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Polling Booth in Sitai Assembly Constituency

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Sitai Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sitai

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sitai Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Kajlikura Jr. High School934Kajalikura
2Hokadaha Adabari S.S.K Centre778Hokayaha Adabari
3Bijlichatka Special Kedar Primary School1072Bijlichatka
4Morebhanga No2 Fifth Plan Primary School748Morebhanga
5Atiyabari Girdda Adabari S.S.K. Centre.354Atiabari Girda Adabari
6Adabari Govt. Primary School488Kismat Adabari
7Bara Adabari Rabindra Vidyapith1111Bara Adabari
8Petla Adabari Aided Fast Phase Primary: School1011Petia Adabari
9Takimari Fifth Plan Primary School398Natabari
10Shilduyar Junior Basic School743Silduar
12Dauyabari Forth Plan Primary: School511Dauabari
14Kaji Najrul Islam Primary School570Sovana Bara Masia
15Chhat Baromasiya Special Kedar Primary School588Chhota Bara Masia
16Garanata Fifth Plan Primary School903Garanata
17Bajit Chatra C.S. Primary School667Bajitchatra
18Konachatra Fifth Plan Primary School982Konachatra
19East Konachatra Aided Primary School748Konachatra
20Konachatra Govt. Primary School1051Konachatra
21Sagardighi Govt. Primary School928Brahmottra Chatra
23Deokhata Special Kyadar Primary School564Deokhata
24Brambhattar Chatra Govt. Primary School745Brahmottra Chatra
26Kanduyartari Fifth Plan Primary School1055Brahmottra Chatra
27Jatigara Aided Primary School988Jatiagara
28Dhekiyajan Fifth Plan Primary School492Dhekiajan
29Barobangla Sarada Shishu Tirtha Primary School558Bara Bangla
30Gabuya Special Kyadar Primary School839Gabua
32Nakarjan Aided Fast Phase Primary School747Nakarjan
34Chhat Singimari Bidyasagar Vidyapith670Chhat Singimari
35Tamaguri Junior Basic School749Tamaguri
36Singimari No.2 4Th Plan Pry.School910Anandaran Singimari
38Singimari Saranarthi Pry. School.594Uttar Singimari
40Singimari Nadir Char Forth Plan Primary: School563Uttar Singimari
41Nutanabas Sentral Spanarsad Primary: School518Nutanbas
43Fulakabadi Gosaidas Fifth Plan Primary School492Dakshin Singimari
44Kesharibari Birerahat Forth Plan Primary School990Kesaribari
45Kesharibari Aided Primary School1052Kesaribari
46Meyarer Dighi Aided Primary School748Kesaribari
48Khararhat Kalibari Special Kedar Pry. School1006Kesaribari
49Dhumer Khata Ashram State Plan Primary School1090Dhumerkhata
50Dhumerkhata Fifth Plan Primary School888Dhumerkhata
51Dhumer Khata Govt. Primary School893Dhumerkhata
52Sitai No 2 M.S.K. Centre.946Dhumerkhata
53Kayeter Bari Special Kyadar Primary School813Kayeterbari
56Khamar Sitai Fifth Plan Primary School678Khamarsitai
58Sitai Aided Primary School997Sitai
60Panchanan Smriti Vidyapith941Sitai
62Sitai High School.843Bharali
63Bholachatra Fifth Plan Primary School844Bholachatra
64Bharali C.S. Primary School616Bharali
66Bharali Kalibari R.R. Primary School604Bharali
68Netaji Vidyapith849Nagarsitai
69Aarji Khamar Sitai Primary School463Arazi Khamarsitai
70Sitai Jr. Basic School982Bharali
71Pirpal Sitai S.S.K. Centre(Near Anil Barmans House)501Pirpalsitai
72Padmamari Forth Plan Primary School534Satimari
73Balapukuri North S.S.K. Centre.809Balapukhari
74Balapukuri Fifth Plan Primary School522Balapukhari
76Sutibari Aided Primary School567Panikhawa
78Nagargidari Special Kyadar Pry. School573Nagargidari
79Satbhandari A.W.C. (No 51)966Satbhandari
80Satbhandari Aided Primary School771Satbhandari
81Chamta Special Kyadar Primary Bidalay911Chamta
82Aatharajani Forth Plan Primary School811Atharajani
84Chamta Adarsha High School559Chamta
86Gunjarir Chawra Special Kyadar Primary School590Chamta
88Purbo Chamta Forth Plan Pry. School727Chamta
90Kaimari 2No Govt. Primary: School583Kaimari
91Chorkhana Fifth Plan Primary School626Chorkhana
