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Polling Booth in Ratua Assembly Constituency

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Ratua Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Ratua

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ratua Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Nitaitola Dharmutola Primary School1125Balarampur
2Chhabilal Tola Primary School766Gadai Maharajpur
4Sambalapur Primary School845Sambalpur
5Jagabandhutola Pry. School447Saha Nagar
6Bajitpur Badantola Pry. School566Bajitpur
7Balaramapur Primary School747Kotoali
8Udaipur Pry. School1020Udaypur
9Sahanagar Primary School1069Saha Nagar
10Bodharamatola Primary School731Gadai Maharajpur
11Muli Ram Tola Primary School1067Gadai Maharajpur
12Jitutola Pry. School624Gadai Maharajpur
13Kataha Diyara High School850Ishwarpar
15Chatu Tola Primary School771Gadai Maharajpur
16Janjali Tola Primary School1108Gadai Maharajpur
17Jafar Hajitola Icds Centre679Gadai Maharajpur
18Naya Bilaimari Primary School602Gadai Maharajpur
19Khasmahal Jr. High School1037Gadai Maharajpur
20Gangaramatola Primary School1069Maniknagar
21Dwaraktola S.L.V. Pry. School593Maniknagar
22Manikanagar Primary School686Maniknagar
24Ramayanapur Primary School868Maniknagar
25Ruhimari Primary School1051Maniknagar
26Jakirtola Icds Centre620Kamalpur
27Bilaimari Myanej Primary School572Kamalpur
28Isalahulamusalemin Madrasa810Maniknagar
30Baluya S S K1019Kamalpur
31Jiyaruddinatola Prathamik Vidyalaya790Kamalpur
32Pashchim Ratanapur Aai Si.Di Es Sentar456Paschim Ratanpur
33Bajitapur CSPrimary School917Bajitpur
34Makaiya Ssk1128Balupur
35Faijuddinatola Primary School1144Balupur
36Balupur Thanutola Primary School1177Balupur
37Balupur Jr. High School1033Balupur
38Balupur Primary School1106Balupur
39Balupur Diara Ssk748Balupur
40Harin Kol Primary School926Harinkol
41Bahir Kap Primary School931Bahirkap
43Durgapur Primary School1129Durgapur
45Debipur Primary School993Debipur
47Banikantatola Msk959Kshidirganj
48Banikantatola Primary School628Debipur
49Radhanagar Junior High School1029Radha Nagar
50Debipur Ichchhamayi Junihbesik School657Terashia Debipur
52Suryapur Junior High School1089Bishnupur Lakshmipur
54Narattampur Kahala Mgd. Primary School867Narottampur
56Kahala High School1031Haripur Gopi
58Pratapanagar EsEsKe978Arazi Haragobindapur
59Haragobindapur Primary School1116Haragobindapur
60Narottamapur Diyara Primary School591Narottampur
62Kalutola Primary School1141Kalutola
63Ashutola South Icds Centre793Asutola
64Ashutola Primary School801Asutola
65Raghunathapur Primary School965Raghunathpur Kalekhan
66Baharal Sahapur Primary School1098Sahapur
68Dakhin Sahapur Primary School675Sahapur
70Bahadurapur Primary School954Baharal
71Purba Kamalpur Msk982Atgama Balarampur
72Baharal Manejad Primary School1095Kasba
74Baharal Pi.El.Singh High School861Baharal
76Ghuraghura Mani Primary School600Darbasini
79Bakhara Primary School784Bakhra
80Malada Patti Primary School1105Bakhra
81Radhanagar Primary School1139Purba Radhanagar
83Aatagama Balaramapur Primary School456Balarampur
84Kanchananagar Karabana Primary School934Karbana
85Karabana Kanchan Nagar High Madrasa1026Karbana
87Faridapur SiEsPrimary School867Nijgaon Faridpur
89Bhaluyara Primary School978Bhaluara
91Jananagar Primary School1129Jannagar
93Ratuya High School1094Rukundipur
97Dakshin Ratua Pry. School803Rukundipur
98Ratua High Madrasa629Ratua
100Ratuya Si. Es. Primary School928Ratua
101Ratuya Aahamadulla Junior Basic School1091Baikunthapur
103Ratua Jr. Girls High School978Baikunthapur
104Aailapada Primary School1031Alpara
106Batatala Aadarsh Hai Madrasa1127Bhado
107Bhado Battala Mgd. Pry. School1149Bhado
108Battala C.S. Pry. School1082Bhado
109Bihari Primary School869Bihari
110Kalia C.S. Pry. School646Bahirkap
111Ramapur Es Es Ke817Rampur
112Bi.Es. Bi .High School915Bhado
