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Polling Booth in Sitalkuchi Assembly Constituency

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Sitalkuchi Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sitalkuchi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sitalkuchi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Patchhara Gopalapur First Phase Aided Primary School747Patchhara Gopalpur
2Kesharibari Government Primary School781Patchhara Gopalpur
3Dalanath Highschool627Gopalpur
4Gopalpur Fifth Plan Primary School (Lakshmi Mandir)676Gopalpur
5Gopalapur Forth Plan Primary School873Gopalpur
6Dhandhuniya Aided Primary School945Dhandhania
7Kharija Gopalpur Kineswari Chintamani Primary School738Uttar Kharija Gopalpur
8Bhogramaguri Harisabha Junior Basic School667Bhogramguri
9Paglar Danga Fifth Plan Primary School492Bhogramguri
10Buraburi Aided Primary School645Buraburi
11Buraburi Krishnakanta Madhyamik Siksha Kendraa619Buraburi
12Bhogaramguri Ichchhaganj Bazar Forth Plan Primary School847Bhogramguri
13Bhogaramaguri Government Primary School885Bhogramguri
14Dhandhunia Forth Primary School987Bhogramguri
17Teantulera Chhara Forth Plan Primary School734Bhogramguri
18Kadamtali Kalikadas Atindra Prosad Primary School927Bhogramguri
19Rupanirpar Aided Primary School979Upanirpar
20Rangapani Balasi Junior Basic School915Dakshin Rangapani Balasi
21Dhandhunia Newly Setup Primary School (Betbari)442Dhandhania
22Gopalapur Bijay Barman Aided Primary School680Gopalpur
23Uchhalapukuri Aided Primary School899Chhat Gopalpur
24Jorshimuli R. M. P. High School1105Jore Simuli
25Rangapani Balasi Fifth Plan Primary School1115Jore Simuli
26Joreshimuli Govt. Primary School1099Jore Simuli
27Kanchakhawa Forth Plan Primary School820Dakshin Kachakhawa
28Pagarabari Fifth Plan Primary School919Kesharibari
29Chhoto Kesharibari Government Primary School1116Kesharibari
30Kalirahat Government Primary School949Chhota Kesharibari
31Kalirdham Madhyamik Siksha Kendraa953Chhota Kesharibari
32Bamuniya Aided Primary School871Bamunia Paschim
33Nakkati Junior High School968Bamunia Paschim
34Giladanga Government Primary School954Kher Bhander
35Kharija Keshoribari Sishu Siksha Kendraa382Kharija Kesharibari
37Indrerakuthi Fifth Plan Primary School590Indrerkuthi
38Pakhihaga Hat Gobindamohan High School947Nityanandi
39Panigram Deshabandhu Junior Basic School814Panigram
41Panigram Sadhuradanga Aided Primary School749Panigram
42Khagen Adhikarir Tari Sishu Siksha Kendraa403Panigram
43Panigram High School870Panigram
44Panigram Junior Basic School481Panigram
45Nayarhat Forth Plan Primary School972Debottar Panigram
46Purba Khanda Bamunia Government Primary School1037Bamunia Purba
47Shimulaguri Forth Plan Primary School741Simulguri
48Ichhaganj Shukurchand High School894Chengarkhata Khagribari
49Khagribari First Phase Aided Primary School1058Chengarkhata Khagribari
50Chongarkhata Khagribari Baravita Fifth Plan Primary School1133Chengarkhata Khagribari
51Putimari S. P. Primary School779Putimari
52Gendugur Harisabha Primary School693Genduguri
54Ambari Sishu Siksha Kendraa842Panigram
55Dhamerdanga Nimna Buniyadi School609Panigram
56Genduguri Forth Plan Primary School800Genduguri
57Genduguri Newly Setup Primary School805Genduguri
58Nagendranath Fifth Plan Primary School787Duaisuai
59Dui Suai (Thandaram) Sishu Sikha Kendraa548Duaisuai
60Kuktikata Dharanikant High School452Kuktikata
61Kuktikata Junior Basic School657Kuktikata
62Kuktikata Aided Primary School751Kuktikata
63Jamiradanga Kiranabala Umesh Chandra Newly Setup Primary School833Jamirdanga
64Jamirdanga Purbapara Sishu Siksha Kendraa583Jamirdanga
