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Polling Booth in Nabadwip Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Nabadwip

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nabadwip Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ganjadanga Mahishyapara Primary School Room-1939Charkashthasali
2Ganjadanga Board Primary School718Charkashthasali
3Charkashthashali Natunpara Primary School Room-1993Charkashthasali
4Charkashthashali Board Primary School800Charkashthasali
6Idrakpur Primary School912Sankarpur
8Shankarpur Primary School.Room-1484Indrakpur
9Nidaya Board Primary Schoolroom-11026Rudrapara (P)
10Nidaya Purba Musalman Para Primary School Room-1957Rudrapara (P)
11Bharuidanga Deshbandhu Primary School412Bharuidanga
12Shrinathapur Bharuidanga Primary School739Tota
13Shri Siddhanta Saraswati Primary School Room-1979Rudrapara (P)
14Thakurabhaktibinod Institiut870Ballaldighi
15Ballaldighi Halderpara Primary School763Ballaldighi
17Bamanapukur High School1114Bamanpukur (CT)
18Bamanpukur High School Attached Primary School977Bamanpukur (CT)
21Saradanga Gomaghar Primary School Room-11070Sardanga
22Natunagram J.S.F Primary School555Sardanga
24Purba Mollapara Board Primary School629Mollapara
27Kajipara Primary School.Room-11120Bamanpukur (CT)
28Bamunpukur Viterpara Prathamik Vidyalaya864Bamanpukur (CT)
29Ajay Mukherjee Primary School Room-1837Ballaldighi
31Subhashanagar Ramachandrapur J.S.F.Primary School Room-1560Bablari Dewanganj (CT)
32Ramchandrapur Balika Vidyalaya739Sankarpur
33Ramsundar High School786Bablari Dewanganj (CT)
34Siddheswari Bishnupur Prathamik Vidyalaya947Bablari Dewanganj (CT)
35Nityanandapur Primary School739Bablari Dewanganj (CT)
36Bablari Ramsundar High School1057Bablari Dewanganj (CT)
37Pran Gopal Nagar Primary School Room-11101Bablari Dewanganj (CT)
38R.C.B. Saraswat Mandir598Nabadwip (M)
44Nabadwip Saraswat Balika Vidyalaya Room-11019Nabadwip (M)
45Nabadwip Hinduschool662Nabadwip (M)
49Nabadwip Whole Sale Consumers Co.Opt.Society Ltd.598Nabadwip (M)
52Jatiya Balika G.S.F.P.School950Nabadwip (M)
53Sudarshan Junior High School959Nabadwip (M)
55Pratapnagar Prathamik Vidyalaya594Nabadwip (M)
57Indramani Prathamik Vidyalaya705Nabadwip (M)
59Surendralal Gopalchandra Prathamik Vidyalaya705Nabadwip (M)
61Kalpataru Primary School553Nabadwip (M)
63Mahaprabhu Prathamik Vidyalaya641Nabadwip (M)
64Rudrapara G.S.F.P. School1056Nabadwip (M)
65Nabadwip Jatiya Vidyalaya Boys H.S School753Nabadwip (M)
67Buniyadi Primary School668Nabadwip (M)
68Upajyoti Kalyan Prathamik Vidyalaya779Nabadwip (M)
69Nabadwip Jatiya Vidyalaya For Girls690Nabadwip (M)
74Jatiya Vidyalaya G.S.F.Primary Schoolroom-1954Nabadwip (M)
75Shri Chaitanya High School434Nabadwip (M)
80Malopara G.S.F.P. Vidyalaya942Nabadwip (M)
82Nabadwip Thana Marketing And Co.Opt.Soccity Ltd.978Nabadwip (M)
86Bangabani Institiution For Girls796Nabadwip (M)
90Janhabipara Prathamik Vidyalaya900Nabadwip (M)
92Shribas Angan Primary School1093Nabadwip (M)
95Sarada Shishu Tirtha1004Nabadwip (M)
97Raghunath Siramoni Primai School493Nabadwip (M)
100Municipal Townhall Com Commer. Camplen.808Nabadwip (M)
102Ichhamayee Primary School693Nabadwip (M)
104Bani Bidyabithi Junior High School887Nabadwip (M)
108Vidyasagar College Room-11052Nabadwip (M)
113Bakultala High School Room-1652Nabadwip (M)
118Bakultala Balika Vidyalaya.Room-1547Nabadwip (M)
120Gandhi Vidyapith Pry School.Room-11086Nabadwip (M)
121Bakultala Fider Prathamik Vidyalaya661Nabadwip (M)
122Jatindralal G.S.F.P. School1088Nabadwip (M)
123Bakultala Feeder Primary School Room-1833Nabadwip (M)
124Highland Colony G.S.F.P. Vidyalaya826Nabadwip (M)
125Kutirpara Primary School Room-1807Nabadwip (M)
126Nabadwip Balika Vidyalaya804Nabadwip (M)
131Nabadwipdham Vidyapith581Nabadwip (M)
