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Polling Booth in Panchla Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Panchla

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Panchla Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pargustia Free Primary School1002Pulgusti
2Nazrul Shiksha Niketan High School997Dwipa
5Dwipa Sishu Siksha Kendra753Dwipa
6Dwipa Board Primary School566Dwipa
7Pargustia Dighir Par Jr Basic School807Dwipa
9Polgustia Free Primary School581Pulgusti
11Gouripur Free Primary School1096Gauripur
12Makalhati Free Primary School618Makalhati
14Nalda Nabagopal Free Primary School629Nalda
16Nalda Prathamik Vidyalaya540Nalda
18Makalhati Dharanidhar Adak Prathamik Vidyalaya639Makalhati
20Machhal Prathamik Vidyalaya1142Gobindapur
21Gobindapur Anuraj Vidyamandir897Gobindapur
23Nowyapara Nilakamal High School671Gobindapur
26Mullick Para Free Primary School780Gobindapur
27Jyotsovaram Primary School874Gobindapur
28Batan Free Primary School816Batan
30Gajir Darga Free Primary School898Gobindapur
31Dakshin Bandh Free Primary School945Gobindapur
32Fatikgachi Free Primary School1106Fatik Gachhi
33Naskarpur Nowa Para Free Primary School999Laskarpur
35Naskarpur Free Primary School869Laskarpur
39Siddheshbar Shankar Pathashala637Siddheshwar
41Fatikgachi Srisri Sarada Vidyamandir626Fatik Gachhi
42Siddheshwar Free Prathamik Vidyalaya896Siddheshwar
44Ekabbarpur Mahamaya Free Primary School737Ekabbarpur (CT)
46Ekabbarpur Uchch Prathamik Vidyalaya808Ekabbarpur (CT)
48Ekabbarpur Gobinda Panja High School1061Ekabbarpur (CT)
49Dakshin Naskarpur Prathamik Vidyalaya653Laskarpur
51Islampur Adarsha Madhyamik Vidyalaya883Islampur
53Islmapur Board Prathamik Vidyalaya925Islampur
55Jalalasi Frih Primary School1098Jalalsi
57Mullikpur Prathamik Vidyalaya616Mallikpur
59Shyamchak Primary School667Majhu Khetra
61Majukshetra Primary School1072Majhu Khetra
63Darogarchak Primary School1000Islampur
64Nayachak Sadhucharan Jr. Basic School647Nayachak
66Banharishpur Majher Para Primary School634Ban Harishpur (CT)
67Banharishpur Boys High School750Ban Harishpur (CT)
69Banharishpur Balika Uchcha Vidyalaya Attached Primary School1163Ban Harishpur (CT)
70Banharishpur Balika Uchcha Vidyalaya757Ban Harishpur (CT)
72Jagadish Chandra Bose Ssk741Ban Harishpur (CT)
73Banharishpur Uchha Madrasa Attached Primary School532Ban Harishpur (CT)
74Banharishpur High Madrasa1061Ban Harishpur (CT)
76Samanti Basic Primary School955Samanti
78Nayachak Yadunath High School1168Nayachak
79Sukanta Primary School741Nayachak
80Meghnath Saha Ssk537Nayachak
81Jujerasaha Manna Para Primary School877Jujarsaha (CT)
82Nazrul Ssk923Kuldanga (CT)
85Jujersaha Uttar Para Prathamik Vidyalaya742Jujarsaha (CT)
89Jujersaha Dharmatala Prathamik Vidyalaya667Jujarsaha (CT)
91Jujersaha P. N. Manna High School514Jujarsaha (CT)
93Jujersaha Vivekananda Girls High School891Kuldanga (CT)
94Jujarsaha Janakalyan Prathamik Vidyalaya636Kuldanga (CT)