65Ashokebari Aided Primary School903Asakbari Pratham Khanda
66Jamirdanga Uttar 5Th Plan Primary School619Asakbari Pratham Khanda
67Chongarakhata Simanta Elaka Prakalpa Rupayan Samity744Chengar Khata
68Satgachhi Aided Primary School1060Chenakata
69Chenakata Forth Plan Primary School608Satgachhi
70Garibpur Forth Plan Primary School986Asakbari Pratham Khanda
71Garibpur Madhyamik Siksha Kendraa860Asakbari Pratham Khanda
72Nripendra Nath Newly Setup Primary School859Balarhat
73Tentuler Chhara Government Primary School788Asakbari Pratham Khanda
74Ashokebari Government Primary School994Bengaldai
75Aangaramani Forth Plan Primary School952Angarmani
76Sishu Siksha Niketan Bhesariradanga Primary School489Kanpata
77Barogharia Baxiganj Primary School782Nabiner Dola
79Kanfata Government Primary School618Kanpata
80Gadalerkuthi Junior Basic School679Gadalerkuthi
82Baradola First Phase Primary School580Bara Dola Gadalerkuthi
84Mohanapur Fast Phase Aided Primary School787Mohanpur
86Satagram Manabari Kurumaprasad Forth Plan Primary School685Satgaon Manabari Sitallahiri
87Nalangibari Special Cadare Primary School785Nalangibari
89Purba Nalangibari 5Th Plan Primary School678Nalangibari
90Balarhat Government Primary School764Bara Gharia Garkuta
91Baraghariya Garkuta Junior Basic School1068Bara Gharia Garkuta
93Purba Barogharia Garkuta Sishu Siksha Kendraa626Bara Gharia Garkuta
94Shikarapur High School1066Sikarpur
95Shikarpur Kushumkumari Primary School538Bara Ghariamohanpur
96Daribash Aided Primary School580Daribas
97Pachim Daribash 5Th Plan Primary School581Daribas
98Satgaon First Phase Primary School805Satgaon
100Satagram Kurshamari High School984Kurshamari
101Kurshamari Pacharuddin Primary School905Kurshamari
102Bara Khalisamari Junior Basic School631Bara Khalisamari
103Bad Khalisamari A. P. First Phase Primary School1103Bara Khalisamari
104Daluyarpar Government Primary School923Daluarpar
105Daluarpar Barobari Sishu Shiksha Kendraa884Daluarpar
106Mahishacharu State Plan Primary School1130Mahishcharu
107Aabas Ratanpur Junior Basic School1114Mahishcharu
108Abas Ratanpur Sudhir Chandra Newly Setup Primary School883Mahishcharu
109Ratheradanga A. P. School733Tetuler Chhara
110Tentuler Chhara Dakshin 5Th Plan Primary School595Tetuler Chhara
111Nendarpar Forth Plan Primary School681Nendarpar
113Chandamari Special Cadare Primary School686Chandamari
114Kharija Kawardara Forth Plan Primary School666Kharija Kawardara
115Matshyajibi Para Sishusiksha Kendraa564Kharija Kawardara
116Bhurakuladanga Aided Primary School845Bhurkuldanga
117Chhat Jorepatki Fifth Plan Primary School566Bhurkuldanga
118Chhat Jorepataki Special Cadare Primary School562Chhat Jorpatki
120Panaguri Forth Plan Primary School581Shibpur
121Bholarbhita Sishu Shiksha Kendraa605Panaguri
122Shibapur High School1002Shibpur
123Bochagari Forth Plan Primary School871Bochagari
124Nagar Gopalganj Primary School1074Bochagari
125Bochagari R. R. Primary School1037Jorpatki
126Amtali Madhyamik Siksha Kendraa729Jorpatki
127Jorepataki Junior Basic School934Jorpatki
128Bhitiraban Sishu Siksha Kendraa412Jorpatki
129Jorepataki High School858Nendarpar
131Mahishamudi Junior Basic School942Mahishmuri
132Mahishamuri Shiyaladanga Fifth Plan Primary School589Mahishmuri
133Mahishamuri State Plan Primary School551Mahishmuri
134Mahishamuri Government Primary School833Mahishmuri
135Mahishamuri High School1041Mahishmuri
136Ekara Miah High Madrasa829Sonarchalun
137Sangarabari Fifth Plan Primary School722Sangarbari
138Khochabari Fifth Plan Primary School428Sangarbari
139Chhoto Madhusudhan Government Primary School755Chhota Madhusudan
