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Polling Booth in Nayagram Assembly Constituency

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Nayagram Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Nayagram

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nayagram Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Noagan Prathamik Vidyalaya762Hatibari
2Jharapara Prathamik Vidyalaya539Jharapara
3Kenduabandi S.S.K672Kenduabadi
4Kartia Prathamik Vidyalaya997Satma (Kortir)
5Jalbenti Prathamik Vidyalaya544Jalbeti
6Bangshidharpur Prathamik Vidyalaya791Babu Dungru
7Sangro Prathamik Vidyalaya716Jhili
8Mundakata Primary School916Bara Menia
9Moubhandar Prathamik Vidyalaya658Paira Kuli
10Raibani Prathamik Vidyalaya435Rai Gani
11Rambhagan Primary Vidyalaya538Ram Bhagan
12Bansia Prathamik Vidyalaya994Banshia
13Dakshinsole Prathamik Vidyalaya595Dakshin Sol
14Amarda Prathamik Vidyalaya810Amarda
15Athangi Prathamik Vidyalaya858Atangi
16Jamagara Primary School456Luti Jhuri
17Bhathandia Prathamik Vidyalaya692Bhathan Dia
18Belbaria Prathamik Vidyalaya627Bel Barya
19Madansole Netaji High School555Madna Sol
20Manichberia Prathamik Vidyalaya371Manich Baria
21Janaghati Prathamik Vidyalaya482Jan Ghati
22Paschim Sashra Prathamik Vidyalaya806Sasara
23Sasra Primary School691Sasara
25Hatimara Prathamik Vidyalaya389Hatimara
26Ghorapincha Prathamik Vidyalaya687Ghora Pincha
27Tikayetpur Prathamik Vidyalaya960Chhahazari Tikaitpur
28Betkala Prathamik Vidyalaya686Damgram
29Talpada Prathamik Vidyalaya652Morko
30Asanbani Prathamik Vidyalaya1019Asanboni
31Panchkahania Prathamik Vidyalaya976Panchkahalia
32Dhengakaim Prathamik Vidyalaya646Danga Koem Ghutbuni
33Ukta Prathamik Vidyalaya672Ukta
34Humtia Prathamik Vidyalaya652Hatimara
36Karbonia Primary Vidyalaya537Kar Bania
37Nayagan Prathamik Vidyalaya665Bhamal
38Gobindapur Hembaran Prathamik Vidyalaya692Gobindapur
39Talgram Primary Vidyalaya497Natima
40Ekur Prathamik Vidyalaya941Ekur
41Ghutia Prathamik Vidyalaya415Ghutia
42Gurma J.K Vidyapith751Gurma
43Kolsol Prathamik Vidyalaya1064Bhamal
45Karangadihi Primary Vidyalaya435Ara Dangri
46Hatiamohan Prathamik Vidyalaya627Kharika Sol
47Nota Prathamik Vidyalaya1092Chana Beria
48Dhadangri High School948Dhadangri
49Ekdal Prathmik Vidyalaya600Damrasol
50Tentulia Primary School426Uttar Tentulia
51Akna Prathamik Vidyalaya566Jamua
52Baldi High School547Baldi
53Askola Prathamik Vidyalaya705Bhatpara
55Chorchita Choreswar High School1080Chorchita
57Chorchita Hatsai Prathamik Vidyalaya863Chorchita
58Dharampur Prathamik Vidyalaya609Dharam Pur
60Ashui Pallimangal High School942Asui
61Ashui Prathamik Vidyalaya837Jambani
62Raikand S.S.K.398Raikanda
63Shyamsundarpur Prathamik Vidyalaya1029Shyamsundarpur
64Bhulanpu Primary School347Bhulanpur
65Sumitrapur Primary Vidyalaya767Sumitrapur
