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Polling Booth in Raidighi Assembly Constituency

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LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Raidighi Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Raidighi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Raidighi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Uttar Durgapur Ef.Pi.School1104Uttar Durgapur
2Sataghara Ef.Pi.School729Satghara
4Belagachhi F.P.School461Debipur
5Debipur F.P.School763Debipur
7Subuddhipur Ef.Pi.School883Subuddhipur
8Teantulabediya EfPiSchool(Uttar)761Tentulbaria
10Teantulabediya Ef.Pi.School(Dakshin)881Tentulbaria
12Siddheshbar Ef.Pi.School888Siddheshwar
14Santoshanagar Ef.Pi.School1115Santoshnagar
15Mirjapur Egri. Inadashtriyal High School686Mirzapur
17Ramapur Chandipur Ef.Pi.School698Rampur
18Khodadadapur Ef.Pi.School546Khodadadpur
20Pashchim Ranaghata Ef.Pi.School491Paschim Ranaghat
22Taluk Ranaghata Ef.Pi.School663Talukranaghat
24Lalapur Ef.Pi.School612Lalpur (CT)
26Lalpur Mistripara Ssk750Lalpur (CT)
27Jalaghata Ef.Pi.School1092Uttarshibganj
29Lalapur Manikatala EmEsKe476Uttarshibganj
30Ranaghata Ef.Pi.School1016Purba Ranaghat (CT)
32Ranaghata High School687Uttarshibganj
34Pragati Sanggh Ef.Pi.School647Talukranaghat
36Krishnachandrapur Junior Basic School1084Krishna Chandrapur (CT)
38Khadabati Ef.Pi.School401Nalua
39Datterachak Baroyaritala Ef.Pi.School991Nalua
40Patunighata Ef.Pi.School975Nalua
41Naluya Kankapukur Ef.Pi.School1031Nalua
43Purb Naluya Em.Es.Ke910Nalua
44Kankapukur Ef.Pi.School1136Nalua
45Hokaladanga Ef.Pi.School742Nalua
47Kamarapota Ef.Pi.School589Nalua
48Kamarapota High School615Nalua
49Natabediya Gambhiranad Ef.Pi.School860Nalua
50Natabediya Ef.Pi.School1033Nalua
52Krishnachandrapur Uchchavidyalaya475Krishna Chandrapur (CT)
54Andhamuni Tala EfPiSchool785Krishna Chandrapur (CT)
56Katan Dighi Ef.Pi.School572Krishna Chandrapur (CT)
58Sodial F. P. School801Sadial
59Katandighi Juniyor High School691Krishna Chandrapur (CT)
60Khojakhidir Ef.Pi.School1078Badibarasi
61Badashi Junior Basic School953Uttar Raypur
62Sarabediya Ef.Pi.School336Barasi
64Uttar Batishbar EfPiSchool833Batishwar
65Raghabapur Ef.Pi.School983Raghabpur
66Narayanipur Ef. Pi. School416Uttar Joykrishnapur
67Harinadanga Kumudini Junior High School1107Harindanaga
68Gababati Ef.Pi.School469Ghatbakultala
69Imamaddipur Kishori Rani High School1063Gadberia
71Raghudebapur EfPiSchool1095Raghudebpur
72Ghatabakulatala Purb Ef.Pi.School922Ghatbakultala
73Ghatabakulatala Ef.Pi.School937Jogendra Nagar
74Sharatanagar Em.Es.Ke777Ghatbakultala
75Haladarachak EfPiSchool653Abad Bhagabanpur
76Uttar Sarasberia Ssk913Uttar Sarasberia
77Bhagabanapur EfPiSchool876Bhagabanpur
78Nutanachak EfPiSchool534Bhagabanpur
79Sharat Nagar EfPiSchool657Ghatbakultala
80Chhot Fokal Ef.Pi.School1065Raghudebpur
81Bhimanagar Ef.Pi.School946Birampur
82Shankarapur Ef.Pi.School679Sankarpur
84Madarapada Ef.Pi.School725Sankarpur
86Dakshin Harindanga Ssk861Dakshin Harindanga
87Madarapada Hai Madrasha1134Birampur
88Faujapur Ef.Pi.School1117Dakshin Janardanpur
89Dbarirapad Ef.Pi.School719Paylabhagabanpur
90Gabatala Ef.Pi.School421Banshtala Baraghari
91Sarasabediya Ef.Pi.School901Bhagabanpur
92Dakshin Sarasabediya Ef.Pi.School554Sarasberia
93Panchani Kandarpapur Ef.Pi.School808Kismatsarasberia
95Aamirapur Ef.Pi.School965Amirpur
96Madhabapur EfPiSchool910Uttar Kashinagar
98Sudiraghat EfPiSchool1085Uttar Kashinagar
99Kashinagar Uchch Primary Vidyalaya731Uttar Kashinagar
100Chandapasha Junior Basic School997Uttar Kashinagar
101Chandpasa F.P School599Uttar Kashinagar
