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Polling Booth in Suri Assembly Constituency

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Suri Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Suri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Suri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Jaypur High School837Jaypur
2Kuralmatia Primary School579Kuralmatia
3Murgathali Primary School804Murgathali
4Ruhida Primary School812Ruhida
5Harhare Primary School842Aligar
6Rajnagar Sishalfarm High School780Aligar
7Kalpahari Pry School490Aligar
8Lauberia Primary School822Lauberia
9Bansbona Pry School464Lauberia
10Sundarkhele Primary School757Sundarkhela
11Sahabad Primary School871Sahabad
12Ranigram Primary School945Ranigram
13Gangmuri Primary School781Gangmuri
15Muradganj Primary School592Murdaganja
17Tabadumra Primary School728Tabadumra
18Tabadumra Junior High School483Tabadumra
19Nutangram Primary School663Panikola
20Kanmora Primary School941Kanmora
21Bhabanipur Haridasi Junior Basic School584Bhabanipur
22Belera Radharaman Junior Basic School709Bidhaipur
24Raotara Junior Basic School704Raotara
26Golapgajn Primary School895Pashchim Shirsha
27Kundira Primary School725Kundira
28Khodaibag Primary School700Rajnagar (CT)
29Rajnagar Community Hall507Rajnagar (CT)
30Arali Primary School1058Rajnagar (CT)
31Rajnagar Shambhubangshi Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya1109Rajnagar (CT)
33Rajnagar High School614Rajnagar (CT)
34Khasbazar Pry School961Rajnagar (CT)
35Barabajar Primary School960Rajnagar (CT)
37Nakash Primary School718Rajnagar (CT)
39Shankarpur Primary School992Shankarpur
40Kashtagariya Junior Basic School666Kathgharia
41Barshal Primary School502Barshal
42Bandi Primary School938Abadnagar
43Tantipara I.T Girls High School(Natun Bhaban)778Tantipara
45Tantipara Birajmohini Kanya Vidyalaya616Tantipara
46Tantipara Mihirlal Smriti Pry School698Tantipara
47Tantipara Junior Basic School927Tantipara
48Tantipara Hat Tala Pry School733Tantipara
49Parasia Primary School968Parashia
50Khoiradihi Primary School588Khayradihi
51Tentulbandh Primary School607Gaisara
52Muktipur Aashutosh Vidyapith610Muktipur
53Laujor High School899Laujor
54Padampur Pry School378Padampur
55Adampur Primary School648Malkura
56Chhatina Primary School977Gulalgachhi
57Ganeshpur Junior Basic School1073Ganeshpur
58Haripur Primary School874Daldala
59Gamarkundu Primary School892Gamarkunda
60Faridpur Primary School1095Faridpur
61Kushmashul Primary School635Balarampur
62Balarampur Pry School647Balarampur
63Patadanga Primary School700Patadanga
64Barghata Primary School581Takipur
65Madhaipur Pallimangal Vidyalaya693Madhaipur
67Chandrapur Junior Basic School742Chandrapur
68Isabpur Primary School724Chandrapur
69Kenduli Primary School750Murulia Chak
70Languliya Primary School1089Langulia
71Mahula Panchkath Primary School417Mahula
72Bhandirban Primary School849Bhandirban
73Khatanga Primary School987Khatangadihi
74Tarapur Danga Primary School881Tasarkata
75Ranpur Primary School553Ranpur
76Zoro Baragao Primary Vidyalaya431Baragaon
77Karamashal Prathamik Vidyalaya484Karamshal
78Naoyadihi Primary School380Naodiha
79Nabagram Prathamik Vidyalaya527Nabagram
80Latabuni Primary School392Latabani
81Patharchapuri Primary School567Pathar Chapri
83Nagari S.B. High School1107Nagari
