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Polling Booth in Satgachhia Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Satgachhia

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Satgachhia Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Khagadamuri F.P. School1039Khagramuri
2Nadaberiya F.P. School1014Khagramuri
4Bagakhali F P School467Khagramuri
5Chandrahati F.P. School467Chandrahati
7Akulse F.P. School984Akulshe
9Ramanagar Board F.P. School717Ramnagar
12Ramadebapur Ah Primary Vidyalaya836Ramdebpur
13Mukundapur F.P.School689Ramdebpur
14Rayapur Junior High School792Raypur
16Nahajari Musalim Para F.P. School1067Nahazari (CT)
17Nahajari Mondal Para Icds Centre996Nahazari (CT)
18Samali Bholanath Jr. High School1085Nahazari (CT)
20Nahajari F.P. School432Nahazari (CT)
21Madhya Nahajari Amraberia F.P.School1071Nahazari (CT)
23Parashar F.P. School681Nahazari (CT)
28Nazrul Pathagar546Nahazari (CT)
29Angaraberiya F.P. School1009Angarbaria
31Gajipur F.P. School655Gazipur
34Jhikurberia F.P. School572Jhikurbere
36Hatberia S.S.K615Hatbaria
37Hatabediya Ah Primary Vidyalaya480Hatbaria
38Nandabhanga F.P. School787Nadabhanga (CT)
40Nandabhanga Haigh School1010Nadabhanga (CT)
42Nandabhanga Pashchim Ah Primary Vidyalaya935Nadabhanga (CT)
44Makhaliya Ah Primary Vidyalaya612Nadabhanga (CT)
46Bakharahat Paschim F.P. School550Bakrahat
48Kirttanakhola F.P. School423Kirtankhola
51Chak Sukdev Icds1020Chak Sukdeb
52Chak Sukdev Makhaliya F.P. School936Chak Sukdeb
53Bakharahat High School816Bakrahat
55Sanjuya F.P. School775Sajua
57Chandapur F.P. School573Chandpur
60Choto Gagangohalia F.P.School482Kadambatala
61Kadambatala F.P. School918Kadambatala
62Kanganaberiya F.P. School1007Kanganbaria (CT)
63Bidyanagar Hah Seh Maltiparapas Bayej School700Kanganbaria (CT)
65Kanganabediya Chandapur Ef.Pi. School728Kanganbaria (CT)
66Kanganabediya F.P. School Basic759Kanganbaria (CT)
69Purb Badagaganagohaliya Ef.Pi. School740Kanganbaria (CT)
71Badagagan High School819Bora Gagangohalia (CT)
75Raikishori Datta F.P. School1001Khasjhika
77Bar Kalikapur F.P. School (West Side School)1068Barkalikapur (CT)
79Prabhabati F.P. School992Barkalikapur (CT)
80Jayachandipur Bag Para F.P. School1019Joychandipur
81Deulberia F.P. School808Deulberia
82Jayachandipur F.P. School698Joychandipur
84Purba Patharaberiya F.P. School1095Patharberia (CT)
85Parthetberiia F.P. School731Deulberia
87Patherberia F.P. School825Patharberia (CT)
89Bhabanipur Ef. Pi. School536Bhabanipur
91Ramachandranagar F.P. School1055Ramchandra Nagar
92Dharamapur Ah Primary Vidyalaya827Dharmapur
95Nimatala F.P. School731Mamudpur
97Mamudpur F.P. School631Mamudpur
99Maukhali Junior Basic School781Maukhali
100Vidyanagar Balika Uchcha Vidyalaya648Maukhali
103Chhotochandanadah F.P. School869Chanddandaha (CT)
104Vidyanagar H.S. Multiparpose Boys School Unit -2814Chanddandaha (CT)
106Chandanadah F.P. School903Chanddandaha (CT)
107Bibirahat F.P. School942Chanddandaha (CT)
108Kashibati Sindhumayiee Jr Basic School917Kasibati
111Jayarampur F.P. School652Jayrampur
113Uttar Ramakrishnapur Dhany Shisha F.P. School740Jayrampur
115Sukhadebapur Ef.Pi. School516Sukdebpur
117Digaborahanapur Ef.Pi.School(Musalimapada)1016Borahanpur
119Borahanapur F.P. School (Room No-12)1085Borahanpur
121Chak Borahanpur F.P. School791Borahanpur
123Shrikrishnapur Ef.Pi.School586Srikrishnapur
126Ramakrishnapur Kriparamapur EfPi School939Ramkrishnapur (CT)
129Banshatala Bharabi Vidyapith687Ramkrishnapur (CT)
130Pallishri Shikshayatan Jr Basic School487Udayrampur
132Udayaramapur Pallishri Shikshaniketan (Dah Diker Ghar)519Udayrampur
134Udayarampur F.P. School912Chak Enayetnagar (CT)
135Piratala F.P. School708Chak Enayetnagar (CT)
137Madrasa Mainul Islam1018Chak Enayetnagar (CT)
140Chak Enayetanagar F.P. School834Chak Enayetnagar (CT)
143Piratala High School706Mirpur
145Mirapur Ef.Pi.School653Mirpur
146Najimuddin Ah Primary Vidyalaya781Chak Enayetnagar (CT)
147Aamatala Ef Pi School828Amtala (CT)
149Aamatala (Ghoyapada) Ef.Pi.School1072Amtala (CT)
151Nibedita Uchch Balika Vidyalaya569Amtala (CT)
155Kriparamapur Ef.Pi.School678Kriparampur (CT)