102Chandapasha Musalim Pada Shishu Shikshakendr604Uttar Kashinagar
103Arjjunatala EfPiSchool645Uttar Kashinagar
104Kashinagar Garlas EfPiSchool735Uttar Kashinagar
106Purandarpur F. P. School756Uttar Kashinagar
107Purandarapur Uchch Vidyalaya777Uttar Kashinagar
108Khadi Shasan Pada Ef.Pi.School1078Khari
109Khadi Hai Madrasa912Khari
110Singherachak Ef.Pi.School663Khari
111Khari Ghosherchak Icds Centre1067Khari
112Khadi Ful Bagicha EfPiSchool735Khari
113Mazer Pada EfPiSchool809Khari
114Kashinagar Uchch Balika Vidyalaya1134Khari
115Bahir Kanchali EfPiSchool830Khari
116Khanda Pada Uchch Madhyamik Vidyalaya672Khari
118Aadak Pada EfPiSchool1051Khari
119Mondalpara Fp School895Khari
120Khadi Gunasindhu Balika Bidyapith658Khari
121Bamuner Chak F. P. School792Khari
123Golabati Fp School774Gilarchat
124Kalikapur Ef.Pi.School1088Gilarchat
125Baragirachak Sahachari Bihari Bidyapith511Gilarchat
126Baidyapara F. P. School827Gilarchat
127Mahamayahat Ef.Pi.School628Gilarchat
129Mahamaya Byapatisht Mishan Ef.Pi.School1067Gilarchat
130Purakaiterachak Ef.Pi.School866Gilarchat
131Mukharjirachak Ef.Pi.School1047Gilarchat
132Badibhangaaabad Mukharjirachak High School951Gilarchat
133Haladarapada Ef.Pi.School1084Khari
134Badibhana Ef.Pi.School889Gilarchat
135Baribhanga Ssk772Gilarchat
136Bayaragadi Mistripada Ef.Pi.School902Gilarchat
137Uttar Boyergadi Fp School883Khari
138Hatipada Singherachak Ef.Pi.School767Gilarchat
139Rangamina Nalapukur EfPiSchool789Radhakantapur Abad
140Gilarchhat Uttar Sardarpara F. P. School943Gilarchat
141Bhadr Pada Kayaler Chak EfPiSchool538Gilarchat
143Bhadr Pada Gilarachhat Uchch Vidyalaya601Gilarchat
145Katala Pada EfPiSchool493Gilarchat
146Katlapara Jr High School814Gilarchat
147Bhadra Para F.P. School1028Gilarchat
148Naiyapara Ssk School755Gilarchat
149Radhakantapur Saradacharan Junior High School849Radhakantapur Abad
151Gilarchhat Ninmabuniyadi Vidyalaya821Radhakantapur Abad
15227No Lat Ef.Pi.School1175Radhakantapur Abad
153Kultali Coloney Ssk765Radhakantapur Abad
154Kulatali EfPiSchool535Radhakantapur Abad
155Uttar Kautala Ef.Pi.School893Kautala
156Musalmanpara F. P. School962Kautala
157Pakudatala Ramakrishn Bidyamandir855Kautala
158Pakurtala Board F. P. School853Kautala
159Bahir Chak Garanakati EfPiSchool682Kautala
160Garankati F.P. School711Kautala
161Rajuyakhaki EfPiSchool733Kautala
163Aailatala Das Pada EfPiSchool1042Kautala
164Istaranapur High School830Istaranpur
166Teantulatala Junih BasicSchool360Kautala
167Boyergodi Dukher Pole Jr. Basic School1117Kautala
168Tangi Pada EfPiSchool855Baribhanga Abad
169Badibhanga Aabad Junior Basic School977Baribhanga Abad
171Chauddarashi Ef.Pi.School997Raydighi Abad
172Sikaripara Sishu Siksha Kendra798Baribhanga Abad
173Taltala Jr. High School429Baribhanga Abad
175Raidighi Badyapara F.P. School762Raydighi Abad
176Dakshin Chouddarashi F.P. School740Raydighi Abad
177Dakshin Karalir Chak EfPiSchool822Raydighi Abad
178Kedarnath F.P. School558Raydighi Abad
17924 No Lat Giri Bala Aadarsh Ef. Pi. School632Raydighi Abad
181Mayarar Mahal EfPiSchool898Raydighi Abad
182Mayrarmahal F.P School710Raydighi Abad
183Bady Pada Hira Sekh Ef.Pi.School604Raydighi Abad
185Shrifalatala Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya703Raydighi Abad
186Srifaltala Musalmanpara F.P School705Raydighi Abad
187Rayadighi Mahishagot Ef.Pi.School1078Raydighi Abad
188Rajendraprasad F. P. School928Raydighi Abad
189Raidighi Halder Para Ssk1082Raydighi Abad
190Raidighi Shrifalatala Chandrakant Uh Bidyalay(Uh Madhyamik)663Raydighi Abad
192Dighirpar Bakulatala F P School781Dighirpar Bakultala
