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Polling Booth in Purbasthali Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Purbasthali

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Purbasthali Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Sahajadpur F P School1150Maruidanga
2Nawpara High School803Naopara
4Karail F.P.School442Karail
5Dharmatala Karail Prathamik Vidyalaya975Dharmatala
6Bogpur F P School1103Bagpur
7Banki F P School858Banki
8Chak Bamangariya F P School561Bamangaria
10Kurichha Tinakari Das High School1082Ramchandrapur
11Malgoria F.P.School963Malgaria
12Nawpara Shushuma Sundari Prathamik Vidyalaya579Naopara
14Kushogoria Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya479Kusagaria
16Kuldanga Atkedanga Adibasi Prathamik Vidyalaya979Damodarpara
17Bochpur FPSchool864Bachpur
18Malatipur S.K.U.S Office Jankar Branch582Bhaidarpara
19Chandipur Prathamik Vidyalaya1135Sahapur
20Raipur Board Prathamik Vidyalaya1018Malatipur
21Rajibpur Shikhashri Vidyayatan663Rajibpur
22Jankar F.P.School923Jakar
23Ghola Rajibpur F.P.School999Ghola
24Chandpur G S F P School465Chandpur
26Vidyanagar Gayaram Das Vidyamandir982Bidyanagar
28Rajyadhar Para T. C. D.F. P School464Chandpur
29Ganganandapur Shrichaitanya Vidyapith468Ganganandapur
31Sriramapur Muslimpara F P School803Srirampur (CT)
33Das Para Saraswatitala Ssk862Srirampur (CT)
34Dolgobindpur G S F P School657Srirampur (CT)
36Shrirampur G S F P School738Srirampur (CT)
38Alurdanga S.S.K808Kobla
39Bara Kobla G S F P School1092Kobla
40Dakshin Shrirampur (Bishesh Parjayea) Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya784Srirampur (CT)
42Srirampur Bhabatarini Ray Balika Ucchah Vidyalaya729Srirampur (CT)
46Hemayetpur G S F P School731Srirampur (CT)
48Dakshin Srirampur Kumudini F P School820Srirampur (CT)
50Dangapara Hemayetpur F P School804Srirampur (CT)
52Samudragar K P C Balika Vidyalaya1055Champahati
53Champahati Mahajati GSF P School1065Champahati
54Nichu Champahati F P School830Champahati
55Chak Rahatpur F.P.School866Chak Rahatpur
56Uparchampahati G.S.F.P.School953Champahati
58Rahatpur G.S.F.P School520Rahatpur
59Dakshinbati Gopalpur F.P.School989Dakshinbati
60Dakshinbati M.S.K955Dakshinbati
61Singhajuli F P School984Sinjuli
62Singhajuli High Madrasa931Sinjuli
63Samudragarh High School771Samudragar
65Tarikashitala Ssk711Samudragar
67Uppar Champahati Ssk914Champahati
68Muktokeshi Adibasi F P School1016Samudragar
70Jalahati G S F P School629Jalahati
72Jaluidanga Gopalchondra Pal Balika Vidyalaya590Jalahati
74Bibirhat Ssk1036Samudragar
75Kamalpur Kalitala Prathamik Vidyalaya640Samudragar
78Chayan D.R.D.C Workshed Bonapukur983Samudragar
79Jaluidanga F P School816Jaluidanga (CT)
80Hatsimla G S F P School923Hatsimla (CT)
84Ataharaman Ssk1155Hatsimla (CT)
85Paschim Nasaratpur F P School758Nasaratpur (CT)
87Gaurangapara F P School902Jaluidanga (CT)
89Nasaratpur F P School673Nasaratpur (CT)
91Gopinathpur F P School707Gopinathpur (CT)
92Vivekananda Ssk905Gopinathpur (CT)
94Natunpara F P School900Gopinathpur (CT)
96Nasaratpur Siddhepara F.P.School1129Nasaratpur (CT)
98Kishoriganj Manamohanpur F P School864Jaluidanga (CT)
99Paruldanga Nasaratpur High School1057Nasaratpur (CT)
102Danga Para Balai Chandra Pal S.S.K711Nasaratpur (CT)
103Paruldanga Nasaratpur G S F P School843Paruldanga
104Dangapara F P School728Nasaratpur (CT)
108Dhoba Goalpara F.P.School477Goalpara
111Char Goalpara Ssk1137Goalpara
112Panchlaki F P School666Panchlaki
113Dhoba F.P.School1115Dhoba
114Ningra F P School1026Ningra
115Arjunpukur S.S .K943Arjunpukur
116Arjunpukur F P School979Arjunpukur
117Baradhek Prathamik Vidyalaya1098Baradhek
