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Polling Booth in Sandeshkhali Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sandeshkhali

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sandeshkhali Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Uttar Mathbari F.P. School995Matbari Abad
2Mathbari Sub Health Centre703Matbari Abad
3Uttar Mathbari F.P. School (Swaksharata Building)685Matbari Abad
4Mathbari Brick Field M.S.K784Matbari Abad
5Khariat F.P. School677Khariat Abad
6Uttar Khariat 99 No. Icds Centre685Khariat Abad
7Kharihat Netaji F.P. School825Khariat Abad
8Deluipara Juktigachi F.P. School988Matbari Abad
9Petua Dhanihati F.P.School699Petuadhanihati
10Petua Dhanihati S.S.K881Petuadhanihati
11Dheknamari Damodhar Adibasi High School990Dheknamari
12I.C.D.S. Centre ( Near The House Of Mahadev Sardar)781Khariat Abad
13Madhya Shakdaha S.S.K755Khassankdaha
14Khas Shakdaha Gazipara Icds Centre734Khassankdaha
15Sankardaha Abad Paschimpara F.P. School626Sankardaha Abad
16Khas Shakdaha M.S.K784Sankardaha Abad
17Dheknamari F.P.School.851Sankardaha Abad
18Boyermari 6 No. Chack F.P. School677Bayarmari
19Dakshin Boyermari F.P. School567Bayarmari
20Dakshin Boyermari Jr. High School737Bayarmari
21Madhya Boyermari Rabithakur Smriti F.P. School861Bayarmari
22Sankardaha Abad F.P. School (Khas Sakdaha)847Khassankdaha
23I.C.D.S Centre (Near House Of Nechhar Mir)811Khassankdaha
24Chunchura Hullopara F.P. School805Chunchura
25I.C.D.S Centre (Near House Of Ranjan Das)608Chunchura
26Chunchura F.P. School715Chunchura
27Purba Chunchura F.P. School543Chunchura
29Loukhali State Plan F.P. School1178Laukhali Patharghata
30Loukhali Majerpara Madrasa664Laukhali Patharghata
31Lowkhali Ahmedia M.S.K488Laukhali Patharghata
32Agarhati Gourhari Vidhyapity911Laukhali Patharghata
34Agarhati F.P. School683Agarhati
35Agarhati Jiban Krishna Smriti F.P. School532Agarhati
36Loukhali Patharghata F.P. School871Laukhali Patharghata
38Patharghata State Plan F.P. School1024Laukhali Patharghata
39Bhatidaha Mallickpara F.P. School578Agarhati
40I.C.D.S Centre (Near House Of Amed Ali)865Agarhati
41Baro Ajgara I.C.D.S. Centre618Agarhati
42Sarberia Uccha Vidyalaya772Fakirtakia
44Ajgara F.P. School1145Fakirtakia
45Chhoto Ajgara I.C.D.S. Kendraa989Fakirtakia
46Fakirtakia Jr. Basic School753Fakirtakia
48Kholachati Icds Centre980Fakirtakia
49Uttar Kanmari F.P. School967Kanmari
51Dakshin Kanmari Jr. Basic School1083Kanmari
52Hatgachi Bajpara F.P. School646Hatgachhi
53Hatgachi Sri Ramkrishna Vidhyapith670Hatgachhi
54Hatgachi F.P. School840Hatgachhi
55Nalkora Jr. Basic School1047Natkora
56Nalkora Nityananda F. P. School.1048Natkora
57Kanmari Sumitrabala F.P. School907Kanmari
58Rajbari Surendra F.P. School (Paschimangsha)555Rajbari
60Rajbari Purba Para S.S.K1067Rajbari
61Nalkora Sarat Chandra Smriti F P School1088Natkora
62Phulmoni Adarsa Vidhyalaya601Rajbari
64Bounia Rishi Arabinda Smriti F.P. School835Baunia Abad
65Uttar Bounia F.P. School628Baunia Abad
66Madhya Bounia F.P. School (Purbangsha)1046Baunia Abad
67Bounia Probhas Roy High School1112Baunia Abad
685 No. Baunia S.S.K541Baunia Abad
69Dakshin Bounia F.P. School958Baunia Abad
70Bansberia F.P. School755Baunia Abad
