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Polling Booth in Nagrakata Assembly Constituency

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Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Nagrakata Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Nagrakata

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nagrakata Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Samsing High School744Samsing Tea Garden
3Samsing Tea Garden 1No. B.F.P School (D.P.E.P.)871Samsing Tea Garden
5Samasing Tea Garden 2No B.F.P. School (D.P.E.P.)649Samsing Tea Garden
7Yongtong Tea Garden B.F.P. School (D.P.E.P.)1047Yongttong Tea Garden
8Yongtong Tea Garden Unused Hospital Room907Yongttong Tea Garden
9Murti Tea Garden Amtala S.S.K. Center863Matiali Tea Garden
10Murti Tea Garden Primary School964Matiali Tea Garden
11Matiali T.G. Puca Line S.S.K. Centre641Matiali Tea Garden
12Matiali Tea Garden Labour Club658Matiali Tea Garden
13Matiali Tea Garden Primary School631Matiali Tea Garden
14Matiali T.G. Prem Nagar Line I.C.D.S. Centre528Matiali Tea Garden
15Matiali Bazar Colony Primary School687Matialihat (CT)
16Chalouni Tea Garden Primary School803Chalauni Tea Garden
17Sai M.S.K. Centre756Chalauni Tea Garden
18Birsha Bhawan S.S.K. Center721Chalauni Tea Garden
19Chalouni T.G. I.T.D.P. Primary School741Chalauni Tea Garden
20Engoo Tea Garden B.F.P. School699Engo Tea Garden
21Indira S.S.K. Centre922Juranti Tea Garden
22Mandira S.S.K. Centre379Juranti Tea Garden
23Zurrantee Tea Garden Primary School1012Juranti Tea Garden
24Zurrantee Tea Garden Pampa S.S.K. Center605Juranti Tea Garden
26Nagaisuree Tea Garden 22 No. Line Primary School440Nagaisuri Tea Garden
27Nagaisuree Tea Garden Mandakini S.S.K. Center1023Nagaisuri Tea Garden
28Nagaisuree T.G. Dokan Line I.C.D.S. Centre703Nagaisuri Tea Garden
29Nagaisuree Tea Garden Primary School814Nagaisuri Tea Garden
30Matiali Public Library454Matialihat (CT)
31Matiali Rashtrabhasha Hindi Primary School525Matialihat (CT)
33Matiali High School668Matialihat (CT)
34Matiali Junior High School For Girls645Indong Tea Garden
36Chalsa Tea Garden Workers Club872Chalsa Tea Garden
37Chalsa Tea Garden B.F.P. School1074Chalsa Tea Garden
39Indong Tea Garden Primary School (D.P.E.P.)1069Indong Tea Garden
41Indong Tea Garden Primary Sachool (D.P.E.P.)882Indong Tea Garden
42Killcott Tea Garden Hindi Primary School (D.P.E.P.)660Kilkote Tea Garden
44Killcott Tea Garden Primary School746Kilkote Tea Garden
46Aibheel Tea Garden Primary School (D.P.E.P.)1037Aibhil Tea Garden
48Aibheel Tea Garden Labour Club783Aibhil Tea Garden
49Sathkhaiya Tea Garden Primary School846Sathkaya Tea Garden
51Dangee Tea Garden Primary School1103Sathkaya Tea Garden
52Chalsa Community Hall543Chalsa Mahabari (CT)
54Chalasa Shalabani Granthagar560Chalsa Mahabari (CT)
55Nich Chalsa Primary School (P.W.D. Para)687Chalsa Mahabari (CT)
56Mahabari Basti Nepali Primary School1014Chalsa Mahabari (CT)
57Chalsa Gayanath Bidyapith (H.S.)844Mangalbari (CT)
59Chalsa Mahabari S.C. Abaitanik Primary School951Mangalbari (CT)
60Mangalbari Basty Primary School815Mangalbari (CT)