114Bijli Pry. School559Bihari
116Taranagar Primary School1080Jagannathpur
118Chandipur Primary School1069Daudpur
119Kailapathar Pry. School638Daudpur
120Baladiyapukur Primary School662Chandipur
122Mirakamari Primary School1027Rampur
123Samashi Egril High School1033Andhirampara
124Samasi Primary School1008Gangarampara
125Samashi Sitadebi Balika Vidyalaya1097Samshi
127Ratanpur Pry. School940Gangarampara
128Samashi Reguleted Market Kamiti Afis984Chhabilpara
129Bhagabanapur Hai Madrasa988Harekrishnapur
130Pindaltola Pry. School727Harekrishnapur
131Bhagabanapur Primary School1013Andhirampara
133Maheshpur Jr. High School772Andhirampara
134Maheshapur Primary School1026Mahespur
135Amarasinghi Primary School934Amar Singhi
136Bandhakuri Pry. School1004Chhabilpara
137Badyanathapur High School1084Chhabilpara
138Matiganj Primary School1071Matiganj
139Padakaram M S K1014Parakaram
141Padakaram Primary School776Parakaram
143Batana Hai Madrasa1002Bijrabhita
144Bompal Pry. School795Bampal Charkhi
147Khonchakhamar Balupur Primary School696Bijrabhita
149Zagarapathar Primary School931Mahammadpur
150Chandapada EsEsKe996Okhra Chandpara
151Aandharu Primary School1152Okhra Chandpara
152Chandmoni-Ii Sgsy Community Hall827Okhra Chandpara
153Bikalapur MSK1167Bampal Charkhi
154Bikalapur EmEsKe665Chandi Prasad
155Salabatapur Primary School448Salabatpur
157Matiyari Primary School660Talparanpur
158Bhabandighi Pry. School641Talparanpur
159Shiktahar Primary School951Talparanpur
160Goraksha Primary School681Talparanpur
161Panchapada Colony SSK630Khanpur
162Chandamuni Anchal Junior High Madrasa868Kankot
163Chandmoni Mgd. Pry. School625Lakshmipur
164Gauripur Primary School1136Kankot
165Malopada Primary School878Kankot
166Haldibari Pry. School448Kankot
168Rashunaganj Primary School1032Lakshmipur
170Kumariya Primary School575Santapur
172Shantapur Primary School487Santapur
174Harikol Junior Basic School1064Lakshmipur
175Bangabati Isalamapur Primary School1086Sambalpur
176Kamadol Fri Primary School1142Sambalpur
178Sambalapur Fri Primary School955Sambalpur
180Sambalapur High School612Shibnagar
182Shibanagar New C.S.Primary School580Shibnagar
184Dhamuli Pry. School430Shibnagar
185Maharajanagar Hai Madrasa(EichEs)825Shibnagar
186Baguladaha Pri. School454Shibnagar
187Haripur Ke.O.Siniyar Madrasa1084Haripur
188Pashchim Haripur Tal Primary School972Haripur
189Kadamatali Fri Primary School1097Purbba Balarampur
192Ramachandrapur Fri Primary School843Kadamtali
193Balughat Primary School619Paranpur
194Paranapur High School768Nijgan Paranpur
196Paranapur Myanejad Primary School713Nijgan Paranpur
198Aadaidanga Jon-1 P.H.I. Office1128Nijgan Paranpur
199Nepur Pada Special Kyadar Primary School585Nijgan Paranpur
201Chandapur Fri Primary School810Chandpur
203Mirajatapur Nirodabarani High School1159Chandpur
205Mirjatapur Myanejad Primary School1096Mirdadpur
207Nijagan Aadaidanga Fri Primary School824Nij Ganaraidanga
210Pirapur Fri Primary School1058Pirpur
211Aadaidanga Di.Bi.Em Ekademi921Naoda
213Aadaidanga R.N.G Girls High School716Naoda
215Gauripur Es Es Ke517Simla
216Gosaipur Pry. School722Gobarjana
217Gobarajana Myanejad Primary School925Lokhra
218Simala Myanejad Primary School712Khutaha
220Ekabarna Gadadhar Bidyapith994Betahaek Barna
222Nesta Pry. School563Nesta
223Haripur High School1108Nesta
224Bintola Pry. School493Nesta
225Karitola Fri Primary School782Sultanpur
226Chandpara M S K1069Sultanpur
227Chandapada Fripraimariskul711Nesta
229Pukhuriya High School1130Pukhuria
231Ghashinagar Fri Primary School1101Pukhuria
232Kagachida Fri Primary School867Pukhuria
234Patikola Pry. School894Chauduar
235Aailapada Fri Primary School766Chauduar
236Chauduyar Fri Primary School710Koklamari
238Kokalamari Fri Primary School1120Koklamari
241Muracha Sukhadabala High School525Uttar Marichabishanpur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014