66Shukaamrasole Prathamik Vidyalaya811Sukamara Sol
67Kaima Primary School622Kaima
68Talpanija Prathamik Vidyalaya698Dhan Ghori
70Saria Mathasai Prathamik Vidyalaya939Andharkuli
71Betnal Prathamik Vidyalaya354Betnala
72Narisole Prathamik Vidyalaya551Suliapara
73Pandachencha Primary Vidyalaya764Pandachhencha
74Bhalukasole Primary School427Bhaluka Sol
75Saria Prathamik Vidyalaya446Saria
76Chunghati Prathamik Vidyalaya853Chunghati
77Dhobadahi S.S.K.410Dhobadahi
78Mahulbani Prathamik Vidyalaya800Amjuri
79Kalajharia Primary School471Kalajaria
80Kandansole Prathamik Vidyalaya536Kandnashol
81Putulia Prathamik Vidyalaya438Putulia
82Sonarimara Primary School888Pathar Nasha
83Barsole Primary School863Bara Sol
84Tarki Dudhia Prathamik Vidyalaya954Tarki Dudhia
85Purnapani Primary School522Purna Pani
86Dhansole Primary School709Pindra Sol
87Pitanau Prathamik Vidyalaya613Daldali
88Kayasolel Prathamik Vidyalaya487Rangiam
89Karkatasolel Prathamik Vidyalaya440Karkatashol
90Telant S.S.K.643Tal Baghuasol
91Pindra Geria Prathamik Vidyalaya553Bara Dhan Kamra
92Kamalasole Prathamik Vidyalaya789Kamalasol
93Kendugari Primary School914Kendugerya
94Bhila Primary School352Bhila
95Bhola Prathamik Vidyalaya859Bhola
97Salgeria Prathamik Vidyalaya651Salgerya
98Bholamahuli S.S.K.618Bhola Mahuli
99Nayabasan New Primary School705Naya Basan
100Sijua Prathamik Vidyalaya555Naya Basan
101Parulia Prymary School326Parulia
102Nayabasan J.K.Bidyapith (Purb)1006Naya Basan
103Nayabasan Janakalyan Bidyapith(Pashchim)994Naya Basan
104Gopiballavpur Primary School606Gopiballavpur
106Subarnarekha Mahavidyalaya724Gopiballavpur
108Kapasia Prathamik Vidyalaya823Kapasia Mahanala
109Faniamara Prathamik Vidyalaya907Pani Hamraor Phania Mara
110Patharchakri Primary School515Kalitala
111Chhatinasole Prathamik Vidyalaya669Chhatinasol
112Parasia Primary School398Parasia
113Mahuli Primary School393Mahulisasasol
115Bangora Primary School489Malincha
116Hatipata Khariparia Prathamik Vidyalaya918Amsolgundur Ghura
117Kuliana Prathamik Vidyalaya811Chor Mundi
118Kuliyana Junior High School460Kuliana
119Bajnaguri Prathamik Vidyalaya1026Rantua Urf Kalsa
120Rantua High School834Beldiha
121Nakipara Prathamik Vidyalaya740Chakua
122Sibanandapur Primary School428Shibanandapur
123Bandhgora Prathamik Vidyalaya721Bandh Gara
124Bhaluk Khulia Prathamik Vidyalaya822Bhaluk Khulia
125Pithapura Prathamik Vidyalaya1024Pithapur
126Malincha High School1003Malincha
127Pirasimul Prathamik Vidyalaya658Alampur Pirasimul
128Kurichamath M.S.K.768Bhatta Gopalpur
129Topgeria Prathamik Vidyalaya689Topgaria
130Uttar Alampur Primary School696Alampur Pirasimul
131Alampur Prathamik Vidyalaya846Alampur Pirasimul
132Bakra Prathamik Vidyalay (Purba)734Bakra
133Bakra Prathamik Vidyalay(Paschim)964Bakra
134Bakara Chitamatia Prathamik Vidyalaya799Phul Baria
