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Polling Booth in Raghunathganj Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Raghunathganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Raghunathganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Panchagachhiya Primary School582Panchgachhia
2Nurapur Diyar Primary: School668Fatullapur
4Nurapur Diyar Dakshinapada Primary: School855Fatellapur (CT)
6Uttar Nurapur Diyar Primary School855Fatellapur (CT)
7Nurpur Diyar Paschimpara S.S.K610Fatellapur (CT)
8Chak Sayadapur Prathamik School443Fatellapur (CT)
10Ramakantapur Primary School887Ramakantapur (CT)
12Fatepur M.S.K Building670Fatehpur
13Fatepur Primary School723Fatehpur
16Ramakantapur Khadibona Primary School835Ramakantapur (CT)
18Nayabahadurapur Primary School489Nayabahadurpur (CT)
22Uttar Nayabahadurapur Primary School745Nayabahadurpur (CT)
23Bahadurapur Primary School578Nayabahadurpur (CT)
26Aatapalagachhi Primary School993Atpalgachhi
27Bagadanga Bahadurapur Primary School738Bagdanga
28Labanachoya Prathamik Vidyalaya611Giria (CT)
29Chandapur Primary School1037Giria (CT)
30Laban Choya Samabay Samiti661Giria (CT)
31Mominatola Primary School971Giria (CT)
32Mominatola Siniyar Madrasa835Giria (CT)
33Sonarapada Prathamik School1030Giria (CT)
34Patalatola Primary School842Giria (CT)
35Bharabatola Primary School1000Giria (CT)
36Bharabatola Sabsidiyari Helath Sentar1016Giria (CT)
37Bharabatola Pashchimapada Saharunnesa Primary School806Giria (CT)
39Lal Khannadiyar R.C.H Bilding802Giria Kismat
40Sekendra Gram Panchayet Bhaban1026Giria Kismat
41Lalakhann Diyar Primary School668Giria Kismat
43Lalkhan Diyar Barrge Para Primary School1081Lal Khandiar
44Dastamara Primary School695Sekandara
47Giria Kismat Primary School893Giria Kismat
49Shridharapur Primary School1051Sekandara
51Shreedharpur Msk751Sekandara
52Imamanagar Prathamik Vidyalaya636Sekandara
54Khejuratala Primary School960Sekandara
55Sekendra High School1053Sekandara
56Sekendra Primary School562Sekandara
58Rameswarpur Primary School899Sekandara
59Nabakantapur Primary School807Jayrampur (P)
61Akbar Pur Bhai Bhai Primary School1024Mukundapur
62Nayamukundapur Prathamik Vidyalaya754Jayrampur (P)
64Mukundapur Prathamik Vidyalaya795Mukundapur
66Pananagar Prathamik Vidyalaya919Pananagar (P)
67Giriya High School617Pananagar (P)
69Pukurakona Primary School1004Mithipur (CT)
70Mithipur Junior Basic School790Mithipur (CT)
72Mithipur Sadharan Pathagar479Mithipur (CT)
73Mithipur Juniyar High School626Mithipur (CT)
74Mithipur Msk630Mithipur (CT)
75Mithipur Gram Panchayet Bhaban585Mithipur (CT)
76Giriya Primary School845Mithipur (CT)
77Mithipur Sishu Sikshakendra632Mithipur (CT)
78Mithipur 2 No Primary School681Mithipur (CT)
80Raichak Prathamik School518Mithipur (CT)
82Pirojpur Flad Centre797Pirojpur
83Bajitapur Primary School829Pirojpur
84Pirojpur Primary School635Bajitpur
86Jot Bishwanathpur Primary School869Narukhaki
87Barshimul High School784Bara Simul
89Rajaput Bahura Primary School772Jot Sundar
90Brahmanatuli Nayapada Primary School570Khodarampur (CT)
92Khodarampur Dakshin Sishu Sikshakendra922Khodarampur (CT)
93Khodaramapur Primary School956Khodarampur (CT)
9557 Hajipara Icds Centre947Jot Sundar
96Sayedpur Primary School532Jot Sundar
97Jalalpur Primary School1014Jot Kamal (CT)
98Jalalpur Primary Vidyalaya675Jot Kamal (CT)
99Gosai Bahura Jr. Beh School1012Bahura
100Lakshi Jarnadanapur Primary School884Bahura
101Jotkamal High School859Jot Kamal (CT)
103Natun Jayaramapur Primary School744Jot Kamal (CT)
105Jotakamal Primary School956Osmanpur (CT)
