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Polling Booth in Purbasthali Uttar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Purbasthali Uttar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Purbasthali Uttar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Bahara Ganga Kishore F.P.School782Bahara
2Bahara F PSchool918Bahara
3Shimuldanga F P School568Chandanpur Simuldanga
4Swami Janaki Das M.S.K728Chandanpur Simuldanga
5Hamidpur F PSchool565Krishnabati
6Krishnabati S.S.K956Krishnabati
8Pilla Vidyasagar Primary School705Santoshpur Pila
9Santoshpur G S F PSchool592Santoshpur Pila
10Hapania F P School844Hapania
12Khar Duttapara F P School1126Khar Dattapara
13Srirampur Bharati Bhaban High School825Uttar Shrirampur
14Kalitala F P School736Santoshpur Pila
17Kannail F.P. School822Kanknal
18Pathangram F PSchool910Pathangram
19Srirampur F P School628Uttar Shrirampur
22Gachha F P School1140Gachha
23Dampal G S F P School913Narayanpur
24Patuli Boys F P School674Patuli
25Neheru F P School651Narayanpur
26Narayanpur Daspara F.P. School1065Narayanpur
27Natun Dampal Char F P School736Dampal
28Patuli Girls High School1123Mamudpur
29Patuli High School847Patuli
32NawparaG S F P.School893Nowapara
33Dafarpota F P School1049Dafarpota
34Kashipur Sandipan Shikshatirth F P School576Kasipur
36Jhowdanga F P School435Sarisha
38Jhowdanga Aachariya Prafullachandr High School578Jhaudanga
40Natunpara G S F P School825Rukuspur
41Misbapur F P School1066Sinhari
42Kalyanpur S.S.K930Uttar Lakshmipur
43Bara Dhamas F.P. School462Dhamas
45Majida Gana Bidyabhaban715Majida
47Tamaghata G S F PSchool860Kamalnagar
49Singhari F P School659Sinhari
51Singhari A.W.C853Sinhari
52Majida Basic Primary School757Majida
54Lakshmipur High School546Uttar Lakshmipur
56Tamaghata F P School683Majida
57Aalunir Math F P School854Uttar Lakshmipur
58Lakshmipur F.P. School986Uttar Lakshmipur
59Tamaghata Shishu Shiksha Kendra635Majida
61Atpara F P School996Atpara
63Aatpara G S F PSchool856Atpara
65Kamalnagar F PSchool952Kamalnagar
67Hatsuri F P School759Hatsiuri
69Harishpur F.P. School568Harispur
70Jamalpur F.P. School1213Jamalpur
71Palash Beria F.P.School936Palasberia
72Madhupur F P School710Madhupur
73Belerhat Baidyanath High School907Madhupur
74Chhatni F PSchool655Chhatni
77Chhatni Ssk817Chhatni
78Nimdaha S S K1065Nimdaha
79Dharampur Ssk751Nimdaha
80Chandpara Rajabanshi F PSchool454Nimdaha
81Nakadaha F PSchool909Nimdaha
82Dharampur Rajkumar F P School713Nimdaha
84Nakadah F PSchool650Nakadaha
86Benakar F P School969Sarangpur
87Yogweswarpur F P School827Jajneswarpur
89Sarangpur Aadibasi F P School755Ukhra
90Ukhura Narendranath High School736Ukhra
92Ukhura S S K922Ukhra
93Ukhura G S F PSchool1048Ukhra
94Mahadebpur High School895Mahadebpur
96Jaykrishnapur F PSchool954Joykrishnapur
97Uttar Nawpara F PSchool669Uttar Naopara
99Bodhsa F PSchool1012Bodhsah
100Sanghoshpara Ssk903Sanghoshpara
101Haldipara Ramachandra High School1117Haldipara
102Ghuni F PSchool642Ghuni
103Mukshimpara F P School992Muksimpara
104Sumuria F.P. School628Sumuria
105Dubrajpur F P School620Dubrajpur
107Satpota F P School807Satpota
108Bararpara F P School778Barapara
110Kukshimla Abaitanik Primary Vidyalaya985Kuksimla
112Barakaibati F PSchool912Khord Kaibati
114Gobindapur High School830Gobindapur
115Gulita F.P.School577Gulita Daspur
116Sahajadpur Chatuspally F. P. School636Sahazadpur
118Bamunpara F P School(Dakshin Uttar)897Chakradanga
120Tentuliya F PSchool727Bamunpara
122Kasa F P School544Kasa
124Hurakadanga F P School669Harkadanga
126Natungram F P School679Nutangram
127Somaspur F P School722Samaspur
128Lohana Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya728Lohana
129Chuadanga F.P. School444Lohana
130Bigha F PSchool609Bigha
132Duyari Mandakini High School424Dwari
133Mathura F PSchool644Mathura
134Hajarapur F PSchool870Hazrapur
135Putsuri Girls High School899Putsuri
137Putsuri I.P Inatitution975Putsuri
