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Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Sagar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ahallya S. S. K.979Ghoramara
2Ghoramara Milan Vidyapith1021Ghoramara
4Hatkhola F.P. School654Ghoramara
5Kashatala Shrigouranga F.P. School973Kastala
6Phulbari Sitala High School905Sapkhali
7Kshirkultala F. P. School623Sapkhali
8Sapkhali Bakultala Mohan Gopal Smriti Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya703Sapkhali
9Sapkhali Dwarikanath F.P.School795Sapkhali
10Champatala Diljannesa F.P.School672Sapkhali
12Kachuberia Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya654Kachubaria
14Vivekananda High School699Kachubaria
15Pakhirala Adhar Baikuntha F.P. School949Kachubaria
16Hendalketki Kumar Narayan F.P. School978Kachubaria
17Pathar Pratima F.P. School1130Kachubaria
18Muriganga Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya807Muri Ganga
19Silpara Abitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya992Muri Ganga
20Sikarpur F.P.School1065Sikarpur
21Companichar Maheswari Junior High School888Companir Char
22Companichar Madhya Para F. P School661Companir Char
23Companichar F.P.School1083Companir Char
25Bamankhali Hirennessa F.P. School680Bamankhali
26Bamankhali Prajamangal F.P.School749Bamankhali
27Bamankhali M.P.P.High School638Bamankhali
29Mandiratala Uttar F.P.School583Mandirtala
30Mandirtala Menan F.P. School610Mandirtala
31Mandirtala Akshay Vidyapith734Mandirtala
32Kuntala Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya1088Mandirtala
34Chakfuldubi Sabitri F.P.School755Chakfuldubi
36Chakfuldubi Special Cadre F.P.School976Chakfuldubi
38Dhaspara Special Cadre F.P.School784Dhaspara
40Dhaspara Prasanna M.S.K758Dhaspara
41Dhaspara Paschim F.P.School1021Dhaspara
42Nagendraganj Purba Para F.P.School940Nagendraganj
43Nagendraganj Central Sponsored F.P.School1086Nagendraganj
45Mahendraganj High School787Mahendraganj
46Mahandraganj Purba F.P.School806Mahendraganj
47Mahandraganj Nagandraganj F.P.School675Mahendraganj
49Gobindapur Tarachand Vidyaniketan622Gobindapur
50Gobindapur F.P.School729Gobindapur
51Devi Mathurapur S.S.K.749Debimathurapur
52Debi Mathurapur Ramhari F.P.School751Debimathurapur
53Kaylapara Purba F.P. School719Kaylapara
54Kayalpara Dakshin Purba S.S.K718Kaylapara
55Kaylapara S.D. High School748Kaylapara
56Khansaheb Abad High School962Khan Saheber Abad
57Jhareswar Ishan F.P.School1062Khan Saheber Abad
58Ramkar K.M Samabay F.P School927Khan Saheber Abad
59Mayapur Gandhari F.P.School929Khan Saheber Abad
60Tilottama F.P.School626Khas Ramkarerchhar
62Kumor Ambu High School775Khas Ramkarerchhar
63Dakshin Khasramkar Dwarikanath F.P. School574Khas Ramkarerchhar
64Uttar Ramkar Maheswari F.P.School1010Khas Ramkarerchhar
65Sagar Maniruddin Junior High Madrasha574Khas Ramkarerchhar
66Khasramkar Khanrapara Dhasarathi F.P. School787Khas Ramkarerchhar
67Krishnanagar Nimna Buniadi Vidyalaya832Krishnanagar
68Dakshin Krishnanagar Mokshada F.P.School608Krishnanagar
69Krishnanagar Paschim Gheri Icds Centre907Krishnanagar
70Krishnanagar Pashchim F.P.School647Krishnanagar
72Gandhi Seva Sadan F.P.School970Krishnanagar
73Maa Menoka S.S.K773Krishnanagar
74Naraharipur Sishu Sadan Mahakali F.P.School883Naraharipur
75Naraharipur Bharati F.P.School717Naraharipur
77Harinabadi Yudhisthir Adarsha Shikshayatan816Harinbari
78Paschim Harinbari F.P.School965Harinbari
79Harinbari Madhyamik Balika Vidyalaya643Harinbari
81Dakshin Harinbari F.P. School590Harinbari
82Uttar Haradhanpur F.P.School775Haradhanpur
84Sarodamoye I.C.D.S. Centar731Haradhanpur
85Dakshin Haradhanpur F.P.School1063Haradhanpur
87Dakshin Haradhanpur Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya848Haradhanpur
89Mrityunjoynagar F.P.School486Mrityunjoynagar
91Mrityunjoynagar Balika Vidyalaya849Mrityunjoynagar
