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Polling Booth in Moyna Assembly Constituency

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Moyna Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Moyna

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Moyna Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Basantachak Primary School453Basanta Chak
3Bishnumishrachak Primary School1009Bishnu Misri Chak
4Gokulnagar No-2 Primary School673Gokul Nagar
5Gokulnagar Trilochan Vidyapith1112Gokul Nagar
6Gokulnagar Primary School760Gokul Nagar
7Nishchintachak Junior Part Basic Primary School745Nishchinta Chak
8Raghunathchak Primary School1082Raghunath Chak
9Mudibarh Vivekananda Vidyapith1130Mudibar
10Jaigirchak Primary School717Jaigir Chak
11Kanchichak Primary School660Kanchichak
13Rasikpur Primary School1066Rasikpur
14Hazarichak Prathamik Vidyalaya890Hajari Chak
15Brindabanchak Kisamat Kumarchak Primary School425Kumarchak
16Radhaballavchak Dakshinpara Primary School450Radhaballabh Chak
17Radhaballavchak Gajendra Primary School1108Radhaballabh Chak
18Kumarchak Janakalyan Shiksha Niketan (High School)949Kumarchak
19Kumarchak Prathamik Vidyalaya365Kumarchak
20Brajaballavpur Shrihari Junior Basic School657Brajaballabapur
21Brajaballavpur Adarsha Prathamik Vidyalaya945Brajaballabapur
22Ramchandrapur Raisuddin High School750Ramchandrapur
24Ramchandrapur Gnanada Memorial Primary School865Ramchandrapur
25Ramchandrapur Dakshinpaschim Para S.S.K.532Ramchandrapur
26Uttampur Paschimpara Primary School416Uttampur
27Uttampur Primary School1162Uttampur
28Brindabanchak Angshik Buniyadi Prathamik Vidyalaya678Brindaban Chak
30Brindabanchak Purbapara Primary School489Brindaban Chak
31Srikantha Uttarpara Primary School1078Srikantha
32Prajabarh Kiranbala Balika Vidyalaya748Prajabar
33Prajabarh Madhyapara New Primary School367Prajabar
35Srikantha Uttarpara S.S.K.468Srikantha
36Srikantha Basanti Primary School754Srikantha
38Srikantha Puratan Primary School1120Srikantha
39Tilkhoja Maktab Primary School791Tilkhoja
41Tilkhoja Baikuntha Vidyayatan481Tilkhoja
43Tilkhoja Prathamik Vidyalaya508Tilkhoja
44Tilkhoja Tapshilli S.S.K.839Tilkhoja
45Banki Bhandarchak Primary School1058Uttar Anukha
46Banki Prathamik Vidyalaya667Banki
47Banki Jetulia Primary School520Banki
48Changra No 3 Dakshin Primary School996Chongra
49Moyna Vivekananda Vidyamandir740Chongra
50Changra No-1 Part Basic Primary School951Chongra
51Changra Uttar Para 2 No Primary School559Chongra
52Purba Dobandi Kalachand Primary School893Purba Dobandi
53Rajbanshi Prathamik Vidyalaya484Purba Dobandi
54Salikadamodarpur Board Prathamick Vidyalaya1032Salikadamodarpur
55Lahanda Primary School1084Lohanda
56Rajhati Primary School995Rajhati
57Tulya Shitala Prathamik Vidyalaya699Tulia Jadubar
58Tulya Shitala Model High School731Tulia Jadubar
61Nilkunthia Kalpataru Sangha (I.C.D.S. Kendra No-10)649Nilkanthia
62Nilkuntha Tapashil Primary School1027Nilkanthia
63Nilkuntha Board Primary School1070Nilkanthia
64Nilkuntha I.C.J.C. Kendra909Nilkanthia
65Harasankar Garkilla Paschimpara Bharati Prathamik School558Harashankar Garkilla