140Ratanapur Aided Primary School798Madhyam Madhusudan
141Sonarchalun Galakata Sishu Siksha Kendraa601Sonarchalun
142Sagarerdanga Sishu Siksha Kendraa918Sonarchalun
143Rupakant Shishu Shiksha Niketan Forth Plana Primary School859Chengerkuthi Khalisamari
144Changerkuthi Khalishamari Sishu Siksha Kendraa623Chengerkuthi Khalisamari
145Paschim Changerkuthi Khalisamari Newly Setup Primary School1048Chengerkuthi Khalisamari
146Khalishamari Panchanan Smriti Vidyapith996Khasbas Khalisamari
147Khalisamari Aalauddin Government Primary School716Khasbas Khalisamari
148Jatamari Government Primary School662Jatamari
149Morebhanga Sakali Primary School590Jatamari
150Chhoto Khalisamari Aided Primary School (1St Phase)472Chhota Khalisamari
151Jatamari Special Cadare Primary School903Jatamari
153Chhoto Kaimari Newly Setup Primary School592Chhota Kaimari
154Bara Kaimari Jounior Basic School1000Chhota Kaimari
155Satimari Aided Primary School461Satimari
157Nalagram Uttar 5Th Plan Primary School1095Nalgram
160Satimari No. 2 Primary School904Satimari
161Balapara Anganwari Kendraa423Satimari
162Dakaghara High School952Bara Kaimari
163Bara Pinjarirjhar Junior Basic School807Bara Pinarirjhar
164Narendra Barman 5Th Plan Primary School1145Bara Pinarirjhar
165Bara Pinjarerjhar Panchanan Harimandir Sishu Siksha Kendraa716Bara Pinarirjhar
166Nagar Dakaliganj High School475Dhallarpar
167Dharalar Par Primary School663Dhallarpar
169Rangamati State Plan Primary School851Rangamati
170Rangamati Madhyamik Siksha Kendraa798Rangamati
171Aabuar Pathar Sishu Siksha Kendraa615Abuarpathar
172Abuyar Pathar Anganwari Kendraa644Abuarpathar
173Aabuyar Pathar Government Primary School695Abuarpathar
174Abuyar Pathar Aided Primary School611Abuarpathar
175Gangdhar Special Cadre Primary School648Gangadhar
177Kurshamari Forth Plan Primary School1101Kurshamari Pratham Khanda
178Maghpala Anganwari Centre660Maghpala
179Bhogdabari Aided Primary School1078Bhogdabri
180Bhogdabarichar Fifth Plan Primary School742Bhogdabri
181East Bhogdabri Boxiganj No. 10 Payestee 4Th Plan Primary School730Bhogdabri
182New Bhawer Thana Primary School700Bhair Thana
184New Bhawerthana Nagen Biswas Smriti Primary School533Chotta Salbari
185Bhaairathana Governemnt Primary School919Bhair Thana
186Bhawairthana High School719Bhair Thana
187Chhota Bengdaki Newly Setup Primary School579Chhota Bengdaki
189Aulikura 4Th Plan Primary School690Aulikura
190Madhy Khengchi Sishu Siksha Kendraa870Khengchi
191Khengchi State Plan Primary School608Khengchi
192Mahimsmriti Vidyapith710Chhota Pinjarirjhar
194Bara Dhaperchatra Fifth Plan Primary School974Bara Dhaperchatra
195Kharija Dhaperchatra Sishu Siksha Kendraa815Kharija Dhaperchatra
196Bipin Chandra Roy Fifth Plan Primary School501Kharija Dhaperchatra
197Khengchi Kachhari Ghat Primary School974Bara Dhaperchatra
198Dhaperchattra Aided Primary School840Khengchi
199Antaram Fifth Plan Primary School680Sitalkuchi
201Garkhola Aided Primary School888Sitalkuchi
202No. 5 Ward Newly Setup Primary School941Garkhola
203Gossairhat Junior Basic School526Sitalkuchi
204Kat Bansergore Newly Setup Primary School862Sitalkuchi
205Chhoto Dhaperchattra Anganwari Kendraa797Chhota Dhaperchatra
206Chhoto Dhaperchattra Sishu Siksha Kendraa813Chhota Dhaperchatra
208Gosairahat High School399Sitalkuchi
209Ramanimohan Vidyapith790Chhota Pinjarirjhar
210Baragharia Primary School612Bara Gharia
211Aatharo Kota Primary School348Atharakotha
212Bara Madhusudan Rupeswar Roy High School504Bara Madhusudan
214Gadopota Special Cadre Primary School901Gadapota
215Gadopota Jambari Primary School914Gadapota