61Jibanjyoti S.S.K. Centre784Mangalbari (CT)
62Mangalbari Busty I.C.D.S. Centre346Mangalbari (CT)
63Batabari Tea Garden B.F.P. School931Batabari Tea Garden
64Batabari T.G. S.S.K. Centre760Batabari Tea Garden
65I.C.D.S. Center Mithaidhura553Khariarbandar
66Nakhati Tea Garden Primary School824Nakhati Tea Garden
68Soongachi Tea Garden B.F.P. School1058Son Gachhi Tea Garden
70Parimal Mitra Smriti Mahavidyalaya793Son Gachhi Tea Garden
71Aibheel Baisa Line Primary School Khudiram Pally714Neora Majhiali
72Khudiram Pally South Side I.C.D.S. Centre650Neora Majhiali
73Bataigol Busty Primary School378Neora Majhiali
74Bagiladhura Primary School642Salbari
75Neora Majhiali I.T.D.P. School783Neora Majhiali
76Khariar Bandar Nandeshwari Primary School665Salbari
77Netaji Janashiksha Kendra1143Salbari
78Salbari 3 No. B.F.P. School691Salbari
79Neora Majhiali B.F.P. School Danga Para863Mathachulka
80Barmadhura Primary School335Mathachulka
81Khalpara I.C.D.S. Center1052Mathachulka
82Badadighi Basti Priamry School575Bara Dighi
83Bijay Munda M.S.K. Center701Uttar Dhupjhora
84Uttar Dhupjhora No. 2 C.S. Primary School680Uttar Dhupjhora
85Peoples Club Uttar Dhupjhora721Uttar Dhupjhora
86Uttar Dhupjhora Bagandhura Primary School770Uttar Dhupjhora
87Dakshin Dhupjhora 1 No. C.S. Primary School538Dakshin Dhupjhora
88Dakshin Dhupjhora I.C.D.S. Centre666Dakshin Dhupjhora
89Badirbari S.P. Primary School642Dakshin Dhupjhora
90Bhandani Para S.S.K.Centre604Dakshin Dhupjhora
91Kharpara Primary School736Purbba Batabari
92Purba Batabari Chandra Mohan High School787Purbba Batabari
94Tilabari Division Primary School778Bara Dighi Tea Garden
95Scout Club S.S.K. Center851Bara Dighi Tea Garden
96Labour Club S.S.K. Centre983Bara Dighi Tea Garden
97Baradighi Tea Garden B.F.P. School716Bara Dighi Tea Garden
98Chawafelli S.P. Primary School431Nimna Tandu Forest
99Bichhabhanga Forest Basti Primary School317Nimna Tandu Forest
100Upper Jiti Primary School937Jiti Tea Garden
101Jai Mashi Line S.S.K.815Jiti Tea Garden
102Jiti Tea Garden Primary School959Jiti Tea Garden
103Jiti T.G. Junior High School856Jiti Tea Garden
104Hope T.G. I.C.D.S. (Centre No. 157)435Hope Tea Garden
105Thaljhora I.C.D.S. Centre700Hope Tea Garden
106Hope Tea Garden Primary School535Hope Tea Garden
108Hilla Jhora Primary School575Hope Tea Garden
109Lower Hilla Tea Garden Primary School1056Hila Tea Garden
110Upper Hilla Tea Garden Primary School733Hila Tea Garden
111Nagrakata Line S.S.K.503Nagrakata Tea Garden
112Nagrakata T.G. Football Line I.C.D.S. (Centre No 18)698Nagrakata Tea Garden
113Nagrakata T.G. 5 No. Line Ssk815Nagrakata Tea Garden
114Nagrakata Tea Garden Primary School734Nagrakata Tea Garden
115Jangal Line I.C.D.S. Centre565Naya Saili Tea Garden
116Birsen Kujur Memorial M.S.K.688Naya Saili Tea Garden
118Nayasylee Tea Garden 1 No. Primary School518Naya Saili Tea Garden
119Nayasylee I.C.D.S. (Guabari Line)732Naya Saili Tea Garden
120St. Marys Boarding High School642Naya Saili Tea Garden
121Nagrakata Primary School1058Bhagatpur Tea Garden
122Bhagatpur Tea Garden S.S.K. (Dipa Line)676Bhagatpur Tea Garden