66Harashankar Garkilla Shantamoyee Uchha Vidyalaya694Harashankar Garkilla
67Harasankar Garkilla Board Prathamik Vidyalaya927Harashankar Garkilla
68Harashankar Garkilla Iswar Chandra Gramin Pathagari.C.D.S. Kendra470Harashankar Garkilla
69Harashankar Shib Mandir I.C.D.S. Kendra1023Harashankar
70Harasankar Board Primary School719Harashankar
71Uttar Harashankar Sishu Siksha Kendra352Harashankar
72Uttar Harasankar Primary School900Harashankar
73Khamarchak Jagannath Primary School828Harasankar Khamarchak
74Uttar Baguan Primary School979Uttar Bagnan
75Khamarchak Junior High School479Harasankar Khamarchak
77Kanthibar Tapashil Primary School586Kanthibar
78Kanthibar Board Primary School556Kanthibar
80Haridaspur Primary School526Haridaspur
81Kankurkhana Primary School681Kankurkhana
82Anantapur Atyayik Primary School (Paschim Para)1043Anantapur (CT)
83Anantapur Dakshinapara Primary School912Anantapur (CT)
85Anantapur Bani Niketan Girls High School1129Anantapur (CT)
86Shalika Garchak Primary School680Shalikagarchak
87Shalikagarchak Narendra Sishu Siksha Kendra607Shalikagarchak
88Shalika Garchak Uttarpara Primary School680Shalikagarchak
89Chakdurgadas Primary School424Chackdurgadas
90Ashudya Paikbar Primary School821Asudapaikbar
91Chakkashmali Primary School729Chakkasmali
92Chaksriradha Primary School572Chakshriradha
94Nijjot Garupota Primary School529Nijjote Garupota
95Shalika Dhanichak Radhagobinda Primary School679Shalikadhanichak
97Rajnagar Putputia Tapashili High School957Rajnagar Baharjala
98Rajnagar Manindra Prathamik Vidyalaya491Rajnagar
99Rajangar Baharjala Primary School996Rajnagar Baharjala
100Anantapur-2 Bhagini Nibedita Sangha633Naichanpur
101Naichhanpur Primary School689Naichanpur
102Chansarpur Madhyapara Prathamik Vidyalaya1056Dakshin Baguan (CT)
103Chanserpur High School (Pashchimangsha)519Lalitageria
104Chanserpur High School (Purbaparshba)710Dakshin Baguan (CT)
105Chansarpur Naberiya Primary School743Dakshin Baguan (CT)
106Chanserpur Madhyapara Primary School668Dakshin Baguan (CT)
107Barbaria Natun Primary School560Barbarya
109Barbaria Primary School1039Barbarya
111Barbaria Paikbar Primary School474Barborya Paikbor
112Kismat Putputia No-2 Primary School(Near Kalimandir)914Kismatputputa
113Gopinathpur Uttarpara Primary School521Gopinathpur Baharjala
114Kismat Putputia Basic Primary School839Kismatputputa
115Purbanukha Purbapara Atyaik Primary School900Purbba Nukha
117Purbanukha Board Primary School526Purbba Nukha
119Srirampur Agricultural High School833Srirampur
120Srirampur 3 No Prathamik Vidyalaya879Srirampur
121Srirampur I.C.D.S. Kendra No-178656Srirampur
122Srirampur Deshabandhu Kalyan Sanggha Gramin Pathagar976Srirampur
123Srirampur Kunjabihari Primary School816Srirampur
124Srirampur Sabitrimayi Primary School773Srirampur
125Srirampur Kunjabihari Prathamik Vidyalaya523Srirampur
126Srirampur No-1 Primary School709Srirampur
128Chakgarupota High School1112Chak Garupota
129Srikantha Kalganda Atyaik Primary School1139Srikanthakalaganda
130Ranichak Special Primary School628Ranichak
131Ranichak Uttar Para Apar Primary School712Ranichak