135Basinda S.C.High School930Dumuria
136Gopalpur Prathamik Vidyalaya726Gopal Pur
137Teantulia Prathamik Vidyalaya1000Kadam Khandi
138Ugalsanda Primary Vidyalaya378Rajpahari
139Damodarpur Prathamik Vidayalaya565Damodarpur
140Upar Patina High School722Taldangra
142Rangamatia Prathamik Vidyalaya719Patina
143Nichupatina Primary School702Patina
144Fulbani Prathamik Vidyalaya736Phulbani
145Chamarbandh Prathamik Vidyalaya925Chandal Bandh(Chamar Bandh)
146Singdhui Prathamik Vidyalaya1016Singdhui
147Kashia Prathamik Vidyalaya1052Kashia
148Pathardahara Prathamik Vidyalaya581Pathardahara
149Chandabila S.C.High School1023Chandabila
150Telia Prathamik Vidyalaya594Kuldiha
151Garurghata Primary School569Dulki
152Pukhuria Prathamik Vidyalaya844Pukhuria
153Raishol Primary School468Rai Sol
154Gokhurpal Prathamik Vidyalaya818Gokhur Pal
155Narda Primary Vidyalaya439Narda
156Tungadhua Prathamik Vidyalaya221Tunga Dhua
157Barakhankri Primary School404Bara Khankri
158Rukhnimara Primary School874Mura Kati
159Chhotokhakri S.S.K365Chhota Khankri
160Kadamdiha Primary Vidyalaya546Kadam Diha
161Deulbar Prathamik Vidyalaya1129Deulbar
162Bachhurkhoyar Prathamik Vidyalaya772Bachhur Khoyar
163Bachhur Khowar High School421Khandar Para
164Bardanga Prathamikvidyalaya960Bachhur Khoyar
165Bhaliaghati Primary School665Bhalia Ghati
166Barakhankri Anchal Janakalyan Bidyapith1126Totasai
167Thuria Primary School621Thuria
168Chaltabera Prathamik Vidyalaya916Babui Chati
169Narasinghapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1050Bansh Khali
170Kalma Pukuria High School866Kalma Pukhuria
171Kalma Pukhuria Prathamik Vidyalaya845Kalma Pukhuria
172Chhotojharia Prathamik Vidyalaya899Chhota Jharia
173Chhotojharia Primary School327Kukra Khupi
174Kaptibhole Prathamik Vidyalaya691Kapti Bhol
175Malam Prathamik Vidyalaya964Ausha Pal
176Nimainagar Prathamik Vidyalaya907Nimai Nagar
177Kurchiboni Primary School397Rai Paria
178Kurchibani S.S.K904Kurchi Bani
179Dahi Prathamik Vidyalaya713Dahi
180Nayagram Prathamik Vidyalaya710Nayagram
181Nayagram Bani Bidyapith817Nayagram
182Sitalpura Prathamik Vidyalaya978Shital Pura
183Tufuria Primary Vidyalaya962Tuphria
184Jaraka S.S.K412Jarka
185Kamalpur Prathamik Vidyalaya927Kamala Pur
186Tufuria Upper Primary School441Kamala Pur
187Dwarikapally High School896Kunar Pur
188Fuldaha Primary Vidyalaya357Ful Daha
189Jamirapal Junior Basic School500Jamira Pal
190Khudmorai Gajendr Uchcha Shikshasadan High School753Khud Marai
191Aatmajhia Prathamik Vidyalaya1018Atma Jhia
192Kandaghasa Prathamik Vidyalaya540Raisol
193Bhuasai Prathamik Vidyalaya1018Suknakhali
194Banspat Prathamik Vidyalaya890Kusum Kurya
195Chunakhulia Primary Vidyalaya276Chun Khulia
196Sathatia Primary Vidyalaya385Sathatia
197Harimaiti Prathamik Vidyalaya1129Sal Patra
