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Polling Booth in Raiganj Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Raiganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Raiganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Zitakiya F.P.School1060Jhitkai
2Pakamba F. P. School901Jhitkai
3Narayanapur F.P.School1130Narayanpur
4Baraduyari F.P.School1061Choruidangi
5Uttar Sohorai Monipara Sishu Siksha Kendra733Soharai
6Uttar Soharai F.P.School958Soharai
7Dakshin Soharai F.P.School1171Soharai
8Chapaduyar Junior Basic School1053Chapduar
9Bara Chapduar S.S.K(Uttar)528Chapduar
10Subhashaganj High School1087Maharajpur
11Hatamani Shankarapur F.P.School912Hatmani
12Shankarpur Mhu High Madrasa759Sangram
13Bhulkai F. P. School983Bishnupur
14Kumarol F.P.School1029Bishnupur
15Makra F. P. School828Makra
16Madhabpur Anganwadi Centre971Bahin
17Bahin High School587Bahin
18Kumarjol Kamartoli Ssk658Kumarjol
19Kumarajol F.P.School916Kumarjol
20Teghara F.P.School836Teghara
21Balirapar F.P.School552Teghara
22Lohujagram F.P.School949Lahujgram
23Lohujgram Dakshin Kalibari Shishu Siksha Kendra794Lahujgram
24Chhitmaharajpur F. P. School566Lahujgram
25Maharajpur Nayapara Sishu Siksha Kendra569Maharajpur
26Maharaj Pur F.P.School832Maharajpur
27Dubaduyar F.P.School685Dubduar
28Bhitiyar F.P.School924Bhitihar
29Nayatuli F. P. School634Dubduar
30Anantapur F.P.School924Anantapur
31Balichare Shishu Shiksha Kendra610Anantapur
32Padar Pukur F.P.School813Parar Pukhar
33Gauri F.P.School943Gauri
34Naram F. P. School864Naram
35Elengiya F.P.School865Naram
37Rudrakhand F.P.School1142Rudrakhnda
39Amritakhand Junior Basic School1103Amritakhnda
40Ital F. P. School837Ital
41Goyaladah F.P.School759Goaldaha
42Bishahar F.P.School884Jugiamer
44Hatiya High School680Hathia
45Purba Hatia Free Primary School718Hathia
46Nuripur F.P.School766Garna
48Dakshin Bishnupur F. P. School765Dakshin Bishnupur
49Chhit Bhatghara(Katihar) S.S.K740Katihar
50Bhataghara Katihar F.P.School496Bhiti
51Basudebpur F. P. School813Bharia
52Bhataghara Basudebapur F.P.School1029Bhatghara
53Kotagram F.P.School1013Kotgram
55Kothgram Paulpara F. P. School985Kotgram
56Subhashaganj G.S.F.P.School1147Katabari
58Subhashaganj Dahpada F.P.School926Katabari
60Tenahari F.P.School899Abhor
61Padmapukur F. P.School858Abhor
63Tenohari Junior High School701Tenahari
64Maraikuda F.P.School766Maraikura
66Maharaja Jagadishanath F.P.School (Dah)901Kasba (CT)
68Pramoda Sundari Girls High School1080Kasba (CT)
70Dakshin Kasba F. P. School544Kasba (CT)
71Maraikuda Indramohan Uchhya Bidyabhavan895Tenahari
72Kasaba Eid F.P.School734Kasba (CT)
73Bamankumar F. P. School1123Kasba (CT)
74Kalash Chandr Radharani Bidyapith (Uttar)436Kasba (CT)
75Tulasitala F.P.School877Raiganj (M)
76Pwd Office Roads982Raiganj (M)
79Yogendr Chandr Mallik F.P.School993Raiganj (M)
81Dbarakanath F.P.School1051Raiganj (M)
82Mohanabati G.S.F.P.School808Raiganj (M)
84Shaktinagar Baroaritala665Raiganj (M)
86Nabadita Sangha793Raiganj (M)