132Purbacharandaschak Primary School985Purbacharandaschak
133Putputya Pashchim Palli Prathamik Vidyalaya626Putputya
134Changrakalaganda Sishu Siksha Kendra448Chawrakalganda
135Changra Kalganda Rajani Vidyabhaban1014Chawrakalganda
136Putputia Shitala Kanya Vidyapith1058Putputya
137Putputia No-2 Primary School844Putputya
138Madanmohanchak Part Basic Primary School1114Madanmohanchak
139Putputia Dakshin Para 1 No Board Prathamik Vidyalaya499Putputya
140Purba Dobandi Patna Primary School854Purbba Dobandhi Patna
141Nonakuri Primary School985Shyam Ganja
142Purba Dakshin Moyna New Primary School1036Purbba Dakshinmayna
143Purba Dakshin Moyna Primary School1060Purbba Dakshinmayna
144Shyamganj Trailakyamoyee Vidyamandir824Purbba Dakshinmayna
145Moyna Balika Vidyalaya836Purbba Dakshinmayna
146Purba Dakshin Moyna Panch Pukuria Primary School503Purbba Dakshinmayna
148Masamchak Primary School831Masum Chak
150Dakshin Moyna High School1065Dakshin Moyna
151Dakshin Moyna Primary School844Masum Chak
152Dakshin Moyna No- 2 Prathamik Vidyalaya745Dakshin Moyna
153Dangisai Dakshin Moyna Primary School706Dakshin Moyna
154Garhsafat (Maktab) Primary School689Goasafat (CT)
156Gadasafat No-2 Primary School631Goasafat (CT)
158Garsafat F&C W Centre781Goasafat (CT)
159Bansda Maktab Primary School678Garmayna
160Garh Moyna Primary School692Garmayna
161Garhmoyna I.C.D.S. Centre No-2532Garmayna
162Dakshin Anukha Mokshada Vidyabhaban1036Dakshin Ankha
163Anandapur No-2 Primary School730Anandapur
164Anandapur No-1 Primary School (Kalitala)494Anandapur
166Dakshin Harakuli Primary School831Anandapur
168Dakshin Harkuli F&C W Centre472Dakshinharkuli
169Dakshin Harakuli Sitala Primary School825Dakshinharkuli
171Harkuli Bhandarchak Primary School744Harkuli Bhandar Chak
172Charandaschak Primary School818Charandas Chak
173Janakichak Primary School492Janki Chak
174Gourangachak No - 1 Primary School971Gouranga Chak
175Harduachak Dakshinpara Primary School No-2850Harduya Chak
176Harduachak No 1 Primary School836Harduya Chak
177Mathurichak Primary School1031Mathuri Chak
178Changrachak Jagadish Smriti Vidyapith654Uttar Chanra Chak
179Changrachak No-1 Primary School806Uttar Chanra Chak
181Haridaspur Primary School No -1893Haridaspur
182Haridaspur No-2 Primary School928Haridaspur
183Habeli Haridaspur Prathamik Vidyalaya1127Paramanandapur
184Paramanandapur No- 3 Primary School554Paramanandapur
185Paramanandapur No-4 Primary School688Paramanandapur
186Paramanandapur 2 No Prathamik Vidyalaya1117Paramanandapur
187Paramanandapur No 1 Primary School875Paramanandapur
188Paramanandapur Jagannath Institution683Paramanandapur
189Donachak 1 No Primary School652Donachak
190Donachak Deshapran Birendra Memorial High School884Donachak
191Donachak Jagaran Primary School667Donachak
192Mathurapur Primary School643Mathurapur
193Sudampur Paschim Para Primary School680Sudampur
194Sudampur Primary School621Sudampur
195Sudampur Primary School No-2 (Madhyapara)1011Sudampur
196Sudampur New Primary School1018Sudampur
197Dakshin Changrachak Sukanta Vidyapith894Dakshin Chanra Chak
198Dakshin Changrachak Primary School937Dakshin Chanra Chak