92Bankimnagar Bishalakshi F.P.School762Bankimnagar
94Bankimnagar F.P.School1126Bankimnagar
95Sumatinagar S.K.High School695Sumatinagar
98Sumatinagar Saroju Prathamik Vidyalaya821Sumatinagar
99Manasadwip Kanak Memorial Girls High School698Manasadwip 2Nd Portion
100Monasadwip Bhupendra F.P.School751Manasadwip 2Nd Portion
101Manasadwip Khasmahal K.M.Co-Opt. F.P.School745Manasadwip 2Nd Portion
102Digambari Sureshchandra Junior Basic School568Manasadwip 2Nd Portion
103Manasadwip Jibantala F.P.School527Manasadwip 2Nd Portion
105Kirtankhali Padmabati F.P.School592Kirtankhali
106Kirtankhali F.P.School858Kirtankhali
107Kirtankhali Mahendranagar F.P.School1062Kirtankhali
108Kamalpur Junior Basic School649Kirtankhali
112Kamalpur Purba F.P.School689Kamalpur
114Rudranagar Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya927Rudranagar
115Rudranagar Devendra Vidyapith837Rudranagar
116Chourangee F.P. School1053Rudranagar
117Sundarban Janakalyan Sangha Vidyaniketan1055Rudranagar
118Gandhi Smriti F.P.School973Rudranagar
119Radhakrishnapur Bahir Plot F.P.School974Radha Krishnapur
120Radhakrishnapur High School721Radha Krishnapur
121Radhakrishnapur Uttar F.P.School536Radha Krishnapur
122Radhakrishnapur Khemankari F.P.School985Radha Krishnapur
123Mahishamari Natendrapur Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya560Mahishamari
124Mohisamari Netramohan F.P.School1029Mahishamari
125Chandipur Natendranath F.P.School757Chandipur
126Chandipur Mother Teresa S.S.K899Chandipur
127Bishnupur Basanti Tarun Sangha S.S.K715Bishnupur
129Bishnupur Khagendra Balkrishna Vidyabhaban719Bishnupur
131Bishnupur Purbapara Pallishree F.P.School702Bishnupur
132Bishnupur Soudamini F.P.School797Bishnupur
133Beguakhali Banitirtha Junior High School548Beguakhali
134Beguakhali Ganadamoyee F.P.School988Beguakhali
135Beguakhali K.M.Co-Operative Vidyalaya1107Beguakhali
137Gangasagar F.P.School765Gangasagar
139Gangasagar Purba F.P.School1048Gangasagar
140Shridham Gangasagar High School676Gangasagar
141Gangasagar Coloni Para F.P.School931Gangasagar
143Shridham Gangasagar F.P.School922Gangasagar
144Natendrapur High School781Natendrapur
145Narayaniabad Dakshin Junior Basic School614Natendrapur
146Narayani Abad Dakshin F.P.School871Narayani Abad
148Sagar Mahamuni Kapil Vidyamandir962Purrusottampur
149Purusottampur Madhya Para F.P.School790Purrusottampur
151Manasadwip Ramkrishna Mission Balika F.P.School895Purrusottampur
152Manasa Sebasadan S.S.K818Purrusottampur
153Poylagheri I.C.D.S.520Purrusottampur
154Chemaguri F.P.School801Chemagari
155Chemaguri Natun F.P.School718Chemagari
156Chemagudi Purba F.P.School1061Chemagari
157Chemaguri I.C.D.S658Chemagari
158Chemaguri Rasmoni F.P.School991Chemagari
159Tamlagheri S.S.K911Sibpur
160Lalapur Junior Basic School1022Sibpur
161Ratantikalika F.P. School991Sibpur
162Dhablat R.K.G.N. F.P.School1026Sibpur
163Botkhali Kadambini F.P.School764Sibpur
164Radhikapur F.P.School1040Sibpur
165Golakpur Bishalakshmi F.P.School1001Dhablat
166Golakpur Nirodamoyee F.P.School468Dhablat
167Lakashmi Bazar S.S.K475Dhablat
168Dhablat F.P.School761Dhablat
169Prasadpur Atal Vidyabhaban1004Dhablat
171Narayanganj Tarendra Smriti F.P.School960Narayanganj
172Namkhana High School1131Namkhana
174Bamdev Bamasundari Sisu Siksha Kendra627Madanganj
175Madanganj F.P.School543Madanganj
177Namkhana Gobinda F.P.School770Namkhana
178Namkhana Kalinagar Junior Basic School624Namkhana
181Namkhana Union High School (Shibnagar Abad)546Sibnagar Abad
182Vivekanandra Sishu Sikha Kendra601Sibnagar Abad
183Uttar Para Dwarikanagar State Plan F.P.School651Dwariknagar
185Shibnagar Abad Junior Basic School1125Sibnagar Abad
186Shibnagar Abad Uttar Paschim Para F.P.School1018Sibnagar Abad
187Debnagar F.P.School895Debnagar
188Debnagar Mokshadadinda Higher Secondary Vidyalaya968Debnagar
189Debnagar Paik Para F.P.School661Debnagar