123Bhagatpur Tea Garden Primary School724Bhagatpur Tea Garden
125Bhagatpur I.T.D.P. Primary School (Jahadi Line)935Bhagatpur Tea Garden
126Bhagatpur Tea Gardenturia Line I.C.D.S671Bhagatpur Tea Garden
127Kurti Tea Garden Primary School (Factory Line)738Kurti Tea Garden
128Gara Line I.C.D.S. Centre637Kurti Tea Garden
129Upper Kurti Tea Garden Primary School704Kurti Tea Garden
131Upper Ghatia Tea Garden Hindi Primary School959Gatia Tea Garden
133Ghatia Tea Garden Primary School1031Gatia Tea Garden
134Football Krishna Line S.S.K.996Gatia Tea Garden
135Looksan T.G Bfp School770Luksan Tea Garden
137Carron Tea Garden Primary School (North)910Caron Tea Garden
138Carrontea Garden Primary School (South)860Caron Tea Garden
139Chengmari Tea Garden 2 No Pry. School (North)911Chengmari Tea Garden
140Chengmari Tea Garden 2 No Pry. School (South)999Chengmari Tea Garden
141Dipa Line I.C.D.S. Centre466Chengmari Tea Garden
142Lal-Jhamela Basti Organised School713Chengmari Tea Garden
144Lower Chengmari Tea Garden Primary School846Chengmari Tea Garden
145Chengmari Tea Garden S.S.K. (Gerey Line)1008Chengmari Tea Garden
146Chengmari Tea Garden Uchchamadhyamik Bidyalay (Room No-1)974Chengmari Tea Garden
147Chengmari Tea Garden Uchchamadhyamik Bidyalay (Room No-2)970Chengmari Tea Garden
148Chengmari T.G. 1 No. Primary School831Chengmari Tea Garden
149Dharanipur Tea Garden Primary School1081Chengmari Tea Garden
150Looksan R.R. Primary School912Luksan Tea Garden
151Shri Lalbahadur Shastri Smarak Bangla-Hindi High School709Luksan Tea Garden
153Looksan G.P. I.C.D.S. Centre746Luksan Tea Garden
154Sarada Shishu Tirth S.S.K.928Luksan Tea Garden
155Grassmore Tea Garden Primary School865Grassmore Tea Garden
157P.T. Basti M.S.K.873Grassmore Tea Garden
159Ghasmari S.P. Primary School972Ghasmari
160Chhartandu Additional Primary School659Chhar Tandu
162Nagrakata Uchha Madhyamik Vidyalaya764Bhagatpur Tea Garden
164Nagrakata S.P. Primary School771Bhagatpur Tea Garden
166Sibchu F.V. Primary School141Upper Tendu Forest (M)
167Panjhora Forest Basti Primary School767Upper Tendu Forest (M)
168Ramkrishna Primary School551Nagrakata
169Sukhani Busty Primary School599Sukhanibasti
170Nagrakata C. L. R. C.745Sukhanibasti
171Manmohan Dhura S.S.K.935Sukhanibasti
172Nagrakata Sukhani Busty Primary School720Sulkapara
173Sulkapara Free Primary School882Sulkapara
174Sulkapara High School961Sulkapara
176Bhogata Dhura S.S.K.530Khairbari
178Khairbari S.P. Primary School639Khairbari
180Tandu Tea Garden S.P. Primary School713Tandu Tea Garden
181Tandu 3 No Primary School1028Bamandanga Tea Garden
182Bamandanga Tea Garden Primary School1012Bamandanga Tea Garden
184Kherkata Gram Hindi Primary School918Kalabari (N)
185Birasha Bhagat Primary School426Kalabari (N)
186Bapuji Adarsha Primary School962Upar Kalabari (N)
187Tukru Line I.T.D.P. Primary School578Hridaypur (N)
188Kalabari B.F.P. School877Hridaypur (N)
189Kalabari High School903Kalabari Tea Garden (N)
191Kalabari Junior Basic School643Kalabari Tea Garden (N)
192Uttar Angrabhash I.C.D.S. Center681Angrabhasa (N)
193Paschim Angrabhasha I.C.D.S. Centre520Angrabhasa (N)
194Nalini Ranjan M.S.K.828Angrabhasa (N)