71Dhwajikati Adibasi Naba Primary School486Baunia Abad
72Nazat Boyermari Jr. Basic School989Nyazat
73Atbunia Bantalata F.P. School682Dashin Akhratala
74Dakshin Akhratala F.P. School (Kalabagan)1037Dashin Akhratala
75Uttar Boyermari Adibasi F.P. School928Bayar Mari Abad
76Nazat Netaji Vidhyamandir879Bayar Mari Abad
77Kalpara S.S.K580Bayar Mari Abad
78Gangdhar Para F.P. School1073Bayar Mari Abad
80Boyermari Kukriakhali Adibasi F.P. School891Bayar Mari Abad
81Nazat F.P. School562Nyazat
83Sandeshkhali-I Sdb Office780Nyazat
84Sarat Sardar Smriti F.P School480Bayar Mari Abad
85Dakshin Akhratala Rabindra Siksha Niketan728Dashin Akhratala
86Dakshin Akhratala Adibasi F.P. School512Dashin Akhratala
87Sandeshkhali Lamps Office694Dashin Akhratala
88Orangpara Metiakhali F.P. School1107Bayar Mari Abad
89Boyermari Kacharipara F.P. School781Bayar Mari Abad
90Dakshin Akhratala Jr. Basic School697Bayar Mari Abad
92Dakshin Akhratala F.P. School. Hardarapara (Purbangsha)602Dashin Akhratala
93Dakshin Akhratala S.S.K620Dashin Akhratala
94Arjun Sardarpara F.P. School851Dashin Akhratala
95Chandpara S.S.K.652Dashin Akhratala
96Putimari F.P. School408Putimari
97Putimari Kabi Sukanta M.S.K784Putimari
98Gazalia F.P. School1109Gazalia
99Ghatihara Kacharipara F.P. School1080Ghatihara
100Ghoshpur Akshay High School708Ghoshpur
101Uttar Ghoshpur F.P. School661Ghoshpur
104Nibir Sishu Bikash Prakalpa Kendraa (Panthamari)839Ghoshpur
105Dakshin Ghoshpur F.P. School1077Ghoshpur
106Ghoshpur F.P. School635Ghatihara
107Ghatihara Jr. Basic School813Ghatihara
109Kalinagar Uccha Vidhyalay1155Kalinagar
110Jhanjhania F.P. School756Kalinagar
111Dukhe Baidya Para I.C.D.S Centre597Kalinagar
112Matangini Hazra F.P. School860Kalinagar
113Hareksrishna Kongar Colonypara S.S.K312Kalinagar
114Kalinagar F.P. School1117Kalinagar
115Dakshin Kalinagar F.P. School (Paschimangsha)907Kalinagar
116Roypur F.P. School920Raypur
117Roypur M.S.K736Raypur
118Radhanagar F.P. School1062Radhanagar
119Radhanagar Majerpara F.P. School826Radhanagar
120Chhoto Sehara F. P. School (Attached With High School)871Chhota Sehara
121Chhoto Sehara Uccha Vidhyalaya879Chhota Sehara
122Chhoto Sehara State Plan F.P. School732Chhota Sehara
123Thakurmani F.P.School658Chhota Sehara
124Paschim Nityaberia Adibasi F.P. School944Nityabaria
125Sehara-Kalinagar F.P. School804Bara Sehara
126Purba Baro Sehara F.P. School706Bara Sehara
127Nityaberia F.P. School956Nityabaria
128Dhalipara 63 No. I.C.D.S Centre502Nityabaria
129I.C.D.S. Centre Nityaberia Hatkhola793Nityabaria
130Purba Bholakhali State Plan F.P. School495Bholakhali
131Bholakhali F.P. School902Bholakhali
132Paschim Bholakhali Majher Khalpara F.P. School552Bholakhali
133Bermajur Gazikhali F.P.School617Bermajur
135Bermajur Tebhaga Sahid Smriti Vidyalaya (H.S)833Bermajur
137Bermajur F.P.School (Hatkhola)644Bermajur
139Bermajur 2 No. F.P.School725Bermajur
141Bermajur Nutan Para F.P.School842Bermajur
143Jhupkhali F.P.School (Paschim)646Jhupkhali
145Purba Jhupkhali Ajgara Para S.S.K759Jhupkhali
146Dhulia Jhupkhali F.P.School748Jhupkhali
147Rampur Gabati F.P.School1057Jhupkhali
148Jhupkhali Polpara S.S.K874Jhupkhali
149Rampur Refujee F.P.School.852Rampur
151Rampur Jr. Basic School752Rampur