133Tegharipara Primary School956Nabadwip (M)
135Shiksha Mandir High School715Nabadwip (M)
139Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Primary School960Nabadwip (M)
141Shrigouranga Primary School Room-1988Nabadwip (M)
142Haritala Vidyapith736Nabadwip (M)
143Srichaitanya Saraswat G.S.F.P. Vidyalaya504Nabadwip (M)
144Khadibhaban Primary School517Nabadwip (M)
145Prafulla Nagar Primary School645Nabadwip (M)
149Tegharipara Balika Vidyalaya1028Nabadwip (M)
152Kalabagan Deshbandhu Nagar Prathamik Vidyalaya784Nabadwip (M)
154Neheru Nagar Gsfprimary School373Maheshganj
156Nazrul Smriti Primary School919Tiorkhali (CT)
158Tiorakhali Board Primary School Room-2831Tiorkhali (CT)
159Dakshin Teorakhali Primary School573Tiorkhali (CT)
162Tangra Primary School639Gadigachha (CT)
164Maheshaganj Primary School652Tiorkhali (CT)
166Bipranagar Primary School629Tiorkhali (CT)
169Gadigachha Primary School668Maheshganj
171Gadigachha Maheshganj Primary School902Gadigachha (CT)
173Bhagirathi Vidyapith771Gadigachha (CT)
177Pansila Balika Vidyalaya677Maheshganj
180Charswarupganj Anandabazar Jsf Primary School941Gadigachha (CT)
182Charabrahmanagar G.S.F.P.School978Char Brahmanagar (CT)
186Jatindrakamal G.S.F.P.School1034Char Maijdia (CT)
188Charmajdia G.S.F.P.School Govt. Colony1112Char Maijdia (CT)
191Kalatala Primary School812Char Brahmanagar (CT)
192Gournagar Primary School Room-1601Char Brahmanagar (CT)
193Majdia Khejurbagan Primary School365Majdia (CT)
196Majdia Sishu Siksha Kendra990Majdia (CT)
197Miyapara Primary School Room-1762Brahman Para
198Brahmanpura Primary School515Brahman Para
199Kanainagar Primary School872Pansila
202Kanainagar Dakshin Para Sishu Siksha Kendra909Pansila
203Panashila Primary School711Pansila
205Haridasapur Primary School Room-1739Majdia (CT)
207Mukundapur Primary School547Simul Gachi
209Majdia Board Primary School782Majdia (CT)
212Shimulgachhi Primary School832Simul Gachi
214Natun Gholapara Primary School414Simul Gachi
216Forestdanga Shishu Shiksha Kendra Room-1983Parmedia
217Kalinagar Madhyapara Primary School Room-1932Teghari (P)
218Chargadkhali Ghoshpara Primary School688Gadkhali
220Chargadkhali Chowdhury Para Primary School622Bankar Dhopadi
221Chargadkhali Natunapada Primary School623Gadkhali
222Mahishura Board Primary School632Teghari (P)
225Kalinagar Primary School Room-1502Teghari (P)
226Majher Chara Primary School752Mohisunra
228Aanandabas Pashchimapada Primary School947Bhaluka
230Anandabas Primary School702Bhaluka
233Bhaluka High School479Bhaluka
236Natunapada Primary School443Sijaipur
237Bhaluka Bord Prathamik Vidyalaya1029Bhaluka
239Bhaluka Jhawtala Pry. School635Bhaluka
240Sijaypur Pirtala Pry. School565Bhaluka
241Hatdanga Santoshpur Prathamik Vidyalaya903Bhaluka
242Jangalbash Shisu Siskha Kendra859Bhaluka
243Satkulia Prathamik Vidyalaya774Satkulta
245Deypara Bishnupur Primary School662Bishnupur
247Manipota Aadibasi Primary School583Monipota
248Rautada Prathamik Vidyalaya861Raotara
249Rowtara Sardarpara Pry. School721Raotara
251Singerdanga Primary School594Singadanga
252Kundapara Prathamik Vidyalaya769Kundapara
254Suchia Bhabanipur Pry. School652Suchia
255Joyaniya Gram Panchayet Afis601Suchia
256Baghadanga Kapasadanga Primary School399Raotara
257Hajarapol Primary School1094Hazrapal
258Joyaniya Prathamik Vidyalaya1135Joania
259Tiyabali Prathamik Vidyalaya756Tiabali
261Kabi Sukanta High School737Malipota
262Sarojini Primary Vidyalaya725Boalia
264Sadadanga Prathamik Vidyalaya741Sardanga
265Rupchand Primary School647Mohisunra
266Bahirchara Primary School601Mohisunra
269Bahirchara Ghosh Para Primary School Room-1863Mohisunra
270Bahirchara Saheb Nagar Para Primary School744Mohisunra
273Fakir Danga Majerpara Primary School Room-1928Mohisunra
274Fakirdanga High School444Mohisunra

Last Updated on June 03, 2020