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Polling Booth in Noapara Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Noapara

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Noapara Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Brahmamayee Vidyalaya (Balak)803Garulia (M)
3Municipal F.P.School933Garulia (M)
7Bapuji Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya1031Garulia (M)
8Garh Shyamnagar Free Primary School466Garulia (M)
10B R S Junior Basic School941Garulia (M)
12Santigarh Nivanani Smriti Vidyapith660Garulia (M)
18Noapara U P School649Garulia (M)
20Suryashikha Club1010Garulia (M)
21Garulia Mill High School977Garulia (M)
23Garulia Hindi Primary School1006Garulia (M)
25Garulia Girls Jr. High School542Garulia (M)
28Municipality F.P. School932Garulia (M)
30Bilas Chandra Prathamik Vidyalaya851Garulia (M)
33Prasanta Mancha Girish Vidyalaya720Garulia (M)
35Shishubikash Kendra966Garulia (M)
37Gourishankar Jute Mill (Hindi High School )401Garulia (M)
40Garulia Municipality Office Building969Garulia (M)
42Garulia Municipal F.P. School958Garulia (M)
43Garulia Ramkrishna Telegu School746Garulia (M)
45Garulia Balika Vidyalaya809Garulia (M)
49Subhash Vidyapith Deshbandhu Nagar1113Garulia (M)
55Bani Vidyapith1123Garulia (M)
57B. B. Ganguly Prathamick Vidyalaya1016Garulia (M)
58I P P-8 5 No Sub Centre926Garulia (M)
60Milan Sangha780Garulia (M)
63Rajendra Vidya Mandir665North Barrackpore (M)
67Ichhapur Girls Primary School615North Barrackpore (M)
71Bibhukingkar High School819North Barrackpore (M)
75Maniktala Shishuniketan525North Barrackpore (M)
77Vivekananda Vidyamandir568North Barrackpore (M)
80Mayapally G.S.F.P School986North Barrackpore (M)
82Vivekananda Pathagar828North Barrackpore (M)
84Muk-Badhir Vidyalaya860North Barrackpore (M)
87Ichapur Manasik Pratibandhi Vidyalaya863North Barrackpore (M)
91Bidhanpally Prathamik Vidyalaya797North Barrackpore (M)
93Bidhan Pally High School808North Barrackpore (M)
95Ichhapur Harijan Prathamick Vidyalaya935North Barrackpore (M)
96BaroyaritalaGoalapara724North Barrackpore (M)
98Goala Para Aanchalik Gram Rakshi Bahini966North Barrackpore (M)
99Northland High School (Balak)258Barrackpur Cantonment (CB)
100Ordinance Club888Barrackpur Cantonment (CB)
101Ichhapur Club957Barrackpur Cantonment (CB)
102Eastland Primary School551Barrackpur Cantonment (CB)
104Aananda Math Vidyapith (B Block)930North Barrackpore (M)
108Harisava Prathamik Vidyalaya1060North Barrackpore (M)
109Aanandamath Balika Vidyapith1018North Barrackpore (M)
111Shrinagar Buniyadi Vidyalaya784North Barrackpore (M)
113Rajkumar Bhowmick Prathamik Vidyalaya770North Barrackpore (M)
116Arabinda Vidyamandir895North Barrackpore (M)
118Adarsha Hindi Prathamik Vidyalaya971North Barrackpore (M)
120Chunaripara G.S.F.P.School747North Barrackpore (M)
122Nababganj Uccha Prathamik Vidyalaya735North Barrackpore (M)
124Kanthadhar G.S.F.P.School1029North Barrackpore (M)
125New S.B.Higher Secondary School734North Barrackpore (M)
128Old S B Higher Secondary School980North Barrackpore (M)
130North Barrackpore Municipality Office Ghar738North Barrackpore (M)
133Brajomohan Uchha Banga Prathamik Vidyalaya1038North Barrackpore (M)
135Nawabgunj Uchha Balika Vidyalaya773North Barrackpore (M)
138Nawabganj High School (Boys)636North Barrackpore (M)
140Netaji Shiksha MandirG.S.F.P School807North Barrackpore (M)
