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Polling Booth in Panskura Paschim Assembly Constituency

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Panskura Paschim Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Panskura Paschim

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Panskura Paschim Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Radha Ballavpur Shishu Shiksha Kendra920Radhaballavpur
2Bikada Binod Primary School495Bikra Chandangerya
3Balarampur Primary School735Balarampur
4Sahalajpur Primary School683Sahalajpur
5Chak Gopal Primary School992Chak Gopal
6Mangloi Primary School998Manglai Shyamballavpur
7Teghari Primary School947Brinchibar Chak Paschimi Itra
8Shyamsundarpur Patna Prathamik Vidyalaya870Shyamsundarpur Patna
10Shyamsundarpur Patna High School`624Shyamsundarpur Patna
11Purba Gurtala Primary School645Paschim Gurtala
12Parlangka Prathamik Vidyalaya866Parlanka
13Shyampur Shishu Shikshakendra549Shyampur
14Mysora Prathamik Vidyalaya589Maishora
16Jagatpur Prathamick Vidyalaya800Jagatpur
17Rajshahar Prathamik Vidyalaya660Rajsahar
18Mohanpur S.S.K.642Mohanpur
19Fakir Bajar Prathamik Vidyalaya695Fakirbazar
20Patanda Shitalananda Prathamik Vidyalaya861Patanda
22Dharanda Prathamik Vidyalaya1026Dharenda
23Pashchim Bakulda Dasibar S.S.K.618Paschim Bakulda
25Purba Bakulda High School600Purbba Bakulda
27Harinarayanpur Primary School487Harinarayanpur
28Malida Junior High School868Malida
29Malida Pry. School606Malida
30Kenduata Prathamik Vidyalaya608Kenduata
31Jasora Charubala High School700Jiakhali
33Kanailal S.P. Primary School652Jiakhali
35Jiakhali Prathamik Vidyalaya1106Jiakhali
36Jasora Chandragiri Primary School667Jiakhali
37Nachipur Prathamik Vidyalaya603Nachhipur
38Talitya Primary School697Talitya
39Uttar Panchberia Prathamik Vidyalaya656Uttar Panchberya
40Hatishal High School665Hatisal
42Pakuria Prathamick Vidyalaya601Baruipur
43Dakshin Moynadal Shishu Shikshakendra672Dakshin Maynadal
44Gopimohanpur Prathamik Vidyalaya1097Gopimohanpur
45Dakshin Barhat Prathamik Vidyalaya915Dakshin Barhat
46Dalpara Prathamik Vidyalaya1109Dalpara
47Palsa Primary School1144Uttar Gopalpur
48Simulhanda Prathamik Vidyalaya797Simulhanda
50Akhuyar Shishu Shikshakendra482Akhuar
51Keshapat Prathamik Vidyalaya807Keshapat
53Purba Gopalpur Shishu Shikshakendra803Purbba Gopalpur
54Gobindanagar Muslim High School715Gobinda Nagar
56Gobindanagar Primary School825Gobinda Nagar
57Bijaharpur Primary School1092Mahapur
58Banamalipur Primary School903Alalpara
59Rajnagar Primary School415Chiara
61Anupganj Primary School742Anupganj
63Manur Primary School663Golahat
65Belda Primary School545Sanita
66Dhananjaypur Shishu Shikshakendra619Dhananjoypur
67Noapara Shishu Shikshakendra456Nawapara
68Raniara Primary School907Raniara
69Bipulhanda S.S.K .398Bipulhanda
70Kaya Primary School758Kaya
71Ratulia Dalbar Shishu Shikshakendra1008Paltaberya
72Ratulia Medinipur Primary School975Medinipur Ratudya
73Ratulia High School853Tilagere
74Paschim Arjunda S.S.K.341Paschim Arjjunda
75Benagalisa Shishu Shikshakendra742Manoharganj
76Mangaldwari Primary School930Mangalduari
77Paschim Nekra Primary School977Paschim Nekra
79Joykrishnapur Prathamick Vidyalaya947Joykrishnapur
81Naskardighi Primary School597Naskardighi
82Naskardighi Ashadurga M.S.K.619Naskardighi
83Shankatikri Shishu Shikshakendra479Shanktikri
84Janabar Primary School664Uttar Palsa
85Mahatpur Primary School605Mahatpur
87Uttar Mechagram G.S.F.P. Primary School1172Uttar Mechgram
89Pitpur Primary School1141Purbba Pitpur
