CT)
84Dehigram Shishu Shisha Kendraa740Dafahat(CT)
86Tenauri Primary School738Dafahat(CT)
88Haripur Primary School579Dafahat(CT)
90Chandra Primary School703Debipur (CT)
92Jagatai 1 No Gram Panchayet Office1079Jagtaj (CT)
94Jagtai Primary School1084Jagtaj (CT)
97Jagtai Uttarpara Shishu Shisha Kendraa720Jagtaj (CT)
98Jagtai Uttarapara Primary School714Jagtaj (CT)
99Jagtai Pashchimpara Primary School842Jagtaj (CT)
101Debipur G.D. Primary School873Debipur (CT)
103Rianpur Shishu Shisha Kendraa591Echlipara
105Reannapur Primary School1029Echlipara
106Aurangabad Girls High School595Echlipara
108Tantipada Primary School461Echlipara
111Imambazar Primary School960Echlipara
112Selimpur I.S.D.S (Centre No- 306)857Echlipara
113Ichalipara Adarsha Primary School783Echlipara
116Pradip Pathshala728Echlipara
118Karabala Kaji Najarul Isalam Primary School749Echlipara
120Khanabadi Primary School749Echlipara
123Deshabandhu Primary School773Echlipara
126Aragabad Daksin Shishu Shisha Kendraa953Echlipara
127Saikh Para Primary School950Echlipara
129Daharpar Primary School1034Echlipara
132Sarbeshwarpur Primary School677Paschim Punropara (CT)
134Sultanpur Aliya Senior Madrasah571Paschim Punropara (CT)
136Gopalaganj Primary School938Paschim Punropara (CT)
137Malopada Primary School782Paschim Punropara (CT)
139Sahabad Shishu Shikha Kendraa803Paschim Punropara (CT)
140Sultanpur Primary School1033Paschim Punropara (CT)
141Sultanpur Shishu Shisha Kendraa551Nezampur
142Chandrapara Primary School640Paschim Punropara (CT)
144Bajitapur Gram Panchayat Office774Paschim Punropara (CT)
146Dariyapur Colony Primary School1094Paschim Punropara (CT)
147Bajitpur Primary School677Paschim Punropara (CT)
149Raghunathapur Primary School553Paschim Punropara (CT)
151Raghunathpur Madhyamik Shiksha Kendraa734Paschim Punropara (CT)
153Merupur Primary School877Paschim Punropara (CT)
154Debnagar Colony Primary School1022Paschim Punropara (CT)
155Kumorapada Sishu Siksha Kendraa962Paschim Punropara (CT)
156Imamnagar Shishu Siksha Kendraa757Paschim Punropara (CT)
157Kumorpara Primary School634Paschim Punropara (CT)
158Dharampur Primary School1096Puropara
159Islampur Shishu Siksha Kendraa559Ichhlampur (CT)
160Dharampur Isalamapur Primary School1011Ichhlampur (CT)
161Dharampur Islampur Primary School598Ichhlampur (CT)
163Shyamapur Primary School857Chakmeghoan (CT)
164Hasanapur Primary School348Chakmeghoan (CT)
167Hasanpur I.C.D.S Sentar1059Chakmeghoan (CT)
168Hasanpur Shampur Madrasha Shiksha Kendrao390Chakmeghoan (CT)
169Barakankramari Primary School918Kakramari (CT)
172Chhoto Kankramari Primary School373Kakramari (CT)
174Lakshipur Primary School551Lakshmipur
176Islampur Madhyamik Siksha Kendraa1078Ichhlampur (CT)
177Khanpur Primary School579Khanpur (CT)
180Khanpur Shishu Siksha Kendraa946Khanpur (CT)
181Chhabghati K. D. Vidyalaya857Khidirpur (CT)
183Chabghaty Primary School522Khidirpur (CT)
185Bhairabpur Prasadpur Shishu Siksha Kendraa497Bhairabpur
186Paruliya Primary School453Khidirpur (CT)
188Bamuha Primary School659Bamuha
190Hazipur Primary School582Bamuha
191Lokaipur Primary School569Lokaipur
193Sarala Kishorepur Primary School872Kisorpur
194Sarala Basantapur Madhyamik Siksha Kendraa769Kisorpur
195Basantapur Primary School534Basantapur
197Batatala Primary School874Bahutali
198Bashnabadanga Primary School807Bahutali
199Baisnabdanga Bhurbhuripara S.S.K Building850Bahutali
201Bahutali High School933Bahutali
203Bahutali Primary School654Bahutali
205Snehalata Ghosh Primary School818Bahutali
207Kadoa S.S.K Building530Kadoa
209Kadoya Primary School781Kadoa
211Nadai Primary School697Nadai
213Sidhori M.S.K Building756Sidhari
215Sidhori Primary School941Sidhari
216Gopalanagar Primary School997Gopalnagar
217Hosenpur Primary School451Hosenpur
218Amarpur Primary School722Amarpur
220Bhelian M.S.K Building513Panchberia
221Shobharaghat Primary School813Gambhira
222Paraipur Primary School1018Gambhira
223Lalupur Primary School1091Lalupur
224Kusumagachhi Primary School910Kusumgachhi
226Nayagram High School884Hilora
228Haruya High School796Harua
231Harua Primary School560Harua
234Dangapara Primary School949Gambhira
235Panchagachhi Primary School1029Gambhira
236Dahina Primary School715Dahina
238Gotha A.R. High School795Arazi Ramakantapur
242Gotha Primary School494Gotha
244Chandamari Primary School539Chandamari
246Madna Primary School766Madna (CT)
248Gabagachhi Primary School776Madna (CT)
250Sadikapur High School689Sadikpur
251Sadikpur Primary School725Sadikpur
253Sadikpur Namopara S.S.K Bilding School548Sadikpur
254Uttar Sujanipada Primary School644Sujanipara
255Ghodapakhiya 1No Primary School703Ghorapakhiagangin
257Dakshin Sujanipada Primary School912Sujanipara
258Fatullapur Goshtabala Pri. School1019Sadikpur
259Fatullapur Bidhanasmriti Pri. School685Sadikpur
261Chakbahadurpur S.S.K Building821Chakbahadurpur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014