84Sahabajar Prathamik Vidyalaya427Arazi Takipur
85Pathara Prathamik Vidyalaya725Nimdaspur
86Udayan Pathashala486Uparjol
87Kamaradanga Prathamik Vidyalaya713Bataspur
88Suren Banerjee Smriti High School1069Karidhya (CT)
90Husanabad Primary School922Karidhya (CT)
91Laldighi Junior High School462Karidhya (CT)
92Laladighi D.N. Primary School1091Karidhya (CT)
93Lambodarapur Primary School870Lambodarpur
95Arabindapalli Primary School1016Tilpara
97Kamalapur Prathamik Vidyalaya543Tilpara
99Shrishri Ramakrishn Shilp Vidyapith1070Kamalpur
100Banshjore 1No Prathamik Vidyalaya959Banshjor
102Baruipur Es.Es.Ke. Bilding753Banshjor
103Durgapur Primary School627Narasinghpur
104Ajayapur Uchch Vidyalaya553Ajoypur
105Kukhudihi Primary School835Kukhurdihi
107Karimpur Primary School480Karimpur
108Kankhudiya Primary School830Kakuria
109Kankhuria Purbapara Primary School853Kakuria
110Dhalla I.C.D.S Building1042Dhulla
111Panchapakhudiya Primary School602Panch Pukhuria
112Parashimuliya Primary School495Parsimulia
113Shaktipurs.S.K Building380Shaktipur
114Bad Aalunda High School1098Bara Alunda
115Junidapur Primary School958Junidpur
117Chhoto Aalunda Primary School508Chhota Alunda
118Chhoto Alunda S S K Building980Chhota Alunda
119Itagadiya Hayar Sekendari School726Itagaria
120Itagoria Pry. School572Itagaria
121Keotapada Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya764Suri (M)
122Satyananda Sishu Niketan661Suri (M)
124Mantu Akhil Sikha Niketan632Suri (M)
125Suri Municipal Girls High School578Suri (M)
128Shrishri Ramakrishn Vidyapith815Suri (M)
130Sree Sree Ramkrishna Sishu Vidyapith600Suri (M)
132Def Eyand Damb School968Suri (M)
134Vidyasagar Pathsala576Suri (M)
136Suri R.T Girls School1151Suri (M)
138Suri Netaji Bidyabhaban786Suri (M)
140Sehara Primary School834Suri (M)
143Sri Sri Parabananda Adarsha Pathmandir576Suri (M)
145Anandapur Snehalata Primary School786Suri (M)
146S.D.L.&L.R.O Office726Suri (M)
147Benimadhab Institution814Suri (M)
149Barabagan Primary School677Suri (M)
151Shri Arabinda Institute For Sightless994Suri (M)
152Saroj Basini Shishubhaban890Suri (M)
153Surii Public & Chandragati Mostafi Memorial High School623Suri (M)
154Kaligati Smriti Nari Shiksha Niketan960Suri (M)
156Samannayapally Primary School819Suri (M)
158Suri Rabindra Sadan697Suri (M)
160Birabhum Zilla School663Suri (M)
163Suri Red Cross Primary School1100Suri (M)
164Rabindrapally Primary School793Suri (M)
166Suri Indoor Stadium618Suri (M)
168Bayej Maktab Prathamik Vidyalaya1065Suri (M)
171Siudi Bidyasagar Kalej681Suri (M)
173Collegepara Primary School674Suri (M)
175Siudi Shuandi Pukur Pada Primary School753Suri (M)
179Suri Banimandir Amitaranjan Shikshaniketan984Suri (M)
182Malayasakshi Primary School973Suri (M)
183Haranath Mondal Adarsha Primary School691Suri (M)
185JhoramathChoramuda Primary School729Chormara
186Bhaluka Primary School661Haridaspur
187Kanaipur Primary School1050Chhora
188Kadidhya Bidyaniketan Uchch Vidyalaya758Chhora
190Baramohula Primary School619Amaipur
191Satsangsha Colony Prathamik Vidyalaya1020Lakshmondarpur
192Karidhya Jaduray Memo.End Pab.Insati.1094Kalipur (CT)
194Brojer Gram Primary School527Brojergram
195Water Resource Development Directorate872Brojergram
197Kalipur Junior Basic School683Kalipur (CT)
199Kalipur Prathamik Vidyalaya682Karidhya (CT)
201Kadidhya Garlas Primary School707Karidhya (CT)