107Nabab Jaigir Primary School1051Osmanpur (CT)
108Osmanpur Flad Centre862Osmanpur (CT)
110Osmanpur Flad Centre S.S.K358Osmanpur (CT)
111Piyarapur Samabay Samiti1015Osmanpur (CT)
112Piyarapur Primary School792Osmanpur (CT)
114Kalitala Primary School920Sahajadpur (CT)
116Kalitala L.K High School915Sahajadpur (CT)
117Sahajadpur Primary School789Sahajadpur (CT)
121Sanmatinagar G.P. Bhavan806Sahajadpur (CT)
123Sammatinagar Primary School898Sahajadpur (CT)
126Ranajitapur Rajjakiya Madrasa596Donalia (CT)
129Ranjitapur Primary School513Donalia (CT)
130Donalia Primary School695Donalia (CT)
132Donaliya Juniyar Haigh School716Sahajadpur (CT)
134Teghari 2 No Gram Parymari Bhaban987Teghari (CT)
135Teghari Primary School983Teghari (CT)
137Khamada Bhabaki High School968Teghari (CT)
140Charapirojapur 2 No Primary School739Teghari (CT)
142Ramapur Primary School446Rampur
144Mitali Sangha Rural Laibreri874Rampur
145Block Seed Farm667Teghari (CT)
146Teghari Modern Madrasha Sikshakendra695Teghari (CT)
147Charanadukhaki Shibapur Primary School802Teghari (CT)
149Khamara Primary School941Teghari (CT)
151Nadukhaki Primary School1006Teghari (CT)
152Gobindapur Purbo Prathamik Vidyalaya1031Teghari (CT)
155Daragapada Primary School560Kasia Danga
157Gobindapur Primary School1061Kasia Danga
158Gobindapur High School610Kasia Danga
161Bhabanipur Kuthi Primary School924Kasia Danga
163Kalabagh Natunpara Pry School968Kasia Danga
16491 Kalabagh Masjidpara Pry Sikshakendra965Kasia Danga
165Hatpara Sishu Kalyan M.S.K855Bahara
166Hatpara Primary School456Bahara
168Ganga Prasad Sishu Sikshakendra485Bahara
169Bahara Prathamik Vidyalaya731Bahara
172Durgapur Primary School852Durgapur
173Khabiruddin Mia Memorial Pry School989Lakshmi Jola
174Ichhakhali Primary School952Kul Gachhi
175Kobad Ali Memorial Primary School660Kul Gachhi
176Amina Begam Memorial Pry School618Kul Gachhi
177Babupur Junior Basic School884Babupur
179Dost Mahammad Memorial Pry School515Kul Gachhi
180Ichhakhali Darulhoda M.S.K642Kul Gachhi
181Bhatupada Primary School970Kul Gachhi
183Gangaprasad Primary School1001Jhamra
185Darastulla Memorial M.S.K893Jhamra
186Kulgachhi Pry School1023Kul Gachhi
187Iliasapur Prathamik School852Elaspur
189100Subhadra Sarkar Memorial Prymari School377Raghunathpur
19053B.K Pry School1032Raghunathpur
191Frejaranagar Junior Basic School909Asraf Nagar
192Birendranagar Primary School682Birendra Nagar
195Krishnasail Pry School573Krishna Sali (CT)
196Hajihosen Kharakathi Shimulatala Primary School924Krishna Sali (CT)
197Kantakhali Prathamik Vidyalaya1051Krishna Sali (CT)
200Kantakhali Puthiya Primary School607Krishna Sali (CT)
20367Puthia Pry Flad Centre630Bara Jumla (CT)
205Puthiya Prathamik Vidyalaya590Putia
207Badajumala Kaloni Primary School620Bara Jumla (CT)
209Paikora Junior Basic School690Bara Jumla (CT)
211102 Paikora Pry School676Putia
213Dubra Primary School730Putia
215Radhakrishnapur Bapuji Primary School420Dakshin Sekhalipur
216Miyapur Prathamik Vidyalaya943Miapur
218Maya I.C.D.S Centre724Maia
221Panditapur Isalamiya Siniyar Madrasa648Maia
223Fatepur Primary Vidyalaya875Maia
226Bakharapur Primary School976Bayra
228Sekhalipur Hai School Natun Bhaban689Bayra
230Maya Chhaitani Prathamik Vidyalaya680Maia
232Chhaitani Hai Madrasa454Makimnagar
234Makimnagar Free Prathamik Vidyalaya608Makimnagar
237Shisha Ramajanapur Prathamik Vidyalaya775Amarkunda
239Kulagachhi Prathamik Vidyalaya839Kulgachi
240Maya Gram Panchayet Afis915Ilimpur

Last Updated on June 04, 2020
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