91Dakshin Mechagram Purnachandra Balika Vidyalaya885Dakshin Mechgram
93Dakshin Chanchiara Primary School477Dakshin Chan Chiara
95Basantabar Shishu Shikshakendra526Basantabar
96Uttar Chanchiyara Primary School881Dakshin Chan Chiara
97Kalindipur Primary School636Kalandipur
99Mahammadpur Primary School1139Murail
101Dhuliapur High School902Dhuliapur
103Raghubirchak Primary School562Raghubir Chak
104Indulia Prathamick Vidyalaya1041Mahishdol
105Amragohal Primary School515Amraghoal
107Amragohal Pashchim Primary School1021Amraghoal
108Rusia Primary School907Isahakpur
109Raybandh Primary School352Raybandh
111Kenduara Primary School888Kenduara
112Rajhati Shishu Shikshakendra886Chhyarasia
113Masimabad Shishu Shikshakendra1126Masimabad
114Aror Primary School828Aror
115Gotpota Primary School900Gotpota
116Lalchak Shishu Shikshakendra397Lal Chak
117Uttar Katal Primary School573Uttar Katal
119Dokanda Primary School848Dokanda
120Kharu Radhanagar Bibekananda Primary School689Kharu Radhanagar
122Erapur Ramananda Prathamik Vidyalaya886Gopinathchak
123Ghoshpur Grampanchayet Office661Ghoshpur
124Bakhrabaj Primary School1075Gajna
125Uriagarh Paobanki Primary School888Sahanagar
126Fatechak Primary School466Fate Chak
127Ramgar Shishu Shikshakendra673Ramgar
128Serhati Primary School1025Serhati
129Haur Primary School823Haur
130Ghoshpur High School1068Haur
131Purul Primary School664Purul
133Alugram Primary School396Alugram
134Barda Primary School738Alugram
135Raisanda Primary School401Raisanda
136Chhenyagad Primary School532Chhenyagar
137Maliyara Primary School796Kulia
138Kumorpur Hateswar High School659Saharda
139Jagannathachak Shishu Shiksha Kendr795Jagannath Chak
140Narui Ramchandrapur Primary School582Narui Ramchandrapur
141Amdan High School902Amdan
143Ghol Amdan Primary School336Gholamdan
144Aatang Primary School474Atang
145Dashang Primary School545Dashang
146Tikar Para Primary School750Tikarpara
147Pulshita Bholanath High School965Saranbar
149Harashankarapur Nimnabuniadi School1165Sarifabad
151Kalidan Purba Primary School849Kalidan
152Kalidan Paschim Primary School711Kalidan
153Jardai Primary School1138Gobindapur
154Radhaban Board Primary School848Radhaban
156Maurajal Primary School1065Maguri Jagannath Chak
157Maguri Jagannathchak High School531Maguri Jagannath Chak
158Kanasi Brindabanchak Shishu Shikshakendra1133Kenasi Brindaban Chak
159Chak Radhaban Primary School392Chak Radhaban
160Dakshin Arjunda Shishu Shiksha Kendra434Dakshin Arjjunda
161Kalai Primary School961Kalai
162Mohanpur Primary School440Mohanpur
164Bijoynagar Primary School1028Bijaynagar
165Paramanandachak Primary School516Paramananda Chak
166Gholmaguri Primary School575Gholmaguri
168Bijoyramchak Primary School564Bijayram Chak
169Chaitanyapur-2 G.P. Office650Bijayram Chak
170Bijayramchak High Madrasa943Udaypur
172Udaypur Primary School559Saraighata
173Dumdan Primary School1094Gurya
174Nilmaniramchak Primary School1157Nilmaniram Chak
175Lakshyakuri High School961Harirampur
176Chaitanyapur Primary School628Chaitanpur
177Harinarayanchak Primary School1035Harinarayan Chak
179Maguri Jagannathchak Saradamani Balika Vidyalaya722Kismat Jagannath Chak
180Kismat Jagannathchak Primary School919Kismat Jagannath Chak
181Radhaballav Chak No.1 Primary School (Maktab)883Radhaballav Chak
182Radhaballavchak Upper Primary School1020Radhaballav Chak
183Radhaballav Chak No.2 Primary School642Radhaballav Chak
184Maguri Uttarsai Primary School768Maguri Uttarsai
186Dabuapukur Part Buniyadi Vidyalaya1019Dabuapukur