142Netaji Shiksha Mandir High School928North Barrackpore (M)
144Abhinaba Adarsha G.S.F.P School920North Barrackpore (M)
145Kalyangram Uchcha Vidyalaya847North Barrackpore (M)
148Enamel Nagar Vivekananda Vidyaniketan845North Barrackpore (M)
151Deshbandhu Vidyashram866North Barrackpore (M)
154Ram Pada Halder Prathamik Vidyapith869North Barrackpore (M)
155Desh Gourav Vidyapith859North Barrackpore (M)
157Urban Resource Centre1019North Barrackpore (M)
159Sukanta Smriti G.S.F.P School480North Barrackpore (M)
162Abhijan Club954North Barrackpore (M)
163Hamdard U P School599North Barrackpore (M)
165Nabapally Ho-Chi-Min Nagar G S F P School602North Barrackpore (M)
166Nayapally Adarsha Prathamik Vidyalaya901North Barrackpore (M)
167Manirampur Hindu U.P. School1007North Barrackpore (M)
168Sarada Vidyamandir636North Barrackpore (M)
170Manirampur High School561North Barrackpore (M)
172North Barrackpore Municipal Child Labour Welfare School527North Barrackpore (M)
176Swami Mahadebananda Mahavidyalaya883North Barrackpore (M)
177Jagriti Sangha Siddheswari Tala Road894North Barrackpore (M)
178Beniapara Youth Association934North Barrackpore (M)
179Swami Mahadebananda Vidyayatan(For Girls)1032North Barrackpore (M)
181Health Administrative BuildingIpp-(Viii)Unit-4747North Barrackpore (M)
182Barrackpore Cantonment Uchcha Balika Vidyalaya680Barrackpur Cantonment (CB)
186Barrackpore Cantonment Board Primary School887Barrackpur Cantonment (CB)
188Debi Prasad Uchcha Vidyalaya729Barrackpur Cantonment (CB)
194Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission Primary School436Barrackpur Cantonment (CB)
195Cantonment Board Primary School634Barrackpur Cantonment (CB)
197Zonal Health Office670Barrackpur Cantonment (CB)
199Aardali Bazar Primary School844Barrackpur Cantonment (CB)
201Birnagar Sishu Shiksha Kendra496Babanpur (P) (CT)
203Babanpur F.P. School874Babanpur (P) (CT)
205Shantinagar High School826Jafarpur (CT)
210Jafarpur F.P.School673Jafarpur (CT)
212Jafarpur Charaktala Girls High School1057Jafarpur (CT)
214Sishutirtha K.G. Nursery O Primary School668Jafarpur (CT)
217I.C.D.S Center No. 6795Jafarpur (CT)
220Jafarpur G.S.F.P.School944Jafarpur (CT)
222S.I Of School Barrackpore Circle881Jafarpur (CT)
223Jafarpur Vidyarthi Bhaban High School1106Jafarpur (CT)
226Mohanpur F P School920Mohanpur (CT)
228Puja Mandap C.M.D.A Nagar1148Mohanpur (CT)
229Mohanpur Union Club817Mohanpur (CT)
230Mohanpur Nabajagaran Sangha969Mohanpur (CT)
231Sonai Sishu Siksha Kendra350Mohanpur (CT)
232Shibtala Sishu Siksha Kendra546Mohanpur (CT)
233Binapani Sporting Club649Mohanpur (CT)
234Vidyasagar Vidyapith Sishushiksha Kendra891Chak Kanthalia (CT)
235I C D S Centre No-25788Chak Kanthalia (CT)
238Vidyasagar Vidyapith Madhyapick Siksha Kendra926Chak Kanthalia (CT)
243Nityakali Santosh Kumari Free Primary School778Bara Kanthalia
246Gheedaha F.P School523Teleni Para (CT)
250Selampur F.P School724Teleni Para (CT)
252Chhoto Kanthalia F P School802Chhota Kanthalia
255Ganeshpur Sishu Shiksha Kendra990Ganespur
257Teleni Para High School1097Teleni Para (CT)
259Sewli Hossenia High Madrasha870Teleni Para (CT)
262Sewli High School804Teleni Para (CT)
265Nagendra Nath Free Primary School600Nabharanda
266Navarand Suryapur Free Primary School527Surjyapur
268Ganeshpur M.S.K818Surjyapur
270Nilganj Matarangi F P School913Nilganje

Last Updated on June 04, 2020
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