95Kanaidanga Netaji Primary School1029Kuldanga (CT)
96Kuldanga Primary School655Kuldanga (CT)
98Shyamachak Prathamik School1043Kuldanga (CT)
99Jujersaha Sarakar Para Prathamik Vidyalaya760Jujarsaha (CT)
101Abul Kalam Ssk1164Jujarsaha (CT)
103Kabi Nazrul Islam Madrasa Siksha Kendra820Jujarsaha (CT)
105Jujersaha Malipukur Prathamik Vidyalaya579Jujarsaha (CT)
107Subhararah High School595Shuvararah (CT)
111Harir Dabar Para Primary School733Shuvararah (CT)
112Fakir Para Primary School725Shuvararah (CT)
114Jujersah Dakshin Pally Primary School1019Jujarsaha (CT)
116Bilayet Ali High School607Shuvararah (CT)
119Kalagachia Bada Tapashil Prathamik Vidyalaya733Shuvararah (CT)
120Gabberia Jr. Basic School710Mallik Bagan (CT)
122Khan Mamud Madrasa Siksha Kendra654Mallik Bagan (CT)
124Mallik Bagan Primary School1166Mallik Bagan (CT)
125B. K. Para Primary School901Mallik Bagan (CT)
126Bhasatala Free Primary School1183Mallik Bagan (CT)
127Tentulberia Mahakali Free Primary School798Jala Bishwanathpur
130Sayed Asraf Ali S. S. K.1078Ban Harishpur (CT)
131Rajkhola Primary School1005Ban Harishpur (CT)
133Kalagachia Skus862Ban Harishpur (CT)
134Kalagachhiya Primary School1069Ban Harishpur (CT)
135Basudebchak Swami Vivekananda Ssk535Dhunki (CT)
136Abdul Motalib High Madrasa853Dhunki (CT)
137Madhya Dhunki Free Primary School784Dhunki (CT)
140Melo Special Cadre Primary School617Dhunki (CT)
142Dhunki Jr. Basic School1052Dhunki (CT)
143Gangadharpur Vidyamandir High School986Gangadharpur (CT)
144Gangadharpur Adarsha Prathamik Vidyalaya626Gangadharpur (CT)
147Gondalpara Brajamoyee Shikshaniketan742Gondalpara (CT)
148Gondalpara Panchanantala Prathamik Vidyalaya753Gangadharpur (CT)
150Gondalpara Uttar Prathamik Vidyalaya737Gondalpara (CT)
151Bhairabitala F.P. Vidyalaya826Gondalpara (CT)
152Jalalsi Free Prathamik Vidyalaya729Khasjalalsi (CT)
154Dakshin Jalalshi Free Prathamik Vidyalaya879Khasjalalsi (CT)
155Jalalsi Adarsha Netaji Ssk353Khasjalalsi (CT)
157Panihijali Shiksha Niketan Primary Vidyalaya1079Gangadharpur (CT)
158Panihijali Shibtala Prathamik Vidyalaya767Gangadharpur (CT)
160Joynagar West Junior Basic Vidyalaya883Jaynagar (CT)
162Sukanta Ssk672Jaynagar (CT)
163Joynagar Model Free Primary Vidyalaya1183Jaynagar (CT)
164Joynagar Pallyshree Vidyaniketan906Jaynagar (CT)
166Deulpur Uchha Vidyalaya (Uchha Madhyamik)892Deulpur (CT)
168Deulpur Board Girls Free Primary Vidyalaya672Deulpur (CT)
170Deulpur Dakshin Prathamik Vidyalaya799Deulpur (CT)
172Deulpur Jatiya Vidya Mandir706Deulpur (CT)
174Deulpur Purna Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya629Deulpur (CT)
176Paragana Deulpur F. P. School1100Deulpur (CT)
177Balaramapur Sarddar Para Prathamik Vidyalaya810Deulpur (CT)
179Kushadanga Girls Prathamik Vidyalaya890Kusadanga (CT)
181Anarul Siddikia Sr Madrasa853Kusadanga (CT)
183Jayrampur Kushadanga Primary Vidyalaya1112Jayrampur