187Dayalchak Bhuniachak Primary Vidyalaya494Dayal Chak
188Mahadol Radhaballavchak Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya559Mahadol Rupchak
189Jayram Chak Primary School793Jayram Chak
191Shrirampur Primary School724Shrirampur
192Pashchim Chilka Primary School936Paschim Chilka
194Sadhuapota Primary School1122Sadhuapota
196Purba Chilka Uchcha Vidyalaya770Purbba Chilka
198Rajnarayan Chak Shishu Shikshakendra643Rajnarayan Chak
199Harijhama High School534Hanrijhama
201Gaurangapur Iswarchandra Junior Basic School775Gaurangapur
202Chandipur Primary School475Chandipur
203Radhakrishnapur Primary School970Radha Krishnapur
204Deulichak S.S.K.1055Radha Krishnapur
205Purusottampur Part Buniyadi Vidyalaya881Purushottampur
207Ninma Purushottampur Primary School401Purushottampur
208Fakirganj Primary School912Fakirganja
209Beraberia Primary School1138Beraberia
210Kamarberia Primary School816Baidbar
211Nityanandachak S.S.K.434Baidbar
212Mahammad Murad Prathamik Vidyalaya706Mahammad Murad
213Kalagechiya Primary School1012Kalagechhe
215Atberia Primary School720Atberia
217Amdubi S.S.K.434Amdubi
218Saraswatya No.2 Primary School571Suarasatya
219Saraswatya No.1 Prathamik Vidyalaya739Suarasatya
220Kaminachak Uchcha Vidyalaya849Kaminachak
222Kaminachak No.-2 Primary School1156Kaminachak
223Purbaitara Primary School812Purbba Itara
224Purba Itara Rasbihari Primary School515Purbba Itara
225Purbashukutiya Garlas Junior High School896Purbba Shuktia
226Khasarban Raymani Primary School664Khasharban
227Khasarban Prathamik Vidyalaya797Khasharban
228Raghunathbari Ramtarak Uchcha Vidyalaya616Raghunathbari
230Mahesh Bar Prathamik Vidyalaya807Kunarara
231Sundarnagar Primary Vidyalaya734Sundarnagar
232Sundarnagar No.2 Primary Vidyalaya657Sundarnagar
234Chakdaha Uttar S.S.K.1069Chakdaha
235Chakdaha Primary School515Chakdaha
237Chaipur Brindabala Balika Vidyalaya583Chaipur
239Barbaharpota Primary School805Bar Baharpota
240Khandakhola High School435Khandakhola
241Khandakhola Board Primary School881Khandakhola
242Khandakhola C.S. No. 2 Primary School509Khandakhola
243Baharpota S.P. Primary School958Baharputa
245Baharpota No.1 Primary School898Baharputa
247Keshabbar Prathamik Vidyalaya915Gogras Keshab Bar
248Gogras Board Prathamik Vidyalaya837Gograskottaluk
249Gogras Bagicha S.S.K.857Gograskottaluk
250Ukhrapara Primary School446Ukharapara
251Panshakuda B.B. High School758Panskura (M)
252Panskura Gandhi Bidyapith860Panskura (M)
254Kanakpur Bispart Primary School1055Panskura (M)
256Naranda New Primary School981Panskura (M)
257Naranda Parameswar Primary School451Panskura (M)
259Chapadali Primary School1063Panskura (M)
260Bhabanipur Primary School854Panskura (M)
262Rupdaypur Primary School1031Panskura (M)
264Panskura Primary School895Panskura (M)
266Panskura Banamali College998Panskura (M)
267Kanakpur Primary School (Maktab)1035Panskura (M)
269Madhusudanbar Primary School893Panskura (M)
272Bahirgram Primary School988Panskura (M)
274Bahiragram 1No Primary School872Panskura (M)
276Bahirgram No1 Primary School837Panskura (M)
277Bahirgram New Primary School954Panskura (M)
280Sura Mahamaya Uchcha Balika Vidyalaya1073Panskura (M)
284Pratappur High School719Panskura (M)
286Gumai Primary School640Panskura (M)
288Keshiari Bhunyabar Primary School738Panskura (M)
289Pratappur Junior Basic School (Unit-2)629Panskura (M)
291Ranihati Prathamik School752Panskura (M)
293Garpurusottampur Prathamik Vidyalaya1141Panskura (M)
295Ranihati High School677Panskura (M)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014