92Konachamta Ramkrishna Shishu Tirtha1050Chamta
93Barthar Govt. Primary School729Bathar
96Khalisa Gosani Junior Basic School883Khalisa Gosanimari
97Khalisha Gosanimari Kalirpath Anganwadi Centre Centre No.-47835Khalisa Gosanimari
98Khalisa Gosani Rajpat Primary School560Khalisa Gosanimari
99Khalisha Gosanimari Anganwadi Centre Centre No.-45665Khalisa Gosanimari
100Khalisa Gosanimari Basertari Aided Pry: School750Khalisa Gosanimari
102Bara Natabari Sishu Siksha Kendraa969Bara Natabari
103Kaji Najrul High School831Bara Natabari
104Chhoto Natabari Sishu Siksha Kendraa679Chhota Natabari
105Baranatabari Junior Basic School720Bara Natabari
106Chhoto Naldhondara Special Kyadar Pry . School1141Chhota Naldhondra
107Kamta Junior Basic School666Kamtapur
108Binanai Newly Setup Primary School893Binani
109Kaliganj Junior Basic School1121Binani
110Rangapani Aided Primary School690Rangapani
111Chakiyar Para State Plan Primary: School903Chakiarpara Pratham Khanda
112Anyamayee Primary School685Chakiarpara Pratham Khanda
113Khalisa Guri Primary School567Khalisaguri
114Chauler Kuthi Special Kyadar New Primary School1158Chauler Kuthi
115Paharganj Forth Plan Primary School597Paharganj
116Bara Fulbari Junior Basic School1139Phulbari
117Purba Fulbari Naba Prathamik Vidyalaya774Phulbari
118Dariya Fifth Plan Primary School860Dwaria
119Kamteswari Janapath Pathagar907Bhitar Kamata
120Bhitarkamta Fifth Plan Primary School1154Bhitar Kamata
121Gosanimari High School1026Bhitar Kamata
123Jambari Fifth Plan Primary School1081Jambari
124Jambari Newly Setup Primary School900Jambari
125Gosanimari Junior Basic School824Jambari
126Takimari Fast Phase Aided Primary School961Takimari
127Barabhita Govt. Primary School684Bara Bhita Pratham Khanda
130Kharija Boradanga Newly Set Up Primary School450Kharija Bora Danga
131Brahmattar Chauler Kuthi Primary School590Kharija Naldhondra
132Baishguri Aided Fast Phase Pry. School951Baisguri Khanda
133Prasannakumari R.R.Primary School996Pakhihaga
134Bajejama Pakhihaga Aided Fast Phase Pry. School488Bajejama Pakhihaga
136Pakhihaga No1 Aided Primary School1068Pakhihaga
137Matalhat High School682Bhalka
139Bhalka Aided Fast Phase Primary School940Bhalka
140Bhalka Putimari Aided Primary School800Bhalka Putimari
141Bhutkura Vitar Kuthi Fifth Plan Primary School464Bhutkura
143Matalahat Junior Basic School1018Barabhita Dwitia Khanda
144Purba Bhutkura Govt. Primary School717Bhutkura
145Bhutkura Special Kyadar Primary School940Bhutkura
148Gatamari Govt. Pry. School460Gatamari
149Sakdal Jibananda Pathagar884Sakdal
150Kuthibari Shakdal Fifth Plan Primary School862Sakdal
151Brahmanir Chowki Fifth Plan Primary: School818Brahmanir Chauki
152Brambhanir Chowki Special Kyadar Primary School1087Brahmanir Chauki
153Brahmanir Chowki No.2 Pry. School572Brahmanir Chauki
154Dakshin Singimari Fifth Plan Primary School (No-3 West)718Singimari Bhetaguri
156Singimari Bhetaguri Swami Vivekananda Sishu Siksha Kendraa852Singimari Bhetaguri
157Singimari Bhetaguri Junior Basic School1047Singimari Bhetaguri
158Mahakal Dham Govt.Pry. School818Singimari Bhetaguri
159Baishguri R.R.Primary School684Uttar Baishguri
160Baladanga Shridhamnagar Junior Basic School744Baladanga
163Borodanga Junior Basic School791Boradanga
164Baranachina Govt. Primary School557Bara Nachina (P)
166Baranachina Health Sub Centre Putimari-Ii Gp686Bara Nachina (P)
168Putimari-2 Grampanchayet Office1091Bara Nachina (P)
170Tatipara 5Th Plan Primary School878Bara Nachina (P)
172Bara Nachina Kutibari Fifth Plan Primary School753Bara Nachina (P)
174Chhotonachina G.S.F. Primary School804Bara Nachina (P)
176Bouler Kuthi Fifth Plan Primary School1082Paschim Paradanga
177Kanteswar Fifth Plan Primary School573Bara Nachina (P)
179Dwarikamari Aided Primary School929Dwarikamari
181Boradanga No-2 Govt. Primary School811Paschim Paradanga