195Dhumpara Primary School720Dhumpara (N)
196Khairkata B.F.P. I School1008Dhumpara (N)
197Angrabhasha B.F.P. School1007Dhouda Simla (N)
198Dhondasimala S.P. Primary School1007Dhouda Simla (N)
199Rangati C.S. Primary School651Uttar Nunkhawa Danga (N)
201Purba Khairkata Primary School916Khayerkata (N)
202Pashchim Khairkata Shridam Chandra Primary School1027Khayerkata (N)
203Jaladhaka Aalatadanga Tg Primary School (North)446Jaldhaka Altadanga Tea Garden (N)
204Jaldhaka Altadanga T.G. Primary School (South)769Jaldhaka Altadanga
205Majhiali Basti Primary School528Jaldhaka Altadanga
206Red Bank Tea Garden Upper Primary School918Red Bank (D)
207Red Bank T. G. Primary School698Red Bank (D)
208Surendranagar T.G. Primary School838Red Bank Tea Garden (D)
209Diana T. G. Prathmik Bidyalaya - Room - 1756Diana Tea Garden (D)
212Debpara T.G. Hindi Primary School863Debpara Tea Garden (D)
213Debpara T.G. Hindi Prathmik Vidyalaya733Debpara Tea Garden (D)
214Deb Para M.S.K.544Debpara Tea Garden (D)
215Debpara T.G. Bengali Pry. School664Debpara Tea Garden (D)
217Rheabari Tea Garden Primary School702Riabari Tea Garden (D)
219Riabari Tea Garden Junior High School647Riabari Tea Garden (D)
221Palashbari Chabagan Primary School638Palasbari Tea Garden (D)
223Palashbari Tea Garden Junior High School1004Palasbari Tea Garden (D)
224Premanagar I.C.D.S. Center1073Lakshmipara Tea Garden (D)
225Lakhipara T.G. Primary School692Lakshmipara Tea Garden (D)
226Lakhipara T.G. I.C.D.S. Center1055Lakshmipara Tea Garden (D)
228Jalapara Additional Primary School427Jalapara (D)
229Prayagpur Prathmik Vidyalaya365Prayagpur (D)
230Nich Line I.C.D.S. Center1076Ambari Tea Garden (D)
231Ambari Tea Garden Junior High School945Ambari Tea Garden (D)
232Ambari Tea Garden Primary Vidyalaya699Ambari Tea Garden (D)
234Chamurchi T.G. Primary School467Chamurchi Tea Garden (D)
237Chamurchi T.G. Mazdur Club702Chamurchi Tea Garden (D)
238Chamurchi Tea Garden Upper Division Primary School948Chamurchi Tea Garden (D)
239Bharatiyapathashala S.C. Primary Vidyalaya1037Chamurchi Tea Garden (D)
240Chamurchi Checkpost I.C.D.S. Centre503Chamurchi Tea Garden (D)
241Chamurchi Farest Basti Aai. Ti.Di.Pi. Primary School1118Chamurchi Tea Garden (D)
242Chamurchi State Plan Pry. School666Chamurchi Tea Garden (D)
244Choonabhatti Tea Garden Primary School1053Chuna Bhati Tea Garden (D)
245Chunabhati Upper Line I.C.D.S. Centre863Chuna Bhati Tea Garden (D)
247Choonabhatti Tea Garden Guest House889Chuna Bhati Tea Garden (D)
248Palashbari T.G. No. 2 Primary School759Haritalguri Tea Garden (D)
250New Dooars Tea Garden Primary School1107Haritalguri Tea Garden (D)
252New Dooars Tea Garden Labour Club814Haritalguri Tea Garden (D)
253Kathalguri T.G. Cresh House902Kathalguri Tea Garden (D)
254Kathalguri T.G. I.C.D.S. Centre (Bich Line)749Kathalguri Tea Garden (D)
255Kathalguri T.G. Division Creech House1020Kathalguri Tea Garden (D)
256Kathalguri Tea Garden Primary School603Kathalguri Tea Garden (D)
257Kathalguri T.G. I.C.D.S. Centre (Upper Line)596Kathalguri Tea Garden (D)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014