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Polling Booth in Panihati Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Panihati

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Panihati Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Sukhchar Shibtala Banga Vidyalaya812Panihati (M)
4Sukhchar Sishu Udyan1046Panihati (M)
6St. Xaviers Institution (Puratan Builbing)674Panihati (M)
8Sukhchar Satadal Balika Vidyayatan556Panihati (M)
11Karmadaksha Chandrachur Vidyayatan471Panihati (M)
12Sukhchar Union Football Club757Panihati (M)
17Adarsha Vidyamandir532Panihati (M)
18Sent Xaviers Institution (Natun Building)676Panihati (M)
21Railway Park Recreation Club523Panihati (M)
22Naboday Sangha1023Panihati (M)
233 No Deshbandhunagar Primary Vidyalaya892Panihati (M)
252 No Deshbandhunagar High School945Panihati (M)
26Sodepur High School1003Panihati (M)
27Netaji Subhash Vidyamandir450Panihati (M)
29Chandrachur Vidyapith (Balika)761Panihati (M)
31Chandrachur Vidyapith(Balak)677Panihati (M)
35Sodpur Polli Patsala943Panihati (M)
36Sodepur Club579Panihati (M)
39Bankimpally Prathamik Vidyalaya1033Panihati (M)
41Nandan Kanan Prathamik Vidyalaya484Panihati (M)
43Shishu Bharati Purba Pally Unnayan Samiti949Panihati (M)
45Gouranga Nagar Sporting Club560Panihati (M)
47Shyamashree Pally Unnayan Samity840Panihati (M)
49Sodepur Aikya Sammilani Club635Panihati (M)
51Natagarh Sangha1005Panihati (M)
53Sukanta Vidyapith952Panihati (M)
56Ganga Community Hall652Panihati (M)
58Sarada Pally Vidyapith779Panihati (M)
60Arabinda Vidyamandir D Block1001Panihati (M)
61Nibaran Pur G S F P School976Panihati (M)
62Manikdanga Milan Sangha Ghola582Panihati (M)
64Sukanta Pally Prathamik Vidyalaya Ghola1067Panihati (M)
65Vivekananda Shishu Vidyapith780Panihati (M)
66Rabindra Vidyapith884Panihati (M)
67Naboday Institute1071Panihati (M)
68Jagriti Vidyaniketan581Panihati (M)
721No Free Primary School1083Panihati (M)
75Bankim Ganguly Prathamik Vidyalaya849Panihati (M)
76Panchugopal Smriti Sangha Kamar Para877Panihati (M)
77Sodepur Purbayan Unnayan Samity(Puja Mandap)828Panihati (M)
80Purbasa Unnayan Samity803Panihati (M)
81Jagat Jyoti Sangha778Panihati (M)
82Abijatry Sangha379Panihati (M)
83Nabarun PallyShibtala Prathamik Vidyalaya924Panihati (M)
84Sharat Chandra Vidyapith651Panihati (M)
85C U D P Health Prakalpa575Panihati (M)
88Amarabati Kalyan Samiti894Panihati (M)
91Panchabati Unnayan Samity669Panihati (M)
92Janakalyan Pri. Vidyalaya692Panihati (M)
93Peerless Nagar Community Hall771Panihati (M)
96Panihati Balika Vidyalaya1007Panihati (M)
98Bandhab Pathagar894Panihati (M)
100Ankur Club674Panihati (M)
102Trananath High School732Panihati (M)
104Ramkrishna Ashram Vidyapith954Panihati (M)
106Vivekananda Sishu Niketan635Panihati (M)
108Parbati Charan Mukherjee Charitable Dispensary856Panihati (M)
109Ekatrika Sangha954Panihati (M)
111Panihati Hindi School1000Panihati (M)
112Shahid Colony Prathamik Vidyalaya1145Panihati (M)
113Seth Colony G S F P School804Panihati (M)
1153No Sodepur Scheme Government Colony447Panihati (M)
1174No Deshbandhu Nagar Primary Vidyalaya708Panihati (M)
119Sodepur Housing Estate Tenants Welfare Association Hall762Panihati (M)
121Indiranagar Prathamik Vidyalaya902Panihati (M)
123New Colony Primary School879Panihati (M)
