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Polling Booth in Shyampur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Shyampur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shyampur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Gopinathpur Pry School602Gopinathpur
2Gopinathpur Jr. High School1100Gopinathpur
3Pakuria Pry School786Pakuria
4Kupnandan Pry School884Pakuria
5Kantagachhi Kesimuddin Pry School483Katagachhi
7Shalukpara Special Cadre Prathamick Vidyalaya1050Katagachhi
8Mosha Pry School715Mosha
10Nakole High School969Nakol
11Chaulia Special Cadre Pry School805Chaulia
14Khajnabahala High Madrasa800Nakol
15Jagadishpur Pry School622Naul (CT)
17Damodarpur Pry School1037Damodarpur
19Pratappur Board Pry School812Pratappur
20Malipur Pry School610Naul (CT)
21Baikunthapur Pry School714Baikunthapur
23Henregonjla Jr Basic School824Baikunthapur
24Naul Board Pry School724Naul (CT)
28Tajnagar Special Cadre Pry School846Tajnagar
29Sitapur Pry School686Sitapur
31Naoda Nayanchandra Vidyapith(H.S)725Naoda
34Naoda Board Pry. School704Naoda
35Kulanandapur Special Cadre Pry School1056Kulanandapur
36Bhatughar Shishu Shiksha Kendraa551Bhatughar
37Ghughubesia Mahakali Pry School914Ghugubeshe
38Ghughubesiya New Setup Upper Pry. School345Sitapur
39Jamira New Pry School988Sitapur
40Pipulyan Pry School508Gohalberia
41Gohalberia Special Cadre Pry School923Gohalberia
42Amardaha Jr Basic School621Amardaha
44Paikbar Board Pry School783Paikbar
45Rajibpur Board Pry School993Rajibpur
46Ghughubesia Girls Pry School729Rajibpur
47Durgapur Bhadreswari Agril High School (H.S)1050Uttardurgapur
48Ratanpur Special Cadre Pry School822Ratanpur
49Hogalkuria Pry School673Amardaha
50Durgapur Boys Pry School528Uttardurgapur
51Durgapur Girls Prathamick School670Uttardurgapur
52Osmanpur Special Cadre Pry School1071Osmanpur
53Gyanpith Sikhayatan M.S.K378Osmanpur
54Sasati Nahala Kanthaldaha Abinash High School (H.S)917Deora
56Rengara Pry School590Rengara
57Champabar Board Pry School934Chanpabar
59Pipulyan D. N. K. Vidyapith758Chanpabar
60Mohanpur Spl Cadre Pry School842Samaspur
62Kultikari Board Pry School823Kultikari
63Kanthaldaha Pry School492Kanthaldaha
64Rautara Nandanpur Pry School809Kultikari
65Balikuria Pry School513Kultikari
66Simuliya S.S.K724Kultikari
67Jonka Board Pry School769Jonka
68Argori Board Pry. School468Jonka
69Basulya Pry School392Charabasulya
70Rana Pry School787Rana
71Bhagabatipur Pry School678Krishnanagar
72Palgoria Pry School781Palgaria
73Bachhri Special Cadre Pry School1102Bachhari
74Chilara Pry School429Chilara
76Sadashibpur Special Cadre Pry School912Sadashibpur
77Danpatia Pry School1134Danpatia
78Naskarpur New Pry School890Ghanashyampur
79Ghanashyampur Pry School566Ghanashyampur
80Narail Anandamath Balika Vidyamandir767Pashchim Gazipur
81Gajipur Pragati Sangha Pry School1304Garchumbak
82Ganeshpur High School(H.S)852Ganeshpur
83Bargram Anchal Vidyapith(H.S)1264Bargram
84Garchumuk Board Pry School806Garchumbak
85Garchumuk New Setup Upper Pry. School865Garchumbak
86Paschim Garchumuk Pry School1119Bargarchumbak
88Bargram Special Cadre Pry School995Bargram
89Bheteyapara S.S.K348Bargram
90Sajnagachhi Special Cadre Pry School722Sajinagachhi