183Alokjhari Aided Primary School1142Alokjhari
184Chowdhuri Pashar Mamud Junior Basic School824Alokjhari
186Petla Nabibaksh High School806Petla
189Chhoto Boalmari Junior Basic School1110Chhoto Boalmari
190Chhoto Boalmari No 2 R.R. Primary School976Chhoto Boalmari
191Petla West Primary School1072Petla
192Panaguri Special Kyadar Primary School741Panaguri
194Jamadarer Bash High School887Jamadarerbus
196Rajakhora Forth Plan Primary School1022Kuthialerbus
197Singimari Madnakura Junior Basic School1089Singimari Madankura Dakshin
199Kharija Batrigachh Govt. Pry. School492Andaran Singimari
200Kharija Batrigachh Junior Basic School867Kharija Barigachhi
202Chhoto Jhila Aided Fast Phase Pry. School.876Chhota Jhila
204Batrigachh Aided Primary School1122Batrigachh
205Pashchim Bara Atiyabari Forth Plan Pry. School815Bara Atiabari Pratham Khanda (P)
206Singimari Vibekananda S.S.K Centre827Singimari
207Chhoto Shoulmari Aided Primary School619Chhota Saulmari
209Dhamer Hat Anganwari Centre1105Barabhita Dwitia Khanda
210Thakur Panchanan High School957Bara Saulmari
211Bara Shaulmari R.R. Primary School1096Bara Saulmari
212Bara Boalmari Special Kyadar Primary School725Bara Boalmari (P)
214Jhuripara No-1 Special Kyadar Primary School795Jhuripara (P)
216Dinhata Mishan Girls High School916Jhuripara (P)
218Kalirpat Fifth Plan New Primary School840Bara Atiabari Pratham Khanda (P)
220Dinhata Mission Junior Basic School925Bara Atiabari Pratham Khanda (P)
222Bara Atiyabari Aided Primary School907Bara Atiabari Pratham Khanda (P)
225Bara Atiyabari No2 Aided Primary School915Bara Atiabari Pratham Khanda (P)
227Radhanagar Bidya Mandir R.R. Primary School872Bara Atiabari Pratham Khanda (P)
229Gitaldaha Aatiyabari S.S.K. Centre.1089Gitaldaha Ataiabari
230Jorpakuri Junior High School1022Gitaldaha Ataiabari
231Peolaguri Aided Primary School650Gitaldaha Ataiabari
233Banidas Newly Setup Primary School680Atharabari
235Peulaguri Paglarpat Aided Primary School(Fast Phase)908Peulaguri
237Kharija Gitaldaha Fifth Plan Primary: School1017Kharija Gidaldaha
238Danga Junior Basic School806Danga
240Dighaltari Forth Plan Primary: School818Dakshin Dighaltari
242Okrabari Aalabakash High School559Gokura
244Dhankumar Govt. Primary: School684Kaorai
247Kharija Falimari Aided Primary School838Dukha Bholar Kuthi
248Panchadhwaji Govt. Primary School1137Dhamailgachh
249Chhat Gitaldaha Junior Basic School1076Dukha Bholar Kuthi
250Indranarayan Govt. Pry. School755Indra Narayan
252Raghunandan Forth Plan Primary School974Raghunandan
253Balakandi Fifth Plan Primary School961Balakundi
254Balakandi Sishu Siksha Kendraa845Balakundi
255Gobrachhara Junior Basic School1051Chhata Phalimari
256Munsirhat Sadekiya High Madrasa618Chhata Phalimari
258Ramprasad New Primary School601Ramprasad
259Falimari Govt. Primary School902Bara Phalimari
261Shibeshwar Aided Primary School986Sibeshwar
262Maheshwar Fifth Plan Primary School875Maheshwar
263Daribas Kalani Aided Primary School1119Paramananda
264Nabani Shambhunath Forth Plan Primary School567Nabani
266Kharija Gitaladah Fifth Plan Primary School837Daksin Kharija Gitaldaha
268Jari Dharala Flood Rescue Centre754Daribash Prothamkhanda
270Gitaldaha Dak Banglow829Bhoram Payasthi
271Bharbanda Primary School827Bhar Bandha
272Bhoram Payasti Govt. Primary School624Bhoram Payasthi
274Gitaldaha High School992Dolgobinda
275Pashchim Bhoram Govt. Primary School1052Bhoram
276Daribas State Junior Madrasa876Daribas Dwitia Khanda
277Najrul S.S.K. Centre.569Ghugumari
278Jagannath Fifth Plan Primary School982Jagannath
279Bhoram Special Kyadar Primary School918Bhoram
281Kharija Haridas Fifth Plan Primary School615Kharija Haridas
282Ratinandan Special Kyadar Primary School460Ratinandan
285Konamukta Govt. Primary School1042Konamukta

Last Updated on December 26, 2014