198Dolgram Prathamik Vidyalaya846Dol Gram
199Dolgram High School711Dol Gram
200Asurhata Primary School645Asur Hata
201Gobindapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1017Gobinda Pur
202Jugisol Prathamik Vidyalaya1037Jugisol
203Jharia Prathamik Vidyalaya1111Jharia
204Baradhanshola Prathamik Vidyalaya1126Baradhan Sola
205Khanamuri Prathamik Vidyalaya539Khana Muri
206Kharikamathani High Vidyalaya651Kharika Mathani
207Kharika Mathani Primary School695Kharika Mathani
208Kukrashol Prathamik Vidyalaya530Kukrasol
209Bhatbhanga Primary Vidyalaya480Bhat Bhanga
210Barakati Kurmipathra Prathamik Vidyalaya794Kurmi Pathar
211Ghagrishol Prathamik Vidyalaya934Ghagri Shol
212Sialia S.S.K380Shiyalia
213Gohaldiha Prathamik Vidyalaya908Gohal Diha
214Marapada Prathamik Vidyalaya677Mara Pada
215Kuji Prathamik Vidyalaya651Kuji
216Panchkahania Primary Vidyalaya802Panch Kahania
217Ghoratoria Prathamik Vidyalaya898Bank Sol
218Dihikhelar Jamboni Primary School329Dihikhelar
219Dokra Prathamik Vidyalaya734Dokra
220Baratalpada Primary School588Shal Bani
221Garkhelar Prathamik Vidyalaya1133Garkhelar
222Ramchandrapur Primary School372Ram Chandra Pur
223Morchi Prathamik Vidyalaya743Bhelia Diha
224Barsol Prathamik Vidyalaya1128Bara Sol
225Baranegui Prathamik Vidyalaya952Bara Ningui
226Aamlakara Primary Vidyalaya456Amla Kora
227Banisole Primary Vidyalaya953Tentulia
230Kuilisuta Prathamik Vidyalaya972Tulsi Bani
231Chilkipada S.S.K344Chilki Pada
232Biswanathpur Prathamik Vidyalaya784Biswa Nath Pur
233Chandrarekha Primary School469Kul Diha
234Mohanpur Prathamik Vidyalaya1128Mohanpur
235Satpoutia I.C.D.S861Sat Pautia
236Neguria Prathamik Vidyalaya723Sahasra Linga
237Banskuthi Primary School580Bans Pat
238Baligeria High School989Pathar Bandh
239Baligeria Primary School837Bela Jhor
240Baramchati S.S.K491Baramchati
241Kustikra Koifulia Primary School904Kustikra
242Ketkineshia Primary School362Kai Phulia
243Amladangri Primary Vidyalaya468Amla Dangri
244Dhobasole Primary School684Dhoba Sol
245Bhururbani Prathamik Vidyalaya951Bali Chaunria
246Palasia Prathamik Vidyalaya758Pala Sia
247Dhobagobindapur Prathamik Vidyalaya939Dhoba Gobindapur
248Panchgachhia Primary School438Panchagachhia Urf Gachhia
249Jhagri Prathamik Vidyalaya919Jhagari
250Jamdahara Primary School626Pinrrachuni Urf Dhiral
251Salgeria High School701Salgaria
252Paika Prathamik Vidyalaya872Paika
253Arrah Primary Vidyalaya475Arra
254Kuldiha Prathamik Vidyalaya994Kul Diha
255Nagripada High School743Nagri Pada
256Nagripada Primary School461Panchami
257Balimundi Prathamik Vidyalaya806Bali Muri
258Dumuria Prathamik Vidyalaya843Dumuria
259Ramkrishnapur Prathamik Vidyalaya939Ramkrishnapur
260Dhumsai High School596Dhumsai
261Dhumsai Primary School633Dhumsai
262Baramara Prathamik Vidyalaya914Bara Mara

Last Updated on December 26, 2014