153Purba Rampur Adibasi F.P.School480Rampur
155Dhamakhali F.P.School963Dhamakhali
157Uttar Dwarirjungle Bhutku Sardar Adibasi F.P. School561Dwarir Jangle
158Uttar Dwarirjangal F.P.School935Dwarir Jangle
159Uttar Dwarirjangal Janaki Sundari F.P.School1160Dwarir Jangle
160Uttar Dwarirjangal Adibasi F.P.School724Dwarir Jangle
162Dwarirjungle Natun Para F.P.School479Dwarir Jangle
163Karnakhali F.P.School845Dwarir Jangle
164Sandeshkhali Radha Rani High School836Dwarir Jangle
165Dakshin Dwarirjangal Adibasi F.P. School890Dwarir Jangle
166Bowthakurani F.P. School897Bouthakurani
167Tongtola F.P.School1121Tongtala
168Uttar Bowthakurani F.P. School950Bouthakurani
169Dholkhali F.P. School912Dholkhali
170Dholkhali Dakshin Para S.S.K.676Dholkhali
171Piprakhali F.P.School710Jeliakhali Pashchim Khanda
173Jeliakhali Vivekananda Vidyapith (H.S)990Jeliakhali Purba Khanda
175Bhanga Tushkhali F.P.School688Bhangatushkhali
177Bhanga Tushkhali Adibasi F.P.School690Bhangatushkhali
179Jeliakhali F.P.School713Jeliakhali Purba Khanda
181Jeliakhali Bhardubi Para Adibasi F.P.School891Jeliakhali Pashchim Khanda
183Jeliakhali Paschim Khanda Dakshin Para F.P.School1130Jeliakhali Pashchim Khanda
184Jeliakhali Paschim Khanda F.P.School.1090Jeliakhali Pashchim Khanda
185Jeliakhali Paschim Khanda Dr. Sahidullah Smriti F.P.School822Jeliakhali Pashchim Khanda
186Bhanga Tushkhali Sukanta Smriti F.P School1105Bhangatushkhali
187Sukdoani Refujee High School1058Sukhdoani
188Uttar Durgamondop F.P.School774Durgamandap
190D.T.D. Sahid Smriti Vidyalaya1044Durgamandap
191Dakshin Sukdoani F.P.School803Sukhdoani
192Sukdoani Gabberia Dayal Chand Vidyapith.830Sukhdoani
193Gabberia Kalicharan & Shibani High School799Gabbaria
195Dakshin Daudpur F.P.School (Kalibari)542Daudpur
196Daudpur Sumitrabari F.P School768Daudpur
197Gabberia F.P. School913Gabbaria
198Daudpur Jyotishpur F.P.School661Daudpur
200Daudpur H.L. Shiksha Niketan726Daudpur
203Dakshin Durgamondop F.P.School982Durgamandap
204Durgamondop Chatur Sardar S.S.K621Durgamandap
205Durgamandap Saradar Pada Ef Pi School856Durgamandap
206Durgamandap Sardarpara F.P.School640Durgamandap
207Dakshin Tushkhali Paschim Para Adibasi F.P.School799Tushkhali
209Tushkhali F.P.School531Tushkhali
211Dakshin Tushkhali Adibasi F.P. School974Tushkhali
213Tushkhali Flood Shelter576Tushkhali
214Dhuchnikhali Jr. Basic. School908Dhuchnikhali
216Dhuchnikhali Dakshin Paschim Adibasi F.P.School1075Dhuchnikhali
217Korakati High School850Korakati
219Korakati Jr. Basic School683Korakati
221Korakati Sishu Kalyan F.P.School921Korakati
222Purba Korakati Jr. Basic School618Korakati
223Dakshin Dhuchnikhali Adibasi F.P. School811Dhuchnikhali
225Atapur Kenaram High School897Atapur
227Purba Atapur F.P.School695Atapur
229Uttar Monipur State Plan F.P.School1152Manipur
230Monipur Mahadevi Bhagaban Chandra High School1044Manipur
231Uttar Joygopalpur Bankim Smriti F.P.School670Joygopalpur
232Joygopalpur F.P.School559Joygopalpur
234Amtali Joygopalpur High School1049Joygopalpur
235Purba Joygopalpur F.P.School718Joygopalpur
237Paschim Monipur F.P.School491Manipur
239Purba Monipur Khargeswar Adibasi F.P.School951Manipur

Last Updated on June 06, 2020

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