138Azharnagar F.P.School734Putsuri
139Mojahar Nagar F P School1000Bara Kalmi
140Barakalmi F.P. School448Bara Kalmi
141Sonadanga F P School (East)902Ibrambad
143Hazidanga F.P. School851Ibrambad
144Girigornagar F.P. School713Ibrambad
145Uttaradihi F P School419Uttardihi
146Masdanga F.P. School902Masdanga
147Gohalbari F PSchool603Chak Brahmapur
148Monadanga F.P. School645Chak Brahmapur
149Sutra Mukteswar Bidyaniketan903Sutra
150Sutra F PSchool493Sutra
152Kaigram High School854Kaigram
153Kaigram Paschim Para F.P. School838Kaigram
154Fakirdanga F PSchool790Rautgram
155Rautagram F P School699Rautgram
157Sonakuri F.P.School1118Dogachhia
158Rai Dogachhiya High School1011Dogachhia
160Naydapara F P School1131Dogachhia
161Konrapur F P School637Konrapur
162Gagra F.P. School624Gagra
163Dogachhiya G.P.Office611Mudafar Falahari
164Haripur F P School762Haripur
165Dastipara F.P. School525Dastipara
166Belgoria F.P. School897Belgaria
167Mudaffar F.P.School834Mudafar Falahari
168Gokarna F P School753Gokarna
169Minapur Junior Basic School725Minapur
171Falahari F.P.School1009Mudafar Falahari
172Sonarudra F.P.School944Sonarudra
174Lakshanpur Bhaturia F.P.School702Bhaturia
176Kachuia F.P.School1061Dogachhia
177Madra F.P.School998Mandra
178Kalekhantala F P School980Sihipara
179Kanthalgoria F.P. School672Sihipara
180Sihipara F P School732Sihipara
181Arbandhi F.P. School859Doghari
182Dhitpur F P School1104Dhitpur
183Mallikpara Aadibasi Pally F P School746Biswarambha
184Ramkrishnapur F.P. School541Biswarambha
185Biswarambha High School1032Biswarambha
186Chapatala Ssk1033Biswarambha
187Biswarambha Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya636Biswarambha
188Sardanga F P School1027Sardanga
190Muragachha G S F P School1020Muragachha
191Hrishi Ssk899Hrishi
192Hrishi F P School (Room No-1)793Hrishi
193Babuidanga F P School (Room No 1)921Falea
197Faleya F P School1004Falea
198Moyail F P School912Moail
199Padmabilpara F P School834Falea
200Dakshin Sajiara F P School763Sajiara
202Chandipur F P School1039Chandipur
203Uttar Sajiara F.P. School568Sajiara
204Simla Ssk447Mertala
205Simla Pathshala F P School (Room No-1Room No-2)1016Mertala
206Mertala F PSchool828Mertala
207Mertala Deshbandhu High School713Mertala
209Debnagar F P School366Gopipur
210Palashapuli F P School868Palaspuli
211Chupiakshay Granthagar599Chupi
212Chupirchar F.P. School633Chupi
213Purbasthali Krishnanath Balika Vidyalaya924Purbbasthali
214Harinagar G S F PSchool1112Chupi
215Purbasthali Sabitri Balika Vidyalaya465Palaspuli
217Chupi Haramohan F P School616Chupi
220Purbasthali Nilmani Brahmachari Institiution (Room No-1)970Chupi
224Kasthasalir Char F.P. School850Kashthasali
225Kasthashali Nivanani High School972Kashthasali
226Kashtashali Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya968Kashthasali
227Lohachur F PSchool798Lohachur
228Baragachhi G S F PSchool526Baragachhi
229Bargachi Colony Ssk875Baragachhi
230Baidyapur Rajbangshi Para F P School.898Baidyapur
231Baganchra F.P. School638Bagachra
232Kumirpara G S F P School603Kumirpara
233Shyambati Radhakrishna Bhowmick Vidyapith (Hs)1077Syambati
234Belagachhi G S F P School804Belgachhi
235Telenawpara G S F P.School (Room No-1)614Telinaopara
238Parulia G S F P School929Parulia
239Parulia S S K849Parulia
240Parulia Kul Kamini High School774Parulia
244Golahat G.S.F.P.School572Golahat
246Golahat Jr. High School939Bhatsala
247Betpukur GSFPSchool1014Betpukur
248Moudanga F P School955Maudanga
249Bhatashala Rajapur Prathmik Vidyalaya746Bhatsala
251Suluntu G. S. F. P School805Bhandartikuri
253Bikrampur Nabapally F.P. School329Bhandartikuri
254Paranpur F P School1050Paranpur
255Maganpur F P School956Manganpur
256Rajapur Bhatshala Dhirendranath Vidyapith568Bhatsala
259Nasipur F.P.School790Manganpur
260Jahannagar Kumarananda High School434Jahan Nagar
263Madhaipur G S F P School675Mahatapur

Last Updated on June 04, 2020
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