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Polling Booth in Shibpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Shibpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shibpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Hemnagar Hemchandra Smriti Vidyamandir974Haora (M Corp)
5Saudamini G.S.F.P School940Haora (M Corp)
7Kona Girls Primary School971Haora (M Corp)
8Arya Bani Mandir Girls High School(Morning Section)865Haora (M Corp)
12Kona High School (Attached Bari)854Haora (M Corp)
14Kona High School759Haora (M Corp)
25Balitikuri Rabindr Vidyamandir1040Haora (M Corp)
27C.T.I Junior Basic School1130Haora (M Corp)
31Balitikuri Naskar Para Primary School886Haora (M Corp)
33Sabuj Sangha Kindar Garten1063Haora (M Corp)
34Rajakumari Balika Vidyalaya753Haora (M Corp)
38Bamun Para F. P. School Balitikuri987Haora (M Corp)
40Balitikuri Sadharan Pathagar845Haora (M Corp)
44Radharani Vidyamandir Baltikuri961Haora (M Corp)
46Balitikuri MR De High School980Haora (M Corp)
49Telephone Exchange Balitikuri688Haora (M Corp)
51Sadananda (Mishan) Junior High School975Haora (M Corp)
54Dharsa Junior Basic School1013Haora (M Corp)
58Dharsha Azad Shikshayatan789Haora (M Corp)
60Dharsha Panchananatala Primary School764Haora (M Corp)
62Satashi High School1095Haora (M Corp)
68Govt.Of India Press Qtr. Prathamik Vidyalaya510Haora (M Corp)
70Jagachha Chandi Vidyapith1106Haora (M Corp)
72Dharsha Mihiralal Khan Institiution940Haora (M Corp)
77Jagacha High School726Haora (M Corp)
84Jagacha Girls High School822Haora (M Corp)
87Board Primary Adhar Das Memorial Hal972Haora (M Corp)
90North Institute638Haora (M Corp)
93Shitalatala F.P. School698Haora (M Corp)
96Bikramsila Acadamy Eng Medium School948Haora (M Corp)
99Santaragachhi Upendranath Primary School820Haora (M Corp)
102Kanailal Bhattacharjee College799Haora (M Corp)
109Mahila Bikash Co-Operative Credit Society Ltd.Santragachi968Haora (M Corp)
110Shashthitala Primary School798Haora (M Corp)
113R. N. Jhunajhunwala Vidyamandir949Haora (M Corp)
115Augastine Public School980Haora (M Corp)
117Jatiababa Pry. Vidyalaya Ramrajatala1044Haora (M Corp)
118Indumati F. P. School824Haora (M Corp)
121Cental Engineearing Organisation1058Haora (M Corp)
123Sealdanga Sadharan Pathagar1086Haora (M Corp)
124Howrah Health Home534Haora (M Corp)
125Ichapur Girls High SchoolIchapurHowrah1078Haora (M Corp)
129Ichapur High School895Haora (M Corp)
136Ichapur Radhagobinda Vidyamandir822Haora (M Corp)
138Netaji Vidyayatan Pry. School810Haora (M Corp)
140Netaji Vidyayatan High School954Haora (M Corp)
146Belgachia Mahatma Aswini Dutta Vidyapith1111Haora (M Corp)
152Surendranath Ghosh Memorialh Igh School668Haora (M Corp)
156Belgachia Ramakrishna Primary School1106Haora (M Corp)
158Bamunagachhi Girls School607Haora (M Corp)
162Uttar Bantra Manasatala Prathamik Vidyalaya459Haora (M Corp)
166Dasnagar Netaji Subhash High School721Haora (M Corp)
169Dashanagar Chapaladebi Balika Vidyalaya897Haora (M Corp)
173Adarsha Vidyamandir Junior High School992Haora (M Corp)
176Sahanapur Primary Balika Vidyalaya780Haora (M Corp)
179Bantra Bidhubhushan Pal Chowdhury Girls High School1004Haora (M Corp)
181Narasingha Dutta College902Haora (M Corp)
184Bantra Rajlaxmi Balika Vidyalaya1093Haora (M Corp)
188Sanpur Kalitala Primary School755Haora (M Corp)
190Madhusudan Pal Chaudhuri High SchoolBantra893Haora (M Corp)
193Bantra Public Libory Shiksha Niketan (Bayej)892Haora (M Corp)
198Bantra Public Library (Hall)1094Haora (M Corp)
199Kanta Pukur Baroari939Haora (M Corp)
201Tarasundari Balika Vidyabhavan848Haora (M Corp)
207Bantra Public Library Shikshaniketan Girls High School742Haora (M Corp)
210Howrah Municipal Ward Office No-61059Haora (M Corp)
211Bantra Anath Bandhu Samiti987Haora (M Corp)
215H.I.T Office Dumurajala618Haora (M Corp)
217P &T Complex Coumunity Hall968Haora (M Corp)
218Engineering Institute For Jr. Executive681Haora (M Corp)
224Rabindra Vidyamandir Dalalpukur680Haora (M Corp)
227South Byantra Ramakrishna Institution776Haora (M Corp)
228Laxinarayan Prathamik Vidyalaya648Haora (M Corp)
230Howrah Jogendra Smriti Shiksha Mondir864Haora (M Corp)
232Arya Balika Vidyalaya705Haora (M Corp)
234Agricultural Marketing Daptar974Haora (M Corp)
236Subhash Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya970Haora (M Corp)

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