118Kamalpur F.P.School574Kamalpur
119Satgaria F P School1153Satgaria
120DirghaparaRajagopal Abaitanik Prathaimik Vidyalaya1117Dirghapara
121Kharasgram Kalibala High School861Kharashgram
123Kharasgram F P School543Kharashgram
124Khorasgram S.S.K738Kharashgram
125Nimar F P School527Dhamai
126Dhamai F.P.School602Dhamai
127Nadanghat Rampuria High School630Nadanghat
129Nadanghat Annapurna Balika Vidyalaya885Nadanghat
131Kundapara F.P.School655Kundapara
132Lokpara F.P.School1142Gahak
133Akabpur High School1072Akabpur
134Islampur F.P. School647Ichhlampur
136Mahesgoria F.P.School1106Mahesgaria
137Parasahapur Baghadanga F.P.School617Parashapur
139Khorda Bitra F.P School1007Paschim Sahapur
140Ghanashyampur F.P School1116Ghanashyampur
141Indrapur F.P School875Indrapur
142Shimulgaria F.P.School592Hosenabad
143Fakirdanga S.S.K656Beshbati
144Chaugharia F.P School686Bherua
145Beledanga F.P. School659Narayanpur
148Taipara F.P.School901Rajkhara
149Rampur Pathardanga F.P School587Rampur
151Begpur Union Institution1097Begpur
153Karpurdanga F.P.School847Karpurdanga
154Kadipur F.P School884Kadipur
155Simulgar S.S.K664Manikhar
156Manikhar F.P School559Manikhar
159Raniband Ayamapara F.P School925Raniband
161Kankuria S.S.K872Kakuria
162Kankuria F.P School532Kakuria
163106- Kankuria Deshbandhu High School986Raniband
164Sahajpur F.P School474Ramanandapur
166Medgachhi High School935Medgachhi
168Muragacha F.P.School711Muragachha
169Nowapara I.C.D.C. Centre804Nawapara
170Nawpara F.P School594Nawapara
171Kharinan High School1046Kharinan
172Pardupsa F.P School880Pardupsa
173Kutirdanga F.P School812Kutirdanga
174Dupsa F.P. School772Dupsa
175Rameswarpur G.S. F. P School844Uttar Rameswarpur
177Khanpur G.S F.P School858Uttar Rameswarpur
178Nandai Koloni F.P School946Nandai
180Nandai F.P School1053Nandai
181Ghughudanga F.P School700Nandai
182Natungram F.P School880Nandai
184Durgapur Adibasi F.P School937Durgapur
185Hatiponta F.P School779Mrijapur
187Nagargachhi F.P School1080Nagargachhi
188Guptipur Gopalchandra F.P.School782Guptipur
190Machhalandapur Siddheshwari Balika Vidyalaya1019Maslandapur
191Shankati F.P.School564Sankati
193Birddhapara Adibasi F.P. School348Briddhapara
194Briddhapara Janakalyan Bidyapith934Briddhapara
197Madhupur F.P School895Madhupur
198Simalan A.K Bidyamandir Office Building408Simlon
202Atgharia Banshibat Junior Basic School812Atgharia
204Moslemabad High Madrasa1145Briddhapara
205Suryapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1085Krishnapur
206Sargoria F.P. School730Sargaria
207Sondalpurtulshirani Junior Basic School500Krishnapur
214Horsuna F.P School911Harsuna
215Uplati F.P School604Uplati
219Sultanpur Tulsidas Bidyamandir960Sultanpur
221Gopalpur F.P School868Gopalpur
223Hridaypur F.P. School683Hridaypur
224Kashimpur F.P School960Kasimpur
225Bhatra F.P. School864Kandarpabati
227Hatbele F.P. School485Hatbele
229Bhairabanala S.K.U.S High School1078Hatbele
230Niralgachhi F.P School704Niralgachhi
231Belkuli F.P School996Belkuli
233Dhatrigram Highre Secondary Multiporpase School1058Dhatrigram (CT)
234Dhatrigram Balika Vidyalaya892Dhatrigram (CT)
237Dhatrigram F.P School880Dhatrigram (CT)
239Swarajpur F.P School701Dhatrigram (CT)
241Gramkalna Junior High School772Gramkalna
243Gramkalna F.P School997Gramkalna
246Malatipur F.P School949Malatipur
248Udayganj F.P School460Gramkalna
249Kalinagar F.P School1038Gramkalna
251Ramkrishna F.P School651Dhatrigram (CT)
253Gramkalna S.S.K853Gramkalna
255Badhagachhi F.P School1040Badhgachhi
256Bhabanipur F.P School409Bhabanipur

Last Updated on June 04, 2020
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