202Kadidhya Boyg Primary School583Karidhya (CT)
203Aadda Es.Pi.Pi. High School1003Changuria
204Kutura Prathamik Vidyalaya801Kutura
205Gorui Zoda Primary School818Adda
206Mallikapur Primary School1102Mallickpur
207Chandanpur Primary School780Chandanpur
208Gajalpur Primary School513Gajalpur
209Chakadah Junior Basic School875Palsara
210Sarojasmriti Jibadharapur Abaitanik Primary School437Jibdharpur
211Nahudari Prathamik Vidyalaya669Nahudari
212Aabadarapur Primary School845Abdarpur (P)
214Gobindapur Primary School984Gobindapur
215Kamaradangal Primary School690Kamar Dangal
216Bhagirathpur- Liyara Prathamik Vidyalaya476Liara
217Meherapur Prathamik Vidyalaya502Meherpur
218Barihat Prathamik School855Bhurkuna
219Agar Santal Pry School516Bhurkuna
220Bhurkuna Junior Besik School690Panch Tentul
221Sekdihi Pry School492Mahubona
222Lalamohanapur Primary School940Mohanpur
223Kachujod Primary School607Kachujor
224Haripur Beledanga Primary School586Purba Bankati
225Aadadangali Prathamik Vidyalaya780Saralpur
226Lakshanadihi Prathamik Vidyalaya486Lakshmandihi
227Panudiya High School701Panuria
228Panudiya Pry School733Panuria
229Mudamath Primary School817Muramath
230Rautada Primary School664Rautara
231Khosabasapur Primary School375Khoshbaspur
232Barul Primary School807Khoshbaspur
233Shankarapur Primary School358Shankarpur
234Jamathaliya Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya505Jamthalia
236Hajarapur Primary School1092Hajrapur
237Paruliya Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya318Parulia
238Ban-Mazigram Primary School651Majhgram
239Rajaganj Primary School1071Shrirampur
240Karamakal High School946Karamtal
241Aaduriya Primary School819Gopalpur
242Durlabhapur Shishu Shiksha Kendra488Durllabhpur
243Bahaduraganj Primary School374Bahadurganja
244Gauraganj Primary School611Burema
245Gadadharapur Primary School651Dedaha
246Gohaliyada Primary School948Gohaliara
247Baraban Balaram Ruj Primary School766Baraban
248Palashaban Primary School887Palashban
249Ekabbarapur Primary School726Ekkabbarpur
250Metela( No.-1) Primary School554Murgatala
251Metela (No-2) Pry School638Metala
253Metela High School542Matijapur
254Bakreshbar Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya735Bakreswar
256Zapadatala Primary School983Asanshuli
257Bandherashol Primary School844Bandhershol
258Sagad Primary School753Sagar
259Chinapai High School724Chinpai
260Chinpai (No-2) Pry School453Modapa
262Chinapai Primary School1053Narayanpur
265Muthabediya Primary School856Maathabera
267Elema Primary School900Chak Dubrajpur
268Tapasapur Primary School714Tapaspur
269Tapaspur Binaynagar Pry School611Tapaspur
270Bishalapur Primary School816Bishalpur
271Tilodangal Primary School878Teliadangal
272Sahapur Sitanath Primary School1046Selarpur
273Zariya Mahammadapur Primary School932Jharia Mahammadpur
274Sija Kaddang Primary School667Sija
275Bad Gunasima Primary School603Bhagabatipur
276Yatra Primary School1038Jatra
277Renguni Primary School744Renguni
278Thobgram Primary School660Thapgaon
279Kuitha Primary School708Kuita
281Sahapur Mahesh Primary School712Mohammadnagar
283Sahapur Aar.Aai.Afis746Sahapur
284Sahapur Kajipada Primary School670Sahapur
286Shukadebapur Primary School387Shukdebpur
287Ramachandrapur Primary School538Namsahapur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014