199Ramachak E.U. Primary School844Ram Chak
200Ramchak No-3 Primary School555Ram Chak
201Ramchak Primary School No-2674Ram Chak
202Mogra Niranjan Smriti Primary School No-1663Magra
204Mogra 3 No Primary School507Magra
205Roychak Primary School775Raychak
206Roychak M.S.K.850Raychak
207Sridharpur Primary School758Sridharpur
208Kripanandapur Primary School603Baital Chak
210Saradamoyee S.S.K.765Kalage Chhia
211Kolagechhia Board Primary School519Kalage Chhia
213Kalagechhia High School704Kalage Chhia
214Gojina Uttar Para Primary School737Gojina
216Gojina Board Primary School931Gojina
218Kiarana No -1 Damdam Primary School779Kiyarana
219Kiarana 2 No Primary School957Kiyarana
220Kiarana Banyatran M.S.K.959Kiyarana
221Madhur Kiarana Primary School585Kiyarana
223Balabhadrachak Primary School737Balbhadra Chak
224Moyna Shri Shri Yukteswar Kanya Vidyapith883Payra Chak
225Bakcha Primary School No-2777Bakcha
226Bakcha No-3 Primary School801Bakcha
227Bakcha 4-No Primary School417Bakcha
229Bakcha Tarun 1-No Primary School1006Bakcha
230Hamiruddinchak Primary School748Gobradan
231Gobradan Primary School902Gobradan
232Madhabchak Primary School928Madhab Chak
233Khidirpur Primary School993Khidirpur
234Goramahal New Primary School804Goramahal
235Goramahal Bhagabati Primary School559Goramahal
236Baruna Primary School1040Baruna
237Arangkiarana 2 No Board Primary School1153Arankiyarana
238Arangkiarana Maktab Primary School869Arankiyarana
239Arangkiarana New Primary School892Arankiyarana
240Arangkiarana Sukanta S.S.K.708Arankiyarana
241Ismalichak Board Primary School764Ijmali Chak
242Ismalichak Moyna Yogoda Vidyalaya650Ijmali Chak
243Arangkiarana No-1 Primary School724Arankiyarana
244Mirjanagar Arangkiarana Jogyeswar Smriti Vidyapith1048Mirja Nagar
245Andaria Jatiya Vidyapith511Andaria
246Chandibenia Primary School No-2574Chandibeniya
247Chandibenia Primary School No-1849Chandibeniya
248Chandibenia Bhagabati S.S.K.649Chandibeniya
249Ballavpur Primary School1075Ballabhpur
250Kalikadari Primary School867Kalika Danri
251Panchpukuria Primary School945Panch Pukhuria
252Shyampur Primary School663Shyampur
254Deuli Madhyapara Prathamik Vidyalaya1045Deuli
255Deuli Aadarsha Vidyapith (Pashchim Parsha)854Deuli
257Kishorchak Beharilal Primary School(Paschim Parsha)(Center-2)889Kish0R Chak
258Kishorchak Beharilal Primary School (Purba Parshwa)(Center-1)733Laluageria
259Laluagerya Primary School538Laluageria
260Asnan Primary School (Tapashil)789Asnan
261Asnan High School (Uttarparsha)(Center-1)1141Narikeldaha
262Asnan High School (Purbaparsha)(Center-2)904Narikeldaha
263Narikeldaha Bhandar Primary School833Narikeldaha
264Narikeldaha Paschimpara Prathamik Vidyalaya427Narikeldaha
265Dheubhanga Primary School540Narikeldaha
267Harismriti Prathamik Vidyalaya665Narikeldaha
268Paschim Naichanpur Primary School954Naichhanpur
270Bhuniakhali Primary School No-1924Sawraberia
272Bhuniakhali No-2 Primary School637Sawraberia
273Purba Naichanpur High School692Sawraberia
274Manuakhali Tapshili Primary School585Sawraberia
275Manuakhali Primary School1034Sawraberia

Last Updated on December 26, 2014