88Gayalal Ramahari High School572Raiganj (M)
92Rayaganj Surendranath Mahavidyalaya1058Raiganj (M)
93Sudarshanapur Dbarikaprasad Uchch Bidyachakr873Raiganj (M)
95Rayaganj Parbatidebi Balika Vidyalaya955Raiganj (M)
96Upendranath G.S.F.P.School (Uttar)871Raiganj (M)
98Upendranath G.S.F.P.School (D:)527Raiganj (M)
99Charubala F. P. School1046Raiganj (M)
100State Oyar Haus Karaporeshan Hairod Kalitala1027Raiganj (M)
101Deshabandhu Girls High School439Raiganj (M)
105Mohanabati Highi School(Pashchim)880Raiganj (M)
108Saralasundari F.P.School(East)812Raiganj (M)
112Shrishri Ramakrishn Bidyabhaban640Raiganj (M)
115Shri Shri Ramakrishn Bidya Bhaban1056Raiganj (M)
118Satsanga High School (Boys)1029Raiganj (M)
119Shishu Kalyan F. P. School (Shilpinagar) (West)638Raiganj (M)
121Food & Supply Office (Raiganj Block)890Raiganj (M)
122Tailoring Centre (Raiganj Block)930Raiganj (M)
123Viveka Nanda Poura Nibas727Raiganj (M)
125Sbadesh Ranjan Ray Smriti Bhaban Biranagar728Raiganj (M)
127Rayaganj Karoneshan High School988Raiganj (M)
130Rayaganj Girls High School(Dakshin)797Raiganj (M)
134Kanchanapalli G.S. F.P.School566Raiganj (M)
138Raiganj Ten Class Girls High School658Raiganj (M)
141Shibabadi F.P.School(Dakshin)Telipada775Raiganj (M)
145Shankar Nath F.P.School973Raiganj (M)
147Shishu Shiksha Niketan Aided F.P.School (Debinagar Dhak.)600Raiganj (M)
149Rayaganj College1061Raiganj (M)
150Kalej Para G.S.F.P.School606Raiganj (M)
152Debinagar G.S.F.P.School (Belatala)708Raiganj (M)
154Debinagar F.P.School669Raiganj (M)
156Dakshin Biranagar Upendr Mohan F.P.School577Raiganj (M)
158Biranagar G.S.F.P.School778Raiganj (M)
160Bijgram F. P. School955Bijgaon
161Piroj Pur F.P.School703Pirojpur
163Mehendigram F.P.School712Mahendigaon
165Karnajoda Kalibadi F.P.School643Karnajora
168Karnajoda F.P.School922Karnajora
169Paschim Raipara Bogram Shishu Sikha Kendra961Bogram
170Baraganda F.P.School1159Karnajora
171Swarnamayee F. P. School498Karnajora
172Bogram F.P.School Dakshin947Bogram
174Chandor Chanditala F.P.School1028Chandar
175Assistant Director Of Agreeculture Office1054Udaypur
176Udaypur Purba Shishu Sikha Kendra815Udaypur
177Udayapur Garlas High School942Udaypur
178Aabdulaghata F.P.School872Abdulghata
179Dakshin Kamarpara Abdulghata Shishu Sikha Kendra592Abdulghata
180Chhatrapur Shishu Sikha Kendra(Purba)589Chhatrapur
182Chhatrapur S.S.K953Chhatrapur
183Chhot Paruya F.P.School1137Chhota Parua
185Miruyal F.P.School875Mirual
186Dangapara F. P. School605Dangapara
187Kasba Mohoso (Sonabari Colony) Shishu Sikha Kendra1091Kasba Mahasho
188Kasaba Mahasho Makadumiya Junior Hai Madrasa1076Kasba Mahasho
189Kasba Mahaso High Madrasha Vidyalaya757Kasba Mahasho
190Kasba Mahaso Than Thoni More Hatshed756Kasba Mahasho
191Chhatparua Telghani Ghani Kendra1061Chhota Parua
192Dakshin Sushihar F.P.School1192Shushihar
193Kamalabadi F.P.School947Kamalabari
194Adarsha Kamalabari F. P. School688Kamalabari

Last Updated on June 04, 2020
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