93Bargram Basulya Jr. Basic School1062Bargarchumbak
95Bargarchumuk Pry School1041Bargarchumbak
96Moula Netaji Vidyalay(H.S)1114Maula
97Baidyapur Free Pry School577Narrottampur
99Chandanpur Pry School978Chhotaradhanagar
100Joarkole Pry School1046Joarkul
101Sanandapur Pry School602Shashati (CT)
102Sasati 2No Pry School1004Shashati (CT)
103Sasati Nahala Abinash High School(H.S)548Mukundapur
104Mukundapur S.S.K823Mukundapur
106Sasati Board Pry School496Shashati (CT)
108Sasati Nahala Abinash High Attached Primary School897Gaurangapur
110Khajri Tripurapur High School569Tripurapur
111Senko Uddhabpur Primary School956Uddhabpur
112Senko Sultanpur S.S.K570Sultanpur
113Ramnagar Jr. Basic School623Ramnagar
115Ramnagar Girls Primary School904Ramnagar
117Khajri Tripurapur Free Primary School660Khajri
118Kamina Special Cadre Primary School1010Tripurapur
119Khelo Primary School556Uddhabpur
120Senko Sultanpur Primary School1124Sultanpur
121Sultanpur Board Primary School779Sultanpur
123Antilapara Primary School843Anantapur
124Anantapur Madhyapara Primary School646Anantapur
125Anantapur Mirpara S.S.K735Anantapur
127Ajodhya Belpukur High School( H.S)753Chalitapara
129Nauripara Srikrishna Vidyamandir539Anantapur
130Anantapur Siddheswari Junior Basic School650Anantapur
132Chalitapara Umed Ali Primary School773Chalitapara
134Paltaberia Dinanath Primary School772Jhumjhumi
136Paltaberia Vidyasagar Primary School889Jhumjhumi
137Saiberia Bishalaxmi Special Cadre Primary School899Jhumjhumi
138Bainchi Primary School1064Baichi
139Nonadangi Primary School761Radhanagar
141Krishnapur D.B. Primary School974Ankul
142Ankul S.S.K640Ankul
143Kharuberia Pry School1133Kharubere
144Radhanagar Udayachandra Junior Basic School455Radhanagar
145Radhanagar New Setup Upper Pry. School694Radhanagar
146Narayanpur Primary School982Narayanpur
147Mamudpur Primary School859Narayanpur
148Hoglasi Moksed Pry. School542Narayanpur
149Joynagar Naskarpur Fakir Chand High School(H.S)1073Jaynagar
150Marshali Converted Junior Basic School1126Marshal
151Marshal New Setup Upper Pry. School616Marshal
153Naskarpur Mondalpara Pry. School713Jaynagar
154Gobindapur Nityalal Smriti Girls High School(H.S)645Gobindapur
155Barsumudra Pry.School776Narayanpur
157Gobindapur Pry. School (Sibtalar Nikat)590Gobindapur
158Khidirpur Shantiram Primary School954Jaynagar
160Gobindapur Netaji Vidyaniketan790Gobindapur
162Belpukur Krittibas Primary School998Ajodhya
163Bardabar Lenin Vidyapith858Ajodhya
165Mondalpara Primary School641Ajodhya
166Narikeldaha Jr Basic School570Narikeldaha
168Bania Special Cadre Primary School748Narikeldaha
171Dehimandalghat High School1127Dihimandalghat (CT)
172Rameswarpur Primary School360Dihimandalghat (CT)
173Dehimondalghat Dakshin Primary School949Dihimandalghat (CT)
174Dihimondalghat Board Pry. School850Dihimandalghat (CT)
175Dehimondalghat Uttar Pimary School753Dihimandalghat (CT)
177Shyamapur Purbbapara Primary Vidyalaya711Shyampur (CT)
178Shyampur High School750Shyampur (CT)
180Shyampur Uttarpara Icds Centar482Shyampur (CT)
181Shyampur Pashchim Primary Vidyalaya563Shyampur (CT)
183Shyampur Mirpara Ssk596Shyampur (CT)
185Dwarakanath Balika Vidyamandir786Narikelabar
187Alpina Primary School1026Alpin
188Bolpukur Primary School416Alpin