125Bidhan Chandra Roy Sishu Sikhyalaya440Panihati (M)
127Ram Chandrapur Kalyan Samity (Club Tant)745Panihati (M)
129Ramchandrapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1025Panihati (M)
130Dakshin Pally Library And Pujamandap417Panihati (M)
132Sishu Vidyapith700Panihati (M)
134Sushilkrishna Shikshayatan(Balika)873Panihati (M)
138Pallishri Prathamik Vidyalaya864Panihati (M)
141Sodepur Tirthabharati Shikshamandir677Panihati (M)
146Adarsha Prathamik Vidyalaya538Panihati (M)
150Ramkrishnapur Mittly Sangha979Panihati (M)
151Shrinagar Unnayan Samiti365Panihati (M)
152Khudiram Nagar Unnayan Samity1067Panihati (M)
153Khudiram Nagar Durga Mandap559Panihati (M)
154Ghola High School802Panihati (M)
158Ghola Uchcha Balika Vidyalaya703Panihati (M)
160Najrul Sporting Club437Panihati (M)
161Purbanchal Unnayan Samiti942Panihati (M)
163Prathamik Vidyalaya 2 & 3 Azadhind Nagar979Panihati (M)
164Agragami Sangha1071Panihati (M)
165Netaji Shikshayatan706Panihati (M)
167Netaji Shiahyatan (Balika)Agarpara620Panihati (M)
169Netaji Shikshayatan(Balak)680Panihati (M)
170Jyoti Milan Bandhan Ushumbur967Panihati (M)
171Netaji Vidyamandir Prathamik Vidyalaya920Panihati (M)
175Kalyal Sangha Pathagar Uttar Kalyanpur504Panihati (M)
176Shishutirtha Prathamik Vidyalaya659Panihati (M)
177Ishan Chandra Vidyamandir1046Panihati (M)
178Netaji Sikshayatan (Balika)617Panihati (M)
180Yuba Sangha835Panihati (M)
181Sukanta Palli Young Force758Panihati (M)
183Tarapukur Paschim Pally Prathamik Vidyalaya1097Panihati (M)
185Bengal Water Proof Works Institute Building827Panihati (M)
187Aalok Tirth Prathamik Vidyalaya848Panihati (M)
189Gandhinagar Vidyaniketan (Jr.High)786Panihati (M)
191Agar Para Mahajati Sabitri Balika Vidyapith731Panihati (M)
192Bengal Water Proof Yubak Sangha676Panihati (M)
194Jayprakash Nagar Prathamik Vidyalaya1006Panihati (M)
195Arabinda Prathamik Vidyalaya733Panihati (M)
197Das Colony Ideal Primary School721Panihati (M)
199Panihati Chaul Patty Prathamik Vidyalaya961Panihati (M)
201Dagamill Panihati740Panihati (M)
203Panihati Sporting Centre868Panihati (M)
204Gop Udyag Office Ghar945Panihati (M)
206Agarpara Boys Primary School (U.P.School)531Panihati (M)
207Agarpara Pathagar702Panihati (M)
209Agarpara Balika Vidyalaya853Panihati (M)
212Mahajati Shakti Sangha Club1069Panihati (M)
213Mahajati Vidyapith954Panihati (M)
214Vivekananda Vidyamandir1058Panihati (M)
215Municipality Health Centre835Panihati (M)
216Pragati Sangha391Panihati (M)
218Acharya Prafulla Pally Vidyaniketan504Panihati (M)
220Usumpur Vidyamandir826Panihati (M)
224Sampriti Angan811Panihati (M)
225Yatindramohan Vidyamandir804Panihati (M)
227East Agarpara Sports And Caltural Centre876Panihati (M)
228Nityakali Pathshala1059Panihati (M)
232Usumpur Adarsha Uchcha Vidyalaya1005Panihati (M)
235Babulal Rajgharia Junior High School840Panihati (M)
237Babulal Rajghoria Primary School725Panihati (M)
239Agarpara Sishu Vidyapith1114Panihati (M)
243Janakalyan Parishad Prathamik Vidyalaya593Panihati (M)
244Salil Smriti Vidyaniketan696Panihati (M)
245Samajseba Prathamik Vidyalaya742Panihati (M)
248Vivekananda Samity576Panihati (M)
250A.J. Mill Welfare School743Panihati (M)
251Madrasa Nuriya Faizal Alam Prathamik Vidyalaya966Panihati (M)

Last Updated on June 04, 2020
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