193Dighirpar-Bakultala Spl Cadre F. P. School1098Dighirpar Bakultala
194Raimani Khaki F.P.School1085Dighirpar Bakultala
195Dighir Pad Haritakitala F.P.School530Dighirpar Bakultala
197Chapala Uchch Vidyalaya1058Chaplarkhop
199Dighirpar-Karalirchak F. P. School776Dighirpar Bakultala
200Dighir Pad Karalir Chak High School1066Dighirpar Bakultala
201Narayanitala F.P.School1098Chaplarkhop
202Haripur EfPiSchool940Chaplarkhop
203Nainar Khop Junior Basic School (Nabagram)945Chaplarkhop
204Subhashanagar High School983Chaplarkhop
205Menar Chak EfPiSchool745Chaplarkhop
206Goyal Aada EfPiSchool799Kumarapara
208Panchapukur EfPiSchool908Kumarapara
209Panchpukur Adibasi Msk789Kumarapara
210Uttar Kumadapada EfPiSchool782Kumarapara
212Hajarar Gheri EfPiSchool697Kumarapara
213Purakait Gheri EfPiSchool624Kumarapara
215Kumada Para Basic School741Kumarapara
217Utttar Sankarghery Sishu Siksha Kendra729Kumarapara
218Delaoyar Hosen Bidyapith903Kumarapara
219Singherchak F. P. School835Kumarapara
221Maityergherir Adibasi EfPiSchool968Kumarapara
222Pramadamayi EfPiSchool1096Kankandighi
224Rabi Halder Sishu Siksha Kendra766Kankandighi
225Purb Jata Aadibasi EfPiSchool751Pashchim Jatardeul
226Gomeramir F.P.School1126Kankandighi
227Muktarghery Sishu Siksha Kendra483Kankandighi
228Jata Yogendrapur High School1097Pashchim Jatardeul
229Kankanadighi Babujan Sipai High School915Kankandighi
230Dakshin Kankandighi Bhabatarini F. P. School1183Kankandighi
231Nikunjabihari FPSchool803Pashchim Jatardeul
232Jogendrapur Jr Basic School737Pashchim Jatardeul
233Purb Jata Mayara Pada FP School1058Purbba Jatardeul
234Hatuarghery Kalyani Yudhisthir F. P. School814Purbba Jatardeul
236Daktererghery F. P. School911Kankandighi
237Bijoy Mistry F.P. School897Kankandighi
238Narayanapur FPSchool647Purbba Jatardeul
240Dakshin Kankanadighi AadibasiefPiSchool(Dahmundapada)1124Kankandighi
241Baradanagar Aadibasi F. P. School915Baradanagar
242Baradanagar Janakalyan EfPiSchool1060Baradanagar
243Purb Baradanagar Ef.Pi.School810Purbba Shridharpur
244Dakshin Baradanagar F. P. School1050Baradanagar
245Jata Nagendrapur High School592Nagendrapur
247Nagendrapur Keoratala Ssk983Nagendrapur
248Jata Nagendrapur F. P. School959Baradanagar
249Purba Sridharpur Sarkarpara Ssk743Purbba Shridharpur
250Purb Shridharapur Isht Ef.Pi.School1146Purbba Shridharpur
251Nagendrapur Anchi EfPiSchool1112Nagendrapur
252Jata Nagendrapur Hemantakumari High School520Nagendrapur
254Nagendrapur Mannapara Ssk429Nagendrapur
255Damakal Es.EnBidyapith985Damkal
256Domkal Bhutnath Fp School801Damkal
257Domkal Pirkhali Fp School1161Damkal
258Domkal Mondalpara Fp School602Damkal
259Damakal Pirakhali Ef.Pi.School674Damkal
260Sailensingher Gheri F.P. School886Dakshin Jaykrishnapur
261Joykrishnapur F.P. School759Dakshin Jaykrishnapur
262D: Jayakrishnapur Narayanitala FPSchool1085Dakshin Jaykrishnapur
263Khanerghery F. P. School938Dakshin Jaykrishnapur
264Uttar Nandakumarapur FPSchool980Nandakumarpur
265Naranapur FPSchool595Naranpur
267Nandakumarapur Uchch Vidyalaya830Nandakumarpur
268Purbb Nandakumarapur EfPiSchool1061Nandakumarpur
269Narendrapur EfPiSchool645Narendrapur
271Nandakumarapur 6No Gheri Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya1037Nandakumarpur
272Madhusudanachak EfPiSchool728Madhusudan Chak
274Pashchim Kalashapur EfPiSchool895Kailaspur
275Jagannathachak F.P.School568Jagannath Chak
277Kalashapur Ef.Pi.School887Kailaspur
279Mahabbatnagar Kailashpur Milan Siksha Sadan640Mahabatnagar
2801 No Mahabbatanagar FPSchool641Mahabatnagar
281Mahabbatnagar Adibasipara F. P. School776Mahabatnagar
2822No Mahabbatanagar FPSchool774Mahabatnagar

Last Updated on December 26, 2014