189Kanthilabar Primary School836Kathilabar
192Rameshwarpur Primary School634Rameshwarpur
194Bhagabanpur Musalimpara Primary School1380Bhagawanpur
195Bhagbanpur Paschim Pry. School466Bhagawanpur
196Bhagabanpur Uttar Primary School857Bhagawanpur
197Bhagbanpur Daskhin Pry. School797Bhagawanpur
198Shitalpur East Primary School519Shitalpur
200Shitalpur Primary School996Shitalpur
201Harinarayanpur Primary School488Harinarayanpur
203Hoglasi Bishalakshmi Prathamik Vidyalaya687Srikol
205Panshila Madhyapara Primary Vidyalaya961Panshila
207Shrikole High School763Srikol
208Shrikole Primary School1023Srikol
209Kalaghatu Primary School713Kotara
210Kotra Board Primary School1076Kotara
212Deuli Board Primary School1007Deuli
214Dihiberia Primary School714Kotara
215Nunebar Mahakali Primary School863Nunebar
216Kalaghatu Jue.Highschool509Nunebar
217Gudarbenia Primary School701Deuli
219Baghakhola Jayachandi Para Primary School1056Kotara
220Deuli Dakshin Primary School748Deuli
222Tinkari Balika Vidyalaya1001Kamalpur
223Kamalpur Primary School1072Kamalpur
224Dingakhola Pashchim Primary School625Dinga Khola (CT)
226Bharapura Primary School657Bharapura
227Sarishani Kalika Junior Basic School1065Sarishani
228Molla Bishalakshmi Balika Vidyalaya1136Sarishani
229Dingakhola Primary Vidyalaya1089Dinga Khola (CT)
232Harishpur Pry. School448Kshirish Beria
233Khrishberia Pry. School394Kshirish Beria
235Shibaganj Sharatachandra Junior Basic School746Sibganja
237Kamdevpur Nazrul Ssk554Kamdebpur
238Kamdebpur Primary School492Kamdebpur
240Gohaldaha Prabhat Kumari Junior Basic School467Goaldaha
242Kanthanali Primary School744Kathanali
244Shibganj Dakshinpara Primary School773Sibganja
246Tentulberia Primary School572Sibganja
247Kurchiberia Primary School1012Kurchi Beria
248Harinarayanpur Durgapur Primary School419Dakshin Durgapur
250Dakshin Durgapur Pashchim Primary School789Dakshin Durgapur
251Dakshin Durgapur A.R.D. Primary School1069Dakshin Durgapur
252Kalidaha Pashchim Primary School925Kalidaha
253Kalidaha Primary School637Kalidaha
255Radhapur Girls Primary School711Radhapur (CT)
257Bakhalpur Durgapur Special Primary School813Dakshin Durgapur
258Radhapur Hatpara Primary School916Radhapur (CT)
260Bakhalpur Purba Primary School843Jallabad (CT)
262Purulpara Primary School1038Purulpara
264Chaulia Primary School1160Jallabad (CT)
265Jallabaj Primary School606Jallabad (CT)
267Kholaberia Primary School1100Pichhaldaha
268Pichhaldaha D.N.Primary School1225Pichhaldaha
270Gujarpur Surendranath Vidyapith603Pichhaldaha
272Chaulkhola Primary School989Pichhaldaha
273Baral Pry. School590Pichhaldaha
274Shibpur Junior Basic School568Sibpur
276Shibpur High School1324Sibpur
279Gurepole High School736Gurepol
280Shukhakhuti Primary School1016Baneshwarpur
281Baneswarpur Primary School553Baneshwarpur
283Gabrail Primary School762Baneshwarpur
285Panchasera Para Primary School536Gurepol
287Gurepole Paschim Pry. School671Gurepol
288Panchserapara Muslimpara Primary School803Gurepol
289Tetikhola Primary School526Gurepol
290Amarpur Primary School635Gurepol
292Amberia Primary School1082Ambere
293Gadiara Primary School407Gadiara

Last Updated on June 06, 2020

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