216Purba Rajarbari New Primary School915Rajar Bari
217Raniganj Refugee Rehabilatization Primary School800Sitalkuchi
219Raniganj Madhyamik Siksha Kendraa546Sitalkuchi
220Shitalakuchi Girls Aided Primary School568Sitalkuchi
221Bidyasagar Sishu Siksha Kendraa554Sitalkuchi
222Shitalakuchi Junior Basic School977Sitalkuchi
224Krishnacoloni Aided Primary School635Sitalkuchi
227Saharulla Fifth Plan Primary School654Sitalkuchi
228Karjeedighi Govt. Primary School872Sitalkuchi
230Fulabari Special Cadre Primary School1123Sitalkuchi
231Dhaniratari Mahimachandra Fifth Plan Primary School599Sitalkuchi
232Purba Snanghat Forth Plan Primary School601Sitalkuchi
233Ratherdanga Sishu Siksha Kendraa945Sitalkuchi
234Ratherdanga Anganwari Kendraa769Sitalkuchi
235Rajarbari Government Primary School745Sitalkuchi
236Satirdighi Sishu Siksha Kendraa545Sitalkuchi
238Shitalkuchi High School814Sitalkuchi
240Shitalkuchi Gopinath High School595Sitalkuchi
242Atiabari Nepra Junior Basic School707Atiabarinepra
243Paglarhat Madhyamik Siksha Kendraa805Atiabarinepra
244Dewankot Jayaduar No. 2 State Plan Primary School456Dewanerkot Jayduar
245Petla Nepra Anganwari Centre1076Petlaepra
246Dewankot Jayduar Central Sponsord Primary School577Dewanerkot Jayduar
247Baragadaikhora Khanurdanga 5Th Plan Primary School934Bara Gadaikhora
248Bara Gadaikhora Veshru Mohan High School887Bara Gadaikhora
250Bara Gadaikhora Primary School709Bara Gadaikhora
251Sarbeshwar Joyduar No. 1 Aided Primary School995Chotta Salbari
253Chhoto Shalbari Jamiruddin High School721Chhota Gadaikhora
255Kurshamari Dwitia Khand 5Th Plan Primary School891Kurshamari Dwitia Khanda
256Nagar Shobhaganj Fifth Plan Primary School748Nagar Sobhaganj
257Sarbeswar Jayduar Junior Basic School950Sarbbeshwar Jayduar
258Rajaram Jay Duar Fifth Plan Primary School597Rajaram Joyduar
260Sarbeswar Joyduar Fifth Plan Colony Primary School630Sarbbeshwar Jayduar
261Petla Nepra Forth Plan Primary School1069Petlaepra
263Nagar Nepra Forth Plan Primary School1110Nagar Nepra
264Chhat Lalbazar Aided Primary School980Nagar Lalbazar
265Nagar Lalbazar Fifth Plan Primary School686Nagar Lalbazar
267Kedarnath Refugee Rehabilatization Primary School954Nagar Lalbazar
268Kedernath Junior High School453Nagar Lalbazar
269Baromasia Government Primary School875Bara Masia
270Baromasia Debnath Para Newly Setup Primary School855Bara Masia
271Baromasia High School1021Bara Masia
273Pagalimari Madhusudan Fifth Plan Primary School682Puglimari
275Putia Baromasia Refugee Rehabilatization Primary School760Putia Bara Masia
276Nagar Lalbazar Junior Basic School1071Nagar Lalbazar
277Bara Maricha Junior Basic School929Amtala
279Bara Maricha Delowar Hosen High School955Chhat Lalbazar
280Gitaladaha Maricha Forth Plan Primary School670Maricha Gitaldaha
282Gitaladah Maricha Anganwari Kendraa West906Maricha Gitaldaha
283Jayagir Golenaohati Fifth Plan Primary School860Sitalkuchi
284Pashchim Golenewhati Sishu Siksha Kendraa987Golenaohati
285Mirapara Special Cadre Primary School1018Golenaohati
286Golenaohati No.1 Govt. Primary School698Golenaohati
287Kanserpara Sishu Siksha Kendraa758Golenaohati
288Golenaohati No. 2 Government Primary School580Golenaohati
289Golenowhati Jame High Madrasah794Golenaohati
290Mirapara Government Primary School788Golenaohati
291Golenowhati Madhyamik Siksha Kendraa461Golenaohati
292Madhya Golenaohati Sishu Siksha Kendraa630Golenaohati
294Pathanatuli Government Primary School880Sitalkuchi
296Nagar Singimari Forth Plan Primary School894Nagar Singimari
298Gachhtala Aided Primary School1064Gachhtala
299Mirapara Bhaktamohan Primary School994Mirapara

Last Updated on December 26, 2014