190Dwariknagar Junior High School711Dwariknagar
192Dwariknagar F.P.School792Dwariknagar
194Shibnagar Abad Paschim Para F.P.School1002Sibnagar Abad
195Debnagar Chandpur Dakshin F.P.School798Debnagar
196Dwariknagar Kshetramohan Spl. Cadre F.P.School930Dwariknagar
200Sri Niketan Sishu Shiksha Kendra689Uttar Chandanpiri
201Nabajyoti Sishu Shiksha Kendra919Uttar Chandanpiri
202Netaji Sishu Shiksha Kendra961Dakshin Chandranagar
203Dakshin Chandanagar Kartick Chandra Balika Vidyalaya977Dakshin Chandranagar
204Dakshin Chandranagar Mokshadamayee F.P. School612Dakshin Chandranagar
206Dakshin Chandranagar State Plan F.P.School767Dakshin Chandranagar
207Chandanapidi F.P.School801Uttar Chandanpiri
208Chandanpiri Murari Mohan Higher Secondary Vidyalaya766Uttar Chandanpiri
209Gajen Sishu Shiksha Kendra726Dakshin Chandanpiri
210Dakshin Chandanpiri F.P.School590Dakshin Chandanpiri
211Haripur Uttar Netaji F.P.School712Haripur
212Haripur Uttar Junior High School596Haripur
213Dakshin Chandanpiri Junior High School726Dakshin Chandanpiri
215Haripur Gadadhar Bidyapith1073Haripur
216Haripur Pashchim Naba F.P. School971Haripur
217Maharajganj F.P.School761Maharajaganj
218Maharajganj Satyabhama Sishu Shiksha Kendra749Maharajaganj
219Haripur Layalganj Junior Basic School810Haripur
222Radhanagar Singhapada F.P. School656Radhanagar
224Radhanagar F.P. School766Radhanagar
225Dakshin Durgapur Madhusudan F.P.School1081Dakshin Durgapur
226Rahaman Sishu Shiksha Kendra583Dakshin Durgapur
227Dakshin Durgapur F.P.School625Dakshin Durgapur
228Kamini Sundari F.P. School828Dakshin Durgapur
230Radhanagar Iyamat F.P.School1011Radhanagar
232Rajanagar Biswambhar Higher Secondary Vidyalaya951Rajnagar
234Shibarampur Binapani F.P.School960Sibrampur
235Shibaramapur F.P.School678Sibrampur
236Shibaramapur Junior Basic School911Sibrampur
237Shibarampur Chitannya Sishu Shikasha Kendra812Sibrampur
238Janmenjoy Sishu Shikasha Kendra896Rajnagar
239Rajanagar Nabin F.P.School852Rajnagar
240Patibunia Netaji F.P.School622Patibania
242Patibunia Upendra Bidyapith638Patibania
244Shibaramapur Dakshin Stateplane F.P. School1079Sibrampur
246Patibunia F.P.School615Patibania
247Patibunia Nani Gopal F.P. School636Patibania
248Patibunia Adibasi F.P.School650Patibania
249Maushuni Bhakti Palli F.P.School977Mousani
250Mousuni 1St Khanda Nimnobuniadi Vidyalaya560Mousani
251Maushumi Bagdanga Chaumukhi F.P.School712Mousani
252Maushuni Co-Operative Haigh School637Bagdanga
253Bagdanga Bijoykrishna Sishu Shiksha Kendra716Bagdanga
254Bagdanga Netaji Sishu Shiksha Kendra771Bagdanga
255Bagdanga Kusumtala F.P. School672Bagdanga
256Kusumtala Baliara F.P.School1117Kusumtala
257Kusumtala Special Cadre F.P.School570Kusumtala
258Kusumtala Urmila Sishu Shiksha Kendra673Kusumtala
259Kusumtala Paschim Madhya Gheri F.P.School832Kusumtala
260Kusumtala Paschim F.P.School491Kusumtala
261Baliara F.P.School684Baliara
262Baliara Majahar Smriti Sishu Shiksha Kendra698Baliara
263Baliara Bhushan Smriti F.P.School1137Baliara
264Baliara Kishor High School954Baliara
265Baliara Adibasi F.P.School892Baliara
266Baliara Abinash Smriti F.P.School793Baliara
267Frejarganj Krishnaprasad Adarsha Bidyapith614Shibpur
269Debnibas Netaji F.P.School872Debnibas
270Debnibas Gaurang F.P.School1022Debnibas
271Shibapur Saraswati F.P.School1098Shibpur
272Ramkrishna Sishu Shiksha Kendra692Bijaybati
273Bijaybati Prabarttak F.P.School822Bijaybati
274Narayanitala Dhaneswar Shikshasadan980Shibpur
276Narendra Sishu Shiksha Kendra1104Bijaybati
277Bijaybati Vibekananda F.P.School592Bijaybati
278Amarabati F.P.School748Amrabati
279Amarabati Suryasen Sishu Shiksha Kendra973Amrabati
280Amarabati Special Cadre F.P.School435Amrabati
282Amartaboti Netaji Sishu Shiksha Kendra946Amrabati
283Lakshipur Prabarttak F.P.School566Lakshmipur Abad

Last Updated on December 26, 2014