186Paschim Panchla Free Prathamik Vidyalaya No. - 2745Paschim Panchla (CT)
187Pashchim Panchla Free Prathamik Vidyalaya No-1475Paschim Panchla (CT)
189Dakshin Panchla Prathamik Vidyalaya No-1611Panchla (CT)
191Dakshin Panchla Prathamik Vidyalaya No-2666Dakshin Panchla
193Chara Panchla Junior Girls Madrasa785Panchla (CT)
194Charabichar Ghata Prathamik Vidyalaya428Panchla (CT)
195Ashok Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya868Panchla (CT)
197Panchla Basubati Free Prathamik Vidyalaya621Panchla (CT)
199Panchla Azeem Prathamik Vidyalaya698Panchla (CT)
200Panchla Madhya Para Prathamik Vidyalaya801Panchla (CT)
204Panchala Khal Par Girls Prathamik Vidyalaya1076Panchla (CT)
205Panchla Nazrul Pathagar630Panchla (CT)
206Panchla Rahamaniya High Madrasa745Panchla (CT)
207Uttar Panchla Free Primary Vidyalaya918Panchla (CT)
208Panchla Free Primary Vidyalaya677Panchla (CT)
210Panchla Azim Moazzem Ucchha Vidyalaya974Panchla (CT)
213Gobarddhanbati Prathamik Vidyalaya1033Gabberia (CT)
215Gabberia Shibtala Prathamik Vidyalaya1020Gabberia (CT)
217Panchala Ulumath Prathamik Vidyalaya1162Panchla (CT)
219Bikihakola Koley Para Prathamik Vidyalaya884Bikihakola (CT)
222Shankahali Free Primary Vidyalaya470Sankhali
224Prafulla Chandra Roy Ssk1166Sankhali
225Bikihakola Shitalatala Prathamik Vidyalaya600Bikihakola (CT)
226Pir Mohammad Madhya Siksha Kendra967Bikihakola (CT)
227Hakola Uchcha Vidyalaya Attached Prathamik Vidyalaya1189Bikihakola (CT)
228Hakola U.C. Uchcha Vidyalaya Attached Prathamik Vidyalaya798Bikihakola (CT)
229Ghosh Para Primary Vidyalaya693Bikihakola (CT)
230Subhash Ssk868Bikihakola (CT)
232Hakola U. C. High School1088Bikihakola (CT)
234Ranihati R. I. Office894Ranihati
235Ranihati Pashchimpara Primary Vidyalaya793Ranihati
238Satgharia Prathamik Vidyalaya540Kulai
239Kulai Prathamik Vidyalaya674Kulai
242Paniara Balika Vidyalaya (High School)1124Paniara (CT)
243Paniara Shishu Vidyalaya838Paniara (CT)
245Paniara Khanpara Nazrul Prathamik Vidyalaya1055Paniara (CT)
248Jalakandua Free Pry Vidyalaya1096Jala Kendua (CT)
250Beldubi Netaji Vidya Niketan626Beldubi (CT)
252Beldubi Uchcha Vidyalaya676Beldubi (CT)
254Beldubi Prathamik Vidyalaya621Beldubi (CT)
256Beladubi Uttar Para Prathamik Vidyalaya1045Beldubi (CT)
258Bhabanandapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1038Jala Kendua (CT)
259Jalakandua Tapshil Prathamik Vidyalaya585Jala Kendua (CT)
261Purba Beldubi Prathamik Vidyalaya746Beldubi (CT)
262Dhamisa Prathamik Vidyalaya567Dhamsa
265Belakulai No-2 Primary School731Belkulai
266Chak Beldubi Prathamik Vidyalaya652Belkulai
267Belkulai Narayan Prathamik Vidyalaya438Belkulai
269Khayjapur Prathamik Vidyalaya714Khayjapur
271Sahapur Uttarpara Primary School796Sahapur (CT)
273Sahapur Vidyasagar Msk804Sahapur (CT)
274Sahapur Purba Para Prathamik Vidyalaya705Sahapur (CT)
276Sahapur Prathamik Vidyalaya755Sahapur (CT)

Last Updated on June 04, 2020
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