159Uttar Chandi F.P. School1120Chandi
161Madhyachandi Ef.Pi.School1066Chandi
163Chandi Shiksha Sadan F.P. School977Chandi
164Chandi Makhanalal F.P. School825Chandi
165Chandi Adarsh F.P. School699Chandi
167Rotari Rabindr Vidyapith481Chandi
169Nalabhag F.P. School1026Nalbhag
170Kishorapur Purba F.P. School966Kishorpur
171Dadapur F.P. School937Dadpur
172Kishorpur F.P. School684Kishorpur
173Krishnapur Gotalahat Shashibhushan Uchch Vidyalaya559Krishnapur
175Sulatanaganj F.P. School307Sultanganja
176Sultanganz S S K1089Sultanganja
177Sultanganz I C D S Centre1046Sultanganja
179Abhirampur F.P. School989Abhirampur
180Ramachandrapur Ef.Pi.School625Abhirampur
181Egarogram Shikshayatan Uchch Vidyalaya772Egaragram
183Gangarampur F.P. School558Gangarampur
185Gangarampur F.P. School (Barke)971Gangarampur
186Uttar Gobindapur F.P. School813Gobindapur
188Dakshin Gobindapur Ah Primary Vidyalaya1033Gobindapur
189Deuli Gobindapur F P School357Gobindapur
190Gobindapur Union Sikshaniketan777Gobindapur
191Kalicharanpur F.P. School562Golbari Kalicharanpur
192Dhirubala S S K592Golbari Kalicharanpur
194Mukundapur Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya835Ghora Hatamukandapur
197Deuli Vidyapith734Deuli Sultanpur
199Sonapur F.P. School930Sonarpur
200Satgachia United F.P. School861Chak Bansbaria
202Satgachia F.P. School844Satgachhia
203Ayma F.P.School989Aima
204Chak Bansberia F.P. School696Aima
206Chak Daulat Saheban Bagicha F.P.School887Chak Daulat
207Howrii Dinanath F.P.School780Nadakhali
208Bahirchara F P School545Bahirchara
210Howri Dinanath High School525Charadongaria
212Dhancheberia Rupantarita Nimna Junior Basic School375Dhanchebaria
214Verii Vetkakhali Highschool1090Chak Manik
215Veri Vetkakhali Sishu Siksha Kendraa1071Bhetkakhali
216Chakmanik Manadamoyee Girls F.P.School452Chak Manik
217Chakmanik F.P.School853Chak Manik
218Chakparan F.P. School1015Chak Paran
219Muchisa Haridas Krishi Shilpa Vidyapith662Muchisha
221Muchisa Pallymangal F.P. School864Muchisha
225Madhya Baratala F.P. School1111Baratala
227Baratala F.P. School574Baratala
229Poali Patra Para F.P.School1051Poali (CT)
230Poali F..P. School946Poali (CT)
232Banagram F.P. School848Banagram
233Gaja Poali F.F.P.School528Poali (CT)
234Gajapoli Grils F P School899Poali (CT)
235Gaja Chandipur F.P. School660Gaja
237Gaja Vidyasagar Sishu Sikha Kendraa871Gaja
238Paita F P School840Paita
239Sonia F.P. School695Paita
240Bahirkunja F.P. School1052Bahirkunji
241Bahirkunja Baratala F.P. School709Bahirkunji
243Telari Banipith Girls High School1056Telari
244Rabindra Shiksaniketan Junior High School1094Telari
245Naldari F.P. School1005Naldari
246Burul Dharmatala F.P. School1113Burul
247Burul High School860Burul
248Paschaim Burul F P School530Burul
251Burul Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya (Balika)513Burul
253Kesabpur Basantamoyee F P School622Keshabpur
254Chandua Narayantala Junior High School691Chandua
255Chandua Narayanatala Junior Basic School546Telari
257Purba Poali F.P. School597Poali (CT)
259Dosotina Poali F.P. School1076Dosatina
260Sehai F.P. School851Sehai
262Bidira Ramchandrapur F.P.School1035Bidira
263Bagpota Adarsha F.P.School744Dosatina
265Rania Kultukari High School904Rania Gobindapur
267Kultukari F.P. School697Pakua Kultikri
268Kamra F.P. School706Kamra
270Brindabanpur F.P. School696Brindabanpur
272Umedpur F.P. School655Sahebanumedpur
274Paschim Umedpur F.P. School748Sahebanumedpur
276Itali F.P.School795Itali
278Deuli F.P. School632Deuli
280Talmeria F.P. School831Talmaria
281Chaulkhola F.P.School738Mahamayapur
282Naskarpur Chaulkhola Das Mir Para F P School812Chaulkhola
284Chakhimmat Khan F.P. School1106Chak Himmatkhan
285Neiya F.P. School864Neiya
286Sonaria Hemchandra Bidyamandir High School1078Neiya
288Sonaria F.P. School818Sonaria
289Mohanpur F.P. School723Barea
291Suvi F.P. School1049Shubhi
292Naskarpur Sukanta Sikha Niketan635Naskarpur
293Kantapukur Ef.Pi.School606Naskarpur
295Aryapara High School714Mohanpur
298Aryapara F.P. School314Majherhat
300Majer Aat F.P. School1131Majherhat

Last Updated on June 06, 2020
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